RGRE Anon Tabletop thingy

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  1. >"Anon, I can't thank you enough for agreeing to live in the castle, it is so good to have another colt around here," Blueblood says, patting your side, "Sometimes, I wonder how close this place is to turning into a complete clam jam."
  2. "What about the guards," you reply, looking down at him, "There are like, two dozen in the entrance and throne room alone."
  3. >"True, but they're always on duty, they might as well be statues. Having another guy to talk to is truly a blessing."
  4. >Reaching a door, he looks around, before unlocking it and pulling you inside.
  5. >Inside, a several tables take up much of the floor, each one bearing a fully 3-d map of parts of Equestria.
  6. >"And, of course, the fact you are another colt who enjoys Hyperspace Hyperwars makes it all the better.  You could not imagine how much Celestia would hassle us if she knew of this."
  7. >Setting your custom made and filled model case on one of the tables, you prepare your space wolf army.
  8. "Well, you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw you, of all ponies at the model store   those weeks ago."
  9. >"And my disguise was so perfect too... I even had the right hoof cups and everything."
  10. "Call it an alien eye, it seemed like none of the other ponies recognized you."
  11. >"Regardless off that, I will not lose."
  12. >His Celestial Dawn troops get deployed on his side of the map, an imposing wall of gold and steel.
  13. >You swear he actually painted his troops with metal with his unicorn magic.
  14. >Your own troops look rather half assedly painted, but it does fit with the space wolves theme too.
  15. >His ranks fill out tremendously, especially for a specialist unit set like Celestial dawn.
  16. >Looking closer, you see most of his units are filler troops, militia quality guys.
  17. >At the back though, his plan comes into light.
  18. >Three high level commanders, each capable of empowering mass numbers of units.
  19. >Cheeky, and damned threatening too.
  20. >Still, you're not one to give up.
  21. ~~~
  22. "Anon! Where are you?" you call out wandering the halls, looking for the new resident.
  23. >After all, how are you supposed to put your charms on for the boy if he's nowhere to be found.
  24. >Stopping a moment to ask a maid if they have seen him, you're surprised when she indiates a direction she saw him going.
  25. >She also mentioned he was with Blueblood, and that riles your wings.
  26. >He's probably trying to protect Anon, knowing all of your tricks.
  27. >Hastening in the direction, you search room after room, hall after hall till you hit a room that's locked.
  28. >Peeking through the lock hole, you're greeted to a wonderful sight.
  29. >Anon's magnificent flank, pushed out as he leans on a table, examining whatever is on it.
  30. >Tiny sways pull your eyes as he looks left and right on the table, a private show for you.
  31. >Suddenly, a familiar sound reaches your ears.
  32. >The sound of dice, numerous of them.
  33. >And that can only mean one thing...
  34. ~~~
  35. >You can only watch as your troops fall, left and right to his buffed up grunts.
  36. >You wish you had brought your Dreadwolf Lancer artillery units to this, something that could get to his commanders.
  37. >It's not even possible to bait him into advancing his commanders forward, he's just keeping them at the closest they need to be.
  38. >At this point it's going to take a miracle to win.
  39. >Grabbing your dice, you prepare to throw an all or nothing shot.
  40. >Throwing them out, they start to roll, when there is a sudden golden flash
  41. >When it clears, your dice sit there, all sixes up.
  42. >Also, there is a princess standing right next to the table, but who cares.
  43. >You just pushed a path straight through to his generals, with enough power to give you an actual chance at winning.
  44. >Wait, a princess?"
  45. >Looking over, you see Celestia there, staring intently at the field.
  46. >Your opponent is frozen in place, his eyes like saucers but his pupils like pinpricks.
  47. >"Au... Aunt Celestia, what are you doing here?"
  48. >"Celestial Dawn, huh? An interesting tactic, but it's not how you're supposed to play them."
  49. "I agree it's unusual, but it's working amazingly well," you say, straightening up, "I was pretty much guarenteed to lose until I made this roll."
  50. >Looking over at you, she suddenly freezes up, much like Blueblood.
  51. >"Uh, er, I, Uh..."
  52. >Staring at her a moment as she stutters ant fidgets, you sigh and shrug, before turning back to your units.
  53. >You've got one last action this turn, and you can't afford to screw up.
  54. >Rulers out, you line and measure, and by a hairs breadth, you can make your attack against his commander.
  55. >Gathering the dice from where they landed before, you jostle them around in your hand, ready to roll.
  56. >"So, er, I didn;t know you played Hyperspace Hyperwars Anon," Celestia says, interrupting your roll.
  57. "Yeah, I found it not long after I got here, and it's been something I enjoy."
  58. >"You know, I've played since it first came out. If you want, I could teach you some stuff."
  59. "Really now? Later maybe, I'd rather focus on what's in front of me."
  60. >Across from you, Blueblood is sweating bullets, staring straigt at Celestia.
  61. "Hey, Blueblood, you alright there?"
  62. >"I... She... we..."
  63. >Setting your dice down, you sigh.
  64. "Let's call it a tie for now, Blueblood. We'll figure out something later."
  65. >"But you're so close Anon, if you take out one of his commanders with this attack, his power will be dropped enough that you can win."
  66. "There's no point in playing if he's not responsive. You go do, whatever it is you do, and I'll clean up here."
  67. >Celestia looks at you a little torn, before walking off, unlocking the door as she goes.
  68. "Hey, come on, snap out of it, Blueblood," you say, snapping your fingers.
  69. >"I, huh, what? Oh, pardon me, I had the worst image that we were discovered by my aunt there."
  70. "Hate to break it to you, but she did."
  71. >Tears well up in his eyes, and he cries, "Oh I'm ruined. She will hold this over me for eternity. I won't be able to show my face in public again..."
  72. "I don't know, she seemed more interested in the game than us. Maybe she'll play with us and not tell anyone."
  73. >"That may be true, perhaps, but just in case, I'd like to go out and enjoy what may be the last time I can show my face in public."
  74. >His miniatures are scooped up and put away, and with a shrug, you tidy yours as well.
  75. >Before you can say anything more, he dissapears with a teleport, and the door gets knocked in.
  76. >"See, Luna, I told you he plays," Celestia says, dragging her sister with her.
  77. >"Indeed, though I can't agree on his faction choice. Colts should play Celestial Dawn or Lunar Knights. They are far more suited to a colt's defensive style of play."
  78. "Really now," you say, stopping your cleanup, "Then prove it on the battlefield here."
  79. >"Gladly, my dear colt, but should I win, you must take up the Lunar knigts as your faction of choice."
  80. >"Hey now," Celestia interjects, "I think he should take the Celestial Dawn. I'll play too and if I win, he will take the Celestial Dawn."
  81. "Sure, but if I win, you guys have to pay to upgrade my Space wolfs. Paint them too."
  82. >"Thou have thyself a deal, Anonymous."
  83. >Redeploying your troops, you prepare for battle.
  84. ~~~
  85. >Standing at the counter of Misty's mini's, you have Six boxes of Space wolves, ranging from new grunt models to three of new Night raider Commanders.
  86. >And paying for it all, the two losers of your fight.
