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Frontiersmen: GENTLE GIANT (edited version)

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Mar 24th, 2016
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  1. < Edited version. Featuring the Micro Bros! Alstann had a few disconnects which resulted in Watchman not really speaking much.>
  5. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Ultima King's scrying has led to another disturbance, this time, in the abyss surrounding the higher realms. A place where extradimensionals and mystical beings wander, free from many of the rules that govern the physical representations of these high concept planes. A quick hop through a mystic portal and the Frontiersmen find themselves in a strange place... Supposedly the back of a living being, the landscape stretches out before them and they can see various settlements and even areas where plants have begun to grow. Above them are stars that match no known scientific charts!
  9. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "So we ain't in space," Desperado blurts through his comms once he sets foot on the bizarre alien landscape. "Feel a mite overdressed now."
  11. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Desperado steps on a rock. The rock lifts his foot and walks out from under him with a HUMPH. It is 1/2 of the Micro Bros: Atom Man!
  13. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Whoa, sorry there, micro-pardner."
  15. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "You look well-protected, Shootyfriend." Star looks out onto the realm before taking to the skies, "The universe truly is amazing."
  17. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider looks around in awe as he steps onto the back of the living creature, taking in the vast cosmos around him. "Not exactly. But the celestial body we're standing in is positively dazzling." He turns his gaze to Ultima King. "Where are we, exactly?"
  19. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM, who was a bit further away, looks towards Desperado, "Man, you gotta watch where you step." He looks around the area with a look of awe. This was something. "This place is pretty cool."
  21. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: In response to Collider and Starlancer's appraisal of their surroundings, he looks at the unfamiliar starscape himself. "Welp... guess if I didn't wanna be reminded of my cosmic insignificance I shoulda picked a different gig."
  23. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "I hear the Protectors just got a few openings."
  25. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Ha!"
  27. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "This is new," he said, gazing at the landscape around him. "Is this another mission, Ultima King?"
  31. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Just as the team is getting settled in after their magical journey, there's a groan that seems to come from all around them and the ground shakes. King, already drifting in the air, barely misses a beat. "It is another mission. This... is a traveler of the Higher Realms. A cosmic whale. They are gentle beings and they offer refuge to the often rigid existence of the Realms themselves. I have sensed a disturbance... something here is causing this poor creature distress."
  35. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Imeanwhoa!-" He fires a burst from his thrusters to take him a few feet off the ground as it shakes and settles.
  37. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Wait--gah!" He stumbles about and eventually takes flight to keep himself from falling to the ground, "Phew--What was I gonna say? Oh, we're on a whale? You're kidding right?"
  39. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeird. So weird." Somehow Atom Man stood on Collider's shoulder. How did he get there? Hm.
  41. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I have read that discomfort can come from built up gas in organics, perhaps this is the case!"
  43. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider looks down at the creature they're standing on, not reacting with the level of surprise seen in Desperado, but, rather, with a measure of concern. "And you sensed this?"
  45. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Oh, that all? Fix a planet sized humpback? I went to veterinary school fer a couple years, should have this one in the bag."
  49. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "I'm certainly not kidding. If this was merely some kind of physical issue, I would not have been alerted through my mystical readings. No... I saw the darkness again. Like I saw in my scrying sphere. This creature is gentle, kind. But if agitated it could cause great destruction. Its form isn't entirely physical and if it were to say... crash into one of the Higher Realms..."
  53. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman steadies himself in order to keep from falling. Before he could say something, he glanced at Atom Man on Collider's shoulder. "Huh. Friend of yours, Particle Man?"
  55. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Oh yeah, that's my bro. You haven't met him yet huh," he says to Watchman.
  57. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Good. He looks like a nerd."
  59. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "The resemblance is uncanny."
  61. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "I forgot we were still filling spots in the roster."
  63. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man jumps off Collider's shoulder and into nothing, popping up and growing next to Particle Man.
  65. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "The Multiverse is infinitely expanding. It only follows that its protectors should be as well."
  67. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Kiddin' aside... I see settlements in the distance. Maybe the locals have some kinda clue."
  69. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: King nods. "The settlement will be an unusual place. But if you're used to visiting other worlds, it shouldn't be too shocking. Beings from all across the extradimensional planes can make their homes here."
  71. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "A settlement of extradimensional nomads. I'm actually a little excited."
  75. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: He takes a seat in the air, crossing his legs. "I will remain here and attempt to see if I can pinpoint anything while you take the more direct path. I will remain in contact with you."
  79. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "What do you recommend then, Ultima King?"
  81. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Ask around. Surely the people here will have noticed something. This is their home, after all. I'm sure they're concerned."
  83. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman nodded in response to Ultima King's advice.
  85. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Just hope we got whalepersonese in our translator things."
