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  2. Interview with Nibiru Whistle-Blower Dr. Zhakarovich
  3. Dr. Dyomin Damir Zhakarovich.
  5. 4:45
  6. Soviet's space agency discovered Nemesis star and planets using technology in early 1983 when Nemesis was totally hidden.
  7. NASA also made some discoveries and there was an argument between the Soviet's space agency and NASA as to who discovered it first
  8. Russian scientists worked very hard to predict where and when Nibiru will come
  9. 5:55
  10. They arrived at conclusion that Nibiru show up at end of 2020 or starting by 2021
  11. Exact predictions are impossible becsuse the system is subject to gravitational stress or other space objects including the sun
  12. And as Nibiru gets further from the sun, it caves(?) the gravitational pull and begins to increase velocity while heading this direction.
  14. 6:9
  15. There are 2 possibilities
  16. Passing between Earth and sun
  17. Or between Earth and Mars
  18. Russian top Sitchin scientists believe it was passed between Earth and sun
  19. Very bad
  21. Interviewer: You might have 3600 years
  22. Sitchin had 3600 years in his writing
  23. Besides him, most scientists (regardless of nationality) seem to believe in the 3600 year theory
  26. Z: It is no theory. It is a fact
  27. The system is in highly elliptical elongated orbit relative to the southern hemisphere
  28. And yes, all agree so it's a proven fact...
  30. 7:55
  31. I: You worked for the Soviet space agency from 89 to 91
  32. and then the Russian space program till 2011
  33. ... what is your personal involvement with the project?
  35. Z: I was not exposed to confidential details about Nibiru until 2004
  36. At that time, science team ... didn't understand why other countries give different dates which are not 2020 nor 2021 nor 2022
  37. They needed a man who can carry knowledge of Nibiru to other countries and show them the error of their maths
  38. I became the diplomatic scientist.... to teach other countries including USA, that they are wrong about Nibiru
  39. ....... I met with no success
  40. We wanted to bring other countries to parity with our knowledge, share what we have but none are willing to listen
  41. They called us crazy idiots for saying Nibiru will come in 2020
  42. At times, stupid ?? NASA say 2017
  43. And now it passed and we still hear and find mostly
  45. I: A former NASA employee, Dr Roland Schimschuck
  46. c
  47. Z: Yeah, I know him. He's a fucking ???
  48. You can't trust words from him
  49. This man worked for NASA so anything he tell you is disinformation...
  50. 1st he say Nibiru come in 2017
  51. Now he says 2055
  52. What will be next? 2060 or what?
  53. ... he's not stupid
  55. I: He agrees with many of your points except the 2020 arrival date
  57. Z: He's a professional liar, programmed to say these things
  58. All good lies contain grains of truth
  60. 12:20
  61. I: You assert one of the greatest threats comes not from Nibiru itself but from a plethora of asteroids in the system
  63. Z: The system is made of brown dwarf star and 7 planets
  64. Out most orbital is what most people call Nibiru
  65. Large planet 4 X Earth size, 13 X mass
  66. The system itself is about 257 million km in diameter
  67. Extremely dense clouds of red iron oxide dust surrounds this system, which until recently, prevented optical analyses without infrared equipment
  68. In this system are millions of tons of space debris, asteroid and micro meteorites swirling around in cosmic whirlpool
  69. Normally, gravitational pull brown dwarf star and planets keeps these objects in orbit
  70. But these asteroids collide with each other and one or both are knocked from orbit into deep space
  71. Sometimes towards the Earth, sometimes to other planets in the solar system
  72. The frequency of objects increase as Nibiru gains speed approaching us
  73. So in last 3 years, the number of meteorites striking Earth increased 10 fold...
  74. Many are very small and go unnoticed
  75. But meteorite strikes will grow 100 times, and then 5,000 times when Nibiru is here in 2020
  76. The system also has twin tails with debris field
  77. Earth may pass through this debris field before Nibiru goes this way
  78. Some space objects more like marbles
  79. Others big - size of Kremlin
  80. So we get hit by 10 or 100,000 meteorites, turning Earth to putty
  81. This is why President Putin designed hypersonic missiles
  82. Not to attack USA, Florida or any part of US grounds
  83. But to defect asteroids coming towards the motherland
  84. .... with Nibiru, there is no certainty
  85. So many variables come to play
  86. It depends on how close we are to the tail and how close Nibiru comes
  87. It is an indisputable fact that it will take major damage from asteroid strikes, but how much damage remains to be seen
  88. Unfortunately no other country takes the asteroid strikes seriously enough to create efficient programs to major centres of population from a 9 km asteroid striking a city
  89. This is a problem, another big problem
  90. If Nibiru gets real close to Earth, its strong magnetic field could fry the brain
  92. I: ... you are describing an extinction level event
  94. Z: No, I didn't say that
  95. I am presenting possibilities that could occur
  96. Not that they will occur, only a possibility
  97. Except for the certainty of asteroid strikes, the geomagnetic and geophysical pole will will shift
  98. Which is actually happening now, that will cause drastic changes to our climate
  99. As for extinction, humans have survived before, and we will again, at least in Russia
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