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  1. en:
  2.   welcome: 'Welcome to collectomate!'
  4.   sessions:
  5.     http_code_422:
  6.       user_not_active: 'User is not active'
  7.       bad_credentials: 'Bad credentials'
  8.       incomplete_credentials: 'Incomplete credentials'
  9.       service_provider_member_not_found: 'Service Provider Member not found'
  10.       member_not_active: 'Member is not active'
  11.       collection_point_not_active: 'Collection Point is not active'
  12.       collection_point_not_assigned_to_service_provider: 'Collection Point appears to be not assigned to a Service Provider'
  13.       service_provider_not_active: 'Service Provider is not active'
  14.       opened_boxes: 'There are opened boxes that need to be closed'
  15.       no_boxes_available: 'There are no available boxes'
  17.   users:
  18.     get_data:
  19.       profile: 'Profile'
  20.       attribute: 'Attribute'
  21.       value: 'Value'
  22.       id: 'ID'
  23.       name: 'Name'
  24.       phone_prefix: 'Prefix'
  25.       phone: 'Phone'
  26.       email: 'E-mail'
  27.       created_at: 'Created at'
  28.       updated_at: 'Updated at'
  29.       delivery_requests: 'Delivery Requests'
  30.       kind: 'Kind'
  31.       status: 'Status'
  32.       user: 'User'
  33.       delivery_key: 'Delivery key'
  34.       courier_company_name: 'Courier company name'
  35.       parcel_id: 'Parcel ID'
  36.       service_provider: 'Service Provider'
  37.       collection_point: 'Collection Point'
  38.       delivery_confirmation_pdf: 'Delivery confirmation pdf'
  40.   activerecord:
  41.     errors:
  42.       models:
  43.         box:
  44.           attributes:
  45.             member_id:
  46.               cannot_assign: 'cannot assign member if box is not free or box is in CP that is not lockerable'
  47.         collection_point_unit:
  48.           attributes:
  49.             base:
  50.               restart_ble_failed: 'Failed to activate unit beacuse RestartBLE failed'
  51.               no_collection_point: 'Cannot to activate unit beacuse it is not assigned to any CollectionPoint'
  52.         delivery_request:
  53.           attributes:
  54.             collection_point_id:
  55.               cannot_assign: 'cannot assign seleceted collection point'
  57.   confirmation_pdf:
  58.     number: "DELIVERY CONFIRMATION No. %{id}"
  59.     confirmation_of: "Confirmation of delivery fulfilment is generated to acknowledge that:"
  60.     deliverer_from: "Deliverer from:"
  61.     not_specified: "<not specified>"
  62.     completed_package: "completed package delivery with assigned ID:"
  63.     at_time: "on "
  64.     into: 'into'
  65.     collection_point_managed_by: "%{collection_point_name} Collection Point, managed by %{service_provider_name}"
  66.     as_requested: 'as requested by package receiver identified with following phone number:'
  67.     in_order_to: "In order to fulfil the delivery, Receiver generated Delivery Request with following delivery key: %{key}, passing it to Deliverer."
  68.     by_generating: 'By generating and passing delivery key to Deliverer, Receiver agreed to receive the package via collection point specified above and confirms delivery completion.'
  69.     picked_up_update: 'Pick Up Update'
  70.     picked_up_update_content: "Receiver picked up the package with assigned ID: %{parcel_id} on %{collected_at}."
  72.   delivery_request_mailer:
  73.     welcome: 'Hello,'
  74.     let_us_know: 'Let us know if you need any help.'
