Slave Starlight- Chapter 3

Dec 19th, 2017
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  1. The following morning came the same as usual: Celestia’s sun shone brightly through Anon’s window, shined straight through the small gap between the curtains, and directly into Anon’s eyes. Anon stirred with a groan at the intense light upon his eyes, and tried to move away from it. He did manage to, but the damage was already done, and he was now beginning to awaken.
  3. “Ugh… Fuck you sun.” He groaned, just lying there.
  5. After a few minutes of trying to get enough energy to move, he finally found it, and opened his eyes as he began to sit up, taking a glance at the clock as he did, which showed 9:00. “I think I’m gonna head to Rarity’s at some point and ask her to make me some new wider and thicker curtains… I’ve had enough of this.”
  7. Getting up and wandering like a zombie into the bathroom down the hall, he started his morning ritual: shit, shower and shave, if there’s enough hair to warrant a shave that is (although, he never shaves his moustache, only shapes it up a bit. He likes that too much to get rid of it).
  9. Once out of the shower, he just heads back into his bedroom to get dressed. Once done, he glances back at the clock: 9:30. “Okay good, I got half hour to get to work. Although, I could have spent that asleep. At the very least, the sun makes a convenient alarm clock.”
  11. It was at that minute that he heard his actual alarm clock go off, jumping around on the side of the bed. “Maybe I should put it forward some… Half hour to get ready and get there isn’t long…”
  13. Putting the thought out of his mind, he turned around and began to make his way down the stairs.
  15. However, as soon as he turned the corner into the living room, his mouth hit the floor, and nearly did he. The living room looked as if a stampede of buffalo had just stormed through. How he hadn’t heard this happen, he had no idea. He must’ve just been that tired that he slept through it all.
  17. There were books strewn everywhere, the couch and armchairs were in the wrong places, somehow not upturned, although the bookshelf rested diagonally against the couch, which looked as if the back had broken and was now jutting inwards. The couple of light stands were knocked over, all the candles laying all over the place. The coffee table in the middle had been upturned, the glass in the middle laying across the floor, miraculously still in one piece, although it did have a few large cracks on. The grate in the fireplace was also out, laying on top of one of the armchairs, some remains of coal covering the chair. Lastly, Starlight lay asleep on the last armchair, which was the only item which didn’t look broken or out of place. It looked as if she had being crying, as there was a large damp spot under her head, and her eyes had bags under them. Also, the ring on her horn was gone.
  19. Anon just stood there, taking it all in. Slowly, his face contorted into one of pure rage. After about a minute of just standing there he finally broke. “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HOUSE!” He bellowed, causing Starlight to jump awake, standing on her hooves with her back up, not unlike a cat would when startled.
  21. She looked around for the source of the shout, and her eyes found Anon. Her eyes became pinpricks as she saw the look of fury upon his face. She didn’t move, though. Just stood there like a deer in headlights. Anon stalked over to her; reaching forward, he roughly grabbed her by the throat, and held her against the back of the chair. It wasn’t enough to strangle her, but it was enough to make her even more scared.
  23. “WHAT. THE FUCK. DID. YOU. DO. TO. MY. HOUSE!” he shouted again, although it was quieter than last time.
  25. “I-I w-was attempting t-to escape.” She stammered out, realising that talking was going to be her only way of ever possibly getting out of this.
  27. “And how did trying to escape turn into you trashing my living room?!” He said again, just barely on the verge of shouting this time.
  29. “I-I was scared. I’ve n-never been without my magic before. W-when I got the ring off, my magic didn’t return. I freaked out, and got quite angry…” It was the best she could do. She really just didn’t like Anon. There was just something about him that un-nerved her. It may have been because he was this weird bipedal creature she had never heard of, but she thought it was something else as well. Anon legitimately scared her, and there wasn’t much that could scare her.
  31. Anon didn’t say anything for a few seconds, just looking at her still with that fury. “How did you even get your ring off? I thought you had to use magic for that.” He asked offhandedly, realising that she hadn’t said how, curiosity slightly overshadowing the anger.
