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Super Paper Mario: RTA Route

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  1. Super Paper Mario - RTA Route
  2. ------------------------------
  4. This guide should not contain anything pretty straight-forward to the gamer. This only contains area-specific goals that should help complete levels faster.
  6. --Things to test/try in future runs--
  7. * In 8-3, use Carrie when trying to open the chest with the Dimentio clones room instead of Cudge. You may be able to open it without having to clear the space.
  8. * In 6-1 Revisit, jump w/ Bowser + Carrie onto Brobot 2 and compare w/ Mario + Boomer strategy.
  10. ---Intro---
  11. * Button mash. After dialogue, drop off top floor on left side. Place pure heart. Go back to main floor. Do not use save block. Go directly in elevator. Go straight to 1-1.
  13. ---Chapter 1---
  14. 1-1:
  15. * Go right until you reach the house. Grab one coin along the way to make it faster. Use Tippi to reveal door when you get in. Get "A" Flip ability. In same room where you get Flip, Flip to 3d and get Shell Shock + Shroom Shake (for safety). Back in first room of house, use Flip to get Fire Burst.
  16. * Go back outside. Flip and collect coins on way to door surrounded by bricks. Enter door while in 3d.
  17. * Next area, go along. When you flip, go up and stay on the left side of the 3d screen. Flip back into 2D when you reach the gap. When you reach the long gap, flip again and go across the bridge. Get to the end.
  18. * Use either star for extra points and coins or grinding off the mass of Squiglets.
  20. ***NOTE: Get 16 coins before entering town in 1-2. You'll need them to buy 2 shell shocks.***
  22. 1-2:
  23. * Flip immediately at the beginning. There is a path on the left side behind the hills. Go through it and past until you reach a door. Enter the door. Hit the block and use the ladder to go up.
  24. * When in Spiny Tromp area, flip to avoid them and run the whole way. Open last door while in 3d.
  25. * Button mash during time with Red guard. Pick first option. Go to shop and buy 2 shell shocks for 16 coins.
  26. * When in town, enter 3rd house, go immediately into 3d and jump to the pipe. 3d past Thwomps. Get Thoreau. Use block to hit blue switch and unlock door.
  27. * Go back out of house and talk to Watchitt in 4th house (button mash). Get to Green guard. Button mash (he'll throw you out of the house regardless of your answer).
  29. 1-3:
  30. * Use Fast Flower to reach red palm faster. Grab three other items (coin flower, pal pills, and mushroom) for 10000 points total. Jump under red palm 10 times to unlock door. Enter door. Grab spitter with Thoreau, flip, and go right until you reach spring. Throw spitter onto spring. Use rock he spits out to bounce over big block on other side of sand. Go right to door.
  31. * Use Thoreau to throw O'Chunks into corner. Use shell shock. Multibounce on O'Chunks in corner as much as possible if shell shock runs out (you can keep it from running out by bouncing on it as it comes back towards you). Do not get tossed by him...takes a ton of time. O'Chunks has 20 HP.
  32. * In next area, go left and flip into 3d and grab the Ghost Shroom. Go right. You can either use Ice Cherbil skip, Goomba 3d skip, or jump on spring onto platforms. Use platforms to get to door.
  33. * In last area, stand on blue switch and hold "-" and "1" at the same time.
  35. 1-4:
  36. * Go right. In second area, go right (grab box with mushroom if needed) and enter door.
  37. * When you get to a locked door on the bottom and an unlocked door at the top, use Flip and hit flipswitches. Get in top door. Use Thoreau on enemies to hit blue switch. Go back out and to the left. There should be a key that you can get with Thoreau. Unlock bottom door.
  38. * Use Tippi pointer to reveal platform that allows you to reach door in next room.
  39. * Flip in next room after springing up to the left and climb ladder. Hit switches, enter door.
  40. * Order of red blocks in next room is "2 4 1 3". Grab Super Shroom in box before pipe.
  41. * On Fracktail, when you hit him three times with thrown Frackles, stay to the left (should be slightly going up a slant). When you reach about the end of his tail, jump and hold right. You can jump through his head, but following this strategy should avoid that problem. Three cycles will take him down.
  42. * In last room (blue room), go right until dialogue ensues. END OF CHAPTER!
  44. ---Pre-Chapter 2---
  46. * In Bleck's castle as Peach, go right to door. Then go left and enter each door. Keep going left. It'll end eventually.
  48. * Talk to Merlon in his house. Go to shop and sell Ghost Shroom. Buy an Ice Burst.
  49. * Exit shop, go down a floor. Give Fire Burst to chef to make soup. Use Return Pipe.
  50. * Go off right side after using Return Pipe. Go to Peach. Give her soup. Get Peach!
  51. * Switch to Mario. Flip outside. Use key to get past gate and to the right. Keep going right across the bridge.
  52. * Flip back into 2d after crossing bridge. Go right. Go down pipe.
  53. * (B1 Flipside Outskirts) Go left in next area. Flip into 3d and cross bridge to right. Stay in 3d after crossing bridge and go down. Use Thoreau to throw Squig onto ledge on right side near Heart Pillar. When Squig shoots bullet, jump on it and go up to reach Heart Pillar. Place Pure Heart. Use Return Pipe and enter Chapter 2.
