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  1. Hardcore Rules:
  3. 1. You can not purchase equipment from Dealers and Market with money.
  4. 2. You are allowed to Barter for equipment.
  5. 3. No Flea Market.
  6. 4. Secure container for keys, money and pre-game healing items.
  7. 5. Money found in raid, from tasks and selling items can be used to purchase armor repairs & any container.
  8. 6. In-raid & Task USD can be used to complete missions.
  9. 7. Mission specific items can be bought using money.
  10. 8. Terragroup labs can be entered with the use of a key. No limitations.
  11. 9. No Scavenger Raids.
  12. 10. No assistance from friends/communities.
  14. Season 4 Goal: Get an epsilon container from Prapor.
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