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  1. <-- peterC4 (~pc3@je.suis.plastique) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  2. --> peterC4 (~pc3@je.suis.plastique) has joined #uk
  3. *** Mode #uk +o peterC4 by NHS
  4. <_alph4_> I bet faggetttss would pay more attention if he was given &
  5. <faggetttss> hmmm
  6. <faggetttss> you have a point
  7. <faggetttss> i wasnt even aware my access level had ban privs
  8. <_alph4_> .access list faggetttss
  9. <_alph4_> yessir
  10. <faggetttss> i might add this channel to one my my professional hotpocketeering rounds
  11. <faggetttss> i do it for free you know
  12. <peterC4> who knew ops can ban
  13. <faggetttss> ive had op b4 in here
  14. <faggetttss> and couldnt ban
  15. <faggetttss> access levels are fucky
  16. <peterC4> access level has nothing to do with it
  17. <faggetttss> yes
  18. <faggetttss> it does
  19. <peterC4> access affects fantasy commands
  20. <-* peterC4 has kicked faggetttss from #uk (see)
  21. --> faggetttss (~faggettts@gdst.tty.ircx) has joined #uk
  22. *** Mode #uk +o faggetttss by NHS
  23. <-* faggetttss has kicked peterC4 from #uk (dont be so angruh)
  24. --> peterC4 (~pc3@je.suis.plastique) has joined #uk
  25. *** Mode #uk +o peterC4 by NHS
  26. <peterC4> not angry
  27. <faggetttss> ok
  28. <peterC4> just in disbelief
  29. <faggetttss> take a few breaths anyway
  30. <faggetttss> irc is geetin to ya
  31. <faggetttss> *gettin
  32. <faggetttss> this is a fun environment
  33. <-* Vorti has kicked faggetttss from #uk (it is)
  34. --> faggetttss (~faggettts@gdst.tty.ircx) has joined #uk
  35. *** Mode #uk +o faggetttss by NHS
  36. <faggetttss> Vorti
  37. <faggetttss> pls
  38. <faggetttss> sir
  39. <faggetttss> PLS
  40. <peterC4> i just take issue when people cause retarded estonians to PM me
  41. <Vorti> lel
  42. <peterC4> a pet peeve of mine
  43. <faggetttss> oh fuck he is estonian
  44. <faggetttss> AHAHAHAHAHA
  45. <Vorti> That's OK peterC4
  46. <faggetttss> half a step away from being a finn
  47. <faggetttss> why live
  48. <Vorti> Did you know of the /ignore function?
  49. <Vorti> Quite useful
  50. <faggetttss> how does this function work Vorti
  51. <faggetttss> is it new?
  52. <Vorti> It was implemented in 1982
  53. <peterC4> /ignore implies anyone here is worthy of my ignore list
  54. <-- Breitbard ( has quit (Quit: Breitbard)
  55. <faggetttss> would hitler be worthy of your ignore if he was aliva and on irc?
  56. <Ahmed> i would like if he got back into art
  57. <faggetttss> he just needed some practice
  58. <faggetttss> most likely
  59. <Ahmed> i dont think so, he is a amazing artist
  60. --> Mika` (~Mika@E973B491.D3580E24.E6C81ABB.IP) has joined #uk
  61. <Mika`>
  62. <Mika`> lol
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