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  1. Key: Zephryr
  3. Character: Duran Balez
  5. Skill(or transformation):Alien Transformation 4
  7. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation):
  9. Reasoning:  
  11. Duran finds himself faced with yet another foe that far outstrips him.  To the point that it had defeated Max, the man who’d beaten him time and time again over the years.   Even the weapon Max wielded amounted to nothing against the creature known as Leviathan.   And now Duran and his not quite friend Max are in danger of dying.
  13. Duran knows that there’s always a higher level for him to reach, due to the nature of the Spiral Energy.   And he’s not about to let himself die down at the bottom of the ocean.    Not when the mission hasn’t been completed and not before the ARC’s mission has finally come to an end.
  15. What is the moment: Duran finds himself absolutely trounced by a foe within a matter of seconds, and now his life is in danger of ending.  (And Max, but he’s a faggot)
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