  55. ---Chapter 2---
  56. 2-1:
  57. * Use Peach to float across the first lake. After crossing second lake, switch to Mario, flip to 3d, and jump on flipblocks. Flip back and jump onto platform above and right. Cross the platforms above to reach pipe. Get key in pipe after killing all enemies. Use key to unlock door outside.
  58. * In next area, flip with Mario and stand just outside the platform above. Flip back. Jump onto block. Flip into 3d again, and jump onto platform above while floating in midair. Go in pipe. Hit switch in background. Go in door the switch hit creates.
  59. * Ignore star in next area and just walk through.
  60. * After lake in next area, go in pipe. Hit hidden blue switch in middle of room (jump). Beat enemies in following room (Thoreau). Get Boomer. Leave pipe.
  61. * To get to doors above, jump on dragon guy's head right as it comes out to shortcut up.
  62. ** (Easier method) Of the four doors above outside, go in the far left one. Hit switch in middle of room. Go back outside and go into the new door on the far left of the now five doors.
  63. ** (Harder but faster) Go to far right door instead. Use Boomer inside, then use Thoreau on Boomer to throw Boomer up to the blue switch. Go outside and to far left door.
  65. 2-2:
  66. * Go inside mansion.
  67. * Avoid Gnaws. Go in top right door in Mansion. Activate switch to bring down spike trap. Flip to avoid getting crushed. Jump on top of spike trap.
  68. * Jump on top of box while in 3d and jump to platform. If you're not as daring, you can go the long way.
  69. * Get key. Unlock door in bottom right in first room. Free doggy. End chapter.
  71. 2-3:
  72. * Break vase. Jump to left platform with Peach. Flip with Mario. Get Slim.
  73. * Go to top floor. Flip to get to left side. Climb up ladder. Use Slim to get past security beams. Enter code 41262816. Get 1000000. Flip and drop off from there. Pay debt.
  75. 2-4:
  76. * Door order: Left, right, upper left (jump onto enemy to reach that door), Upper right (same room as Mimi encounter...accept and then reject signing), Lower Right (Slim to get into hole), Upper Right, Upper Right, Upper Left (room with accordion slow guys), Upper right (room with big boo). Use Tippi to reveal staircase in room with big boo.
  77. * Enter female restroom. Select third from left stall. Play game show. "Favorite smell" distinguishes correct Merlee. Choosing correct Merlee makes it go faster.
  78. * Mimi has no health...only # of hits to take down. Jump on Mimi right at start of fight, even though she's invincible (to prevent her from going on ceiling right away). Every two hits takes off a leg. Take off all legs to win. Can use umbrella (hold down) to protect self. END OF CHAPTER!
  80. ---Pre-Chapter 3---
  81. * With Luigi in Bleck's Castle, go left.
  83. * In Flipside, go towards where you went for the second heart pillar. After getting to Flipside 1st Floor Outskirts, go left to the end where there is a pipe covered with blocks. Use Boomer to get rid of the blocks. Go down the pipe.
  84. * In the next area after that pipe, go all the way to the right until you meet a wall. Flip into 3d. Use Slim to get through the crack in the wall. Pure heart into pillar. Return pipe to get to Chapter 3.
  86. ---Chapter 3---
  87. 3-1:
  88. * Skip talking to the pixl in the bush. Flip into 3d and go up. Get up to the third (?) pipe that you see. Hit the block above the pipe to create a ladder. From the platform at the top of the ladder, use Peach and jump right (float) to reach another pipe (this pipe is above 2 red pipes). Enter the pipe.
  89. * Go to the center pipe in the next area.
  90. * For the castle sequence, flip into 3d and pass everyone. Use Boomer on Red X on castle. On Bowser, use shell shock.
  92. 3-2:
  93. * You can use Bowser in most of area (so long as you're swimming and not walking) and get experience along the way by killing enemies.
  94. * Go straight towards the second area to get to the pipe leading to Thudley. Flip to 3d near pipe and get Gold Bar in chest in nook near pipe. Go in pipe. Go through to end to door. Use Bowser to kill enemies with fire in room with Thudley. Get Thudley.
  95. * Order of pegs in first area: Up Down Down - Up Down Up. If you mess up, use Thudley again to make a peg come back up. Once you make the pegs go in that order, go in door that appears.
  96. * On Big Blooper, Flip and jump near tentacles back and forth to bring up red tentacle faster. Once red tentacle is up, change to Bowser and fire breath. Three hits to red tentacles will finish Big Blooper.
  98. 3-3:
  99. * (Just watch a video on this. Explaining this is a nightmare.)
  100. * Don't fall. Don't get poisoned either. And...don't get put to sleep.
  101. * Switch immediately to Peach. Get to the point where you can float to the first moving platform. When you reach the moving platform, jump immediately to the next green platform (if within range).
  102. * Get to the last platform you can on the left side. Flip to 3d and hit flipswitches to progress. Switch to Peach to float across longer-reach platforms.
  103. * Use Thudley on peg on platform that you'll see on right eventually to make moving platform appear.
  104. * When you reach the top, use fire breath with Bowser on bark covering door to make door appear.
  105. * Inside tree, drop Boomer after reaching the same platform that pipe is on. Use Thoreau to throw Boomer up and right to hit switch. Hop on pink platforms. Hit switch after to make blue. You can also just Thudley jump to get up to that ledge.