  87. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Forward, Frontiersmen. Let's go pay the villagers a visit." With that, Captain Collider pushes off of the large creature and begins flying towards the settlement in the near distance.
  89. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM turns to look at Atom Man, "Don't uh, freak out if you see weird people. You haven't been to space as many times as I have!"
  91. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Weird people? Like what people? Like the dude with the arrows? Don't worry, bro. I got that."
  93. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Yes, people react oddly to things they don't see as 'normal'." He nods floating back down to the others.
  95. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Weirder. Aliens and stuff."
  97. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "I don't believe you. I bet they look like Star Trek aliens where they are just green people. -- Whaaaaaaatever. I won't explode unless I have to." Atom Man ignites into something that looks like a sparkler and zips off behind Collider.
  99. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "You'll seeee!" PM was already in flight and zips on after the other two heading off. "How 'bout a race?" he asks Atom Man when he catches up.
  101. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Roger that. Starlancer, mind giving me a lift?" He said, checking his gear.
  103. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Of course Watchfriend!" He lifts up, grabs him, and follows the others.
  105. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado zips off with his jetpack after them.
  109. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The settlement is a hodgepodge of different buildings, all in different materials. It's likely the nomadic people that live on the whale's back brought the materials with them from wherever they came from. The people that inhabit the area match. Creatures that look like traditional Christian demons mingle with tree-like beings with no visible face. A gang of small, orange skinned creatures with tufted tails runs cackling through the streets, pursued by what looks like a living statue shaped like a Roman gladiator! The Frontiersmen definitely get a few looks from, but these people seem used to strangers wandering into town.
  113. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Race? What are we, twel--" Atom Man zips off even faster before finishing his sentence.
  115. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Argh, hey!" He had fallen a bit behind but he moves faster, even while exploring the settlement. He eventually stops and takes a moment to wave at a few of the locals that were looking at him.
  117. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man zips around the settlement a couple times, like a tiny firecracker.
  119. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Reminds me of several places I've been to. Like the grand market of Zeen!"
  121. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "You're going to have to explain some of these places later, Starlancer. Alright, here's a good place." The archer glances around and lets go of Starlancer as they get close enough to the ground.
  123. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "It's a very large market. With many people."
  125. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Of course it is." Watchman walked beside the other Frontiersmen, allowing Collider to handle the talking.
  127. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desp raises a hand in greeting - the other hooked at the thumb on his gunbelt. He lets Collider do the talking for now.
  129. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider lands with trained grace and takes stock of the settlement before activating the universal translator on his headpiece. "You've been having trouble with the creature you're living on. We're the Frontiersmen and we're here to help -- everything will be alright."
  133. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The orange creatures circle Collider, cackling madly. "Here that, lads? These drifters are going to make it all better, eheheheh!" They poke and prod at him with little jabby fingers. From the doorway of a nearby building, a being that looks like a humanoid bird peeks out. "What are you going to do, hm? It's just gassy or something."
  137. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider doesn't react as he's being jabbed, maintaining his upright stance and composure. "That's right. We're going to help you."
  139. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "See! My studies on organics are paying off."
  141. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Besides, if the big whale bites it, we can just leave. We've been kicked out of better places," a demonic being snorts.
  143. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider walks past the orange creatures, taking a few steps towards the bird. "We have reason to believe that there's a more severe problem affecting it."
  145. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Look, fella. If we felt it from an adjacent goddamn dimension, I don't think it just needs a Tums."
  147. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM happens to float down and land on one of the orange creature's shoulders, "Wonder where we'd find a giant whale-sized Tums anyways."
  149. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "If it is evil gas, we will gladly fight it to protect this creature."
  153. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The little orange things move on, harassing the other Frontiersmen in turns with jabbery little voices and rude little poking fingers. The one PM lands on turns wildly in circles, clapping its hands. "You sound like that madman, Ionil. Go talk to him if you're so worried."
  157. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Might do. What's he look like?"
  159. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider narrows his eyes. "You mean someone else has brought this up?"
  161. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "He's blue and skinny, wears a robe..." The bird takes a small step back. "He's always been a doomsayer. I was with him in a pocket plane a few years back." The statue that had been chasing the orange things stops, huffing and puffing despite its stony appearance. "The whale sometimes grumbles. It's nothing." A ghostly version of King's helmet appears near the heroes. "It seems they're a bit standoffish..."
  165. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Wouldn't you be if a bunch of strangers showed up threatening to uproot your way of life?"
  167. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "We're going to have to investigate this more before we attempt anything else."
  169. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: He nods at Watchman. "Let's find this Ionil. Right now he seems like our best lead."
  171. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: After a bit, PM floats away from the orange creature he was occupying then joined the others, "Did anyone get directions for where this guy is?"
