christmas prompt thingy (glimxtrixie+(you), kinda sfw, idk)

Feb 4th, 2018
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  1. >>It's sometime in the future. Starlight and her wife Trixie invite you over to their little cabin just outside Ponyville, enough to be in walking distance. There was absolutely nothing sexual about how they asked you to come over for Hearth's Warming Eve.
  2. >>Wat do?
  5. >they invite you
  6. >you find it weird, since you all usually end up crashing at twiggy's castle thanks to ponk's hearth's warming eve's parties
  7. >but for some reason, they want to spend it away
  8. >and not only away, but with you
  9. >why?
  10. >you're close, of course, maybe they even consider you a great friend, even if the blue one would have a hard time admitting it
  11. >but that's still weird
  12. >maybe they need someone to watch over them or something? maybe they're planning on using some weird magic and need a chaperone or simply someone to hold the candle
  13. >it still doesn't make much sense, but what else could it be?
  14. >so you ponder over it for a few days, coming to the conclusion that you're just going to ask them the next time you see them
  15. >but you don't
  16. >not until the day you're supposed to go there
  17. >so you go, not wanting to disappoint them
  18. >and if they pull some weird shit on your ass, you'll just boop them and run away as they roll on the ground in agony
  19. >you're set on asking them exactly what did they plan, and why you, but they don't give you the time to do so
  20. >the second the door opens up, you're greeted with smiles and greetings, followed with Starlight all but pulling you inside, telling you that it's warmer in there
  21. >and it is
  22. >you can't help but tip-toe your way to the huge fireplace the second you step inside, extending your hands to make sure you still had five fingers on each end
  23. >and it even smells great in there, there's the aroma of cocoa floating around, as well as the fir's, which is surrounded by presents and all dressed up in decorations and sitting not too far from the huge window, the moonlight trying to pierce through the frost stuck to their corners
  24. >making you realize just how good their little place looks, the very perfect definition of a family's house on christmas' eve
  25. >minus the children...
  26. >you shake your head, not wanting to mull over these gloomy thoughts on this seemingly perfect evening
  28. >so perfect in fact, that you completely forget to ask them exactly why they wanted you here tonight
  29. >or at least, the thought doesn't cross your mind until way later into the evening, long past the literal feast Starlight prepared and enough drinks later for Trixie to fail the simplest of card tricks
  30. >so you ask them, the few drinks you shared making you sound way more forward than you would've liked and making them pause for a few seconds, needing that time to process exactly what you asked of them, as well as why did you change the subject so abruptly
  31. >but when your words do reach them, they turn to each other, their smiling expressions turning to surprised, and then leaving place to obvious anxiety, as well as a blush from the great and powerful unicorn herself
  32. >it doesn't take you long to realize that you may have fucked up, you may have had a couple drinks, but you're still far from rolling under the table
  33. >so you mentally prepare yourself to apologize for ruining the mood
  34. >maybe pass it off as a joke? that could work--
  35. >but Starlight doesn't give you enough time to do so
  36. >'you're right, there's a... reason we asked you to come here, today,' she says
  37. >'it's kinda complicated',
  38. >'a-and awkward, and there's no easy way to go about this'
  39. >every now and then she turns to her right, locking eyes with her marefriend, clearly looking for comfort, and Trixie's hoof tightens around hers and nods her way in response
  40. >you're really having a hard time following right now
  41. >so you tell her, them
  42. >that you're their friend, and that she can just go ahead and tell you exactly what's going on, that you can take it
  43. >you try and add a bit of humor in there, trying to get them to giggle or chuckle at least to try and ease the mood, but their anxiety stays
  44. >either you're worse at this than you thought, or the reason you're here is bigger than expected
  46. >'I--...we, me and Trixie, thought that... we'd like to, no, we want to ask you to... ugh!'
  47. >she turns to her marefriend once more, but with more insistence this time, eyes glaring a bit and head nudging your way, asking for more help than a simple hoof on hers
  48. >Trixie, having had a few more drinks than either of you, nods after another couple seconds, and turns to you, visibly stirred by her mare's cry for help
  49. >'Starlight wants you to fuck a foal into one of us,'
  50. >it takes you a while to react, or even to understand
  51. >it takes you another while to realize that she's not joking, her smug grin oozing confidence as she turns to glimmy, her eyes asking her 'how'd I do?'
  52. >and another while for Starlight's flabbergasted expression to turn frustrated
  53. >'Trixie!'
  54. >'W-what?'
  55. >'Did you really have to say it like that?!'
  56. >'The great and powerful Trixie does not like beating around the bush, you of all ponies should know that by now--'
  57. >'There's beating around the bush and there's putting it on fire! The plan was to ask him what he thought of the idea of fathering our foal, not to make him think we wanted to pin him on a bed and use him as some kind of tool!'
  58. >'huh... why not? That doesn't sound too bad--'
  59. >'No!'
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