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  1. In Response To: http://alt-market.com/articles/1405-time-to-plan-for-the-worst-rather-than-hope-for-the-best
  3. Here is the comment Brandon didn't want you to see...
  4. written by The Universe , March 25, 2013
  6. Brandon - "I never said resources are not 'finite'. What I did say is that overpopulation at this point and time is a lie perpetuated by eugenics obsessed cretins."
  8. Sounds like somebody is, "...spouting random opinion..." attempting to make a coherent argument.
  10. Brandon - "Where is your science to back your claims of overpopulation?"
  12. You are completely unable to provide any scientific data stating that the world's biosphere can sustain a population of 7,000,000,000 sans cheap energy. All you have is opinion. Yes there are that many and more people alive right now but that is only due to very finite fossil fuels. It is called ecological overshoot.
  14. The biosphere is already failing to support the population as evidenced by the people that will die of starvation TODAY. There is plenty of science describing why the world can't support this many people.
  16. Here is just one: http://www.pnas.org/content/99/14/9266.short
  18. Want more? http://ourfiniteworld.com has plenty of resources. Pun intended...
  20. Even though you'll find zero peer reviewed articles describing how current population levels can be sustainably supported you'll still trash the ones I linked to. It is all part of the "resource scarcity lie" right?
  22. Brandon - "Where is the scarcity? If we are witnessing peak oil, then where are the shortages? Show me where demand is not being met."
  24. You understand supply and demand. You realize that increased prices mean that supply has decreased or demand has increased. Why has oil price increased dramatically over the last few years? With oil, supply has stayed flat while price has seen crazy increases. You'll probably blame money printing for the rise in oil prices but if that were the root cause why are we not seeing $200 a barrel oil with the Fed printing more than $32,000.00 every second?
  26. Also, peak oil is about maximum extraction rates, nothing more. Have we reached the maximum extraction rate in crude oil? Very likely yes. All of the evidence points in that direction. If you disagree how about actually posting a bit of evidence instead of, "...spouting random opinion?"
  28. Yes oil reserves have grown but they don't matter to peak oil. It doesn't matter if you have $14,000,000,000.00 in your bank account if capital controls only grant you $1 per day in withdrawls.
  30. Where is demand not being met? All over the place. There are many people who can't afford gas at its current prices so they walk. They demand gasoline but can't afford it. That is one of the reasons that gasoline consumption has DECREASED in the United States. It is called demand destruction. How does this not make sense?
  32. Brandon - "With modern farming techniques and alternative energy solutions, yes, there is plenty of room for everybody. And if there wasn't constant interference from the globalists, then we would have the opportunity to prove it on a wide scale."
  34. Modern farming techniques? I'm well aware of the GPS driven combines and the failing round-up ready GMO crops but they require fossil fuels. 10 calories of fossil fuels for every calorie of food.
  36. All alternative energies require fossil fuels. They aren't alternatives really. Just fossil fuel extenders.
  38. Brandon - "I find it interesting that you have attempted to subtly shift your original position. You first stated that 'overpopulation", loss of resources, and "greed', are the cause of our economic misery. You said the elites 'are not personally responsible for the failing economy'. Now you admit that global elitists DO INDEED play a major role. Here's a suggestion; pick a position and stick to it. People will have an easier time taking you seriously, trust me."
  40. I never mentioned the word, "overpopulation," but it is implied in my statements. The human species is in ecological overshoot. There has been much research that supports that conclusion. If you wish to deny that please show me the science.
  42. Here is what I did say...
  44. "Yes [The Elites] are, '...engineering numerous misfortunes,' like climate change and using their power to capture as much of the remaining resources as possible but they're not personally responsible for the failing economy.
  46. It is simply the second law of thermodynamics combined with human greed."
  48. In my next comment I followed that up with...
  50. "Yes the bubble blowing is intentional.
  52. Yes the people that blow the economic bubbles know that the bubbles will pop. That's how they make their money."
  54. The two statements are not logically incongruent. If the system were still working for them and not us I wouldn't call it a, "...failing economy". I'd say it was working as designed. The economy is no longer working for the elites as they expected... It Is Failing. As it sits, the elite won't have enough resources to turn Agenda 21 into a reality. The longer we keep our guns the less control they'll have.
  56. If oil production hadn't plateaued the housing bubble would still be in bubble form.
  58. Brandon - "I don't think you even know what your ultimate position is, being that you can't maintain a stance or back any of your assertions with evidence. It seems as though you only seek to be contrary for the sake of contrariness."
  60. Brandon - "What is your root point? That it's all random chaos? That it's engineered? That if the population was reduced all our problems would go away? Do you have any clue where you are going with your argument?"
  62. Brandon - "Or, do you really believe that spouting random opinion is the same as making a coherent argument?"
  64. Brandon - "Please flesh out your thinking, Universe, before embarrassing yourself online. It really is a waste of your own time, and it's certainly a waste of mine."
  66. My point is that resource scarcity isn't a myth. I provided several facts that backup my assertions which you simply dismissed as lies. I'll post them here again for you to refute.
  68. It is no myth that oil discoveries have severely lagged behind production for almost half a century. Right now we use 5 barrels of oil for every one we find.
  70. It is no myth that the world consumes more oil in 10 minutes than a North Dakota oil well will produce in its 29 year lifetime. The US uses more oil than that in an hour.
  72. It is no myth that global oil production has stopped responding to price signals despite price increases of more than 200% since 2003.
  74. It is no myth that high oil prices lead to economic decline which is resulting in a bumpy plateau in oil production. (Soon to become a decline).
  76. It is no myth that ethanol takes more energy to produce than comes out at the end. Tight oil in the Bakken and Tar Sand production is only very slightly better.
  78. It is no myth that the US peak in oil production was accurately predicted in 1956 by a Shell geologist.
  80. You blame everything on the elites and believe that if people like you were running things then everything would be OK. The truth is that the laws of physics are limiting economic growth and not even the elites can do anything about it.
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