  87. >"Thy left flank is open, Thou should move two of thy moonlight cavaliers in to protect there, else their slugnoid leapers will overrun thy commander."
  88. >"Luna, please, do not bother them, they are the ones playing, not you."
  89. >"But sister, a true Lunar Knight leader would never leave a hole in their defenses like that."
  90. >Luna suddenly yelps as she is tugged along by the ear.
  91. >With her dragged to the counter, Celestia turns to the gamers and gives a small bow.
  92. >"I appologize for my sister's interruption."
  93. >Turning back to you and your soon to be new troops, Luna says, "Sister, why does this feel like choosing the branch to be spanked with?"
  94. >"Because we are the ones paying to improve our already strong foe."
  95. "You did lose the bet, after all," you say with a grin.
  96. >"We did, and we must always follow through on promises," Celestia says.
  97. >The clerk, finally looking up from their highly intense model painting, drops her brush in surprise.
  98. >"Princesses, welcome, I didn't notice you there. Did you find everything you needed?"
  99. >"Yes, thank you."
  100. >"So, you play Space wolves, then?" the clerk says as she adds the prices, "I would have taken you for a Celestial Dawn like me, since, you know, it was made based on you and all."
  101. >"I do, actually. These aren't for me, they're for Anon here."
  102. >The little pony looks up at you, before furrowing her brow.
  103. >"A colt who plays Space wolves? Colts are far more suited to Celestial Dawn, they're so much less punishing."
  104. >"We think he would be better off with Lunar Knights, such as ourselves," Luna says, sticking out her chest.
  105. >"Really, well I..."
  106. >Wandering away, you leave the conversation and go back to browsing around.
  107. >Given how long that discussion took before, they're gonna be there a while.
  108. >A few tables are currently playing HH, others having other games going on.
  109. >Celestial Dawn vs Celestial Dawn, Celestial Dawn Vs Lunar guard, nothing interesting.
  110. >At least, not till you reach the last table.
  111. >The last remnants of a Lunar guard squad are visciously cut down by a pair of Slugnoid Battlezilla's.
  112. >As the last blue armoured units are cleared off the board, you can see how much of the Slugnoid army remains.
  113. >You're not particularly well versed on their unit values, but there has to be at least 60% left, if not more.
  114. >And behind this army, a yellow pony with a large toque covering her mane and ears.
  115. >"W.. well played," she says quietly, reaching out a hoof to shake hooves with her opponent.
  116. >The other pony reaches back, still somewhat in shock, saying, "Y..yeah."
  117. "That's a pretty good slugnoid army you have there. What's your list?"
  118. >"Oh, um, well it's mostly my four Battlezilla's," she starts, before looking up at you and freezing.
  119. >Pink fills her cheeks, and she looks down at her units, fiddling with a Slugnoid ambusher.
  120. >"These big guys, they're really strong so they do lots of the fighting," she mumbles, indicating her units.
  121. >"And I use all my little guys to help them out."
  122. "Of course, everyone knows Battlezilla's are too slow to rely on without aid, but using a mix of ambushers and Bloodcriers, That's far from normal strategy."
  123. >She nods, looking up at you in surprise for a moment before her models become extremely interesting again.
  124. >"I know most ponies use shriekers to make them faster, but they get left behind since your other guys go faster too."
  125. >"If they get left behind, it's not hard to pick them off with long range guys."
  126. "So your Ambushers use themselves to body block, and mixed with their concealment armour, they make a strong wall, while the Bloodcriers power up themselves and the Battlezilla's off the damaged ambushers?"
  127. >The meek pony nods, and you nod.
  128. "Not bad, but what I don't see is your front line."
  129. >"Huh?"
  130. "This works, no question, but It's too slow to get to a Celestial dawn front line without their ranged support from picking you to bits."
  131. >"Well, um, that is I..."
  132. >"Off flirting while we're here being nice to you Anon, how could you..." Celestia says, drawing your attention away from the Slugnoid pony.
  133. "I'm just curious about her army. Not many ponies around here play slugnoids, mostly just Celestial Dawn and Lunar Knights."
  134. >"Well, they are the greatest of factions, are they not?" Luna asks, floating bags filled with your new soldiers.
  135. "Said by the pony who's Lunar Knights lost to Space Wolves."
  136. >"'Twasn't just thy Space Wolves, sister's Celestial Dawn caused significant damage as well."
  137. >Around you, whispers rise up from game playing pairs.
  138. >"The princesses play?"
  139. >"A colt that runs Space wolves?"
  140. >"He beat them?"
  141. "It's all true. I play HH, Space wolves are my main faction and I did beat both princesses at the same time."
  142. >There's silence for a moment, before some of the mares make an awwww sound.
  143. >"What chivalrous mares."
  144. >"I'll play with you, Stallion."
  145. >"Are you coming to the HH Tournament, Princess?"
  146. >This last comment gets Celestia's attention, and she looks at the asker with curiosity.
  147. >"There's a tournament coming up?"
  148. "Yeah, the Hyperspace Canterlot Hyperwar. An invitational tournament for the best Hyperspace Hyperwars players."
  149. >"It seems we have been out of touch, sister, We would love to compete in such a tournament."
  150. >"If you're losing to a colt, you might want more practice," a mare calls out from the back, and a lot of the players let out whoops in agreement.
  151. >Luna's smile is there, laughing at their joke, but there's some nasty intent hidden under that facade.
  152. >Celestia can see it as well, and she lays a calming wing over her.
  153. >"Come on, let's head back to the castle, we have what we came for."
  154. "Yeah, I need to get my new guys up to snuff and figure out how best to use them."
  155. >Waving to the cashier as you pass, you follow the princesses out.
  156. >A half dozen guards form up, escorting the three of you back to the castle.
  157. >Once there, you take your new statues to your recently made workshop, paint and paint accessories all ready to make these guys shine.
  158. >Well, not look like they're made out of pony plastic.
  159. >Space wolves never really shine, that's Celestial Dawn's thing.
  160. >Your guys tend to run blueish grey and red, though a number of them need touching up.
  161. >"Dost thou need any assistance, Anon?" Luna asks, making you jump out of your thoughts.
  162. >Seeing your surprise, she lowers her head a bit and says, "We are sorry, we did not mean to startle you."
  163. "It's alright, I just didn't expect someone to be behind me."
  164. >"Well, thou art a colt, thou should expect to be behind their mares," she says with a strange wiggle of her ears.
  165. "As for your question, I think I'll be alright, but if I need some assistance, I'll be sure to ask you."
  166. >"Till we next meet again, then," she says with a small bow of her head, "on the fields of war or love."
  167. "See ya."
  168. ~~~
  169. >Leaving the colt to his work, you pull out your own new units to examine them, their mighty armour gleaming in your imagination.
  170. "Indeed, on the fields of Love and War, we shall not lose again. Prepare thyself, Anon."
  171. ~~~
  172. >"Three night raiders, a pair of Dustcloud raiders, and more... My aunts sure went all out to apease you. Those aren't innexpensive units."
  173. "Still cheaper than having to change factions. Had I lost, I would have had to give up my Space wolves for Celestial Dawn or Lunar knights."
  174. >"That would be horrible. I for one could not imagine giving up my Dawns. On that note, I am also glad my most wonderful aunts are not going to spread that I play Hyperspace Hyperwars."
