Turning Into A Pony And All The Benefits Involved

Jul 15th, 2012
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  1. >At college
  2. >No classes all week
  3. >Roommate just left
  4. >Stuck at my dorm alone
  5. >Check email
  6. >See I have received a package
  7. >Go down to the mailroom to pick it up
  8. >Get back to my room to open it up and see that it is a pony plush of my OC Cyclone Blitz
  9. >Excellent quality, like on of those plushes that sell for thousands of dollars on ebay
  10. >Everything is completely accurate, from the dark grey-blue fur to the teal mane along with his hurricane cutie mark embroidered on
  11. "Well who could have sent this?"
  12. >Didn't order it
  13. >Not a well known pony at all, only being seen by a few of my friends and posted once or twice on 4chan
  14. >Decide to tell my friends on Skype about it and see if they might have ordered for me
  15. >All of them are jealous, but none of them sent it
  16. >Getting late
  17. >Decide to head off to bed
  19. >Wake up, see my new pony plush sitting beside my bed
  20. >Feel a little stiff today, especially with my hands
  21. >No good threads on 4chan today
  22. >Nothing else to do today
  23. >Go out for lunch
  24. >About to order a burger when I get nauseated at the sight of meat
  25. >Never had that happen before
  26. >Get a salad instead
  27. >First time I ever had one
  28. >It was great, much better than a burger
  29. >Head off to the bathroom when I notice my hair is a little longer
  30. >My skin appears darker too
  31. >A little concerned now, but I eventually shrug it off
  33. >Go back to my dorm
  34. >Muscles feel a little sore
  35. >Go on 4chan
  36. >/mlp/ is relatively active
  37. >Post for awhile, nothing else really interesting
  38. >Porn thread pops up
  39. >Go into it for some reason
  40. >See Soarin' porn in there
  41. >Get aroused
  42. >What the fuck
  43. >Pony porn has never gotten me hard before
  44. >Decide to clop to it
  45. >Felt surprisingly good
  46. >No shame
  47. >Feel as if my pony plush watched the whole thing
  49. >Rest of the night goes by fast
  50. >After another hour or so on the computer I start feeling sick
  51. >Body feels weak
  52. >Stomach hurts
  53. >A little dizzy
  54. >Too late to go to the nurses office today, will try to go tomorrow
  55. >Decide to go to bed a little earlier than usual
  56. >Hold the pony plush as I fall asleep
  57. >Out almost instantly
  59. >Wake up to a sharp pain all over my body
  60. >Roll around in pain, eventually falling off my bed
  61. >Notice dark blue fur is growing all over my body
  62. >It feels like a bunch of tiny needles coming out at me
  63. >Feel pain in my shoulder-blades as it feels like something's growing out of of them
  64. >Look at my hands in horror as the meld together into hooves
  65. >Feel the same thing happening to my feet
  66. >The rest of my body contorts around as I lay helpless on the floor
  67. >Finally I feel my face push out as the whole thing finishes
  69. >After a few minutes of laying on the floor, trying to regain mobility, I attempt to get up
  70. >Can't stand up and immediately fall to the ground
  71. >Take a look at what used to be my hands
  72. >They appear to be hooves
  73. >Get up again, this time on all fours
  74. >I'm able to walk now, even though it's a little awkward doing it
  75. >Get over to the mirror to see what I look like
  76. >Completely freeze
  77. >See my OC pony looking back at me
  78. >I also notice my wings too
  79. >Flap them a little
  80. >Feels so weird having a new appendage
  81. >Look back to my night stand where the plush was
  82. >It's gone
  84. >Finally sinks in that I'm actually a pony
  85. >A sense of curiosity, delight and horror fills my body
  86. >Examine my new body more thoroughly
  87. >See my hurricane cutie mark on my flank, along with my new tail
  88. >Look at my hooves
  89. >Wonder how the hell I'll be able to use anything without fingers
  90. >Then begin to wonder how I will be even able to live in this world as a pony
  91. >Shove that future panic attack aside to see if I can fly
  92. >I can't
  93. >Looks like I'll need more practice, probably outside, which is not very likely
  95. >Decide to see if I could still use the computer
  96. >Manage get it on and working
  97. >Attempt to type
  98. >Surprisingly urns out fine, though I can't type very fast at all
  99. >No one is on Skype at the moment
  100. >Need help
  101. >Out of lack of a better idea I post a thread about my problem on /mlp/
  102. >"Hey guys, this may sound impossible, but you have to believe me. Somehow, I've been turned into my OC pony. I'm not sure why, orhow exactly, but I think it has something to do with a plush of my OC that mysteriously came in the mail a few days ago. I really need your help on what to do. This is not a joke"
  103. >Start getting responses
  104. >Posts are not at all helpful, most of them advising suicide
  105. >Seriously, fuck you guys
  107. >Absolutely no help from that thread
  108. >Stare at my computer screen for a long time, mind completely blank
  109. >Beging to feel helpless
  110. >As awesome as this should be, I can't be seen by anyone
  111. >The government would probably lock me up and experiment on me
  112. >Some sick fuck could rape me
  113. >I can't just run away, but I can't stay here either
  114. >I gotta see if a friend or someone could help, without freaking out over the transformation
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