Jul 3rd, 2014
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  1. For >>18532186, who awaits death. Recommended listening:
  2. ---
  4. >Why did I have to say death?
  5. >No less than 10 hours ago I was joking about it online.
  6. >Now? Now I'm lying broken on concrete.
  7. >I fear that my insolence has somehow angered fate.
  8. >Is fate trying to show me that death is not something to joke about?
  9. >Wet, sickeningly warm blood continues to seep through my shirt.
  10. >It's almost like the cloth is weeping for its rapidly fading wearer.
  11. >Why did this happen?
  12. >All these years I've spent living life...
  13. >Memories flash in my unfocused eyes.
  14. >My friends. My Family. Playing. Studying. Graduating. Loving.
  15. >Everything I've ever worked towards in life is now, and utterly, wasted.
  16. >25 years of living on this Earth all leading up to this moment. My curtain call.
  17. >And for what price, you ask?
  18. >For some insignificant paper tucked in my wallet.
  19. >Blue eyes filled with anger and resent.
  20. >My assailant would be the last human I'd see.
  21. >And my final vision of my own body would contain that long, crimson-coated knife.
  22. >Cold. Emotionless. Efficient.
  23. >The surrounding night grows steadily darker.
  24. >While warm blood caresses my skin, heat dissipates from each limb.
  25. >It's almost like my blood is trying to form a blanket for me; desperate to keep its host warm.
  26. >Like an ignorant child however, its actions only further hurt itself, and in turn, me.
  27. >Energy is sapped every passing second, leaving me no more than a listless shell.
  28. >I almost feel betrayed by my body for being so weak.
  29. >Yet, I can barely form emotions as my mind slows.
  30. >I'm not mad any more. I'm just... tired.
  32. -
  34. >The chill in my toes travels north.
  35. >Similarly, the relentless cold expands from my fingertips, up my arms and into my shoulders.
  36. >It's not a sign. It's an order.
  37. >My body is shutting down. My brain demands it.
  38. >With one lung punctured, my rattling breath becomes horribly drawn out.
  39. >Perhaps there isn't sufficient enough oxygen in the air any more.
  40. >Or maybe the lack of energy in my lungs makes air harder to contain?
  41. >Or could it be the lack of circulating blood is finally making me suffocate?
  42. >Whatever the cause, I consent. I can't take the pain.
  43. >I gaze at the stars. Their twinkles comfort me, almost as if they're greeting an old friend.
  44. >Caught up in the moment, I just want to close my eyes. To burn out.
  45. >I can't even do that, the eternal chill dulling my co-ordination.
  46. >Here I lie; as if becoming one with the solid ground.
  47. >All for $20.
  48. >I'm sorry I won't be home tonight, guys.
  49. >Something came up.
  50. >No, I'll handle it. No need to get involved or be worried.
  51. >Yeah, I understand that's what friends do. Look out for my well-being.
  52. >That's why I don't want you guys to see me - I don't want to cause you worry.
  53. >Yeah, I'll miss you all too.
  54. >Yes, it's unfair.
  55. >But we all know life is terminal.
  56. >And in the end? I'm glad I met you all.
  57. >I only hope that my suffering here today spares you all.
  58. >For you are all worth it.
  59. >As for me, I'm not worth much any more. I can't even draw a single breath.
  61. "I̛ ̀h̷a͡ve a͠r̴r͜i͝v́e̵d.̨"
  63. >A black, hooded figured stands over me.
  64. >Death is finally here to claim me as theirs.
  66. -
  68. >As Death casts its empty gaze over my soon-to-be corpse, I realize that all pain has ebbed away.
  70. "͞F̴ol̢lơw̶.̀.̡"
  72. >Immediately, there's release.
  73. >The elastic-like bands tying me to the physical world finally snap.
  74. >All ties that had bound me to the mortal world are gone; cut like frail spiderweb.
  75. >My lungs? I try to breathe, but there's no need. My blood? I glance down at my vapor-like form to see it no longer seeping.
  76. >I float, realizing I have no temperature or feeling.
  77. >I am now beyond such petty things.
  78. >Everything is suddenly new; almost like being reborn.
  79. >I'm terrified.
  80. >The prospect of leaving everything I ever knew saddens me greatly.
  81. >The reactions from Friends and Family over my passing leaves my heart hollow.
  82. >And yet, I know there's nothing I can do to change this.
  83. >I don't dare ignore the presence of authority before me; for it is Death.
  84. >As Death slowly departs from the scene, I take a quick glance back at my shell.
  85. >Now that I'm free from it, I can't even recall my name.
  86. >The vessel that harbored my every emotion, thought and memory lies cold and empty.
  87. >Goodbye, old friend.
  88. >I catch up to Death, and we walk in silence.
  89. >I don't dare question why my time was now, or where we're going. I just follow.
  90. >Soon the alley that became my grave slips out of view, and Death draws a dark portal with its scythe.
  92. "͞C̡o͘m̸e̕.̡"
  94. >This is it. My final moment on the planet.