  175. >Flopping back onto the couch, you stare at your collection, spread across the open plain battlefield.
  176. "My problem is figuring out how to get them all to work together. I know I'll have to cut back and swap some grunts, but it's the big guys I really need to balance."
  177. >On a cushioned pony chair of his own, Blueblood examines your new figures and their stat cards.
  178. >A sudden idea hitting you, you spring up, stepping over to the table.
  179. >Shifting units around, you move some off to the side, scribbling down numbers on a piece of paper till your army balances.
  180. >Staring at the array, a sigh escapes you.
  181. "It looks good, but it doesn't feel right."
  182. >"Perhaps a break would do us good. I know of this darling little cafe not far from the castle we could go to."
  183. "That sounds pretty good right now, actually. Just let me tidy up my guys first."
  184. >"I will meet you at the gate then. Don't take too long."
  185. "I wont. See you in a few."
  186. >He heads off and you box your units before quickly running them to your room.
  187. >Grabbing your wallet, you hasten to the gate to meet up with Blueblood.
  188. ~~~
  189. >Looking at your new units, you roll to your hooves with a huff.
  190. >They are strong, but what you lack is intel.
  191. >With his new units, you have even less clue how Anon's going to run his army.
  192. >Your understanding was decent at best of his old army, but with numerous new units, you'll be going in blind.
  193. >Perhaps a little reconaisance is in order.
  194. >Digging in your closet, you find your black latex sneak suit, a gift from Celestia.
  195. >Can't remember why, but it's exactly what you need right now, so you're not complaining.
  196. >Giving your now sneaky body a wiggle, you crouch down into the shadows and sneak down the halls.
  197. >If your observations were correct, Anon should be in Bluebloods tabletop room right now.
  198. >And that means he's doing tabletop stuff.
  199. >Like a sneaky shadow, you traverse the halls, passing unnoticed.
  200. >Outside the door, you peer through the keyhole, only to see nothing but the tables.
  201. >Your brows furrow, dissapointment setting in.
  202. >Mostly from how your sister bragged how she got to see Anon bending over the table, posterior to the door.
  203. >Looking around the room as best you can, you decide to enter.
  204. >He was in here, your nose tells you that.
  205. >That human smell of his is very distinct.
  206. >But that's not why you're here.
  207. >There are still depressions on the table showing where his troops stood, the artificial grass not having returned to it's normal pose.
  208. >Not enough to tell you anything, unfortunately, so you continue your search.
  209. >That's when Sir Luck is on your side.
  210. >Fallen under a table is a sheet of paper.
  211. >But not just any sheet of paper, one covered in numbers and names.
  212. >Space Wolves names.
  213. >You found Anon's new list.
  214. >With this, you can devise counter strategies, and prepare for his plans.
  215. >Victory is all but assured.
  216. >And with victory comes a prize for the winner.
  217. >What should you ask of him though...
  218. >Nothing too extreme, you don't want to scare him off.
  219. >Perhaps a simple kiss, or maybe a date...
  220. >Quickly copying down his list, you rush to return to your room in preparation.
  221. >No need to cuddle your colts before they are herded, as they say.
  222. >You think...
  223. ~~~
  224. >"I'll have the usual," Blueblood replies to the waitress with a smile.
  225. >"And for you, Sir?" she asks, turning to you.
  226. "Coffee, black, and a blueberry muffin, please."
  227. >"Right away," she says, before heading to the back.
  228. >"Well, as I was saying," Blueblood says, "It's unfortunate, but tickets to the Hyperspace Canterlot Hyperwar are all sold out."
  229. "Damn. After hearing about it earlier, I was hoping I could at least watch."
  230. >"Oh, I never said you couldn't get in, but..."
  231. "But what?" you ask, leaning in.
  232. >"Well, I'll tell you how to get in, but on one condition."
  233. "What?"
  234. >"Come shopping with me after this. I've been wanting to pick up a new saddle, but going alone is boring."
  235. >Staring at him, he returns the stare strongly, and you end up shruging.
  236. "Alright, I have no reason not to, I suppose."
  237. >He clops his front hooves together saying, "Wonderful, it will be fun, I promise."
  238. >Moments later, the waitress returns with your order, along with things for them.
  239. >Butter and jam for your muffin, and cream and sugar for your coffee.
  240. >Even though you ordered it black.
  241. >Eh, must be one of those work things.
  242. >Buttering up your snack, you take a sip of the slightly bitter coffee.
  243. >This pony stuff is weak, but still gets the job done.
  244. >The two of you chat idly as you eat and drink, and soon, you pay and are on your way.
  245. >Following his lead, you and Blueblood wind up at a fancy looking clothing shop for ponies.
  246. >"This is one of my favourite places to shop," he says, ushering you inside.
  247. >A bell rings overhead, and a slightly weathered looking mare pokes her head out from a back room.
  248. >"Ah, Blueblood, it's so good to see you, and I see you brought a friend. I'm sorry I can't help you decide right now, I'm in the middle of a rather important job."
  249. >"Don't fret, my dear, Anon here will more than suffice for fashion advice, isn't that right?"
  250. "Huh?" you say, looking up from the saddles you were examining.
  251. >"See, he's already noticing some of your better works."
  252. >A smile comes from the mare, before she returns to her work, and Blueblood gets to looking around.
  253. >"Her selection is wonderful, is it not. Older styles with new twists, well loved classics, and intriguing new designs."
  254. "I can't say I know a whole lot about pony clothes, but I have to ask, are saddles actually for fashion? I don't see many ponies ever wearing them."
  255. >"They're a very formal thing," he replies, holding up a scarf to examine it, "They're certainly not a thing most ponies would wear around in public."
  256. "I see... I can't say I really see the appeal in them, they remind me a bit of girdles."
  257. >"I hate to break it to you, but you really don't have the barrel for them, Anon. You're far too... broad," he says, making wide motions with his forehooves.
  258. "Really now," you reply, heading to the saddle stands, a grin on your face.
  259. >Tilting the hat he's trying on up, he gives you a questioning look, but your grin doesn't fade.
  260. >Taking a few saddles with you, you enter one of the small changing rooms, and prepare for fun.
  261. ~~~
  262. >Watching Anon enter the changing room with several saddles, you turn back to your fashion quest, drifting over to the saddles yourself.
  263. >Your old ones are feeling a little... dated, so it's time for something new.
  264. >Something, interesting, but not overwhelming.
  265. >Maybe something like...
  266. >"So, how does this looks?" Anon asks, interrupting your thoughts and drawing your eyes to him.
  267. >...
  268. >You...
  269. >You have no words for this.
  270. >One on each shoulder, Anon is wearing a pair of matching saddles like Minosian shoulder plates.
  271. >But instead of the sharp, harsh metal, there's the elegant, flowing shapes of Miss Velvet's designs.
  272. >It's... foalish, absurd, but at the same time, amazing.
  273. >Now, if his shirt was a little more...
  274. >"Hey, Blueblood, you in there? You've been slackjawed there for a bit," Anon asks, draging you right into reality.
  275. >The reality that Anon may have just changed a part of fashion forever.