  33. She didn’t answer immediately, but after she saw Anon’s eyes narrow, she began. “I-If you apply a strong enough force to a magic inhibiting ring, it can cause it to shatter, essentially removing it. The only problem with that, is that it has a very high risk of breaking the horn it is attached to as well.”
  35. “That doesn’t really answer my question. How did you do it, and how come your horn is still intact then.” He demanded more than questioned
  37. “I looked around your house, trying to find something suitable. I eventually managed to find a very strangely designed hammer in one of your kitchen drawers. After a while of testing various methods with it, I managed to balance it on the bookshelf, and after quite a few attempts, with a cushion on my head, and knocking it off, I managed to get it to hit the ring squarely, shattering it. I guess I was just incredibly lucky I didn’t shatter my horn as well.”
  39. Upon hearing that, Anon let go of Starlight, opting to walk over to the couch and knocked over bookcase. Taking a glance under the bookcase revealed a few shattered gold fragments, which looked like they could be the ring. There was also his hammer on the ground, which seemed undamaged thanks to the carpet.
  41. He made his way back over to Starlight, who was curled up on the chair again, still looking up fearfully at him. “Well, it seems you’re telling the truth. Although I gotta say one thing: your magic will never work while around me. I don’t know exactly why, but my body emits some kind of magic dampening field, causing any unicorn magic used within range of me to be completely inert.” He tried to say in as calm a voice as possible, but the anger was still evident.
  43. Her eyes widened at that. “S-so what you’re saying is that while I’m living with you, I can never again use magic?!” She half wailed, half exclaimed.
  45. “Exactly. That is one of the main reasons Twilight asked me to take you. Although I’m beginning to regret agreeing, seeing as you evidently can’t control yourself.”
  47. She started crying again, realising that she had now dug herself a pretty deep hole. She had no way out of this.
  49. “I’m not sure what exactly I’m gonna do with you, but I tell you something: I’m gonna punish you for wrecking my living room. I don’t know how yet, but I’ll find a way.” He had managed to calm his anger enough to think a bit more rationally at this point.
  51. “Right, I’m now gonna have to tidy all this shit up. And I’m gonna have to get a new coffee table.” He said more to himself than to Starlight. He then realised that he in fact didn’t have to go to work today. It improved his mood somewhat, the initial anger he felt dying down slowly. He had to think about this rationally.
  53. “What am I gonna do with you, though. I can’t just leave you to run around the house anymore, not after this fiasco.” He waved his arms around the wrecked room for emphasis.
  55. He didn’t get an answer, although it was a rhetorical question anyway. He stood there thinking for a while, thinking of any possible ideas. What I really need is a cage. It’s extreme, and she’s a fully sentient being, but if she was going to act like an animal like this, then what other choice do I have? He thought.
  57. After a while longer, he just drew a blank. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on you for now, cos I ain’t got a fucking clue what I’m gonna do with you right now. Just… stay on the chair. Don’t do anything.” He said to her. She just remained still.
  59. “I hope Twilight doesn’t come while I’m tidying up…” He couldn’t help but think
  61. -
  63. As luck would have it, Twilight did show up while Anon was tidying up. Starlight was still on the armchair, now half asleep. He had managed to put the bookshelf back up, moved the furniture back to the right place, and put the fire grate and light stands back up. The coffee table was now outside, him having resolved to get a new one. Just the candles and books remained.
  65. As Twilight made her way up to the door, and gave the coffee table an odd look. She had a saddlebag on her back which had Anon’s first payment. She approached the door, and knocked three times with a hoof.
  67. After a few seconds, the door opened, slowly this time. Anon wasn’t at the door. “Come in.” She heard Anon call from inside. She did so, slipping inside, and kicking the door closed behind her. When she wandered into the living room, her eyes went wide, scanning the floor which was still littered with candles and books.
  69. “What happened in here?!” She asked, shock evident in her voice.