  173. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man stops zipping around from above and lands down next to the others, his eyes in bewilderment. "Whoa... Weird. I mean... whoooooa. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooa."
  175. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "We'll run inta him. Village ain't that big."
  179. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "True. My senses are clouded here... I'm not sure if it's the whale itself or something more sinister." One of the orange creatures giggles as its spinning ally falls to the ground. "He has a little wood shack near the edge of the village. We throw rocks at it sometimes."
  183. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "I've got a better idea." Captain Collider activates his X-Ray vision and begins to search all the houses and the village itself for someone matching Ionil's description.
  185. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "TOLD YOOOU," he exclaims when Atom Man joins them, "Thought I was lying, didn't you?!"
  187. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "They are so freaky! How do they shove entire slices of pizza into their mouths?! Ahhhhhhh! AHHHHHH!! Weird."
  189. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM gets close and bangs a knuckle against Atom Man's helmet, "They just do."
  191. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man crackles and snaps little electric bolts about as soon as Particle Man taps his helmet. "I need visual proof."
  195. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Well... you're tiny!" A passing treeman notes of Atom Man as he catches him freaking out. Collider's vision penetrates the buildings deep, eventually he spots a being matching the description. He seems to be sweeping rocks from around a wooden shack.
  197. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Find anything?" He asked Collider.
  199. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider shuts his eyes for a moment to clear the X-Ray Vision before speaking. "I found Ionil, for starters. Come on." With that, he sets off towards the wooden shack.
  201. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "I forgot to bring the pizza with me. So uh, nope." He looks towards the treeman, "Duh." He then steps away from Atom Man and walks off in Collider's direction.
  203. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman follows behind the group, taking time to examine the area they were in.
  205. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man flies up to stand on Watchman's shoulder. The nuclear bomb of a boy sits on Watchman, looking around with narrow eyes.
  207. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Follows behind Watchman and eyes Atom, "Hmm, so you are Smallfriend's friend?"
  209. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Uh. No. I am Atom Man. Particle Man is my brother. We are... The Micro Bros!" Atom Man poses triumphantly.
  211. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman takes note of Atom Man and then focuses back onto Ionil.
  213. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "I am Starlancer, or Tycho, it is nice to meet you..." He pauses, "Littlefriend."
  215. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado approaches all casual like... for an alien in a spacesuit anyway. "Howdy. Ionil, right? Got a minute?"
  219. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Ionil seems quite suspicious. He's a pale, frail looking man and his robes cling to his thin frame loosely. "You... You're outsiders. You shouldn't be here! This place is doomed!"
  223. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "So we've heard." He raises his hands defensively. "We're only here to help in any way we can."
  225. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "We're here to undoom it. Whatcha know 'bout what's goin' on?"
  227. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Hm. HM! I'm sure they can help, yes," Ionil mutters seemingly to himself before looking back. "There is a presence here! Something evil. They have disguised themselves as simple travelers and set up camp of their own. But I know they're not what they seem! They're sick. They carry an evil sickness with them! I've watched them from the shadows..."
  231. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "What do they look like?" he asks Ionil.
  233. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Strange things. They wear ragged robes with hoods over their heads. Cloth with no eye holes. They speak of peace, but I know the truth. I know there's evil behind those hoods!" Ionil gestures to the distance with a bony finger as if casting an accusation across the landscape.
  235. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Thassa mite creepy. Where you from, you ever see anythin' like em in yer travels?"
  237. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The odd man nods quickly. "Yes. I've seen evil everywhere. In many places. Darkness inside of them, eating them from the inside!" King's spectral helmet makes a concerned grumble. "He seems a bit off, but he's the only one that seems worried. I wonder if I'm wrong..."
  241. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Gotta look either way."
  243. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "I've heard stranger hypotheses. We'll investigate this for you, Ionil."
  245. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Bless you! You have my thanks. You're not like the others. The unclean ones that pelt my home with stones!" Ionil yelps as a rock clatters against his shack and waves his broom wildly. "I see you out there! YOU'RE ALL DOOMED!"
  249. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider looks over to the stone throwers and raises a hand, attempting to make any stones they're holding suddenly change into tar. "Not if we have anything to say about it."
  251. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Hrm," he glances between Ionil and Collider. "We better investigate the travelers then."
  253. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "He seems nice." Star seems genuine with that statement.
  255. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Yeah, really seems like a fella ya could have a beer with. Let's check out the hoodie brigade."
  257. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Right. Let's head over to their camp. If my hearing is right, it should only be a short fly from here."
  261. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: There are angry cries in the distance from rock-throwing pests as they quickly scurry away. "To the North. You will sense their evil," Ionil advises, gesturing into the distance!
