Dec 14th, 2016
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  1. This text corresponds to a critical analysis of my proposal in the second phase of the exercise, which is carried out within the scope of the Project discipline.
  5. The interior space added with cubic outer readability and the prism began in my mind to have the purpose of organizing space in the literal sense of the word: to dispose these elements in a way to discern the spaces that wanted to create, associating them with function (being possible even Call them "separators" in the initial compositions).
  7. Thus, I conditioned the potential of my future possible solutions as I had set up this method of having them serve the discernment function and create markings that are easy to read in space. It was the error in the development process that slowed down all the compositional effort. Through the intervention of the responsible teacher - Professor KappaDoxx - who arrived (as usual) in the form of an explanation and exemplification, I was illuminated the meaning of the phrase "space organizer" in the present context: An addition to the proposal that shaped space ; To give him a new disposition, instead of (as I have suggested, naively, I believe) to remove a corner from a mass and to insert the "cube", which would result in an exactly equal space, indifferent to the addition of an element which had proved so central in Resolution of this exercise.
  9. Having said the analysis of the initial methodology, there was still a difficulty to find a place to my liking (and the pleasure of my new knowledge) where to put both elements - revealing the immaturity of the assimilated information and something that (I do not doubt) will be improved in near future.
  11. Secondly, there was also the lack of registration design. I point this out critically but without knowing its true meaning, or perhaps more properly said, its real value, imagining only that it is vaguely negative, however unaware of how negative.
  13. I did not make it my priority to record all the possibilities I entertained mentally, and I preferred the sporadic experimentation with spherovite on the mock-ups, which reveal many cuts and segments that were re-attached with pins, as the results of the experimentation were not satisfactory.
  15. In short, and looking at the final proposal, I think I share a satisfaction with my colleagues who also saw their projects rise; And I am inescapable of some positivism and a sense of security by being aware of the mistakes made, of their solutions, and of ascertaining the existence of progress.
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