  71. Anon simply pointed to Starlight, who was still half asleep on the chair.
  73. “She did this?” She asked, her eyes going a bit wider. “Anon, I’m so sorry… I feel even worse for asking you to do this now.” She said, looking like she was actually going to start crying.
  75. “Most of it’s superficial, thankfully. Although I’ll need to get a new coffee table. The couch is also broken, but still usable.” He said, bending over to pick up a few candles which were lying on the floor, somehow unbroken, and then going and putting them back where they belong.
  77. “Here. At least let me help you with it.” Twilight said. She scrunched up her face, a look of concentration forming on it. After a couple of seconds, she stopped. “Oh, right. I keep forgetting about that.” She sheepishly said.
  79. “It’s fine, I got it. I don’t have work today, or any day now, so it’s not like I’m late for anything besides breakfast. Speaking of which, do you want some?” He offered.
  81. “No thanks, I ate before I came out. I also headed over to Sugarcube Corner and informed the cakes of the situation. Pinkie was also there, so I had to tell her as well. She was really sad about it, but the cakes understood and said that they’d be happy to let you work for them again in the future.”
  83. “Awesome. That’s that sorted at least. I still gotta figure out some other things with this though.”
  85. “Like what?” Twilight asked.
  87. “Like how I’m gonna keep her in check while at home, how I’m gonna go out anywhere, like shopping, among other things.”
  89. “That is quite a problem…” She said. They both stood there thinking for a while before Twilight spoke up again. “I have an idea. It’s not an amazing one, but it should work. I don’t know if you’re gonna like it though, and I know for a fact that she won’t. I’m not too happy about saying this but it looks like extreme measures are kinda necessary…”
  91. “I don’t care really. If it works, then great. As long as it keeps her from doing anything like this again, I’ll do it.” Anon said with a determined tone.
  93. “Well, alright then. You should get a collar and a leash to put on her for when you go out, and possibly get a fairly large cage for her to stay in at nights. At least until she starts showing she can behave that is.”
  95. “…How is that much different from going to jail? I thought you asked me to take her to get her away from being behind bars, and now you’re suggesting it?” He asked, adopting a surprised look.
  97. “As I said, it’s not an amazing idea, but it would work. And it wouldn’t be like going to jail, as she would still have some free reign while you’re around, and can still go outside, as long as it’s with you.”
  99. “Also, I can’t go outside with a pony held on a leash! All the other ponies will think I’m some kind of sadist and/or rapist!” Anon exclaimed, waving his arms around for emphasis.
  101. “It would look odd, yes, but it’s not illegal or anything like that, just frowned upon. Also most ponies don’t tend to think like that, they would just find it weird. I’ve known other ponies to do something similar, although it wasn’t exactly for the same reason.”
  103. Anon sighed. “Well, what choice do I have, really. It’s either that or I literally carry her everywhere, which will kill my arms and will look equally as weird.” He said in defeat.
  105. “And would look adorable.” Twilight added, sporting a bit of a blush.
  107. “Right…” He trailed off. “Well, I guess I gotta head out to the pet store at some point then. Fuck knows how I’m gonna take her with me though.”
  109. “Well, I guess I could stay here and watch her while you head out, as long as you don’t take too long. I gotta be back at the castle in an hour or so.” She glanced over at Starlight, who was still sleeping quietly on the chair. “She’s not exactly doing much at the minute, and I can easily stop her if necessary.”
  111. “Alright, cool. I’ll be as quick as I can then. I can also grab some breakfast while I’m out.”
  113. “By the way, what happened to the ring on Starlight’s horn?” Twilight asked as it registered in her that the ring was absent from her horn.
  115. “Oh, she managed to get it off somehow. Broke it by causing a hammer to fall on it.” Anon said offhandedly as he was putting his coat and shoes on.
  117. Twilight’s eyes widened in shock. “She did what?!” She half exclaimed, half whispered.
  119. “Yeah, she apparently really wanted that ring off. Then she realised that she still couldn’t do magic due to my inhibiting field thing, and she went crazy and destroyed my living room.”
