PonyKeg-Moth Pony 3: Lepidoptera on Lagomorpha Action

Dec 12th, 2013
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  1. >So Twilight was a complete bust.
  2. >You're hoping that Fluttershy can help you find... something for Gray Scale.
  3. >Actually, just what the hell is the baseline you're dealing with here?
  4. >You were thinking of an actual home but given the fact Gray seemed content with a closet you might not need to aim too high.
  5. >An image of a sad moth pony in a cardboard box in the rain swims into your mind, you shake your head and turn your gaze back to the path.
  6. >Ignorant to your musings Gray continues to fly slow circles around you as you walk.
  7. >Taking in her surroundings she emits happy squeaks and comments, each new rock in the road a discovery, each bend in the path some unique experience.
  8. >Could you only find some merriment in a day of errands.
  10. >The various homes of P0nyville give way to open fields and clumps of trees as you hit the outskirts, Fluttershy's cottage being on the edge of the Everfree Forest
  11. >Everfree....
  12. "Hey Gray, before you found my place where did you live?"
  13. >The moth pony perks up at your question and flys back to face you
  14. >"In the forest." She responds happily.
  15. "Where there other moth ponies there?"
  16. >"Yeah, there was my mom, and my sister, and my friends, and their friends, and my neighbors, and there mom, and then their friends, and also there was..."
  17. You cut off what might be a long winded genealogy report, "Huh, Twilight seem'd to think there weren't anymore moth ponies around?"
  18. >"We're out there, we're usually just happy staying in the forest."
  19. "Isn't the Everfree kinda dangerous?"
  20. >Gray puffs out her chest slightly, "We've been living in there for a loooonnggggg time, we're quite good at what we do."
  21. "Staring at lights and ruining shirts?" your inquire.
  22. >"Yup....wait! Hey!" Gray squeaks as she catches on to your jab. She bumps into your shoulder slightly in protest before flying ahead.
  23. "If you had all those friends and family, why'd you leave the forest?" you call after her.
  24. >Gray doesn't respond, and when you're about to talk she breaks the silence, "Whats that?" She asks as she gestures down the path.
  25. >As you round the final bend, Fluttershy's cottage comes into view, its owner already out on her front lawn with her pet rabbit.
  26. >You raise your hand and are about to call out when..
  27. >*GASP* "BUNNNNNYYYYYY!!" Gray Scale screams out, causing you to actually jump.
  28. >Fluttershy as well leaps a foot in the air as she turns to see the source of the noise.
  29. >But by this time Gray has already shot past you towards the yellow Pegasus.
  30. >Fluttershy cringes and buries her head under her hooves as the moth pony closes the gap between them.
  31. >Angel bunny takes one look upon the face of his demise and books it.
  32. >Gray is in hot pursuit, giggling like a madman all the way.
  34. "Aw crap..." you say to yourself as you jog over to Fluttershy
  35. "Fluttershy! Hey!" you call out.
  36. >Peaking out from under a hoof at the sound of your voice, "Anonymous? Wh..whats going on?" Fluttershy timidly asks.
  37. " friend? Guess she likes rabbits." you say with a shrug.
  38. >"She won't hurt him will she?" the Pegasus asks.
  39. "Nah, only thing Angels in danger of is getting snuggled to death."
  40. >The yellow mares eyes grow wide for a moment "That can happen?"
  41. "No..uh.. Angels fine." you say patting Fluttershy briefly on the head. "Anyways I was wondering if you could help with something."
  42. >Fluttershy seems torn between helping her bunny and trying to catch up to the gray and white blur that's doing laps around her yard.
  43. >Turning back to face you she asks "What do you need help with?"
  44. "Gray Scale here," you say as you gesture to the moth pony as she goes for lap 3 around the house.
  45. "Say Hi Gray!"
  46. >"HI GRAY!" the moth pony calls out as she passes the two of you.
  47. >Fluttershy still seems unconvinced of her harmlessness but continues, "What can I do? I'm better with animals than other ponies..."
  48. "No she's fine, Grays a moth pony. Guess you didn't get a good look at her. I was wondering if you knew thing that could help me?"