  106. * Go up as top right as you can. You'll see a moving platform with a non-linear path. Grab one of the wall crawlers with Thoreau and make it go to the right (if it's moving left, take a hit to reverse the direction). While it is on the right wall, and while the platform is within bouncing reach, bounce on the wallcrawler and jump to the moving switch. You can also use Thudley jump to reach platform.
  107. * Go up and left. Use Boomer on switch to make pink. Use Boomer again to make blue after you've crossed back to the right side using new pink platform. While on left up-down moving platform left of new blue platform, drop Boomer on the far left side as far as you can without falling off. That'll trigger the switch again.
  108. * Go on right platform. Use Mario to flip and jump onto pink platform to get to blue switch above. Hit blue switch, drop back down, enter first pipe, and enter new door.
  109. * Dimentio fight: Use Bowser to jump on Dimentio. Dodge attacks. Has 30 HP. If you decide to need to take damage, run into him directly. His bolts do 2 damage, while he only does 1 damage. Thudley to do double damage. Slim to confuse Dimentio and bring him closer to your level if too far away.
  110. * Keep going up. Kill 2nd Lakitu that you see (with Boomer, perhaps). Ride red wind to pipe.
  112. 3-4:
  113. * Outside Fort Francis, flip to get into pipe to get key.
  114. * In first room, Flip into 3d and go behind second door into pipe.
  115. * Reach end of room. Use Thudley on big blue switch to get Carrie. Go back up pipe.
  117. * Thudley down the doors in the upper floor.
  118. * For upstairs elevators into Francis's rooms...Answer all questions as "True" to cats. Room on left: 2828. Room on right: 2323. Get both keys.
  119. * When going to left room, on the bridge, use Bowser + Carrie and get a moving start before jumping and hitting the switch. He can reach it on Carrie.
  120. * Switch to Peach in lobby with giant door. Use keys on door. Answer true to all questions.
  121. * When in Swoon.exe, answer first choice, first choice, third choice, and first choice for least dialogue boxes. Keep mashing buttons until Francis fight. Switch to Bowser + Carrie (very useful strat recommended for all bosses remainder of game) and use jumps to max damage on Francis. When Francis appears in a corner (you can manipulate somewhat), and AFTER he appears, use ice storm. Freezing him for 10 seconds will be enough time to multibounce in corner and kill him (hopefully). Francis has 40 HP. END OF CHAPTER!
  123. ---Pre-Chapter 4---
  124. * Go straight to outskirts. After going across bridge, go left, and you'll see 5 pegs. Hit the first one from the left down and the second one from the left up so that it's "Down Up Down Up Down." That will make the heart pillar appear. Place pure heart.
  125. * Use return pipe and go into Chapter 4. Go back out (because of no space helmet). Go to Merlon and talk to him. Go back up a floor and talk to the boy near the first heart pillar. Take the fish bowl down three floors into the small pond. Release Captain Gills into the water. Use Return Pipe and go into Chapter 4.
  127. ---Chapter 4---
  128. 4-1:
  129. ***NOTE: Use Carrie to move around faster in space.***
  130. * Go down and right. Use Tippi to reveal spaceship. Build up power and go into hole.
  131. * Go right in next area until you reach hole. Go into hole.
  132. * Continue going right in next area. You'll encounter two holes. Go in bottom right one (both lead to same area, so if you go into the top left one, you'll end up in the same area anyway).
  133. * Regardless of which hole you entered, go all the way to the right in the next area into the next hole.
  134. * Next area, go left past all the teleporting enemies.
  135. * Next area, go all the way to the right to the very end of the chapter.
  137. 4-2:
  138. * In first area, go all the way to the right door (Boomer and jump the blocks covering it).
  139. * In second area, use Slim and Flip into 3d to get past first rock. After first green door you see, Flip to cross bridge. Go all the way to the right until you reach the last door.
  140. * Drop down a hole and flip. Grab Ultra Shroom Shake to sell later.
  141. * Go all the way to the right in the next area. After that area, go right again. Jump on top of pipe and jump to platform on right. Go in green door.
  142. * VERY IMPORTANT (have at least 10 coins): When talking to old alien, reject first two offers. When he makes the third offer for 10 coins, ACCEPT IT! Otherwise, when you talk to him again, he won't do anything less than 100 coins. Get Ancient Clue.
  143. * Go ALL THE WAY BACK to the outdoor restroom. Bring Fleep the ancient clue. Get Fleep.
  144. * In same area as where you got Fleep, go right until you see two statues and a lightning-bolt shape above. Use Fleep on shape to get key. After getting key, go left a little bit and drop down the pit that has a locked door. Use key on door.
  146. 4-3:
  147. * Flip to get the Shooting Star behind one of the rocks.
  148. * Use Fleep on red X at end of first area. Fit Squirps into hole.
  149. * Move past red X in next area and go straight to hole on far right.
  150. * Next big area, go right and break blocks. Grab Ghost Shroom. Go to the very top right into that hole to reach the space shop. Buy a cheap chocolate bar (10 coins). Go back out and left in big area. After reaching left side, go down and get the Catch Card SP. Continue down again back to another area.
  151. * Go back to the area with the un-Fleeped red X. Fleep it. Put Squirps in hole. Give chocolate bar to Squirps.
  153. 4-4:
  154. ***NOTE: Have at least 10 coins by the end of the area. Killing one or two pigarithms should get you enough coins.***
  155. * In second room, flip 3d at the end and go into door on top platform. Use pigbank to jump onto platform on left in next area (or you can use Peach and float across). Following area, flip into 3d and get key in chest. Go back a couple of rooms.
