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  1. [13:38:02] <Top8eR> hello. my opp is on the play and draw an extra card. when he put it back though he just put one on top and didnt undo draw. what should we do?
  2. [13:38:04] <athlee_> need to ask
  3. [13:38:09] <Top8eR> athlee_ is my opp
  4. [13:38:29] <athlee_> i just clicked the card and put it back, didnt know can undo
  5. [13:38:33] <%xJudicatorx> this is the very start of the game?
  6. [13:38:38] <Top8eR> yup
  7. [13:38:39] <athlee_> yes, third game
  8. [13:38:51] <%xJudicatorx> and you both had signified that you keep your opening hand?
  9. [13:38:57] <Top8eR> ya
  10. [13:38:58] <athlee_> yes
  11. [13:39:59] <%xJudicatorx> ok, in the future, use the undo draw for accidental draws -- we will have to do a workaround this time
  12. [13:40:11] <%xJudicatorx> first, draw the card that you put back on top
  13. [13:40:50] <%xJudicatorx> now from the cards in your hand, select one at random to put back on top
  14. [13:41:12] <%xJudicatorx> you can do this by placing them face down on the table and rolling a die, or simply by using the Reveal Card at random function
  15. [13:41:33] <Top8eR> ok, ty judi
  16. [13:41:34] <%xJudicatorx> that card goes on top of your library
  17. [13:41:41] <athlee_> ok, tq
  18. [13:41:42] * Top8eR ( has left #judges4you
  19. [13:41:45] * athlee_ (athlee_@SolidIRCbro.cok.125.49.IP) Quit (Reason: Bye bye)
  20. [13:41:59] <%xJudicatorx> You will get a warning for drawing extra cards, and get a 3 minute extension
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