  95. >Not wanting to delay further, I cast a quick, final glance towards the stars.
  96. >They still twinkle brightly.
  97. >And the world continues to move on without me.
  99. -
  101. >Following Death through the portal's threshold takes effort.
  102. >Inside, the surrounding environment is nothing but violent swirls of shadow.
  103. >The ambient noises of Earth's soft wind fades completely into silence - sound no longer being present.
  104. >Next, vision fails me. It's too dark too see where I'm going.
  105. >Fear envelopes me as my new form grows listless.
  106. >Everything starts slowing down.
  107. >Oh God. Is this my resting place?
  108. >Is this... Purgatory?
  109. >Throwing caution to the wind, I shout out.
  110. >As expected, no sounds escape.
  111. >I collapse in a heap.
  112. >I should have never joked about death.
  113. >Being here is pure sensory deprivation, and it makes me feel ill.
  114. >What've I wasted my life on?
  115. >Remorse suddenly bubbles inside me, bursting forth violently.
  116. >Self-despair engulfs me.
  117. >Sorry, everyone. I'm so sorry.
  118. >I sit here defeated, expecting to lose my sanity and conscious to the surrounding darkness at any moment.
  119. >Where am I? Who am I?
  120. >Answer-less, meaningless questions raise.
  121. >And on the cusp of breakdown...
  122. >I feel a hand take mine.
  123. >Death has come back for me.
  125. "Th͡i̧s w͘a̕y̛."
  127. >I never thought I'd be relived to see Death.
  128. >Something's odd this time, though.
  129. >When I follow, I can't seem to keep up.
  130. >Death seems to start growing; becoming larger in both size and height.
  131. >Eventually I need to canter to keep up with it.
  132. >I finally find my courage.
  134. "Where are we going?"
  136. >There's no response.
  137. >Fear has left my body now; excitement taking its place.
  139. "Are... we going to the next life?"
  141. -
  143. >Death continues to be my Shepard through the darkness.
  144. >We travel for hours, but I never lose heart.
  145. >I no longer fear Death. I no longer have doubt, dread or remorse.
  146. >I know that my darkest days are behind me, and now I only have Heaven to look forward to.
  147. >The only thing registering in my large eyes is the ghostly figure guiding me.
  148. >However, ambient sounds have slowly been restored; the muffled sound of singing birds, the echo of eager trotting hooves.
  149. >And then I see it. A slither of light.
  150. >Upon reaching my final destination, Death turns to look at me with its empty sockets.
  152. "F̶a̵r̸ew͠el͠l͟.͏"
  154. >Just like that, Death vanished.
  155. >Well this is it; the home stretch.
  156. >I gallop as hard as I can to the basking light, breathing it, before it finally encompasses my body.
  157. >Everything fades to white.
  158. >Next thing I know, my hooves are pressing on warm, moist grass.
  159. >The overhead sun looks down upon me, providing a clear sky to show the new environment.
  160. >Plains of green sprinkled with purple lavender and luscious trees.
  161. >I can't help but swish my tail in jubilation. I feel... free.
  162. >Before I know it a party of colorful equines swarm to greet me.
  163. >They all embrace me with warm smiles and affection.
  164. >I can't prevent the tears welling in my eyes as everyone offers their heart-felt welcomes and sympathy.
  165. >"You can finally rest now!" "It's all over!" "Those wings - You really are an angel!"
  166. >Elated, yet exhausted, I gently flap my luscious, white Pegasus wings to elation.
  167. >I can finally rest.
  169. ---
  171. "So what do we think here? A mugging resulting in Homicide?"
  172. >It's roughly 12:13am, and we've just received word of a body lying in a back alley in down-town.
  173. >Reluctantly me and my partner took the case since we were in the closest proximity.
  174. >Upon arrival we immediately confirm the gruesome scene.
  175. "Poor bastard. God, looks barely older than my youngest. Not lookin' forward to passing the news onto their folks, that's for sure. Look at all the blood, horrible way to go, to just bleed out..."
  176. >I pause, noticing something odd about the victim's face.
  177. >Behind me, Tony speaks into his radio.
  178. "Do you copy? Claims weren't unfounded. We're investigating now, appears that the victim was assaulted by a deadly weapon. Pockets empty. Seems to the mugger got over-enthusiastic."
  179. >Crouching lower to the body I interrupt Tony's radio chatter.
  180. "Hey Tony, come see this."
  181. >Tony whips around, his hand instantly flying to his hip.
  182. "Relax. Come take a look at this."
  183. >Tony blinks.
  184. "What, the corpse? I see a dozen a day, man."
  185. >I frown, and look closer.
  186. "Yeah, same, but look here."
  187. >I point to the victim's eyes.
  188. >Tony leans in closer, impatient to see what the fuss was.
  189. "What?"
  190. "Look at that face, man. Their final expression."
  191. >I slowly hoist myself into a standing position, casting my gaze towards the twinkling night stars above.
  192. "Wherever they are now, they've found peace."
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