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  1. IGN (In Game Name):
  2. ciggy
  3. Age:
  4. 15 turning 16 soon
  5. Do you have a Mic, Skype & TeamSpeak?
  6. I have a mic, TeamSpeak and Skype 
  7. Time zone?
  8. Australian
  9. Why do you want to be a part of The Minehq Network?
  10. I would like to be a part of The Minehq Network because I love the server and I also love playing it. Being able to give back to the HCF community would be so good to me, I would also like to help out get rid of some of the people that are not needed in the community such as toxic and hacking players. Other reasons Why I want to be a part of The Minehq Network I would say I have some pretty good knowledge of Minecraft and I would be near to a necessity to have on your staff team. Minecraft is by far one of the games I love to play, I am very active and would love to be a part of The Minehq Network. I have been around for a long time in the community and I would love to see it back to the way it used to be. I have been staff on a few servers a long time ago but there is always room to learn new things . I hope I will get accepted because I would be a good asset to the Minehq Network staff team. I feel like the staff team needs another AU.
  11. What attributes can you bring to the server?
  12. As mentioned I have been staff on a few servers but that was a bit ago and I do know how staff works. I would say I’m pretty good at screen sharing because I am able to detect most clients to some extent. I have been Screen Shared many times and know all the things that they could be using. I am a very good people person, I have a job working with people and I would say I’m quite good, I could help break things down and help the community become a better place. I have learnt from the best hackers and seen clients grow over time knowing when someone could be using it or identifying if it is just lag or ping. I can also build and would put a lot of time into the server I would probably say I’m one of the most active HCF players out there.
  13. Out of 10, how good are you at Screen Sharing (/10)?
  14. Personally would rate myself a 7-8 I find hacks like the back of my head, I have been screen shared many times and know a lot of techniques in screen sharing. I would be near certain to find their hacks most of the time to some extent.
  15. Are you experienced? Have you been staff on another server?
  16. I am quite experienced with staff as I said I have been staff on some servers back in the day which means I have been playing Minecraft for a decent amount of time. Although they were a bit ago I have watched the staff grow and grow and know how being staff on a server works. No one is ever perfect and can’t do everything to the server but I think I could do a fair amount to help the server. All I want to do is help the community and help the server become bigger and better.
  17. Why should we pick you instead of other applicants?
  18. The reason you should pick me instead of other applicants is because I know what I am doing. I have a lot of experience in pvping and being able to detect hacks. I am mature and very respectful towards people and would help the server expand into something bigger and better. I would put a lot of time into the server, as I said I do play a lot so this means active staff and a less toxic/hacking players in the community. I believe I’m one of the best assets to help expand and make the server go forward and not backwards like most HCF servers have.
  20. Thanks for reading my application if you have any queries I am able to speak on TeamSpeak or in game. 
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