  276. >Well, minotaur fashion.
  277. >There's no way a pony could pull of that broad shouldered, male look.
  278. >You could perch a pair of pegasii on those shoulders.
  279. >You feel your jaw being closed, and look down to see Anon's hand closing your mouth.
  280. >"Don't want you drooling on the carpet. So, I take it this looks good."
  281. "It's... I don't know what it is. It's silly, but at the same time, with the right acessories to it, it's amazing."
  282. >"Huh, I just figured you'd laugh at it."
  283. "Anon. I never laugh at fashion. Also, if you were dating pegasii, they would be all over those shoulder saddles."
  284. >He gives a short laguh, and you find yourself laughing with him.
  285. >"Now I'm wondering if Celestia and Luna would try to sit on them..."
  286. >Staring at him, you can only hold back more laughter for a moment as you imagine your two aunts sitting like birds on his shoulders.
  287. >He suddenly flexes, and your laughter intensifies.
  288. "Anon, you are such an amusing pony, er, human. I'm so glad we got to meet and become friends."
  289. >"Me as well," he says, unclipping the saddles, "Well, that was fun, but you were looking to get a new one?"
  290. "Oh! That's right."
  291. >Looking around, you can't help but sigh.
  292. >After that, it feels like you need something really special.
  293. >Something equally as jaw dropping, but in a good way.
  294. "I guess nothing is like what I'm looking for..."
  295. >"Really? A lot of these would probably look pretty good on you."
  296. "I thing I'm going to make a custom order later."
  297. >"if that's what you want," he says, setting the saddles back.
  298. "Sorry for dragging you out here, for nothing and all."
  299. >"It's not a problem. What do you say we head back to the castle, I think I've figured out how I'm gonna fix up my new army."
  300. "Is that so. Maybe I'll test it out with you."
  301. >Smiling, the two of you bid Velvet goodbye, before heading back to the castle.
  302. >As you enter, you remember you never told Anon how to get into the HH tournament to watch.
  303. "Before I forget, the way you can get in to watch the Hyperspace Canterlot Hyperwar is..."
  304. >Suddenly, one of your aunts rushes out, straight at Anon.
  305. >"Anon, we challenge thee to Hyperspace Hyperwars!"
  306. ~~~
  307. "Uh, sure Luna, but why are you wearing a sneak suit?"
  308. >She looks down at herself, before her blue face turns red.
  309. >"We... I... Er... It's... It was a gift from our sister, and we decided to try it on."
  310. >You nod slowly, and her eyes just can't meet yours.
  311. "do you want to change or something first? I have to get my troops from my room anyways, then we can meet up in Bluebloods field room?"
  312. >"Yes, please. We shall meet you there shortly."
  313. >Magic gathers, and she dissapears with a pop.
  314. >Looking down at your friend, you see his mouth opening and closing, his mind trying to calculate what he just saw.
  315. "Don't let strangeness bother you, Blueblood. If I did, I wouldn't be able to do much of anything, with how weird this world is to me."
  316. >"I suppose you're right. It's still quite shocking though."
  317. "Well, it's not what I'd wear around, that's for sure, but if you're into that kind of thing, unf~," you say, wiggling your eyebrows at him.
  318. >"I'm more of a mare in socks colt, myself. Why are we disscusing this anyways?"
  319. "It's a guy thing?" you say questioningly, "Well, I better go get my army and get ready to kick her butt."
  320. >"I will meet you there. I'm interested in seeing how you use your new units."
  321. "Planning strategies?"
  322. >"Perhaps. I'm also interested in how my aunt will handle her Lunar Knights."
  323. "She's pretty good," you say, before hastening to your room.
  324. >Your troops are still where you left them, boxed up and ready to be deployed.
  325. >Grabbing them, you take a more sedate pace to the battlefields, running numbers in your head.
  326. >It'll be a tough fight, but good experience with these new units.
  327. >Reaching the war room, you push open the door, Luna already there on the other side of the room.
  328. >Blueblood is seated on a couch, snacks for himself gathered.
  329. >"Before we begin, Anon, perhaps we could make a wager? Not nearly so large of one as last time, just a small prize for the victor."
  330. "What did you have in mind?"
  331. >"A small favour, or agreement, perhaps. The winner can request something from the loser, within reason, of course."
  332. "Sounds fair. Since I won last time, you can choose the battlefield this time."
  333. >Giving her a moment to ponder the battlefield, you step over and grab a handful of popcorn from Blueblood's bowl.
  334. >After a brief period, she settles on the open plains field, setting her own troop carriers down.
  335. >Bringing your own to bear, you prepare for battle.
  336. ~~~
  337. >Preparing each unit for combat, you run over your strategies in your head.
  338. >With all your preparations, victory will be assured.
  339. >As they reach the battlefield, you look over your troops at your foe.
  340. >Something immediately strikes you as wrong.
  341. >There should only be three Slashers, not five...
  342. >And where are his Cloakers...
  343. >Panic starts to set in, but with deep breaths, you steady yourself.
  344. >No, this is within your calculations, it did seem like a thrown together army anyways.
  345. >He's inexperienced with his new units, and this means you have the advantage.
  346. >Your troops may not be ideal for his new setup, but with only a new commander to worry about, it shouldn't play too differently.
  347. >Formations fill in, and soon you're ready to battle.
  348. >Tools out, game face on, you are ready for war.
  349. "Since we chose the field, you may move first, Anon."
  350. >After all, that's the gentlemarely thing to do.
  351. >While his armies advance, you slowly settle into your combat mindset.
  352. >Opening your eyes, you're on the battlefield, brave soldiers all around you.
  353. >A vast grassland surrounds you, swaying gently in the breeze.
  354. >In the distance, Spacewolves, led by a tall, non-pony commander.
  355. >It's not your first skirmish with them, nor will it be your last, but you will prevail.
  356. >Them and that strangely aluri... erm... intruiging commander.
  357. >You will have to capture him alive for... "questioning".
  358. >YOur own troops move out in formation, ready to crush those before them
  359. "Alright, mares, begin operation Flank and Spank."
  360. >"What?"
  361. >Looking up from your units you realize you spoke out loud.
  362. >Red floods your cheeks, and you find the table intensly interesting all of a sudden.
  363. "We... uh, became lost in thought. Our turn is done, Anon."
  364. >With a burst of speed, you can see his commander and guards rushing straight towards your front line, weapons at the ready.
  365. >All according to plan.
  366. >Your flanking troops spread out, ready to close in for the kill.
  367. >His troops grow closer, while yours align to engulf his.
  368. >Long ranged fire starts, though it hardly affects your troops.
  369. >The distance reaches your capture point, and your soldiers spring into action.
  370. >Extending out, they prepare to close in on your prey while your personal guards prepare to recieve his charge.
  371. >Up close, you can really see his sexine... Strength.
  372. >He will make a fine trophy for your victory, and all that starts now!.
  373. "Close in!" you call out mentally, preparing to close the vice of your trap.
  374. >There's a problem, however, though.
  375. >Two problems rather.
  376. >On each side of his charging force, a small cluster has broken off and is in perfect position to halt your pincer.
  377. >Each of these clusters is centered around a shadowcatcher, a space wolf magic user focused in entangling magic.