  156. * Now go in bottom door (2d one). Use key on door in following area. Now you're upside-down. Go to right into that door. Now you'll be sideways in next area. Go to the door at the very top (may need Peach to float across, or you can bounce on enemies to reach ledge, if available.
  157. * This next room has a bunch of wallcrawler enemies and stairs. Flip into 3d to get down and hit the Up-Down Arrow block to reverse gravity. Go in next door.
  158. * Use Pigarithm to reach ledge in next area on right. Flip into 3d and enter door. Get key in chest. Go back out to the room where you face sideways.
  159. * Go off the first ledge upon entering sideways room. Enter door, and you'll be on the opposite wall. Go straight down to door at bottom. You'll reach a room with a pipe and a locked door on the right. Unlock door.
  160. * In next room, hit two Up-Down Arrow blocks and reach the end of the room. Use Tippi to reveal door.
  161. * Next big room, hit the first clockwise block and the second clockwise block twice so that you are on the right wall (skip door on ceiling). Enter door on right wall. Reach chest in next room that is on ceiling for another key. Go back to the big room and enter the ceiling door at the top.
  162. * For Mr. L, Bowser + Carrie strategy. Has 40 HP. For Brobot, fire like crazy and get bonuses. You may have to collect a power up chocolate in order to even damage him if you are not high-leveled enough. END OF CHAPTER!
  164. ---Pre-Chapter 5---
  165. * Go down to first floor of Flipside. Bomb the wall on the far right. Use Fleep in center on other side of wall. Go into cathedral-like building. Hit each block once from beginning to end. Get to Flopside.
  166. * Sell Gold Bar, Ultra Shroom Shake, Ghost Shroom, and Catch Card SP in Flopside shop. Should have at least 440 coins. Buy two Mighty Tonics for 140 coins.
  167. * Pay the driller 300 coins on the far left of the 2nd floor (Flip to see him) to make a shortcut on the 2nd floor back to Flipside.
  168. * Place pure heart in heart pillar on 3rd floor. Return pipe and enter Chapter 5.
  170. ---Chapter 5---
  171. 5-1:
  172. * Talk to mayor. Accept to help. Go out. Skip over Floros. Go right. Enter door at end.
  173. * In next area, go left. Use Peach to float over a large gap. When you see three blocks, hit them in the order "L R M" (Left, Right, Middle). Enter pipe.
  174. * After pipe, go right (Flip to 3d and use Carrie to avoid mammoth enemies. When you encounter the next set of three blocks, hit them in the order "M  R  L  L  R  M  R  L  R  R  M  R  R  L  M  M  L  L  L  R  L  L  L  M  M". You can also Thudley jump over the wall to the right. Enter pipe that appears. Go right in background.
  176. 5-2:
  177. * In first area, when you reach water, Thudley dive down and collect the Water Tablet. Go back up and right. Enter door.
  178. * In next area, go left. Bomb a square set of blocks underneath a door in midair to reveal a blue switch. Hit the blue switch to create platforms to the door above. Enter door.
  179. * Flip into 3d and go up until you see an exit on the left side. Go down the hill and you'll see a black pointy stone. Use Bowser's firebreath until it breaks. Get Fire Tablet. Go back out the way you came.
  180. (You can also get a speed-up flower in this area where the blocks that you see in 3d are. I haven't tested whether or not it's faster to get that and backtrack a little bit.
  181. * Go right until you see a door. Go past door and flip into 3d near pipe to get Mighty Tonic. Enter door. After crossing moving platform in next area, you'll encounter O'Chunks. Use Bowser + Carrie strategy to take him down.
  182. * After the battle, continue right. You'll see a Yoshi statue when you Flip into 3d. Go in a circle around it. A Stone Tablet will appear on top of the Yoshi statue's nose. Grab it. Go back out.
  183. * Go back to where the giant block is. Go up the cliffside. Part of going up may involve flipping. You'll reach the top with a hidden block right above that you can jump into. Hit the hidden block to reveal a ladder. Climb up the ladder. At the top, you'll see three different statues that you can insert the tablets into. Insert them in the order of "Stone, Water, Fire".
  184. * Cudge will appear. Insert a long word. Get Cudge. Jump down. Break giant block. Enter pipe.
  186. 5-3:
  187. * Move right. Advance dialogue. Enter pipe.
  188. * In next area, enter the very last pipe (shorter of two pipes at the end).
  189. * In following area, find block with fast shroom and go all the way to the end. Enter the door, and you'll see a cart. Enter next door.
  190. * You'll encounter an upper path with blocks. Use Carrie and flip into 3d to jump around the blocks and continue on until you find the camera man. Talk to him.
  191. * In this area, make your back towards the middle. Enter door. Go on another cart ride. Ride it in 3d. Hold left when you get to the point where you can turn. Enter door at end.
  192. * Use Carrie + Mario and jump across (if you fall, hit the block to the left and climb back up). Drop down the next part after to the right. You'll see the boom-mic guy. Talk to him. Return back out and get on cart again. Enter back in door at beginning of cart ride to get back to previous area.
  193. * Return back to the beginning where Flint Cragley is. Speak to him again. Get the key.
  194. * Go back down pipe to the second room and use the key on the door at the bottom of the elevators. Another mine cart ride!
