23/01/2017 - KTOS Kupole Test Server Opening

Jan 24th, 2017
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  1. Greetings Saviors, 23/01/2017 marks the day that the Test Server 'Kupole' will be available.
  3. ⚫ The Purpose For Test Server 'Kupole'
  4. ♦ The Test Server 'Kupole' is going to be used for testing purposes
  5. to provide a more stable service when it is exported to the official servers.
  7. ♦ This is being done to provide a change to experience newly added/ changed content first through the test server
  8. so that any issues that require fixing can be applied before the content is introduced to the official servers.
  10. Although the content deployed onto the test server will have had basic tests done beforehand, sometimes issues not found during internal testing may arise.Therefore, we will require a lot of cooperation and feedback from testsers who are on the test server.
  12. For further information, please read onwards about the test server operating guidelines.
  16. ⚫ Test Server 'Kupole' Operation Notices
  18. 1. The test server will always be running, however the servers may go down unexpectedly without prior notices and warnings.
  19. ♦ The server's primary purpose is to serve as a ground for test purposes,
  20. not to provide a stable environment that you would expect on a regular server.
  21. So, Please be aware that the server may go down for maintenance without much notice beforehand.
  23. ♦ If a maintenance is in progress,
  24. we will inform our users of the changes ASAP by posting announcements in the [Test Server] forum section.
  26. 2. The test server client can be accessed separately from the standard client.
  27. 3. The game is configured in the game environment as the official servers, but there will be changed content that is instead patched first to the test server.
  28. 4. Reports and topics relating to it are to be done through the 'Test Server' Forum section.
  29. ♦ We will be unifying the feedback windows so that you will be able to quickly check and report any issues.
  30. ♦ To prevent abuse, you will only be able to see your own posts regarding bug reports and related issues.
  31. 5. On the Test Server, auto-matching will not connect you to players who are on the official servers, only players who are on the test server will be matched together.
  35. ⚫ What makes this different than the Official Server?
  37. 1. To create a smoother testing environment, EXP Rates have been increased by 5x. The drop rate for Silver has also been doubled. ( A later change also made it so that attributes are 50% Cheaper)
  38. 2. A Test Server package will also be issued out to players on the Test Server.
  39. ♦ 1 Package Per Character (Package will be delivered at the time char is created.)
  40. ♦ The package will always be available, but may change depending on the circumstances.
  42. =====[Kupole Starter Pack]=====
  43. Concentrated HP Potion x 100
  44. Concentrated SP Potion x 100
  45. EXP Tome: 14 Days x 10
  46. Basic Warp Scroll x 100
  47. Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher: 14 Days x 10
  48. [Kupole Exclusive] Badelaire
  49. [Kupole Exclusive] Katzbalger
  50. [Kupole Exclusive] Alter Rod
  51. [Kupole Exclusive] Siege Bow
  52. [Kupole Exclusive] Fedimian Turret
  53. [Kupole Exclusive] Fedimian Club
  54. [Kupole Exclusive] Alchupiz
  55. [Kupole Exclusive] Royal Partisan
  56. [Kupole Exclusive] Drake Staff
  57. [Kupole Exclusive] Rapier
  58. [Kupole Exclusive] Leather Armor
  59. [Kupole Exclusive] Leather Pants
  60. [Kupole Exclusive] Leather Boots
  61. [Kupole Exclusive] Leather Gloves
  62. ==========================================
  63. ※ All items included in the package are NOT tradable.
  65. 3. Money will not be consumed when making purchases on the Test Server.
  66. 4. Paid Items are sold in the same manner that they are on the official servers, TP will be provided to players according to the following Criteria.
  67. 1) TP is Provided as the Team Level increases. (※ This is currently Subject to change.)
  69. [Team level - Rewarded TP]
  70. Team Level 5 - 100 TP
  71. Team Level 10 - 150 TP
  72. Team Level 15 - 200 TP
  73. Team Level 20 - 250 TP
  74. Team Level 25 - 300 TP
  75. Team Level 30 - 350 TP
  76. Team Level 35 - 400 TP
  77. Team Level 40 - 450 TP
  78. Team Level 45 - 500 TP
  79. Team Level 50 - 1000 TP
  82. 2) In cases of bug reports, we will selectively reward TP to users on the basis of the reports considering their importance, severity and whether the issue is new or old.
  83. ※ Please do note though, this does not mean that bug reporting is a way to be rewarded with TP.
  84. 5. Items sold on the TP Store for the test server can only be purchased by those on the test server. (A future announcement will discuss)
  86. ⚫ Other Important Stuff
  87. ♦ All data in the game may be randomly deleted for smoother testing purposes, in such a case that this becomes planned we will give a prior notice at least 2 weeks beforehand.
  88. ♦ Instances of Fraud/Account Theft/Item loss will not be recovered in the test server.
  89. ♦ GMs will not partake in disputes with in-game users inside the test server, it is primarily a testing environment.
  90. ♦ Instances of players being abusive, spreading false facts and even disturbing QA activities will be subject to punishment which may include restricted access to the server.
  92. Source Post:
  93. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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