  75.     regards: 'Regards,'
  76.     team: 'Collectomate DropByBox Team'
  78.     brand_new:
  79.       subject: 'New delivery request created'
  80.       part1_html: "<p>You've just created inbound delivery request for collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, managed by <b>%{sp_name}</b>,<br>located in <b>%{cp_address}</b><br>phone number: <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b> and<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b>.</p><p>This way your deliverer or courier will place a package for you into collection point.</p><p>To make it happen, please pass your phone number and delivery key to deliverer or put this information into Street or Address field when completing your e-order in on-line shop, like this:</p>"
  81.       part2_html: "<b>%{cp_name}: %{delivery_key}, %{cp_address}</b><hr />"
  83.     expired:
  84.       subject: 'Delivery request expired'
  85.       part1_html: "<p>Your inbound delivery request for collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b><br>phone number <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b> and<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b><br><br>has just expired.</p><p>If you still expect a delivery, please create new delivery request.</p><hr />"
  87.     completed:
  88.       subject: 'Package delivered to collection point'
  89.       part1_html: "<p>Your package has just arrived to collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b>.<br><br>Delivery Request created for phone number <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b> and<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b><br><br>has been completed.</p><p>You can collect your package until %{collection_deadline}.</p><hr />"
  91.     not_collected_to_requestor:
  92.       subject: 'Package collection time expired'
  93.       part1_html: "<p>Unfortunatelly you missed deadline for picking up your package from collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b>,<br>phone number <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b> and<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b>.</p><p>Please ask office reception for help.</p><hr />"
  95.     not_collected_to_supporter:
  96.       subject: '[Action required] Package collection time expired'
  97.       part1_html: "<p>A package for collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b><br>phone number: <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b> and<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b><br><br>has not been collected on time.</p><p>Please remove the package, using technical supporter account.</p><hr />"
  99.     service_required:
  100.       subject: '[Action required] Delivery request requires service support'
  101.       part1_html: "<p><b>Attention!</b></p><p>It seems that deliverer has started, but not finished delivery process at collection point.</p><p>Please verify and resolve the delivery, using technical supporter account.</p><hr />"
  103.     removed_by_support:
  104.       subject: 'Package been collected by local support'
  105.       part1_html: "<p>Your uncollected package for collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b>,<br>phone number: <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b>,<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b><br><br>has just been removed by reception.</p><p>In order to pick it up, please contact your reception staff.</p><hr />"
  107.     collected:
  108.       subject: 'Package collection confirmation'
  109.       part1_html: "<p>This notification is to confirm that you've just collected your package from collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b>,<br>phone number: <b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b>,<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b>.</p><p>Thank you!</p><hr />"
  111.     delivery_attempt_failed:
  112.       subject: 'Attempt of your package delivery failed'
  113.       part1_html: "<p>This notification is to confirm that your deliverer / courier failed to deliver into collection point:</p><p><b>%{cp_name}</b>, located in <b>%{cp_address}</b>,<br>phone number:<b>+%{phone_prefix} %{phone}</b>,<br>delivery key: <b>%{delivery_key}</b>.</p><p>Deliverer may try again later or contact you directly to hand over the package in different way.</p><hr />"
  115.   user_mailer:
  116.     welcome: 'Hello,'
  117.     let_us_know: 'Let us know if you need any help.'
  118.     regards: 'Regards,'
  119.     team: 'Collectomate DropByBox Team'
  121.     get_data:
  122.       subject: 'Data in our system'
  123.       part1_html: 'We received your request to review your data in our system. Please find it enclosed in xlsx format.'
  125.   wizard_mailer:
  126.     welcome: 'Hello,'
  127.     content: 'User created new collectomate configuration. Details in attached pdf file.'
  129.     send_cp_list_data:
  130.       subject: 'New collectomate configuration'
  132.   fcm:
  133.     delivery_request:
  134.       expired: 'Your inbound delivery request to collection point has just expired.'
  135.       completed: 'Delivery request has just been completed. Package is ready for collection.'
  136.       not_collected: 'Unfortunatelly you missed deadline for picking up your package. Ask reception for help.'
  137.       removed_by_support: 'Your package has just been removed by site support (reception). In order to pick it up, contact your reception.'
  138.       delivery_attempt_failed: 'Failed to complete delivery request for phone +%{phone_prefix} %{phone} and delivery key: %{delivery_key}. Deliverer may try again later or contact you directly.'
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