  121. “Anon, you do know that she could have completely destroyed her horn by doing that, right?!” She exclaimed again, though with a bit less force.
  123. “Yeah she did mention that, though she didn’t seem to care. She just wanted her magic back.”
  125. “Well, she’s gonna have to live without it for as long as she’s with you, so she’ll just have to learn.” Twilight said, still hoping that Starlight will learn her lesson someday.
  127. “Yep. You’re free to help yourself to whatever you want while I’m gone by the way. I’ll try to be quick, I know you got stuff you need to do.” He said, even though a small part of him still said that Twilight was at least partially responsible for this and he should be a bit more annoyed at her. He quickly shoved that thought to the back of his mind, and opened the door. “I’ll see ya soon, Twiggles.”
  129. “Yeah, see you soon Anon. Oh, and you should go to Lillie’s Pet Store, you’ll definitely get what you need there!” She said with a smile, shaking her head a bit at the stupid nickname he sometimes calls her.
  131. With that Anon turns around, proceeding to walk out the door and shutting it behind him, and walks into town at his usual fast pace.
  133. -
  135. “This is so fucking weird…” Anon says to himself as he stands outside Ponyville’s local pet store, looking up at it. It looked innocent enough, but he could stop thinking about why he was here.
  137. “Let’s just get this over with. How hard can it be to buy a pony-sized collar and leash?” He then walked forward, reaching up and pushing the door open with his hand, causing a little bell to jingle above it.
  139. As the bell went off, the pony sat behind the counter; a pale yellow Pegasus mare with a light brown mane, glanced up and smiled widely as she saw Anon enter, glancing around at the assortment of pet toys, food and other supplies. “Welcome to Lillie’s Pet Store, how may I help you today, mister?!” She said in a very happy and excited tone, which was nothing like what Anon was expecting.
  141. Anon just slowly walked up to the counter, looking staring a bit worriedly at the mare, who had a smile wide enough to rival Pinkies. “It’s, uh, just call me Anon. I-I was just wondering if you had any, uh, collars and leashes for sale?” He stuttered, trying to avoid eye contact with the mare, who he assumed to be Lillie.
  143. “Of course we do, sugar. What kind of pet store doesn’t do collars and leashes!” She laughed, and her smile seemed to get a bit wider. “What lucky animal did you pick up that you want a collar for, and I’ll see if we got just the right one in stock. We can even engrave your pet’s name and your name on it for free if you want!” She exclaimed, seeming much too excited about the prospect of selling a collar.
  145. “That won’t be necessary. Have you got one about the size of a, umm, pony?” He said, feeling extremely nervous around this mare. He obviously said something wrong, because all of a sudden the mare squeed much like Fluttershy and leaned over the counter with yet an even larger grin.
  147. “Ohhhh, I see how it is! I’ve got the perfect thing for you! It’s not often we get customers come in for that! Especially such exotic customers!” She said, leaning forward even more, looking all over Anon’s body with exceptional interest, making Anon back up a bit, looking at her with a bit of fear.
  149. Jesus, this mare is just as crazy as Pinkie. Note to self: never come in here again unless it’s a life or death situation. Anon thought, trying to look away from the creepy mare who was looking at him with what could only be lust.
  151. After about half a minute, the mare finally leaned back behind the counter. “I’ll be back in just a minute, sugar. I got just the thing for you…” She said with a wink before heading through a door behind the counter to what Anon thought was probably the back storage.
  153. “Fuck this day is turning out weird.” Anon said under his breath as soon as the mare vanished.
  155. It only took the mare less than a minute to get what she went out back for, and emerged with a bright purple collar and equally purple leash held under one wing. That creepy smile was still present.
  157. “Here you go, this is just the thing you need to spice up those special times!” She said with another wink, dumping the stuff on the counter. The collar itself was pretty plain, but it looked as though it was made from leather. The leash was pretty similar. What did catch Anon’s eye though was the tag on the collar: It was a relatively large gold oval with hearts engraved around the edge. If he didn’t already know what this collar and leash was meant for, he would have to be denser than lead.