  195. * In the next area, you will see a dark-outlined block in the room. You can hit it with Cudge to break it (when you Flip into 3d, you'll see that it's a regular yellow block). You can get the star if you need to grind for points. In the middle of the room, you'll see another dark-outlined block. Break it in the same manner. Enter door.
  197. 5-4:
  198. * In first area, go right then down left when you encounter a fork in the road. Enter the pipe in bottom left.
  199. ***NOTE: If you need to grind for additional points, there is a pipe constantly putting out Floro-sapiens. You can have Bowser sit there and spam fire breath to wrack up 500 points each kill.***
  200. * Past the grinding point at the very bottom of the next area, before the locked door on the bottom right, Flip into 3d. There will be a hole to drop down. You'll see some floro-cragniens. Grab one of them with Thoreau and stand on the red switch with it to make a pipe appear. Enter pipe. Following area, enter next pipe on left.
  201. * In that area, you'll see two spine enemies and a skull on a wall. Use Fleep on the skull on the wall to reveal a key. Grab the key. Go back a couple of rooms to the locked door in the bottom right of that area. Unlock the door with the key. Get Dottie in that room. Use Dottie to exit room via small red door.
  202. * In this area, go all the way to the left this time. You'll see a white door. Enter it. In that next area, proceed to the left while shrunk to enter the small alcove and get the key card. Use the key card on the terminal next to the door in the same room to unlock it. Enter that door.
  203. * Use Thudley jump glitch to reach pipe in upper right in next room.
  204. * Fight O'Chunks again. Use the same strategy (Thoreau into corner, jump on with Bowser, multibounce...or you can try to spam fire, but he might jump over). He has more HP and is much faster this time.
  205. * Put on Floro Sprout. Enter pipe on right. Enter doors until you're back outside where the save block is.  Go back up to the top where the pipe is. Enter pipe. Go all the way to the right in the next area where a white door is. Enter door. Enter scanner. Enter door on right after scanner.
  206. * In the next room, you'll see four paintings, each a different color. Flip into 3d, use Boomer next to all paintings except blue to reveal holes in the ground, and hit the switches so that the color of the switch matches the color of the painting above. Use Thoreau to hit the switch until it becomes the proper color. That will make a huge door appear in the middle of the room. Enter it.
  207. * For King Croacus, use Bowser + Carrie to jump and firebreath while in midair. Use one of your Mighty Tonics in this fight. Hit the King when he opens up. You can also fire breath anything tossed at you by him. Do it until he is dead. END CHAPTER!
  209. ---Pre-Chapter 6---
  210. * Go back to Flopside. At Flopside 2nd Floor, go towards the outskirts (flip to 3d to get there), and find a yellow block. Smash it with Cudge. Go in pipe.
  211. * Go left. Go past where you'd cross bridge in 3d and go into another pipe. Go into yet another pipe in next area far left. Flip into 3d, go behind pipe, and Cudge the block. Hit blue switch. Get and use Power Up in chest. Go back up a couple of floors.
  212. * Flip into 3d and cross bridge. Use Dottie to get through small hole. Flip back into 2d and walk left. Find another yellow block and smash it with Cudge. Step on red switch. Put pure heart in heart pillar. Use Return Pipe and enter Chapter 6.
  214. ---Chapter 6---
  215. 6-1:
  216. * 20 straight Sammer-Guys you have to fight in a row. Plus Mimi. This chapter is tough.
  217. * Bowser + Carrie strategy works well, either for fire breath or jumping on enemies. Be mindful of HP. If you level up during these fights, so much the better.
  218. * For faster moving Sammer Guys, you can wait until they get real close to you before trying fire breath. If close enough, they should get hit before they back up too far. Another strategy is to get them to move up stairs. It takes them longer to back up and become easier targets to hit.
  219. * Sammer Guys 3, 8, 11, 15, and 19 can jump. Stairs strategy is helpful (see above).
  220. * Sammer Guys 8 and 20 has at least one ninja that pops out. Take care of them quick so they don't whittle down
  221. your HP.
  222. * Sammer Guys 10 and 20 is huge. Move back and dodge beforehand. Fire breath after.
  223. * Sammer Guy 13 uses sword beams. Avoid accordingly. May be better to jump on this one.
  224. * Sammer Guy 18 is small. Let him hit you (2 HP damage). Fire breath immediately after. Otherwise....good luck.
  225. * Move past the remaining Sammer Guys.
  227. 6-2:
  228. * Mimi fight. If you have a recovery item, so much the better. Bowser + Carrie is still probably the best strategy. Jump in midair and use fire breath. Hold fire breath if she's still in range as she falls.
  229. * Keep going. Will eventually end.
  231. * Go back in chapter door.
  233. 6-1?:
  234. * Use Carrie. Go right...forever. You hold right for at least 1:15 (one minute, fifteen seconds) before dialogue pops up.
  235. * Fight Brobot 2. Fire breath doesn't work. Start fight with Mighty Tonic. Use Boomer until he's dead. Stay flipped in 3d to make it easier (even taking damage is okay from gauge dropping).
  236. * Get Pure Heart.
  238. ---Pre-Chapter 7---
  239. * Go back to Merlon. Get killed.
  241. The Underwhere:
  242. * Go right. Heal in pond. Go in door on far right.
  243. * Flip into 3d in next area. When you get the chance, go to the left side during 3d. Stay on left side until end. Go in door.
