Oct 16th, 2018
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  3. >You are Applebloom.
  4. >You sit in your cage, quietly sniffling as you replay the events of the past hour in your mind.
  5. >The crying, the screaming as ponies were sold, auctioned off to the highest bidder.
  6. >Before your sister was taken away she told you that you'd see each other again.
  7. >She never lies so it made you feel better, at least until it was your turn to stand on the box.
  8. >You shuddered, remembering all those eyes looking at you like a piece of meat. Humans don't eat ponies do they?
  9. >Ultimately it was a man and a woman that bought you and led you to a waiting cage. At least they put a blanket in it so you didn't have to rest on the hard plastic.
  10. >As row after row of seemingly identical houses go by you can't help but pray to Celestia to get you out of this mess. To get you all out of this mess.
  11. >Without warning the van begins slowing down before pulling into the... driveway, is that it?, of yet another home.
  12. >The man and woman get out, and it is the man that retrieves your cage from the back seat.
  13. >You do your best to stay curled up in the back but the swaying of the cage makes it hard.
  14. >As the man passes through the door you hear a higher pitched voice somewhere in the house.
  15. >"Momma! Dad! Look what I made in school today!"
  16. >The man sets you down on carpet as he looks at what his son has.
  17. >>"Hey looks great sport! You'll be a regular Titus in no time!"
  18. >"Who's Titus Dad?"
  19. >The mother chuckles at her family's antics.
  20. >>"You'll learn when you're older. Hey you wanna know what we got you for your 8th birthday?"
  21. >The boy is beside himself trying get by his father to peek in the cage.
  22. >"Is it a puppy?"
  23. >>"No son, try again."
  24. >"A kitty cat?"
  25. >>"Nope. Last chance."
  26. >The boy presses his fingers against his head. That's what made Jimmy Neutron smarter right?
  27. >"A... fish?"
  28. >The man and woman break out laughing, the boy joining in despite not knowing why.
  29. >>"No son it's not a fish, though thanks for the gift idea for your cousin."
  30. >The cage door is suddenly opened, causing you to shrink to the back of the cage again.
  31. >>"Your mom and I were thinking and we decided that we would get you your own pony!"
  32. >The silence that follows is deafening.
  33. >"A pony dad? Aren't those for girls?"
  34. >>"We got you a special pony, one that you could talk to and actually be a friend with.'
  35. >"But daaad I already have imaginary friends!"
  36. >>"I'm sure your imaginary friends will want to meet her too." A few knocks on the side of the cage startle you. "Come on out now don't be shy."
  37. >You're terrified out of your skin but you take a few trembling steps to the front of the cage.
  38. >The man and woman are to your right sitting on a sofa easily the size of your bed back home.
  39. >Turning left you find yourself face to face with a small boy, only a little taller than you. You didn't expect him to be so close so you leap back with a startled yelp, hitting the side of the cage and losing your footing.
  40. >The boy looks like he's about to laugh, but just smiles instead.
  41. >"Hi there. My name's Anon, what's yours?"
  42. >He reaches toward you, and images of the auction house flash back into your mind, what they did to you.
  43. >You quickly retreat back into the cage with a whimper.
  44. >The father lets out a nervous laugh.
  45. >>"Ehe, one moment please.
  46. >Before you can react the cage is lifted into the air and you're being taken to another room of the house.
  47. >You're set down and the father reaches in and grabs you by the scruff of your neck before yanking you into the open on a counter.
  48. >He gives you a stern stare; you don't think its malice but it scares you into silence all the same.
  49. >>"Now you listen and you listen good. I know darn well how smart you ponies are and can be, and I paid good money to save you from being sold to a factory or worse. All I want from you is for you to make my little boy smile and be happy. You don’t do that and I have no problem sending you back where you came. Understood?"
  50. >You quickly nod, not wanting to go back to that horrible place. The man nods in satisfaction.
  51. >>"Good. Now let me see a smile."
  52. >You make the biggest smile you possibly can. You're sure you look desperate and you're terrified that the smile won't be good enough for the man.
  53. >To your relief the man seems satisfied again.
  54. >>"Good enough. Now let's try again."
  55. >The man grabs you and nestles you in his arms like an infant. He wasn't rough about it, but he wasn't exactly gentle either.
  56. >The man returns you to the living room and sets you on the floor in front of the boy. He retreats back to the couch with his wife, watching for your next move.
  57. >Swallowing your fear you give your biggest smile and turn toward the boy, who seems confused as to why the man took you away
  58. "H-hi Anon, m-m-mah name's Applebloom! I hope we can be good f-friends!"
  59. >You risk a glance at the man again and see him nod once.
  60. >Before you can turn back to the boy you have the wind knocked out of you by a surprise hug.
  61. >"Dad was right! You can talk! We're gonna have so much fun going to the..."
  62. >You tune the boy's chatter out, simply nodding in a daze. Looking toward the parents again you see them leaning against one another with a smile on their faces.
  63. >The last words your sister told you pop into your head again. "We'll see each other again Applebloom, ah promise!"
  64. >You return the boy's hug, hoping he doesn't hear the sniffle. You'll see your sister again, she promised and your sister never lies. You'll just have to wait here for her here.
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