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  1. (branch:master*) » bin/behat -dl                                                                                                          pablo@Nightwing
  2. Given /^(?:|I )am on (?:|the )homepage$/
  3.  When /^(?:|I )go to (?:|the )homepage$/
  4. Given /^(?:|I )am on "(?P<page>[^"]+)"$/
  5.  When /^(?:|I )go to "(?P<page>[^"]+)"$/
  6.  When /^(?:|I )reload the page$/
  7.  When /^(?:|I )move backward one page$/
  8.  When /^(?:|I )move forward one page$/
  9.  When /^(?:|I )press "(?P<button>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  10.  When /^(?:|I )follow "(?P<link>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  11.  When /^(?:|I )fill in "(?P<field>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" with "(?P<value>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  12.  When /^(?:|I )fill in "(?P<value>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" for "(?P<field>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  13.  When /^(?:|I )fill in the following:$/
  14.  When /^(?:|I )select "(?P<option>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" from "(?P<select>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  15.  When /^(?:|I )additionally select "(?P<option>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" from "(?P<select>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  16.  When /^(?:|I )check "(?P<option>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  17.  When /^(?:|I )uncheck "(?P<option>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  18.  When /^(?:|I )attach the file "(?P[^"]*)" to "(?P<field>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  19.  Then /^(?:|I )should be on "(?P<page>[^"]+)"$/
  20.  Then /^the (?i)url(?-i) should match (?P<pattern>"([^"]|\\")*")$/
  21.  Then /^the response status code should be (?P<code>\d+)$/
  22.  Then /^the response status code should not be (?P<code>\d+)$/
  23.  Then /^(?:|I )should see "(?P<text>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  24.  Then /^(?:|I )should not see "(?P<text>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  25.  Then /^(?:|I )should see text matching (?P<pattern>"(?:[^"]|\\")*")$/
  26.  Then /^(?:|I )should not see text matching (?P<pattern>"(?:[^"]|\\")*")$/
  27.  Then /^the response should contain "(?P<text>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  28.  Then /^the response should not contain "(?P<text>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  29.  Then /^(?:|I )should see "(?P<text>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" in the "(?P<element>[^"]*)" element$/
  30.  Then /^(?:|I )should not see "(?P<text>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" in the "(?P<element>[^"]*)" element$/
  31.  Then /^the "(?P<element>[^"]*)" element should contain "(?P<value>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  32.  Then /^the "(?P<element>[^"]*)" element should not contain "(?P<value>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  33.  Then /^(?:|I )should see an? "(?P<element>[^"]*)" element$/
  34.  Then /^(?:|I )should not see an? "(?P<element>[^"]*)" element$/
  35.  Then /^the "(?P<field>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" field should contain "(?P<value>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  36.  Then /^the "(?P<field>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" field should not contain "(?P<value>(?:[^"]|\\")*)"$/
  37.  Then /^the "(?P<checkbox>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" checkbox should be checked$/
  38.  Then /^the "(?P<checkbox>(?:[^"]|\\")*)" checkbox should not be checked$/
  39.  Then /^(?:|I )should see (?P<num>\d+) "(?P<element>[^"]*)" elements?$/
  40.  Then /^print last response$/
  41.  Then /^show last response$/
  42. ------------------------------------------------------------
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