  159. “Uhh, don’t you have anything a little more, um plain? Please?” He said, fearing what was going to happen upon attempting to decline the suggestion.
  161. “Oh, nonsense, sugar. This collar is perfection! It’s even made of genuine leather for strength, imported from Gryphus specially!” She seemed very insistent on selling Anon this collar.
  163. “But aren’t cows sentient? How can you even stand to be around leather?” Anon couldn’t help but ask.
  165. “It does bother most ponies, but we stock them for their superior quality over the other types and for these kind of situations! We also get other races coming here to buy various things as well, although they are rarer. We aim to please everyone!”
  167. Huh. She said ‘everyone’ instead of ‘everypony’. And I guess that does make sense. Maybe there are those select few ponies out there that aren’t racist. Anon thought. “Well, I guess it gets the job done, although I’m not sure how well Starlight’s gonna take wearing leather from a cow…” He then wondered out loud, which he realised two seconds later was a huge mistake.
  169. “Wonderful!” She exclaimed, obviously taking that as an assent that he was going to buy the collar. Just as Anon was going to open his mouth to say something else, she swept the collar up with a wing and started to turn around, saying “I’ll be back in a sec, then, I’ll just head into the back to engrave it for you Mister Anon!” She vanished a second later.
  171. “…Shit.” Was all Anon could say as he stared at where the collar had been. “Why did I have to say Starlight’s name in front of her…” He then just leaned forward and banged his head on the counter.
  173. It’s not like I can just not buy it now either, cos she’s engraving it. He thought dismally.
  175. A couple of minutes later, Lillie came bounding back in with a brown paper bag with the collar in. She then proceeded to put the leash in the bag. Anon still had his head firmly planted on the counter, arms just dangling down with the bag of bits he decided to bring out for this grasped in one hand.
  177. “Here you go Mister Anon! Don’t open it until you get home, otherwise you’ll ruin the surprise for your Starlight! Is there anything else you require today?” She sounded even more excited than she did before, if that’s even possible.
  179. “No, that’s all I wanted. Actually I wanted less than that but I guess I’m stuck with it now.”
  181. “I’m so glad you have such high views on my little shop, sugar! Thank you!” To Anon’s surprise and resentment she then hopped over the counter and pulled him off the counter, and wrapped her forehooves around his waist, hugging him very tightly.
  183. Is this mare related to Pinkie or something?! I don’t think I’ve seen one of the ponies so clingy and happy aside from her. He though while his arms were raised in the air, and trying to wiggle out of the impromptu hug.
  185. She let go after a few more seconds, then hopped back behind the counter. “That’s fifty bits, sugar!” She said, that smile omnipresent.
  187. “Fifty bits! That’s more than I get paid a week!” He couldn’t help feeling like he’d said that before, kinda like déjà vu…
  189. “Leather isn’t cheap, unfortunately. And neither is engraving. That is some top quality stuff you’ve got yourself there! In fact, because I like you so much, I’ll give it to you for forty. How does that sound sugar?”
  191. Grumbling, Anon just opened up his pouch and counted out forty bits. “I guess so. Thanks…” He said, trying his best to sound grateful but he wasn’t sure if it came off as such. He guessed it did because Lillie’s smile grew a tiny bit, not that it made much of a difference.
  193. “That’s lovely. Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon!” She called as Anon just dumped the money on the counter, picked up the bag and turned to start walking out, simply raising one hand a bit to indicate a goodbye. At this point he just wanted to get away from that mare. She was driving him just as crazy as Pinkie normally does.
  195. “Well, let’s hope Starlight likes her new collar. It fucking costed enough. At least twilight is paying me a lot for doing this.” He said as he walked out of the shop, glancing round to see if anyone was looking at him, and probably wondering why he was leaving a pet shop. “Man, stop being fucking paranoid, Just go back home. Speaking of, I gotta give Twilight a bit of a talking to about this at some point…” He said to himself, starting the relatively short walk back to his house.
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