  263. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM floats on up and manages to catch a seat on Collider's shoulder before he flies off. He decided to be lazy and hitch a ride of his own.
  265. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Star floats up and over to Watch, offering a hand.
  267. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado lifts off on the suit jetpack, heading in the indicated direction. His cybernetically-enhanced sense and reflexes constantly scan the horizon for signs of the rogue settlement.
  269. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Right," he says grabbing Starlancer's offered hand and getting lifted off the ground. "We'll have to be careful with these travelers."
  271. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "We are always careful! Except for the times we aren't!" He blasts off to catch up with the others.
  273. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man stands on Watchman's shoulder, content with hitching a ride.
  277. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The strangers' camp doesn't LOOK too dangerous. A wall made of metal surrounds a handful of scattered tents. In the center is a larger metal structure guarded by the hooded figures. "I do feel something here," King's astral helmet comments. "I'm not sure what. There is magic all over this creature's body."
  281. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Magic." Captain Collider heaves a sigh as he attempts to penetrate the structure with his X-Ray Vision. "Sure, why not?"
  283. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "What? Not a believer?" he asks Collider while patting a hand against the side of his head.
  285. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desp touches down on a nearby rise and unslings a scoped carbine, trying to get a closer look at the critters - maybe get a peak under one of their hoods in an unguarded moment. "It's a thing. Wish it wasn't."
  287. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Believing isn't the issue. It's the understanding that gets me."
  289. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Star drops Watch off before landing himself.
  291. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Think of it this way: same can be said about techy stuff. Magic and tech are pretty much the same if you think about it."
  293. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Wouldn't go that far." Still calmly scopin'.
  297. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "No one truly understands magic," King's ghost helmet chuckles. "Even if they spend hundreds of years working with it." Collider's vision reveals nothing... the metal seems to be shielded. Desperado gets a good look at the creatures... well, as good as he can considering they're completely covered in coarse cloth. Some of them wield black metal staves that shimmer with an odd energy field. The beings seem to be simply patrolling or mending things in the camp. Nothing too suspicious.
  301. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "My X-Ray Vision can't get through. I suppose we can blame magic for that."
  303. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Weird. I didn't think it could do that..."
  305. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Got a bead. Look like they're carryin' these... weird black staff things. Maybe weapons."
  307. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Want me to start pickin' 'em off, or you wanna try and have a pow-wow first?"
  309. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Easy, cowboy. We still don't know if they're responsible for this."
  311. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Put money on it though. Arright then... what's the play?"
  313. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Particle Man, Atom Man. Shrink down to an imperceptible size and hitch a ride on me. Let's extend a peace offering."
  315. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "IF anything happens, you can fly back here and alert the others."
  317. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Er. Okay. I guess." Atom Man hops over to Collider and shrinks as much as he can.
  319. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Got it!" He was already on Collider's shoulder, so he just shrinks himself down to be itty-bitty and un-seeable. By normal means anyways.
  321. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Everyone else stay on standby. This could get complicated."
  323. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado keeps in his current overwatch position, ready to start shooting the moment things go south.
  325. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Once Atom Man and Particle Man are on-board, Captain Collider flies up and attempts to land in front of the metal structure and its guards. "My name is Captain Collider. I'm here to talk."
  329. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The creatures around the camp begin to stand, suddenly on alert. "Peeeeace," one of them burbles, its voice thick and sticky sounding. "We are travelers seeking peace. What do you seek?" Out on the whale meanwhile, Desperado and the rest of the team left behind might get the sneaking suspicion they're being watched.
  331. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "The same thing. And answers. Word is you moved here recently, but you chose not to settle down with the other nomads. Why is that?"
  333. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Dropped off earlier by Starlancer on a nearby rise, Watchman unfolded his bow and attempted to keep track of Collider and the two shrunken heroes with his infrared sight. "This side's covered, Desperado."
  335. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado flashed a silent thumbs-up to Watchman. However, he soon feels the hair on the back of his neck prick up, and takes a quick moment to scan his surroundings.
  337. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Feeling a bit suspicious as well, he continued to speak on comms, "Starlancer, you got a good view of the area. You see anything nearby?"
  339. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Starlancer would see small spots dotted across the whale that might hide an ambush! Strange stands of plants or discarded objects from other travelers...
  341. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "It doesn't look good from here. I do not trust certain placements of bushes."
  343. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "See whatcha mean..." Desperado mentally 'tags' any suspicious looking foliage and slowly re-positions himself to deny them a clear line of fire.
  345. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Noooooo," the shrouded creature globs. "They are not peaceful. They want to know our secrets. Steal our relics." The creatures nearby make odd bubbling noises. "We desire peace and privacy." At their tiny sizes, the Micro Bros would probably see the beings as walls of cheap cloth. Though it seems tightly wrapped around them, they might notice holes, hard to see from a regular perspective.