  244. * In next area, don't take ferry. Swim across purple lake. Enter door at end. Talk to queen in next area. Get key. Go back to purple lake and sink down to very bottom. Go towards the left-middle of the lake. Flip into 3d and enter hole. Unlock door.
  245. * In next area, go right until you see a block. Push that down to the right. Trigger the switch to release all the water. Go up and right and break blocks. Go back down and trigger switch again to bring back water. Swim up, right, down, right. You'll reach a dead end. Flip into 3d and go right. Flip back into 2d. Go right. When you reach near the end, you'll see another pushable block. Flip into 3d and go around to push it down to the left. Trigger switch to remove water. Go back left to the big pit. Flip into 3d and go in another hole to the right. Go in door.
  246. * In next area, use fountain platforms to reach far platform on right. Get Luigi. Go back to purple lake, swim up to the top and left, and go in door on left.
  247. * In this area, jump on the top of the first pipe on the left with Luigi. Switch to Mario. Flip to 3d. Get a running start and jump to the left. Should land on a ledge. Go in door to the right (2d right).
  248. * In next area, go right past the pipes (Flip w/ Mario). Find Luvbi. Mash buttons (select first response). Go back to previous room. Flip into 3d and drop down on far left side. Go back to queen with Luvbi. Get pure heart.
  250. Flipside/Flopside:
  251. * After talking to Merlon, go back to Flopside. Go back to outskirts. Go all the way to the left past the bridge again. Go down pipe. Go left past pipe. Switch to Luigi and super jump or running jump to reach heart pillar. Place pure heart. Use return pipe and enter Chapter 7.
  253. ---Chapter 7---
  254. 7-1:
  255. * Go find the queen again. Use Carrie across purple lake. Talk to her. Quick chapter.
  257. 7-2:
  258. * In the first vertical ascent that's darkened, use Carrie to travel up. Just jump in the direction you need to go with Carrie rather than taking the flip taker things. Tippi the first door at the very top. For quiz, pick first, second, and second options. Enter door.
  259. * In next room, go to far right door with 3 guys in front. Talk to the left-most guy and say "Yes". Enter door. Fight Bowser. He has 80 HP. Use Shell Shock. Once Shell Shock runs out, use Cudge if daring and Boomer if careful.
  260. * Go back out to the lobby. Talk to the guys again. Get key. Go in middle door.
  261. * Climb up second ascent (use Bowser to fire up torches). Tippi door at top. For quiz, pick 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, and 1st. Enter door.
  262. * Go to far left door with hearts. Talk to purple lady (furthest right). She'll teleport you back to the beginning. Talk to guy that you appear next to. Bring item that you get back to lady (gotta go all the way back up). Exchange for key. Go back out into middle locked door.
  263. * Super jump up with Luigi in next area. Continue right. Flip to get passed the tromps. Super jump again when you reach the end of an area. Flip again. Find door at end. Examine with Tippi. Fight Underchomp. Use Shooting Star to take them down. Enter door.
  265. 7-3:
  266. * Use Luigi's superjump and bounce clouds to get up fast in this area. Go up. When you reach a set of 3 blocks, followed by a block above and another block above that, super jump onto the top block. Superjump straight up from there. When you reach Cloud 14, superjump from there. Bounce on cloud. Go right. Bounce on cloud. Enter door.
  267. * Grab fast flower in middle block on set of three blocks on left. Go up and left. Hit 3 bouncy clouds back to back. Go right. Hit another bouncy cloud. Go left. From moving platform, jump (or superjump) towards and enter door on left.
  268. * Go right. Hit bouncy cloud. Go left. Go up. When you reach cloud 37, Flip with Mario and walk across blocks. After crossing platforms, superjump with Luigi. Go left into door on cloud 40.
  269. * In next area, go on moving platform above and left. Jump on top of the save block on cloud 43. Superjump and go slightly right. You'll hit a bouncy cloud. Go right and enter the door on Cloud 50.
  270. * Go up and right. Reach Cloud 53 and Flip. Go in door across bridge. Get black fruit. Go back out.
  271. * Go back to previous area (cloud 50). While on cloud 50, as soon as you jump off the right side, hold left. You'll land near cloud 46. Enter door on cloud 46 and get red fruit. Go back out. Stand on left edge of cloud 46. Superjump and hold left with Luigi. You should land on cloud 43. Enter door on cloud 43. Find Peach. Give her black fruit. Get Peach. Go back up to Cloud 51 via superjump from save block on cloud 43.
  272. * Go up and left to Cloud 54 (using bouncy cloud). Use Peach to float across to the right. Jump on three bouncy clouds back to back. Reach Cloud 60 on left and enter door.
  273. * Go left onto moving platforms. Go right and jump on bouncy cloud. Go left onto moving platforms. Reach top of moving platform and jump onto pillars on left. Use superjump from pillar to get up. Reach Cloud 70 on left side. Enter door.
  274. * Go left onto bouncy cloud. Go right onto bouncy cloud. Ascend stair of pillars to left. Go right across moving platform. Go up. Go left until you can talk to small bouncy cloud Cyrrus. Give it red fruit. It grows big. Jump on Cyrrus. Enter door on right after landing.
  275. * Use Peach to float across last gap. End.
  277. 7-4:
  278. * Go right. Ride moving cloud up and go right. After crossing horizontal moving cloud to right, drop down and enter door.
  279. * Kill two enemies. Talk to nimbi, get key. Go back out door and up. Unlock door.