  49. >Casting an eye towards fuzzy bug pony, "Moth pony? Oh wow, I didn't know those were real."
  50. "Yeah they are, and she's kinda homeless right now. Trying to see if I can't find her a place that's not mine."
  51. >Lap number 5, Angels starting to lose ground
  52. >"Not yours?" the yellow one asks?
  53. "Ehhh.. she kinda choose my house to live in? I don't think she realized I lived there and was kinda lost and confused honestly."
  54. >"Oh that's terrible Anon, but umm... I don't think I have any space here. What with all my animals friends, I don't think I have space for another pony."
  55. "Well maybe she doesn't need a room."
  56. >"What do you mean Anon?"
  57. "When I first found her she seemed content to stay in my closet, heck for all I know she might be fine with a cave."
  58. >"You met her in the closet?"
  59. "Not important. What I'm saying is I just don't think we need to find her a rent controlled apartment with utilities."
  60. >"Rent controlled?"
  61. "Meh, human thing. Anyways, don't moths normally live outside?"
  62. >Lap 7 and Gray finally nabs Angel bunny with, what you have to admit is a rather impressive dive tackle as she tumbles head over hooves to a stop.
  63. >Fluttershy emits a small gasp at the act before answering your question.
  64. >"Well yes, regular little moths. But I'm not so sure about moth-ponies, I mean I wouldn't want to be outside all the time."
  65. "C'mon, can't we like. Make her a nest with some sticks or something?"
  66. >The yellow Pegasus's expression makes you think she disagrees.
  67. "Fine, like a tree house? I bet she loves trees." You turn to Gray "HEY GRAY! You like trees right?"
  68. >"Trees are nice" the moth pony says as she rubs her face against the rather exhausted and despondent rabbit.
  69. "See? She likes trees! You'd both get along!"
  70. >Despite your best efforts and cheesiest grin you don't think your gaining any traction.
  71. >Fluttershy sighs a bit before walking over to Gray Scale.
  72. >Freeing Angel from the moth ponys affection she asks Gray, "Anon says you're looking for a home?"
  73. >Gray pouts a bit at her loss of the rabbit but quickly recovers, "Oh I don't need to, I found one!"
  74. >Gray glances over Flutters shoulder at you before motioning for the Pegasus to lean in, "But Anon's being kind of a meanie about it." she hisses.
  75. "You know I can hear you right?"
  76. >Fluttershy giggles a bit, "Oh he's always like that, but what do YOU want to do?"
  77. >Gray Scale pauses for a second and brings a hoof to her mouth in thought.
  78. >Actually dropping her voice low enough this time she whispers to the yellow one.
  79. >Fluttershy listens intently for a moment before blushing slightly and emitting an "Oh my!"
  80. >Gray merely grins cheekily in response.
  81. > "Well... I didn't mean that but... well... lets worry about a home first?" Fluttershy responds as she leads Gray back towards you.
  82. "What?
  83. >"Oh nothing Anonymous, just mare talk."
  84. "Do you have any idea how much dread that fills me with?" you respond humorlessly.
  85. >The girls simply giggle in response.
  86. "Anyways Anonymous, we can't just leave a friend out in the cold and we must find her someplace to live." Fluttershy says with new determination.
  87. *Sigh* "Well I'm open to suggestions at this point" Gray raises a hoof to speak, "That aren't my home" the hoof lowers.
  88. >"Don't worry Anon, maybe one of our other friends can help." Flutters says.
  89. Thinking for a moment you miss the wink that passes between the mares, "Well...maybe Applejack could lend us a hand."
  90. >"Will hooves work too?" Gray asks as she waves her fore hooves in the air.
  91. >Okay that was terrible, but cute. "Heh, yeah sure Gray, why not."
  92. >Turning away from Fluttershy's cottage you start to head towards Sweet Apple Acres.
  93. >The yellow Pegasus does her best to console Angel before catching up with Gray and you as you head back towards town.
  94. >Maybe little Ms. Applejack has an idea or two for you.
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