Yasashii Jigoku [Typeset]

Aug 7th, 2017
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  1. Yasashii Jigoku translations
  2. From
  4. >Static
  5. >A Line
  6. >Maiden
  7. >Fledgling
  9. >Hey, isn't this actually really bad?
  10. >What'cha scared of? | It's fine.
  11. >You're going to make Ooyodo mad again...
  12. >Uu....
  13. >Speaking of which, didn't you say you wanted to see this place, Kiyoshimo...
  14. >I-I didn't say that!
  15. >Dockyard One
  16. >Large-Scale | Standard
  17. >Constructing
  18. >Finished
  19. >Clack
  21. >Hey, I think there's something over there.
  22. >Ahhh? There you go again with that....
  23. >Swish
  25. >-District Construction Log
  26. >[Abandoned]
  27. >Static
  29. >I'm sorry for all the fuss, just as you've taken up your position.
  30. >No, I don't mind.
  31. >Those Children were born from the sea | It's their first time seeing shipgirls. [To be honest, it's the same for me.]
  32. >...Eh?
  33. >Now now, please rise, she's arrived.
  35. >Good Morning.
  36. >You are the new ship, then?
  37. >Then, you are the Admiral?
  38. >No, I'm Haruna.
  40. >That Admiral has departed. | Forever.
  41. >Haruna has been charged with administration.
  42. >Not that there's much to administer.
  43. >No matter,
  44. >You will surely come to like this naval district as well.
  46. >....Is that so.
  47. >So my Admiral is no longer here...
  49. >You noticed just now, didn't you?
  50. >Those girls no longer have riggings.
  51. >All the children of the sea are like that.
  52. >Though the children of the land still remember,
  53. >Haruna is the last among us.
  55. >The reason I have summoned you hear is because of this.
  56. >Please forgive me for my deciding this on my own
  57. >But there is little time left.
  58. >Let me tell you about "Us."
  59. >Before everything about "Us" is forgotten.
  61. A Line
  63. >Ah, Kasumi.
  64. >Ahh, Fluffy.
  65. >My name's Lebe...
  66. >Hey, what's that?
  67. >Ah, this.
  68. >Ah, is this one of this country's gods? [Like a buddah or something]
  70. >No, | It's nothing amazing like that.
  71. >Is that so?
  72. >Ah, by the way, have you ever been heavily damaged?
  73. >Heavily damaged....
  74. >...Nope.
  75. >Is that so. | Well, that's a good thing.
  76. >I've been sunk three times. [Got saved by Damage COntrol every time.]
  77. >[Uwah]
  79. >This is something that every Naval District has.
  80. >It's a place you can engrave the girls who were sunk.
  81. >This is a story from the time before the obvious became the obvious.
  82. >From before your time.
  83. >"Seven Rules of the Fleet Number Four: If you take heavy damage--"
  84. >Retreat!
  85. >Good answer.
  86. >So heavily damaged ships sink. Well then, can ships at medium damage sink?
  87. >Nevermind that: what exactly represents Heavy Damage?
  88. >What if the chest is undamaged, but an arm is broken? What if the head's been damaged?
  89. >We didn't even understand that.
  91. >At that time, it was the same no matter where you served. >The number of ships sunk would be unbelievable today.
  92. >Rejected
  93. >...But
  94. >to be honest, they were all just a bunch of newbies, the lot of them. | They weren't soldiers, just a bunch of normal people.
  95. >Thinking back, I went a little too far with my words.
  97. >You should be a little harsher with Admiral.
  98. >Don't want to.
  99. >Anyway, just remember this.
  100. >They could allow us to sink at any moment, any time.
  101. >So all the Naval Districts have this kind of thing.
  102. >Lest they | ever forget.
  104. >...But there's nothing written on it.
  105. >Indeed.
  106. >
  107. >Eh....
  108. >...The heck's with that?
  109. >You should say that to the Admiral too.
  110. >Don't wanna.
  112. Maiden
  114. >Sorry about this, today being an off day and all.
  115. >[Entry Forbidden]
  116. >500m to the Front
  117. >Then, will you treat me to Mamiya-san's later?
  118. >Mm, sure.
  119. >Oh?
  120. >There are people there.
  121. >People?
  122. >Ah, right, this is the first time Suzuya's seen someone from the outside apart from me.
  124. >But aren't those our docks right ahead?
  125. >Yeah, it could be that they're lost.
  126. >I'll go over and take a look.
  127. >Ahh, mm....
  129. >Shall we go back?
  130. >Ahh, sorry form aking you wait.
  131. >Apparently they were here to see the ocean.
  132. >After all, a lot of the younger children have only ever seen it in textbooks.
  133. >Those girls
  134. >Were they alike?
  135. >Alike?
  136. >Alike, like Suzuya.
  138. >No matter how you look at it, that's a little too improbable. | I could tell you apart at a glance.
  139. >Is that so?
  140. >Hair...color?
  141. >Mm.
  142. >Well, if they're in a shade of naval paint...
  143. >[Kure...Sasebo...]
  144. >Figured--
  146. [Kure Naval Academy]
  148. >A late-model Island Garrison Command Center
  149. >It seems it's been abandoned for a long time.
  150. >Hm?
  152. >owo What's This?
  153. >A military cap. | It's abnormally new.
  154. >[Crack] Well, I'll bring it back to investigate. [Oh, it just fits.]
  155. >Did a cat get in here?]
  157. >Admiral!
  158. >....Eh?
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