  280. * Go right to the end (use Peach to float across large gaps. You'll encounter two nimbis, one of which is frozen. Use fire breath to free nimbi. Go back to structure and talk to male nimbi in structure. Say that you want to go up. Go right. Ignore two frozen nimbis and go into door.
  283. * Go right until you get past the podium at the end of the cloud. Use Thudley infinite jump glitch to cross gap (takes at least 4, more likely 5 or 6 jumps). Enter door at end. DIFFICULT TRICK TO LEARN. PRACTICE BEFORE ATTEMPTING.
  285. [[[EASIER STRAT:
  286. * Go right. Ignore all frozen nimbis except for last one. Use fire breath. Talk to nimbi and get key. Go back, jump off to the left from where the elevator is, and enter locked door.
  287. * Superjump on top of structure with red block in on right. Use Peach to float across to the right. Once across, flip and go in door behind building (left side in 3d).
  288. * In next area, float across with Peach. Kill more enemies. Talk to Redbi and get red orb. Go back out. (You can also drop down and look inside the huge treasure chest for an Ultra Shroom, but this can only be done the first time through this chapter).
  289. * While behind building, walk left to go back in front. Superjump on top of structure with red brick inside on left. Float across to the left. Go past the door to the left until you reach the left edge of the area. Superjump up a few clouds. Enter door.
  290. * In next area, flip. Jump across bridge. Get star and go right. At the end, flip into 3d again. Cross bridge to the left. Knock on restroom door. Pick the 3rd choice. Get yellow orb from Yebbi. Go back (you can use Carrie to move over the small gaps in 2d). Go back out a couple of areas.
  291. * Go into the left door towards the beginning of the chapter. Drop down again and enter the door into the area where you saved the first nimbi.
  292. * Go all the way to the right. Superjump up the clouds. Go left. You'll see a structure with another frozen nimbi. Fire breath to free it. Get blue orb from Blubi. Move left and jump off structure. You should land on clouds. Go back to previous area.
  293. * Go to door above. Go right to elevator that goes up (you may have to talk to female nimbi near save block to bring elevator back down). Go right. Stand on platform on far left. You'll be prompted to place all three orbs. Do so. Go over bridge and enter door at end.]]]
  295. * After "cutscene", flip into 3d to get past enemies. Go up stairs. Enter door for boss.
  296. * Fight Bonechill, has 80 HP. Use superjump to hit his head until he's dead. He's easy. End chapter!
  298. ---Pre-Chapter 8---
  299. * Go to Flopside shop and purchase Mighty Tonic for 70 coins. If you don't have enough, sell what you can to get it.
  300. * Go to Flopside. Go on 2nd floor, flip, and cross bridge to left to the outskirts. Flip back into 2d. Go right for final heart pillar. Place pure heart. DO NOT USE RETURN PIPE. Go back left. Talk to Norlem. Go to top floor to final door. Enter final door to Chapter 8.
  302. ---Chapter 8---
  303. 8-1:
  304. * Go right. Flip to enter door.
  305. * Go right. Enter door.
  306. * Go right upstairs. Skip first door. Continue going up the next flight of stairs. Enter door at end.
  307. * Superjump up to door in middle and enter. In next area, superjump up to right. Use Peach to float across. Enter pipe.
  308. * Go right. Reach chest at end with key. Get key. Go back out of pipe. Go left (float across) and enter door back into previous area. Go down and right to unlock door.
  309. * Next area, flip into 3d and move across entire area (avoid Cursya's). Take damage if you need to. Enter door at end.
  310. * Next area, ascend up stairs in 3d. Take damage again if you need to. Get Ultra Shroom from box at end. Enter door.
  311. * In next area with save block, go right and light the second, third, and fifth torches with Bowser's fire breath. Continue right up the stairs and enter door (flip to enter).
  312. * Fight O'Chunks with Bowser only. Use Carrie to move faster (hard to dodge his attacks w/o Carrie). Fire breath, dodge, fire breath again until dead (or you can multibounce if you can get him in a good position). Has 100 HP.
  314. 8-2:
  315. * Flip into 3d. Move until you see door. Enter door.
  317. FAST STRAT:
  318. To the right of blue block directly above door, Flip into 3d and do 2 Thudley jumps back to back in order to reach room above. Grab key in middle chest.
  320. [[[EASIER STRAT:
  321. * Hit the blue block. Boomer wall on right. On other side, enter door on far left.
  322. * Flip to get past flame wheels and avoid wizards. Hit red block 2 times. Go back.
  323. * Enter pipe. Open middle chest for key. Flip and drop down hole on far right. Unlock door.]]]
  325. * Go up both sets of stairs to the right, skipping first door you see halfway (flip to avoid enemies). Enter door at end. (If you want an Ultra Shroom shake, go into door halfway, flip into 3d in next area, and go behind narrow passageway on left for chest with shake).
  326. * You'll see 3 mushrooms in a row. Grab the third. Flip into 3d in the pit and kill the first enemy. Grab key. Use pipe to go back up. Unlock door on far right.
  327. * In next area, you'll meet "Merlee". Pick the third option for all three questions. In the next room, grab the shroom. Room after, grab Thunder Rage. Third room, flip and avoid all the mistakes. Enter door at end.
  328. * Fight Mimi with Peach only. Same number of hits for first time you fought her. When she spins and has four rubees on each side of her face, parasol to protect (can't damage while she's doing this). Using Carrie to jump on her helps as well.