  347. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Your relics?" He looks up at the metal structure. "I take it that structure you're guarding has something to do with those."
  349. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Hm...Bro? Does something look weird to you?" He lifts off the shoulder he was standing on and condensed his glow to be less noticeable.--Not like being the size of an ant would be noticed anyways. PM gets a closer look at the figures despite it being a liiiittle dangerous to do.
  351. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: It doesn't really help with the whole being watched feeling. "Yeeeeeeesss," the talkative creature glurbs at Collider. "They are concealed within. For our senses only."
  353. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man looks over, looking at PM. "It all looks weird, bro. They are freaky aliens. What are you talking about?"
  355. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "We have reason to believe that something is agitating the space whale you're all living on. As probably the most recent change to the status quo, you're currently prime suspects." He looks over to the talkative creature with a firm but understanding expression. "I don't want to believe that, and I don't want to infringe upon your culture or your privacy, but this could endanger the lives of everyone living here and possibly others. I'm going to ask you to let me take a look at your relics."
  359. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Between the now cable sized weave of their cloth robes, the Atom Bros would see something strange. Something slick and sickly. PM might recognize the strange black sludge from a recent mystical jaunt. The creatures stir, becoming more agitated at Collider's words. "Nooooo. Not for your eyes."
  361. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider takes a step forward. "I understand that. But we need to make sure you're not the cause of the problem or people could get hurt -- including yourselves. The sooner we establish that your presence here checks out, the sooner we can continue our investigation and leave you to your privacy."
  363. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM gets rather close to the figure Collider was speaking with. Examining him up close as well as the staff he was carrying. "C'mere, bro, don't you see this?" He uses a harmless beam of particle energy to fire at the sludge he found. He wasn't sure at first but he wanted to test something.
  365. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man watches PM. "Oh, are we fighting now? Should I charge up?"
  369. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The creatures tense and several of them lower their staves, aiming them at the Captain. "Nooooo. Not for your eyes!" The sludge bubbles and pops, giving off a familiar sickening smell. Of something old and rotten. A bit like old oil... Starlancer catches movement as Desperado moves. Something is definitely down in some of those heavily vegetated areas and around some discarded objects.
  371. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Maybe...? Hold on.--Guys?" He then directs it to the others, "Ugh gross. I think they're covered in that gross goop we found last time King sent us somewhere!"
  373. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider tenses up himself, but only slightly. "I hesitated once before, and innocent people were lost because of it. I'm only going to ask one more time: let me see the relics."
  375. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Shootyfriend, movement below."
  377. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Got eyes on it."
  381. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Oh no... You need to stop them! They're..." King's spectral helmet is cut off as the creature in front of Collider fires a beam of dark energy from its staff! The beam is made of some unnatural, pure destructive force... the same seen by Watchman, PM and Starlancer in the Machine! The other creatures cry out and take aim, ready to unleash their energy blasts on the Captain as well if he survives the initial attack! Starlancer and Desperado are luckily prepared as beams begin streaking towards them from the trees!
  383. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Ok. Charging!" Atom Man scrunches and starts to vibrate. He stores energy. Because he is a literal Atom Bomb.
  385. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "They're engaging! Look out!" Watchman glanced back to look for Desperado and Starlancer as he was selecting an arrow from his quiver.
  387. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado tucks and rolls from his hilly bit of cover, and comes up shooting. In the blink of an eye he's lined up the origin points of the offending beams and starts squeezing off suppressed, steel-cored rounds. "Ambush, ambush!"
  389. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM backs away from the figure, because he didn't want none of that at this size, though he gets close to Atom Man. Hey, he was charging, so PM decided to feed him some extra energy by blasting particle beams at him.
  391. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man charges even faster. He looks over at Particle man with a sharp nod. "Think Collider will be fine?" Atom Man hops off Collider and floats where he was, still charging. He is a bright orange light now.
  393. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider is struck by the destructive energy, crying out and flying out of sight.
  395. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "From those, or this? I mean...same answer for both: maybe?"
  397. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: His staff flies into his hand and he'd bring up a barrier between him, Desperado, and the beams, "I shall block, you two fire!" He says to Watch and Desperado.
  401. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "Servants of Lord Nowhere! I will arrive shortly!" King's spectral helmet calls out. Desperado's suppressing fire slows the incoming shots from the bushes! The destruction beams strike into Starlancer's shield, pure destructive energy rattling across the field! The beings notice the glowing little man... they hesitate only a moment before opening fire.
  405. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Good enough for me! Start it up! ... Ahem, ahem. SECRET DUO TECHNIQUE. Atom Man! Bro. Do it. Do it, bro."