  378. >And where your troops would have closed in and crushed his units, half of them are now stuck, and another portion is in combat with his other anti flanking units.
  379. >Oh buck this is bad...
  380. >Your commander and guards may be strong, but outnumbered two to one, it's only a matter of time until they fall, and he can sweep up what's left.
  381. >No, you just have to hold out a little longer, and his catchers magic will run out, and you can crush him.
  382. >Dice clatter and hit points drop, soldiers falling to your left and right.
  383. >Your own troops retaliate, thining his numbers as well, but hope is becoming slimmer and slimmer.
  384. >But still, there, just in front of you, you can see him, Warblade in hand fighting your guards.
  385. >If only this wasn't war, but love...
  386. >The last soldier is cut down, and it's just you against him.
  387. >Him and his three other mares.
  388. >"You can surrender, Luna, you don't have the numbers left to win."
  389. >Looking up, a hand held out in peace greets you.
  390. >Perhaps this doesn't have to be war.
  391. >Reaching out, his hand engulfs your hoof, shaking it gently.
  392. >"Well played, Luna," Anon says, hand holding your hoof.
  393. >You feel your cheeks flush pink at this tender contact, and you can only furtively glance up at his face.
  394. >"Oh, about my favour, hmn..."
  395. >Your hoof is released as his scratches his chin.
  396. >"Ah, I know. This saturday, meet me in my room at ten in the morning," he says, before leaning in to your ear and adding, "bring your sneaking suit."
  397. >You can't say a word, your face turning bright red and little love hearts floating in your eyes.
  398. >Nodding rapidy, you magically teleport yourself and all of your units to your room in a flash.
  399. >Diving onto your bed, you grab a pillow and wrap yourself around it, burying your nose in softness to help muffle your squeals of delight.
  400. >He asked you to his room!
  401. >HIS Room!
  402. >Rolling around in joy, you snuggle the buck out of the pillow, imagining it is Anon.
  403. ~~~
  404. >Luna suddenly teleports out, but before you can do anything, magic grabs you.
  406. >Turning to Blueblood, you see him standing in what might be anger, you're not entirely sure.
  407. >"A stallion never propositions a mare, especially high ranking stallions like us."
  408. "What?"
  409. >"You can't just go and ask my aunt to come to your room, She needs to earn it."
  410. "I think you have the wrong idea, Blueblood. I want her to help me sneak into the Canterlot Hyperwar tournament."
  411. >This makes him pause, and for a moment, he stares at you like you have two heads.
  412. >"You want to ask a Princess to help you sneak into a HH tournament? I'm not entirely sure if you're sane right now, Anon."
  413. "She and Celestia just bought me hundreds of bits in HH mini's, I'm sure a little teenaged sneaking around is fine."
  414. >He stares a moment more, before shruging.
  415. >"well, it's for you to decide, but don't bother me when things go teats up."
  416. >Released from his magic, you set about tidying your troops.
  417. >"How about a match instead? There's still time before dinner."
  418. "Alright. Let's see how you can handle my Shoulder Saddle formation."
  419. ~~~
  420. >Time ticks by in agonizing slowness, as you watch the clock in your room slowly count towards ten.
  421. >You're already wearing the sneak suit like he asked, your mind racing with thoughts of the lewd acts he will commit with you in this.
  422. >Maybe even [spoiler]fully clothed snuggling[/spoiler]
  423. >The minute hand moves one tick closer, and you just can't restrain your excitement.
  424. >Reality warps around you, and you teleport to Anon's door with a pop.
  425. >Silently trotting in place, you look at the wooden portal seperating you and Anon.
  426. >A hoof reaches out tentatively, only to be retracted.
  427. >Mom never said your first time would be this nerve racking...
  428. >You just have to thrust forward, just like he will.
  429. "We're here, Anon," you say, knocking on the door.
  430. >The door knob spins and the wooden wall opens, revealing Anon, fully dressed in black.
  431. >"Come on in, Luna," he says, motioning you in.
  432. >Entering his domain, you find yourself looking around, absorbing the details of a stallion's room.
  433. >Well, what little things there are.
  434. >It seems he doesn't have much of anything, the room is much akin to the other spare bedrooms around the castle.
  435. >The only distinguishing feature is a desk loaded with paints, brushes and other Hyperspace Hyperwars tools.
  436. >Dissapointing, honestly, but you'll be sure to help him add to it, after some fun, of course.
  437. "So, um, what is it you wish to do with me?" you ask, holding back any expresions that might betray your lust.
  438. >Lust for hot human lovings.
  439. >"Well, I want your help in sneaking into the Canterlot HH tournament so I can watch it."
  440. >What...
  441. ~~~
  442. >Hearing your request, Luna seems to stop for a moment, thinking.
  443. "I know it's not exactly what you expected, but I promise, I'll make it worth your while in the end," you say, bowing your head a bit.
  444. >"How do you know it is not what we expected?"
  445. "Blueblood explained it to me, and I appologize for making it sound like I was coming on to you."
  446. >"No, I suppose I should waited to see what you wanted before becoming excited."
  447. >Reaching an arm around her shoulder, you give a gentle hug that she leans into.
  448. "Anyways, if we want to sneak in before the games start, we'll have to head out soon."
  449. >"Do not worry, we can teleport us there."
  450. "Really," you exclaim, "What's it like?"
  451. >"Tis true it can be disorienting, but tis also the swiftest form of travel."
  452. "Lets do it then," you say with a smile.
  453. >Luna's breathing slows and steadies before saying, "you must hold tight to me, Anon, or we may not arrive in the same place."
  454. >Wrapping your arms around her chest, you calm yourself as well while magic builds up around you.
  455. >"Close thy eyes and hold thy breath," Luna warns, and you do so.
  456. >The world around you suddenly lurches, and the moment your feet touch the ground again, you stumble, tipping Luna over onto you.
  457. >Wiggling under moon horse, who seems to be having a few balance issues of her own, you open your eyes to find the world spinning slightly.
  458. >Muffled voices appear in the distance, and Luna looks around quickly.
  459. >"Nay, this isn't right..." she mutters, before pushing you back as she backs up.
  460. >You see the toilet before you hit it, and push yourself up so you're seated on it, Luna squeezing against you before closing the stall door.
  461. >Normally, it seems this stall would hardly fit her anyways, and with you squeezed in as well, you're mashed right up against her flank.
  462. >In a very personal way.
  463. >If not for her sneak suit, you'd almost be making out with her lower lips.
  464. >And you're quite sure she can tell that too.
  465. >The door to what you can only assume is the bathroom opens, and Luna nervously takes half a step back.
  466. >This, of course, leaves you in full facial contact with her rear end.
  467. >She bites back a moan, and you try to regulate your breathing, limiting motion of your face.
  468. >Even through the latex of the suit, you can smell her, feel nearly every detail.
  469. >The two of you stay there motionless, and it's not long before there's the sounds of the other ponies leaving.
  470. >She hold this position a moment longer, straining to hear sounds, before letting out her held breath and opening the stall door.
  471. >With room to move again, you straighten out and stand, working out the pains from that awkward position.
  472. >Awkward in more ways than one.