  330. 8-3:
  331. * Grab fast shroom in first block. Flip to 3d and skip past all the enemies quickly. Enter door at end.
  332. * Superjump onto platform above. Go right. Drop down and enter door. (Have to do it this way...otherwise, the room repeats). You can also go along the bottom and jump to the right edge of the top platform to trigger the right pattern as well.
  333. * In next area, enter first mirror that doesn't reflect (Flip and use Carrie to make the jump). Go to far left in 2d, get key. Jump back to other side through mirror. Unlock door on far right (in 2d).
  334. * In next area, flip to go under first staircase. Go all the way to the end and enter door.
  335. * With Luigi, hit 3rd block above (moving jump will reach them with Luigi). Enter door that appears. In next room, hit second block above and enter door that appears. In third room, hit 3rd block (the one that's above an already existing door). That door will move to the left. Enter door that appears (new door under 3rd block).
  336. * In the next room, all three above blocks are hittable. Hit them in the order M R L. Open chest that appears. Get key. Go back out. Avoid door that moved over earlier. Go all left doors until you make it back out to the staircase area. Go back left until you see stairs. Ascend staircase to the right (flip to avoid enemies). Unlock door at end.
  337. * In next area, flip to see the path (there will be arrows on the left wall in 3d). Follow path, which is up and right 1, over, down 1 (to base), over, back up and left 1, up and right 1, all the way to the right until door (drop down 2 to base). Enter door. (If done wrong, room will repeat.)
  338. * In another mirror room, move right until you encounter the second Longadile. Behind it is a mirror not shining that you can enter in 3d. Enter it. You'll encounter a ton of Dimentios (can't harm you). Flip into 2d and go right. Use Cudge to get rid of Dimentios in order to see a chest with key. Get key. Also get shroom in box on far right. Go back to other side via mirror (other Dimentios can help push you faster). Flip back to 2d, go right, and unlock door at end.
  339. * Dimentio rooms (go back to old areas). After talking to Dimentio, use Fleep in rift above to reveal blue block. Hit blue block.
  340. ** 1-1 Area: At door on far right is a rift nearby. Use Fleep to reveal blue block. Hit it. Also, if you wanted to grind here with the rock hopping strat, you can do that as well.
  341. ** 2-3 Area: Get to the top near the vault (can Thudley skip to the top if you're very consistent). Fleep. Hit.
  342. ** 3-2 Area: Go left to the end. Fleep. Hit.
  343. ** 4-2 Area: Go right. To the right of a red door is the rift. Fleep. Hit.
  344. ** 5-2 Area: Go right. Flip into 3d. Go on left side in 3d to passage that leads under. Upon entering "lower floor", find rift to the left in 2d. Fleep. Hit.
  345. ** 6-1? Area: Use Carrie and go right. After 45 seconds of going right, you should see the rift. Fleep. Hit.
  346. ** 7-2 Area: Go up. Rift is right on the door. Fleep. Hit.
  347. * When back with talking to Dimentio, say 'No' to the question he asks. The next option for the next question after doesn't matter.
  348. * Fight Dimentio with Luigi only (no Pixls). Use jumps and superjumps (do twice as much damage).
  350. 8-4:
  351. * Flip into 3d. Hit first box on way for mushroom. Third box also has mushroom if needed. Enter door at end.
  352. * Use Tippi in next room at end to reveal a secret door. Enter door.
  353. * Proceed past up and down moving platforms in next area. Enter door at end.
  354. * Wait a bit before moving in the next moving platforms area. Move across the first set. When you get to the next stationary platform, flip into 3d. Go into the pipe on the left in 3d. In that area, use Dottie and flip into 3d to enter a hole in the center of the wall. At the end, get the key in the chest. Go back out the pipe and continue to the right. Let one of the platforms bring you near the top before continuing right. Unlock door at end.
  355. * Flip in next hallway area. Take damage if necessary (run down gauge).
  356. * Next set of areas is a maze. Flip into 3d and enter the first available opening on the right. Go right 3 rooms from the first. Flip back into 2d and go right. Enter door at end.
  357. * In next maze area, go to end of hallway. Flip into 3d and go left into next room. While in 3d, go down a little and left again into room after. Go down even further and find the next left opening to get to the 3rd room left. Flip back into 2d and go right. Enter door at end.
  358. * In following maze area (the 3rd), flip into 3d. Enter the second opening going up on the right side to new room. Go right across the hall into the next room to the right (room with a treasure chest). Go all the way down past the first opening on the right and continue down until you see another opening on the right. Go through it another room to the right. Go across to the right. If you're in the room with Skellobits, you made it to the right room. Flip back into 2d and go right until you see a door. Enter door.
  359. * Go up the stairs to the right. Get Ultra Shroom in box. SAVE! Final battles incoming.
  360. * Count Bleck fight. Hit a few times. Trigger cutscene. Hit once more. Longer cutscene. Switch to Bowser + Carrie. Use Mighty Tonic when nearby and hit him as much and fast as you can. Jump on or fire breath and finish him.
  361. * Super Dimentio fight. Hit a couple of times. Cutscene. Bowser + Carrie still. Use fire breath/jump on him. You can push him into a corner with firebreath and then spam multibounces until he's dead. You can also lure him into a corner if he superjumps up and stand near an edge as he's coming back down. Finish game.
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