  407. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM makes sure to not be in front of Atom Man for this, "Finnne. AHEM. SECRET DUO TECNIQUE. Particle Man!"--"Ohgodhurry!"
  409. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: With a loud thud, he lands next to Desperado, a smoldering hole where the emblem of his outfit once was burned by the blast and the skin beneath it singed black.
  411. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Captain, you alright?!" he exclaimed, pulling out a few arrows at firing them at the origins of incoming blasts.
  413. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "How bad they git you?" he yells over the sound of his own gunfire. Cyber-optics zoom in, allowing him to take perfectly aimed double-tap shots with one hand... and with the other, unhook a grenade to toss at the band of creatures who'd just fried their boss.
  415. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider groans as he pushes himself to a knee, his head hanging low. He doesn't respond to Watchman's inquiry. Instead, he raises his head to reveal a face contorted by anger and eyes burning brightly. At this point, he does respond to Desperado. "Not bad enough." Taking off in a flash of light, Collider wreathes himself in atomic energy and attempts to collide with the metal surface, bombarding its barrier with the force of an atom bomb to try and bust through it.
  419. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Now that fighting has started, the heroes may notice cloth-draped figures in the ambush points. A few of which take arrows like champs, barely staggering under the shots. They do leak goop though.
  425. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The goopman camp gets blasted to shreds, bits and pieces of goo people flying everywhere. When the smoke clears, the metal walls are melted and pushed flat and the structure itself is gone... revealing an odd machine buried partway into the ground. It pushes with an evil energy, smoke belching from it as it suddenly comes alive! Back on whale hill, the group would notice the goops from the ambush points rising from their hiding spots and advancing on them, laying down fire and moving at a surprisingly fast pace!
  427. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Touching down on the ground, Captain Collider wastes no time digging his hands into the machine and attempting to rip it loose from the whale with a grunt of effort.
  429. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Hold yer horses, I got a damn stupid idea." With bullets not doing the job, Desperado unhooks his backpack and pries off one of the armor panels. He points it towards the advancing goopman ambush and fires the thrusters, sending it towards the enemy like a giant ungainly missile. Then he shoots it - in the one place he knows will likely send the whole device's fuel supply up like a goddamn bomb.
  431. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man floats in the blast point of his micro atomic bomb. And starts to do some Sentai poses.
  433. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM does a few poses of his own but then goes to smack Atom Man on the back of the helmet, "Wait, we aren't done yet!"
  435. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Wait, what? I did the Micro Bomb though! ... That's like /THE/ finishing attack! Which goop guy is still standing?" Atom Man looks around, his pride wounded.
  439. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: In a rather surprising departure from what Particle Man saw on the last adventure, the Engine reacts to Collider grabbing it. It shifts as its lifted from the ground, the claw-like tubes that were connected into the ground forming into arms and legs and a single gleaming red eye slides open on its side. It immediately slams its massive fists into Collider and bellows, vile smoke belching from its mouth! The goo man ambush is tenacious, but not good at dealing with explosions! Their numbers quickly dwindle but a few make it into range to lash at the heroes with their staves!
  443. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Keeping the barrier up to protect his squishier friends from the attacks, he raises his hand and fires off several plasma spheres at the ambushers.
  445. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: The first blow smashes the carbine Desperado brings up to block to pieces. In an instant his revolvers are in hand, unloading both high-powered magnum cylinders into the creature point blank.
  447. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Still on the rise, he has a good view of the ambushers and his teammates. He pulls out an explosive arrow and fires it at goo men advancing on Starlancer and Desperado.
  449. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Come on!" He zips off, growing a bit larger as well so he isn't super tiny. The Engine was what caught his attention and he shouts to Atom Man, "That thing! Help Collider, bro!"
  451. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: With a cry of pain, Captain Collider is punched into the ground. As the fist comes up, he is given just enough time to breathe before the next fist follows. This continues for a while until he catches an incoming fist and, with an angry shout, attempts to flip the machine over his shoulder and into the ground.
  453. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man zips off. "... I'm out of energy! I need to charge! Quick, charge me!"
  455. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: Of course, PM finds a few stragglers running in and pops several particle beams at the goop men to drive them away.
  459. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: From above, shimmering spears of white light rain down into some of the goop men as Ultima King finally arrives in person. "I knew it had to be him... I was hoping he was still unable to send agents out of the Void." He sounds a bit shaken. Desperado and Watchman blast through a handful of the failing goops! The Engine groans as its slammed into the ground by the Captain, but it shifts its heavy weight and aims its beady eye to fire a rapid stream of destructive energy at its attacker!
  461. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Okay!" His aim switches over to Atom Man and he fires off steady beams of particle energy at him.