  473. >Luna's barely able to look at you, her cheeks a vivid red.
  474. >"It seems the, er..., we do not see any other ponies in the vicinity. We need to press onward."
  475. "Lead the way. I'm assuming you know at least the basic layout of here?"
  476. >"We have been here before, as it often holds important events that are not suited to the castle."
  477. >Motioning you forward, she silently moves down the hall, peeking around the next corner.
  478. >"If our spell was correct, this should be the second story lavatory, and as such, we need to go down before entering the main hall."
  479. >Silently trotting down the hall, she keeps her ears swiveling, searching for sounds.
  480. >You follow close behind, remaining as quiet as you can.
  481. >At a split in the hall, she glances left and right, before motioning you to follow her down the right path.
  482. >After all, taking the wrong one would be bad.
  483. >Laughing internally at your joke, you almost miss her ears shooting forward.
  484. >"A guard approaches. We must hide immediately."
  485. >Testing a knob right behind you, you find it unlocked and rush inside, tugging Luna with you.
  486. ~~~
  487. >Anon's hand guides you into a room, the door being closed right behind you.
  488. >As it does, darkness sets in, save a small sliver of light from under the door.
  489. >The sound of hoofsteps and shifting armour gets closer, and the two of you move to the side of the door.
  490. >Pauses in the sounds indicate stops in the patrol, and just outside of your door, it stops too.
  491. >Clicks sound as the knob turns, your pulse rising in your chest, and the door opens slightly.
  492. >It doesn't stay open long, as the guard outside is satisfied, and you hear the sounds of the lock being engaged.
  493. >Oh buck...
  494. >Locked in a room with Anon.
  495. >In the dark..
  496. >All alone...
  497. >Perhaps this isn't as bad as it seems.
  498. >Leaning to rest on Anon, you stumble as it turns out he's not there.
  499. >You hear the knob gently tested, before Anon sighs.
  500. >"Damn. Unless you have some sort of unlocking magic, it looks like we need to find another way out."
  501. "None that wouldn't trigger countless alarms here. Perhaps we can use the vents?"
  502. >Lighting up your horn, a blue glow fills the room.
  503. >Searching around, you look for a maintenance grate.
  504. >"Found one!" Anon says, head down flank up under a table.
  505. >Unf~
  506. >Kneeling down next to him, you look at the vent and there's an immediate problem.
  507. >There's no way you'll fit in there.
  508. >Even Anon would have to squeeze quite tightly.
  509. >Getting stuck...
  510. >His lower half free to be used...
  511. >Nay, not is not the time for such thoughts.
  512. >That can come later.
  513. >"Hmn... Maybe you can just teleport us to the other side of the door?"
  514. "Indeed we can, but it doesn't feel appropriate..."
  515. >"Well, it seems like it's that, or we use your horn or something to try and pick the lock."
  516. "We can teleport us," you reply quickly, shuddering at the thought of sticking your horn in that lock.
  517. >With a surge of magic and a close hug from Anon, you teleport to the other side, looking around quickly.
  518. >No ponies are in sight, but the two of you have to move.
  519. >Re-orienting, you tug Anon along with magic, leading him to a way down.
  520. >Descending quickly down the stairs, you near the main hall.
  521. >Excited chatter slowly rises in the background, and coming to a door, you peek through to see the main hall, seats and stands packed to the brim.
  522. >There's no security at this door, more than likely they have all the entrances guarded, as well as patrols like the one earlier.
  523. >Silenty opening the door, you duck inside with Anon, pulling him under the bleachers with you.
  524. >The view isn't ideal, but the main hologram is still mostly visible, and you aren't likely to be spotted.
  525. >And like this, well, the two of you could get into... things without being caught.
  526. >Anon sits down, shuffling a bit to find a good spot.
  527. >Seating yourself next to him, you extend a wing out, tentativel stretching around Anon's back.
  528. >He shifts, and your wing snaps back silently.
  529. >Stay calm, Luna, thy time will arrive.
  530. >Matches start, and you find your attention drawn away from Anon somewhat.
  531. >Several tables are cycled through on the hologram, lingering on more interesting parts.
  532. >Of course, this is just the beginning of eliminations, so some matches are quite one sided.
  533. >At one table, Slugnoids mow down Celestial Dawn, rather fast and hard.
  534. >The pony controling them seems familiar, until you hear Anon say, "Ah, that's the pony from the game store."
  535. "Indeed she is. It seems she is quite skilled, to be playing in this tournament"
  536. >"AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST VICTORY!" The Voicemare announces, the hologram showing the last of the Celestial Dawn getting taken out by the Slugnoids.
  537. >"And to our defeated, don't worry, there is still the defeated bracket with a chance to come back as a wild card in the main standings."
  538. >A sudden touch draws your attention far from the happenings, though, as you feel something wrap around you.
  539. >Anon's arm is around you.
  540. >But it's supposed to be your wing around him.
  541. >After some deliberation, you decide it can be both, and reach a wing around him as well, leaning into him slightly.
  542. >His attention is held by the matches, when you see his jaw suddenly drop.
  543. >Following his eyes, you see what surprised him, and you find yourself equeally shocked.
  544. >Sitting there, on a private seat, is your sister, calmly watching the games.
  545. ~~~
  546. >Stamping your hooves in applause, you smile at both the victor and the defeated.
  547. >To think you almost forgot about this tournament, as well as your ticket for you and a plus one.
  548. >Of course, Luna has hers as well, though it seems she forgot entirely.
  549. >Still, at least she's enjoying herself.
  550. >Glancing over, you smile at the fluctuating mass that is her mane, visible under the stands.
  551. >And beside her, her colt crush, Anon.
  552. >Well, you can let her little... escapades slip for now.
  553. >Looking back to the fields of play, you can see another game coming in to a close.
  554. ~~~
  555. >Quietly cheering with Luna, you watch skilled armies duke it out across numerous battlefields.
  556. >While you wish you had snacks, it's still quite enjoyable.
  557. >The mare from the game shop is doing well, breezing through to the finals.
  558. >Her opponent is a very strong Lunar Knights player, much like the pony resting on your side.
  559. >Something suddenly nudges your leg, and you look down to see a pair of drinks and some popcorn with a note.
  560. >The note is a simple pony face winking, and you look over just in time to see Celestia wink at you.
  561. >Hmmm...
  562. >Well, this solves the snack problem.
  563. >Holding the second drink up for Luna, she looks at you questioningly, and you wiggle the fingers on your free hand.
  564. "A little human magic," you say as she takes it with her magic, "I even have popcorn."
  565. >"Thank you, this is much appreciated."
  566. >She gives you a smile, which you return in earnest, turning your attention to this final match.
  567. >If these two are some of the best, it will be well worth the experience watching it.
  568. >And it is.
  569. >Their formations move excelently, Troops skirmishing with minimal loss.
  570. >Every unit plays it's role, and every dice roll changes the course of the battle.
  571. >Game Shop Girl hits hard with her Zilla's, but Lunar Knights Lass holds strong.
  572. >Troops fall on either side, but the fate of this game is to be decided by a single roll.
  573. >A last Muster Courage, rolled at max power gives the Lunar Knights enough strength to sweep the last of the Slugnoids.
