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  1.                                                                                        [UK] OTK Community server info
  2.                                                                                        Location:West Midlands
  3.                                                                                        Slots:changes
  4.                                                                                        Discord link:<link=""><color="blue">Discord server</link>
  6. <color="white">If you want to keep this server going, consider donating and buying on our website:<link=""><color="blue">Website shop</link>/
  7. <link=""><color="blue">Patreon</link>
  8. <color="white">
  9. -Server is mostly up in the afternoon and shuts off around 10-11pm
  10. -No spam mic in spectator or over intercom
  11. -No pew pew each other(No teamkilling)
  12. -SCP Regen(stand still for 30s in order to regen) + Extra health
  13. -SCP's can't win with Chaos
  14. -No stupid nuke timer
  15. -If any cheaters or anything suspicious that your unsure of, go and ask for a MOD or ADMIN in discord, or either go to our support forum on our website <link=""><color="blue">Click me</link>
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