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  1. Update : Version 1.5.0-4 released ! Crack is out !!
  4. 1.5.0-4 - Bugfix Release
  6. Fixes
  7. Fixed issue with not being able to create directories containing spaces in their path.
  8. Fixed issue that spinning wheel still did not disappear for some users.
  9. Fixed issue that pressing + button to add a file/folder/link for fourth time crashed iFile.
  10. Corrected bug that changes in a String field of an Array in a property list did not get stored.
  11. Corrected that after a change of a file in Property List Editor or Text Viewer the file browser did not get updated.
  13. 1.5.0-3 - Bugfix Release
  15. Fixes
  16. Fixed issue that if a non-existing folder was referenced in iFile's preferences, iFile still showed the spinning wheel forever.
  17. Fixed that using a URL like ifile:/// did not go to that path in the file browser for files and did not work at all if the URL referred to a directory.
  18. Corrected failing registration for some users with registration problems.
  19. Fixed that directory did not get updated after running the Installer and Unarchiver.
  21. 1.5.0-2 - Bugfix Release
  23. Fixes
  24. Fixed issue that if a folder iFile starts with did not exist, iFile showed the spinning wheel forever.
  25. Fixed crash when transferring a file from iFile to iFile (sender crashes).
  26. Fixed bug that when a user chose select all, iFile did not enable the toolbar buttons.
  27. Fixed crash when tapping on folder in search results of hierarchical search.
  28. Fixed crash when choosing a viewer for a file without known type for 4th time.
  29. Fixed that opening files in iFile via URL ifile:/// did not work anymore. This was a problem in context with Attachment Saver and Safari Download Manager.
  30. Slowed down animation when moving through tabs in tab chooser (cover flow).
  31. Enabled antialiasing in tab chooser (cover flow).
  33. 1.5.0-1 - Feature and Bugfix Release
  35. Fixes
  36. Corrected broken links in Web Server index pages for files with special characters.
  37. Updated Chinese localizations.
  38. Enhancements
  39. Loading of libstatusbar.dylib and SwipeToMoveCursor.dylib enabled.
  40. Romanian localization added.
  41. Celeste/Gremlin Integration
  42. Added support for sending files via Celeste (Bluetooth).
  43. Added support for adding songs to iPod Library using Gremlin for @cocoanutapps. This is possible in Attributes Editor and Music Player.
  44. Removed support for iBluenova for iOS 4.x and later.
  45. File Browser
  46. Added MD5 sum calculation for files in Attributes Editor.
  47. Initial directory content retrieval backgrounded.
  48. Added glass pane covering GUI while loading initial directory content.
  49. Replaced action button with clipboard button image (editing mode).
  50. Added support for up to eight tabs via new button in file browser toolbar.
  51. Added tab chooser using cover flow GUI. Allows adding and removing tabs.
  52. Added support for two-finger swipe gesture to allow swiping between tabs.
  53. Removed info button from file browser toolbar.
  54. Added support for long press on table to select, select all, deselect all, copy, cut, paste, link.
  55. Removed behavior that double tapping the table selected/deselected all files.
  56. Preferences
  57. Removed "Store on exit" option in preferences as it is obsolete in context of tabs.
  58. Added About iFile and Contact Developer fields.
  59. Implemented GUI Color setting (navigation bars and toolbars for selected viewers).
  60. Changed default icon theme to Leopard.
  61. Property List Editor
  62. Corrected cell formatting to avoid empty space in multi-line cells.
  63. Changed font size used in String Editor in Property List Editor (larger).
  64. ZIP Viewer
  65. Added support for extracting password encrypted zip files.
  67. Download 1.5.0-4Cracked : Official
  71. A File Manager and Viewer.
  73. iFile is a file manager runnning under user root. It allows fast navigation through the iPhone file system. You can create, delete, copy, cut (move), paste or zip multiple files or directories at once. Viewers for various file types are included, e.g. movies, images, sound, text, HTML, plists, Microsoft and Apple types, PDF, various compressed formats. PDF and image files can be viewed at large zoom scalees. You can directly jump to specified pages in a PDF. ZIP packing and compressed file unpacking is also supported. Debian packages can be directly installed. Files can be sent as email attachments. Text files and property lists can be edited. Folders and files can be bookmarked. In addition, files can be uploaded and downloaded from iFile's built-in web server. Last but not least, the built-in audio player can be used together with Music Controls (Cydia). Files saved from a web page with the Safari Download Manager or from an email with AttachmentSaver can be directly opened in iFile.
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