  574. >The entire room erupts into stomping applause, the VoiceMare announcing the winner.
  575. "What do you say we head out before things get busy?" you say to Luna, your voice more than adequately covered by the ambient sounds.
  576. >"A sound idea," she replies, pushing in against you before charging magic.
  577. >Grabbing hold of her, the two of you teleport back to the castle with a lurch.
  578. >Once your stomach and vision settle, you find yourself outside a room you don't recognize.
  579. >"That was quite enjoyable, although if we were to be caught, it would have been bad."
  580. "I know, and sorry, but also, thanks," you say with a smile.
  581. >As she smiles back, you lean down, her eyes going wider as you get closer.
  582. >You move forward suddenly, kissing her right on the nose, before standing and going to the door.
  583. "Thanks again, Luna."
  584. >A bright red cheeked nod is all you get back, before the door is closed and you're on your way.
  585. ~~~
  586. >You...
  587. >I...
  588. >He...
  589. >Giving up trying to form a coherent thought, you simply let fillyish instinct take over, and squeal in joy.
  590. >Prancing around the room, you run the scene in your head over and over, absorbing every detail of that wonderful moment.
  591. >Wait, this means he likes you.
  592. >Perhaps even more so.
  593. >He knows you like him, as he understood your prior excitement, and perhaps he simply wishes to take his time with courtship.
  594. >But he is a more modern colt, at the same time, so perhaps that kiss was even permission to act close to him in public...
  595. >Letting out another squeal, you strip out of your hot and now quite sticky and slick suit.
  596. >It will need some intense cleaning, but for now, some equally intense mare time is required.
  597. ~~~
  598. >Making your way down to the throne room, you await the return of Celestia.
  599. >If you're gonna be in trouble, you might as well get it over with quick.
  600. >Alerting the main door guards to the fact you wish to see Celestia when she returns, you hop onto her throne, relaxing into the cushions.
  601. >It may be a seat made for a pony, but it's pretty comfy for a human.
  602. >So comfy you could...
  603. ~~~
  604. >Your carriage slowly rolls to a halt, the door opened by your guards.
  605. >Stepping majestically from it, you take slow, measured steps toward your castle.
  606. >As much as you wish to run inside and partake in battle with your sister, Anon and even Blueblood, you must still keep up appearances.
  607. >After all, you are the Princess of the sun.
  608. >"Excuse me, Princess, but Anon requested your presence in the throne room," one of the gate guards says.
  609. "I shall see to it at once then," you reply, passing through the gates.
  610. >A brisk trot over to the throne room, and the doors are opened to you to reveal Anon, fast asleep on your throne.
  611. >Cute, kind of makes you want to snuggle him.
  612. >That is what stallions are for, after all.
  613. >That, and lewd things, but you can leave that for Luna to do.
  614. >She certainly is on the right path for that.
  615. >Sneaking around with him, next thing you know, they'll be on Dad's couch [spoiler]snuggling.[/spoiler]
  616. >Still, he requested you, so you had best see what he wants.
  617. "Anon, wake up," you say, nudging him gently with your hoof.
  618. >His eyes slowly open, looking up at you, before recognition hits and he sits up suddenly.
  619. >"Uh, hey, Celly, I was, uh, waiting for you."
  620. "So I heard. And what do you need me for?"
  621. >"I thought you were going to punish me for sneaking into the Hyperspace Canterlot Hyperwar."
  622. "Ah, yes, that," you say with a smile.
  623. >Perhaps he doesn't need to know that Luna was invited...
  624. "I have been considering punishments, but I feel I should give you a chance."
  625. >He smiles, and your smile grows in return.
  626. "And so, I decided you can attempt to win a pardon."
  627. >"Win?"
  628. "A game of HH, the winner gains something."
  629. >"So, if I win I get off scot free then?"
  630. "But if I win, hmnn..."
  631. >Oh, the many things you would love to do with Anon, but still, there's no point pushing too far.
  632. "Well, I think you cooking every one of my meals for a week seems like a fair punishment."
  633. >"Every one?"
  634. "Yes, and you best be prepared to wake up early, as I have breakfast shortly after raising the sun."
  635. >"But you haven't won yet, my dear sunbutt, and I don't plan on losing."
  636. "Prove so on the battlefield then," you reply, turning to head for your room, and the troops withing, "But keep talking like that and I may have to change your punishment to something a little more fitting..."
  637. >About to leave, you stop at the threshold and look back.
  638. "I hear barehoof kitchen work is quite common with married stallions."
  639. >Heading to your room, you run through your strategies to win this.
  640. >Oh, how jealous Luna will be when you have Anon cooking for you.
  641. ~~~
  642. >Making haste to your room, your troops await in their containers.
  643. >Checking and re-checking to make sure they're all there, you gather them and head to the Hyperwar room.
  644. >This is the most important fight you've had, well, maybe second most important.
  645. >Having to give up your Space Wolves would have sucked more than this.
  646. >Nonetheless, it's still an important game.
  647. >But you've beaten her before, so you can do it again.
  648. ~~~
  649. >Battered any bloodied, you fight to stand, to rise against the gold armoured foes ahead of you.
  650. >Your brothers have already fallen, and you are the last one left.
  651. >To face defeat like this, it feels... nostalgic, perhaps.
  652. >As if you've been here before, though maybe in a different position.
  653. "It seems I've lost," you say, looking down at the field.
  654. >"And so, you will be preparing my meals starting tomorrow."
  655. "Alright, a deals a deal, after all."
  656. >She smiles and pats your shoulder with a hoof.
  657. >"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll win the next game."
  658. "Are you suggesting double or nothing?"
  659. >The sound of the door opening stops any response, and Blueblood enters.
  660. >"Oh, am I interrupting anything?" he asks, looking between you and Celestia.
  661. >"No, we were just discussing his punishment."
  662. >One of his eyebrows raises, and a shiver runs down your spine.
  663. >Seeing his curiosity, Celestia smiles somewhat wickedly.
  664. >"Well, Anon decided to be a naughty boy and sneak into the Hyperspace Canterlot Hyperwar, and because of this, he's being punished."
  665. >"You know, if you had listened to my, I was going to tell you that the princesses always get tickets to events like this," he says, "All you had to do was ask and one of them would have taken you."
  666. "Now you tell me," you say with a sigh.
  667. >"Anyways, because of that, he has to prepare and serve me my meals for the next week."
  668. >The smile that grows on Bluebloods face is one that makes your blood run cold.
  669. >The kind of face that...
  670. >"Oh, I have to get the boys together, and we can all go shopping for a uniform for you, Anon. It wouldn't do to serve the princess without looking the part, after all."
  671. >Magic wraps around your wrist and Blueblood pulls you along with the strength of a bear, not giving you time to react.
  672. >"Do not worry about your men, Anon, I will return them to your room," Celestia calls as you are dragged past the threshold.
  673. >"Oh, we are going to have so much fun with this, Anon."
  674. >This is not going to end well...
  675. ~~~
  676. >Looking at the clothes next to Anon, you tilt your head and confer with your brothers in scarves.
  677. >"Hmn, it would suit him, but it feels to casual to serve the princess."
