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  1. Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0e PTU.1301981  Patch Notes
  3. Pinned
  4. Discussion
  5. Today at 4:34 pm
  6. Star Citizen Patch 3.5.0e
  7. Alpha Patch 3.5.0e has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-1301981.
  9. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\LIVE.
  11. Please monitor etf mega chat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.
  13. USER.cfg settings:
  14. r_displayinfo = 3
  16. Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the "Testing Focus".
  18. IFCS Ship Update: We have updated the ship pack to include racers, interdictors, and our biggest multicrew ships along with a full set of Gatlings for everyone which can be accessed here: , and use code "GIVEPLZ", log out and log back in.
  20. Testing Focus
  21. IFCS: Heat Rework, Atmospheric flight, Arena Commander
  22. Balance: Manual gimbals, auto-convergence, cannons vs repeaters vs scatterguns, ship roles
  23. Locations: ArcCorp, Area18, Lyria, Wala
  24. Star Marine: All game modes
  25. Female Character
  26. DNA face customization system
  27. Major Known Issues:
  28. ATC at Area18 is unresponsive.
  29. Dying at Area18 results in a blood loss death loop. W/A: Logout and back in.
  30. Female characters are missing their visor UI.
  31. New Features
  32. General
  33. Added "average" and "high" skill pilot behaviors to AI pilots.
  34. Added DNA face customization system.
  35. Character selection and creation now uses a DNA face customization system. Initially you will be able to choose a gender, then select from a set of currently available characters and customize the blend of their facial features that will be represented in your own character. System includes “Simple” and "Advanced" modes that allows you to customize your face with preferred level of complexity. Additionally, "Eidonomy" selection provides the ability to select individual traits such as eye and hair color, skin tone etc.
  37. Universe
  38. Added new comm arrays around Stanton 3.
  39. Ships and Vehicles
  40. Added Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker.
  41. Feature Updates
  42. General
  43. Updated game cursor art.
  44. Universe
  45. Continued updates to lighting at Area18.
  46. Updates to PA audio at Area 18's space port.
  47. Audio updates to Lyria and Wala.
  48. Update to building composition on ArcCorp.
  49. Asset updates and polish to G-Loc bar.
  50. Further updates to building LODs on ArcCorp.
  51. Update to art and assets at the newstand in Area18.
  52. Restricted area UI mesh now match the ship manufacturer's HUD color.
  53. Added more armor and clothing variants to female character.
  54. Updated NPCs at Area18.
  55. Extended the trigger for the Astro Armada door.
  56. Continued audio updates throughout Area18
  57. Arena Commander
  58. Players should now get negative points when attacking friendlies in swarm modes and no longer get kills for killing friendly ships.
  59. Star Marine
  60. Numerous visual and traversal polish for Echo-11.
  61. Ships and Vehicles
  62. Added reworked 300i.
  63. Updated MISC Prospector coolers to size 2.
  64. Updated and tuned all ship heatings systems.
  65. Lowered the HUD on the Hornets to better align it with the boresight.
  66. Further audio updates to some ship weapons (gatlings, size 3 laser).
  67. Made Hornet sound less hoovery.
  68. Added UI sounds for cruise control and decoupled.
  69. Bug Fixes
  70. Background screens at the Lorville CBD should no longer show "Casaba".
  71. The doors of Cubby Blast should no longer clip through walls.
  72. Interaction prompts for the top bunk of the Cutlass should no longer cause the player to use the bottom bunk.
  73. Players should no longer be able to see the mobiGlas of a comms call partner.
  74. Automated turrets should once again fire and be able to hit moving targets.
  75. Turrets should once gain have a target reticle, no longer have off-set shots, and have visor displays.
  76. Fixed several kiosks not showing correct screen labels.
  77. Fixed several atmospheric issues at truck stops
  78. Freelancer ladder animations should now be aligned correctly.
  79. Players should no longer be able to purchase commodities when their ship is not in range of the location.
  80. NPCs should no longer hitch or teleport when moving toward a usable.
  81. Down-list devices should no longer be cut-off on the import keybinds UI.
  82. There should no longer be a small spot near the ASOP terminals on GrimHex that lacks atmosphere.
  83. The restricted zone UI for Lorville should once again appear.
  84. Fixed missing ATC comms at Port Olisar.
  85. Player's own hab should now be able to be re-entered.
  86. The mobiGlas should no longer be offset for the female character.
  87. The Guardian undersuit should no longer appear completely gray for female character.
  88. Player to player comm calls should no longer appear distorted.
  89. Video for comms calls should now play on the ship MFD.
  90. The empty reload animation for the Karna should now play properly when using burst fire mode.
  91. Players should no longer be able to clip through the counter at New Deal.
  92. Female characters should no longer load into Area18 t-posed.
  93. Ships that have engines switched off should no longer continue to lose fuel.
  94. Fixed some reversed lettering and spelling mistakes on signs at Area18.
  95. Ledges on planets should now be climbable.
  96. Players should no longer be able to jump over the railing at Teach's Ship Shop and get stuck.
  97. Players should now consistently spawn at the correct location when landing at major landing zones.
  98. MobiGlas PMA should now display a female character when the player is a female.
  99. Fixed residual invisible collision above some landing pads at Area18.
  100. Technical
  101. Fixed 9 client crashes.
  102. Fixed 4 server crashes.
  103. Radar usage optimization tweak.
  104. Optimization polish for Area18.
  105. Fixed a server deadlock
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