  463. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man vibrates again, cracking and sparkling. "More power! Then... I'll fly inside of it, and use the Micro Bomb!"
  465. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Got it!" PM's beams charge up to fire more powerful energy at Atom Man. Usually it would just burn through someone but in this case, Atom Man was just fine being able to absorb it.
  467. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado steps over the corpse of the slain alien, swings his pistol around and takes a deadeye shot at the energy-blasting 'eye' of the beast with the last bullet in his gun's cylinder.
  469. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Dropping shield!" The barrier drops as he twirls the staff with a bit of flair and baseball swings into the first goopperson to get close to him.
  471. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: This time, Captain Collider is more prepared for the machine's tricks. As the beam of energy shoots towards him, he flies up to dodge it and responds by firing his Collider Vision at the machine, flying backwards as he increases its size and power. "I don't know what you're supposed to be, but I want you gone. Now."
  473. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man vibrates, more and more. He starts to glow like a firefly. "This is going to be a good one! Tell the Captain to... well, punch a hole in the thing!"
  475. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Cap! Hit a hole in it! We got a delivery for the thing!" he yells into the comms.
  477. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: Splorp. Starlancer knocks a goo man out of the park! Captain Collider's powerful eye beams push the Engine back and bits and pieces flake off of its body before it blasts a concentrated stream of smog at the Captain, all choking ash and unknown mystical runoff. It reels however as Desperado's uncanny shot cracks its eye!
  481. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "I'm working on it!" Before Captain Collider can react, the blast of smog engulfs him, causing him to choke and blinding him to what's going on. After a few attempts at batting it aside, he extends his arms out on either side of him and begins spinning at rapid speeds, pulling the smog into his own vortex. Still spinning, he flies up and away to guide the smog away from the battle. Once it's comfortably far enough to no longer pose a threat, he spins in the other direction to expel it outwards and, continuing his spin, spirals down towards the robot like a drill in an attempt to punch a hole in its armor.
  483. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Alright, Bro! I'm charged! Now... do that weird thing. Shoot me into the hole... if there is one. I hope you don't miss!"
  485. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "I hope I don't either!" PM becomes a bit larger so he could bring both hands forward and lines them up with Atom Man. "Good luck!" His palm blasts those beams of energy at Atom Man, using them to fire him off towards the Engine, hopefully for the new hole that Collider tried making.
  487. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: The next gooman to get close gets a golf swing up between its legs at full power.
  489. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Continuing to sight down any remaining stragglers, he says on the comms, "Ultima King, what's the situation here? You said you knew something?"
  491. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: With his attention momentarily elsewhere, a beam of the strange energy glances his suit's helmet. It blasts the thing to shreds and right off his shoulders, peppering his face with burning shrapnel and shards of bubble helmet hard plastic. Blood streaming from his eyes he advances steadily on the creature, using his full pistol to plug where its head should be repeatedly.
  493. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man rockets forward. He is a bullet. And he is really hoping there is a hole. His crackling energy starts to flare up for the big moment.
  495. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: That's just cruel, Starlancer. Luckily the being is mostly just disgusting goop and it feels very little as its split in half. "It's an Engine of Entropy, created by a powerful warlock called Lord Nowhere. These things guarding it are infected by his presence," King calls out to Watchman as he summons a column of fire to devastate the goomens' former hiding spots. Desperado's shots clang off the Engine's body, sometimes punching through and releasing steam! The Captain releases a bit more of that steam as he tears into it and Atom Man flies inside just as the breach is created...
  499. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man winces, but makes it into the hole. He clangs around inside for a moment then in a rampant fit of magnetism, sticks to the inside of the machine. He is fit to burst. Atom Man starts to try to make sentai poses and shout his attack but then he realized, he's inside a machine and no one would see. Atom Man does it anyways. "... SECRET GOD TECHNIQUE. -- MICRO EXPLOSION DEATH BOM-... No. Uhh... ATOM EXPLOSION MICRO ERUPTION!! Yeah. That's it. Ahem. ATOM EXPLOSION MICRO ERUPPPPTIIII --" Atom Man explodes. Again. Very violently. It's all like: SKRKRKRSKKRSKRSKRSKKSRKRSKRKRSHSHHSHRSHRHSHRHTITITIITITITIICICICICKKCKCCKCKCKKCKCKCKARAAAAAACCCKKKOOOOOOOM.
  503. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Desperado takes fucking cover and reloads, blood running down his face.
  505. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: As he lands out the other side of the engine, Captain Collider falls to a knee and clutches his burnt chest. The punches hurt, but were nothing special. The destructive magic, however, left a lingering pain that was hard to ignore.
  507. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Amidst the rumblings of the battle, he spots Desperado getting hit with the beam and abandons his position to take cover from any more explosions.
  509. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Suddenly then. Another explosion.
