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  1. From: jimmy 15
  2. Sent: 2015-01-04 10:47:11
  3. To: Norek Crendraven
  5. That dick thinks he tell us how to play. FAIL !!! We're creating a new alliance that will crush them. Code want in ?
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  7. Re: Important: Critical Mass
  8. From: Zeus Maximo
  9. Sent: 2015.01.04 08:19
  10. To: jimmy 15,
  12. I'm not arguing about something so simple.
  14. Wormhole groups recruit people that fly in wormholes
  15. Nullsec groups recruit people that fly in nullsec
  16. Miners recruit people that mine
  17. PoH recruit people that hunt their targets
  19. So yes, we want 100% of our active membership base to hunt our provided targets.
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  22. Re: Important: Critical Mass
  23. From: jimmy 15
  24. Sent: 2015.01.04 08:14
  25. To: Zeus Maximo
  27. I kinda get it now though if you dont fly how we want gtfo yeah? Funny how you want people to play how you want the game played......
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  30. Re: Important: Critical Mass
  31. From: Zeus Maximo
  32. Sent: 2015.01.04 08:10
  33. To: jimmy 15,
  35. It has definitely been fun. Haha you'll always be my favorite bama fan.....
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  38. Re: Important: Critical Mass
  39. From: jimmy 15
  40. Sent: 2015.01.04 08:08
  41. To: Zeus Maximo
  43. The engagement with marmite took place at the sun not on a station, but it's whatever i guess, its been fun
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  46. Re: Important: Critical Mass
  47. From: Zeus Maximo
  48. Sent: 2015.01.04 08:07
  49. To: jimmy 15,
  51. All who play station games in amarr, dodixie, and hek. Over the past few months we have been recruiting hard to find people that will roam and do specific fleets with us. I understand the ease of station games but a few of our recruits have fallen trap to never leaving the "games." Tie that dissappointment to a majority of the losses lately and station games have been the consistent variable.
  53. I understand you and your brothers enjoy that gameplay but it has caught up to us. The direction we want the alliance to go is being hindered by continual losses on the stations.
  55. Obviously I appreciate all that you have done for us but you know we didn't form PoH to be on a station.
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  58. Re: Important: Critical Mass
  59. From: jimmy 15
  60. Sent: 2015.01.04 07:54
  61. To: Zeus Maximo
  63. Just to clear some things up who is this directed at exactly?
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  66. Important: Critical Mass
  67. From: Zeus Maximo
  68. Sent: 2015.01.04 07:50
  69. To: The Pursuit of Happiness,
  71. Over the past 3 weeks PoH leadership has been monitoring specific habits a portion of this alliance has acquired. At first we passed it off as a way for some to pass time but recently it has proven to be more of an addiction, or an unbreakable habit, for a few of you.
  73. Friends or not, all pilots that regularly play station games are highly encouraged to join/form a corporation outside of this alliance.
  75. The line has been drawn. Fly with this alliance or join another. I will personally oversee this change and will make sure this update is stritcly enforced.
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