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  1. username: xsonagijyo
  2. password: there are many sjjsjs but my fav has to be kingdom come by rv, whistle by bp and look by got7
  4. face claim: seola (wjsn)
  5. back up face claim: seolhyun (aoa)
  6. slot: favorite
  7. back up slot: dollar
  8. love interest: park jinyoung (got7)
  9. back up love interest: hwang minhyun (wanna one | nu'est)
  11. birth name: okazaki liyuna | おかざき ぃゆな
  12. korean name: oh luna | 오루나
  13. other name(s): okazaki liyuna | おかざき ぃゆな
  14. nicknames: lulu, nana, lunnie, yuna, liyu and cleaning machine
  16. birthday: December 17th, 1995
  17. age: 23 (kor.) | 22 (int.)
  18. birthplace: busan, south korea
  19. hometown: seoul, south korea
  20. nationality: korean
  21. ethnicity: korean
  22. height: 165 cm
  23. weight: 49 kg
  25. personality:
  27. shy <> she is shy at first, she will not talk if someone doesn't talk to her. she would stay quiet and just listen to the others talking
  29. hardworking <> she is a person who is hard working, but sometimes, she likes to overwork herself, she would stay up very late to pratice and she sometimes doesn't sleep, she will not stop if the work isn't finished yet
  31. bright / energetic <> but once you get to know her, she is a bright and cheerful person, she always knows how to bright up the mood when people are feeling down, she is also sometimes loud and sometimes, kind of weird. she is a person who is energetic, she rarely gets tired, by the end of the day, she would still be dancing around and having fun
  33. sensitive <> behind all of her bright image, she is someone who is sensitive but she keeps it all to herself, once she lets them out, she can cry out a waterfall
  35. kind and caring <> she is a person who is kind and caring, she cares for other even though she just met the person, she wants everyone to be okay and not get hurt. it makes her sad if she knows someone is hurt
  37. background:
  38. luna was borned in Niigata, Japan on the 17th of June, she was borned with a simple family who all loved music. during her primary school days, she likes to be quiet, and until now she is actually still likes to be quiet which made her friends thought she was weird, but she is just a normal girl. she was an introvert that she got bullied so much. but she never cared about the things they said and just kept on enjoying life, there were many things that made her happy but the two most important things that made her happy are her family and music, she wanted to become a doctor like her mother when she was in the age of 5 but it then later changed when she was 8, she wanted to become an artist, she wanted to become an idol, she wanted to become someone that can write and compose music, and perform on stage with thousands of people watching, because of her dream, she started talking more. they moved to korea when she was at the age of 10, she wanted to fulfil her dreams, that is becoming an idol. she told her friends and family that she wanted to be an idol and her family supported her but her friends kept making fun of her, but she didn't care because she thought everyone could be whoever they wanted to be. she then got casted by SM Entertainment when she was walking down the streets coming home from school, a lady tapped her shoulder and gave her the business card, she finally auditioned for SM 2 months after the lady offered her. she was thinking if she should become an idol or not, but she followed her heart and trained in JYPE until she could debut.
  40. hobbies:
  41. - playing the
  42. - playing the violin
  43. — (she played the piano and violin since she was 5 years old, at first she was forced but then it became her hobby)
  44. - cleaning
  45. — (she hates seeing dirty, dusty, untidy things or places, she just has the urge to clean it up and it has also became her hobby)
  47. habits:
  48. - pouting
  49. - puffing her cheeks
  50. — (she does it when she is bored)
  51. - tilting her head
  52. — (if she asks a question or is worried/confused)
  55. - playing the piano and violin <> she played them since she was only 5 years old, at she first she was forced but then it became her hobby
  57. - listening to music <> mostly to calm her down and just to make her feel more relaxed
  59. - tea (her favorite tea flavor is fruits tea) <> her favorite drink, she really loves tea, for some reason, it helps keep her mind fresh
  61. - reading books <> reading is one of her favorites, luna rarely watches TV because she would probably be busy reading
  63. - cleaning <> she hates seeing dirty, dusty or untidy things and places. she will immediately clean it up, that's why she is given the nickname “cleaning machine”
  65. - writing (quotes, motivations, short stories, etc) <> it helps her to be more motivated, it makes her more enthusiastic
  67. dislikes :
  68. - rude, mean and arrogant people <> she hates those types of people, she even wonders why there are people like those in the universe
  70. - seeing someone sad, upset or dissapointed with themselves <> she gets sad when she knows someone is sad, she will try her best to cheer them ul
  72. - dusty or untidy things <> she doesn't like seeing things being scattered everywhere, she doesn't like seeing dusty things, because she thinks if the things are dusty, it has never been cleaned
  74. - dirty places <> she really hates dirty places, she finds it very very messy and she sometimes just wants to clean it up
  76. - someone lying to her <> she hates it if she knows someone is lying to her, she would be dissapointed on why the person didn't told her the truth
  78. - someone getting hurt <> she hates someone getting hurt, she sometimes think why would the person get hurt and why isn't it her instead, she will try her best to help the person when they are hurt
  82. trivia:
  83. - she has 3 siblings, 2 younger brothers and a younger sister
  84. - she is an introvert and she can't socialize very well but once you're close to her, she can be very loud and extra
  85. - she has a hobby of cleaning, she got the nickname “cleaning machine”
  86. - she hates seeing things that are very dirty, she is the "cleaner" of the group
  87. - she loves the pokemon "igglybuff" she thinks it's very cute
  88. - she has a soft side for the members and her family, she would act like her members are her second family
  89. - she can't raise her voice well, so she rarely gets angry. she also doesn't like to see people get angry
  90. - she is sensitive but she doesn't show it, she mostly cries if she disappoints the members
  91. - she loves the smell of mint, she thinks it's very fresh
  92. - she is allergic to cat fur but she has 3 cats
  93. - she writes her feelings inside her diary, she also writes short stories, song lyrics and others
  94. - she moved to korea since she was 19 years old, so she has been living in korea for 4 years but she still isn't very fluent (she refused to leave niigata but she eventually moved)
  96. languages:
  97. - japanese (100%)
  98. - korean (75%)
  100. predebut activities:
  101. — she was a child actress in japan
  102. — she joined produce 101 as an individual trainee but sadly getting eliminated in the first round
  104. positions: lead vocalist, visual
  106. comapany: JYP Entertainment
  108. slot closest to: candy, dejavu
  110. slot least closest to: twilight (but she tries to get more closer to her)
  112. individual greeting:
  113. [makes gun fingers] “pyu, pyu, pyu! i will steal your hearts, 안녕하세요! oh luna 입니다” [makes a heart with her hands]
  115. fandom name suggestions: eunoia? serenity? mystic? ethereal?
  117. scene suggestions:
  118. • in a variety show
  119. • dance practices
  120. • vlives
  121. • MV/behind the scenes
  122. • cheering up one another when they are feeling down
  123. • talking about their hardships and pasts
  124. • birthday suprises
  126. how she and her love interest met:
  127. — luna was walking around the entertainment where she accidentally bumped into jinyoung, they both just awkwardly smiled at each other and apologized repeatedly and then they got closer
  129. dating years: 1 year and 6 months
  131. others: nope uwu
  132. message to me:
  133. “hello ryu! i wish you good luck on this af! please do tell me if there are any mistakes or typos in the form, ily 💓”
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