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Mar 23rd, 2014
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  1. Hello Nejc
  3. I'm writing to you because i have near-proof that the stolen MtGox coins are being transfered to your exchange. I would appreciate any information you can supply about this matter but i understand that legal restrictions may apply. In either case this is crucial information to you and i hope you will take the required actions. The following will be a rundown of the proof (which can be expanded upon).
  5. In the time Jed McCaleb owned MtGox there was a donation address listed in the left side:
  6. 1EuMa4dhfCK8ikgQ4emB7geSBgWK2cEdBG
  7. This address send coins in 2011 around the time the exchange changed owner to Mark Karpeles
  8. 1EuMa -> 1FBiC -> 1B4AW -> 1Kq6s -> 1K66U -> 1pdMA
  9. These coins were split into blocks of 2-5k which were used as cold storage.
  10. The 1pdMA coins (plus the rest) didn't move until 2013-12-21 and 2014-02-05 as part of a huge movement of old coins following the same pattern. These coins are mapped in two spreadsheets here and here totaling ~300k coins.
  11. Two of the MtGox cold storage addresses moved as shown:
  12. 1PNNF -> 1JFXQ -> 1DJoA -> 1PAzo
  13. 14MiN -> 1HsUP -> 1KnPn -> 1PAzo
  14. I know that 1PAzo is an address owned by Bitstamp and i assume that 1DJoA and 1KnPn also are Bitstamp addresses used to receive coins from customers. This shows that the MtGox cold storage coins moved directly from cold storage to an unknown address and then to a Bitstamp address. There are an estimate of 13500 coins moved to Bitstamp as of this moment.
  16. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and i will appreciate any information you may give me. It is of my interest to find the owner of 1JFXQ and 1HsUP.
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