  513. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The Engine rattles as the little Bomberman inside him blows up! The Engine's stored destructive energy goes up as well, making an explosion of its own that scrapes off a big portion of the whale's back and threatens everyone in the area! King does what he can to help, throwing up a shimmering golden barrier around Watchman and Desperado while trusting his other allies to either shield themselves or get out of the way!
  517. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Star slams his staff into the ground, forming a bubble shield around himself as the explosions hit.
  519. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: From his knelt position, Captain Collider looks up as the engine begins to detonate. Still feeling a little too weak to fly, he settles for running at high speeds to get away from it.
  521. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: Shielded, he rises and raises an arm to protect his eyes from the explosion's terrible glare.
  523. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: Watchman, under the shield, ducks behind some cover, steadying himself as the explosion rocks the immediate area violently.
  525. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man is his normal, human height. Kneeling in the middle of the massive blast zone. "...--- Yyyyyeaah--.. Phew."
  527. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM doesn't seem bothered by the first couple of explosions. He actually lets out a cheer! "YEAH!" But the explosives going off afterwards...he didn't expect, so he ends up getting further away from it.
  529. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: AM flies up and starts doing Sentai poses again.
  533. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: The whale groans and the whole creature trembles... A few silent moments pass in the wake of the explosion. Then the whale seems to calm again, floating quietly through space. "This is worse than I thought," King mutters and pulls down his crackling, nearly broken shield.
  535. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider touches a hand to the whale comfortingly before pushing himself to a standing position. With a wince, he touches his hand to his burnt chest and then presses his finger to the comm link in his ear. "Is everyone alright?"
  537. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "More or less." He picks a particularly large shard of something out of the skin of his jaw. "What the hell were they tryin' to do to this poor goddamn space whale? He bite off their boss's leg or somethin'?"
  539. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Whatever it was, we stopped it. For now, that's all that matters."
  541. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: Smoke rises from Star as what little was left of the shield collapses, "I am okay. Watchfriend?" He turns to see him, "Oh good!"
  543. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "Still standing," he replied, folding the compound bow and placing it on his back.
  545. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "I'm good!"
  549. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "The Engine was either going to corrupt it. Or destroy it. My bet is on corruption," King responds. "The warlock I mentioned, Lord Nowhere... He may have been trying to weaponize it."
  553. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Yeesh... I ain't no expert on space stuff, but somethin' this big and angry could probably sweep whole star systems clear." He nods at Starlancer. "Thanks fer keepin' an eye out, matchhead. Didn't see those fuckers out there... that usually don't happen."
  555. [NU VU] Starlancer@Keioseth: "Of course, Shootyfriend! I am glad that I could be the backup."
  557. [NU VU] Watchman@Alstann: "It seemed a lot like the engine we encountered earlier in that other dimension, King."
  559. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "The last one didn't turn into a robot though..."
  561. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "The damage it could deal is on more of a... metaphysical level. But I'd rather not get into a discussion on the Higher Realms right now." King sighs and nods over to Watchman. "Very similar. This was either an improvement on the design or this one was further along."
  563. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: AM floats over and gives Particle Man a high-five.
  565. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: PM goes for the high-five and when he does, may or may not have had a bit of an explosive effect. It probably did.
  567. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man and Particle Man explode. Again. But not a very big one, since Atom Man wasn't charged. "Well that was fun."
  569. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Aren't you glad I brought you along?" he said to AM.
  571. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: "Well. I don't think I'll get back in time to order pizza. So I think it's a wash?"
  573. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Would you settle for a sandwich?"
  575. [NU VU] Atom Man@Doctor_Awesome: Atom Man zips over to Collider's shoulder and sits down. "Pizza sub?"
  577. [NU VU] Particle Man@Reldin: "Now you're talking."
  581. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: "Let's return to the village. We should let them know we've solved the issue."
  583. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: "You may, if you wish. Though I doubt they'll appreciate what we've done here," King sighs. A golden doorway appears next to him. "I will return to Kingsgate and gather what I know. When you wish to leave the cosmic whale, just call my name." He steps through the doorway and it closes behind him.
  585. [NU VU] Desperado@machinegunblues: "Hey, we got money in the budget for a new.. whole onna these right?" He glances down towards his fucked up, sans backpack space suit, and lights himself a cigarette. God knows why he thought those would be useful IN SPACE, but hey.
  587. [NU VU] Captain Collider@Swixer: Captain Collider looks over Desperado's costume. "I'll talk to Olivier."
  589. [NU VU] Ultima King@GeneralFreedom: In the distance, the settlement glows dimly. It's not a long way back, but on the quiet trek across the landscape provided by the extradimensional titan, it seems longer. Under the 'stars' of the endless astral space, it's peaceful...
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