  678. "Perhaps more of a neighpon butler look would work," you comment, turning to look around the store.
  679. >Unfortunately, this store is a little more contemporary Canterlot than anything else.
  680. >"We should go to Velvet's, I bet she could make something that works."
  681. "My thoughts exactly. If anyone could make Anon a proper butler's attire, it would be her."
  682. >Anon just glares at you, tied in place.
  683. >With silk scarves, of course, you're not a monster.
  684. >He gave up cursing a while back, which you're quite thankful for.
  685. >It's really not a colty thing to do, after all.
  686. >Picking him up with magic, you and your shopping buddies all file out, thanking the shopkeepers for their help before heading on your way to Velvet's store."
  687. >A couple mares try to approach your group, but a stare from Anon scares them away.
  688. >If it weren't for the fact you know he's not THAT mad at you, you'd be a lot more scared of his glares too.
  689. >Your favourite fashion outlet nears, pumping joy into the group.
  690. >"Oooh, I wonder if she's got anything new since I last came," one of your friends say, making an excited stomp with his hoofshoes.
  691. "I'm more concerned if she'll be able to make the clothes for Anon in time."
  692. >The bell rings as you open the door, and Velvet smiles at you from behind the counter.
  693. >"Good afternoon, boys, what can I help you with?"
  694. "It's a bit of a story, but in the end, my friend Anon here needs a butler's outfit for serving Celestia, and preferably have it ready by tonight."
  695. >An eyebrow is quirked at you, but her smile doesn't fade.
  696. >"Well, that is certainly a strange request, and while I won't pry, I am going to need some time to discuss with your friend."
  697. >Floating him over, you undo the scarfs and leave him to Velvet's care.
  698. >Velvet takes him to the back, leaving you and the boys to do some shopping.
  699. ~~~
  700. >Well, this is happening, whether you like it or not, it seems.
  701. >Might as well get a decent outfit out of it.
  702. >"So, I'm, um, going to need to get your measurements, if you're comfortable with me doing that, of course," Velvet says, pawing the ground idly with a hoof.
  703. "Sure, just turn around for a moment, I need to remove my clothes."
  704. >"Right, yes," she exclaims quickly, before spinning to face away.
  705. >Stripping down to your boxers, you stack your clothes neatly on a chair, before letting Velvet know you're ready.
  706. >You can see some pink in her cheeks as she turns around, but bringing her tape measures up, she remains professional.
  707. >Soon, nearly every inch of you has been measured, and Velvet has a full page of numbers to use.
  708. >"I'm not sure how good you are with a quill, but do you think you could draw a rough idea of what you want in your outfit?" she asks as you re-dress yourself, "Of course, all the fine details can be done by me, I just don't know what you would look best in."
  709. >Accepting the quill from her, you draw, as best you can, a butlers suit, complete with tails.
  710. >"Interesting, yes, I can work with this! I'll be sure to have it sent to the castle before nightfall."
  711. >'Encouraging' you out of her back room, she sets to work, leaving you with several shopping colts.
  712. >Not your ideal situation.
  713. ~~~
  714. >Centuries of instinct and experience wakes you up, just in time to raise the sun.
  715. >Your morning coffee sits waiting, it's invigorating scent slowly drifting through the room.
  716. >Tea may be what you drink in social situations, but without your morning black, you'd be worse than Luna at this time.
  717. >Speaking of, she should be arriving shortly.
  718. >A somewhat unsteady set of hooves clop to your door, before it's opened to reveal an extremely tired Luna.
  719. >"Good *yawn* morning, sister, we hope you slept well."
  720. "I did, Luna, and hopefully you will sleep equally so."
  721. >Her head nods and bobs, sleep encroaching on her.
  722. >Can't let her sleep yet, though.
  723. >Gathering her magic, the moon is slowly dragged down, while you lift the sun.
  724. >With the spell finished, you catch Luna as she staggers, spent from exhaustion.
  725. >"Thank you, Sister, we shall see you tonight."
  726. >A knock at the door superceeds your reply, and you call for them to come in.
  727. >As if from a book, Anon steps through the door, a food tray pushed ahead of him.
  728. >You find yourself having troubles keeping your jaw from dropping and your...
  729. >No, wait, you can't hold back your winking.
  730. >He's dressed head to foot in a perfectly sized black suit, but more so than the suit are the small details.
  731. >Soft white gloves cover his hands, a gold chain extending from inside the suit to his breast pocket and he even has a perfectly sized bow tie.
  732. >Two long triangles of fabric extend down past his waist on the back, gently swaying as he moves.
  733. >This is so much better than those Bad Butler magazines you've for sure never read.
  734. >After all, why would a princess look at suck crass things.
  735. >"Sister, you will tell us how you did this to Anon," Luna whispers harshly in your ear.
  736. "It was a punishment, after all, he did sneak into the CHC," you whisper back, not looking away from Anon doing finishing touches on your breakfast.
  737. >And dear sweet you, he made waffles.
  738. >Your mouth slowly starts watering as you watch him layer on whipped cream, honey, strawberries and...
  739. >Are those chocolate chips?!
  740. [Hungry horse noises]
  741. >"Breakfast is served," he says with a bow, before stepping aside as your body drags you towards that delicious smelling nutrition.
  742. >Floating up utensils, your tongue darts across your lips before you start to politely dig in.
  743. >Good food, great eye candy and a jealous sister.
  744. >What a good way to start a day.
  745. ~~~
  746. >Peeking in your aunts door, you get a good look at Anon's backside and the reactions of your aunts.
  747. >And boy are they enjoying it.
  748. >Though Luna is also quite jealous.
  749. >And the smell of those waffles are quite good...
  750. >Perhaps you'll ask Anon for the recipe later.
  751. >With all your HH playing, your kitchen skills have slipped a bit.
  752. >And for a royal colt, that's a big no-no.
  753. >But then, Anon isn't exactly colty either.
  754. >Sure, he dresses up all the time, and from the smell of it he's a good cook, but he also plays HH, and he's rather marely in the way he speaks.
  755. >He's really interesting, and you're quite glad you became friends with him.
  756. >"Pardon the interruption, but we shall head to bed now. Stay well, Anon, Sister."
  757. >Scurrying out of the way, you hide and watch Luna leave Celestia's room, eyes tied to a sight within.
  758. >Even you have to admit, Anon's got flank.
  759. >And Luna is enjoying every moment of eyecandy.
  760. >She doesn't linger long, and shortly after she enters her room, Anon leaves Celestia's, tray being pushed along.
  761. >As Anon passes, you step out from behind the pillar, startling him.
  762. >"Geez, give a little warning Blueblood," he says, holding a hand in front of his chest.
  763. "Sorry Anon, I just couldn't not make sure everything went well with this."
  764. >"So... you were worried one of your aunts would try something?"
  765. "Well, I can't deny my desire to see you in your butler's uniform. It really does suit you."
  766. >"Not sure if that was a pun, but thanks, and I agree."
  767. >"Anyways, do you want to join me for waffles? There's still plenty of batter still, and I haven't eaten yet."
  768. "That would be great," you say, following him as he pushes the cart back to the kitchen.
  769. >Got to remember to ask for that waffle recipe.
  770. ~~~
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