Xenos Hunters Session 48

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  8.         antoine The Velox Venator raises its anchor and pulls away from Thanato as the planet is gripped in the throws of the never ending civil war that was brought about by Horus so long ago. The flight deck is in mourning over the loss of half of the "Wolf Pack" but continue to patch and repair their void craft while the manufacture of replacement arms continues in the manufactorum. This manufactorum is...
  9.         antoine ...also where Omniel constructs two replacement bionic eyes for Balmung's wolf which are inserted not long after you leave, giving the beast several weeks to recover. The Canoness and Oriel also recover in this time, the former now with a saint inscribed bionic arm while the latter has healed up quite nicely on his own.
  10.         Navarre would have had a hand in the installation of said bionic arm. "Don't loose this one. It doesn't have a warranty."
  11.         Balmung stomps down the hallways on his way to see the wolf followed by Kant
  12.         antoine It after three weeks of warp travel, from the Gregorian Passage, past the Hadex Anomaly and deep into the Green Zone you finally arrive at your destination. The gut-wrenching feel of dropping out of the warp heralding your arrival.
  13.         antoine Oriel calls you from the ship vox, ++Deathwatch members to the bridge.++
  14.         Balmung heads to the bridge
  15.         Sinbad  stops his embroidery session with Patriclus, weaving him a tabard, and both make their way to the bridge
  16.         Navarre would report to the bridge.
  17.         Omniel  puts the finishing touches on his latest upgrade, then swiftly makes his way to the bridge.
  18.         Bastianus       appears on the bridge, nursing a purity seal-wrapped case as long as he is tall and as wide as a man. His psybernetic warbird roosts atop his suit's power pack, glaring at the room's occupants. His armor is now freshly-painted black and his left gauntlet is silver, but the horned, golden skull of a Librarian still menaces on his chest with a black cross upon its forehead.
  19.         antoine Decimus soon joins you, an old but well made bionic now replacing his right hand.
  20.         Bastianus       "Brothers," he says, smiling warmly at the Kill-team.
  21.         Balmung "You're much more cheerful than your brothers."
  22.         Sinbad  notices the newcomer from Bellerophon's indictment, and hisses, edging away again as he did before to the borders of the room
  23.         Bastianus       lightly chortles. "Oh, this I cannot deny. During the long months of passage to the Reach, I was half-prepared to empty Gregor's mind upon the tranpsort's decking. His arrogance was most uncomely."
  24.         Bastianus       sighs. "But now, his arrogance has indeed undone him. Perhaps An-- Brother-Champion Anselm would call it bravery, but I call it stupidity."
  25.         Sinbad  sits cross-legged on the ground, mumbling to himself in contempt
  26.         Navarre "You do seem more personable. I find the rest of the Knights Teutonic to be hot-headed whelps that need a good kick in the rear. Or a branding. Both."
  27.         Balmung "So why did you call us?"
  28.         Bastianus       's bird quickly spins its head to Navarre. Bastianus himself only lazily looks to the Apothecary and smirks.
  29.         antoine Oriel sits on the plush seat next to the Captain who seems to be swooning over the recently injured Inquisitor. Your superhuman hearing picking up her comments of his "bravery" and "stamina" during the voyage no doubt confirming the trader captain's infatuation with the man has only grow with time and apparent "heroic" injury.
  30.         Balmung tries not to snicker
  31.         antoine "We have found the Inquisitor's ship", a holo figure of a broken hulk spreading through the void nearby a green marble of a planet appears.
  32.         Bastianus       "Destroyed. That seems problematic."
  33.         Navarre "Even the Inquisition can't control such things."
  34.         Balmung "She could have met with another ship and destroyed this one to cover her tracks."
  35.         Omniel  "Has she been accounted for in the wreckage?"
  36.         Sinbad  "...This is Ork-infested territory, no? She may have made planetfall while the hideous things destroyed her ship after she left."
  37.         Bastianus       "The Inquisitor is not amongst the wreckage."
  38.         Bastianus       The Librarian's bird lets out a shrill cry as Bastianus's eyes glow. "No, there is an astropath upon the surface of the planet. Show me the world, and where our ship is in relation to it, and I will give you the feeble mind's position."
  39.         Sinbad  makes a ward with his hands against the sorcery the Librarian works
  40.         antoine Oriel nods, "There is indeed a presence on the planet. Among the great sea of alien, what I loathe to call, intelligence."
  41.         Balmung "Care to narrow our search area down for us?"
  42.         antoine Oriel brings up the holograph to encompass the world and the Venator in a single picture as the Captain calls for a course change towards the location.
  43.         Omniel  "I assume she is not on friendly terms with the Orks."
  44.         Sinbad  "She Who knows what manner of filth she truly associates with?"
  45.         Sinbad  looks off to the side
  46.         Bastianus       "No man is on friendly terms with orks." Bastianus draws close to the hololithic. The light fades from his eyes as he points to a specific portion of the world. "There. That is where you will find this marooned astropath."
  47.         Bastianus       looks to the others. "And where you will find this astropath, you will find its master, no-doubt."
  48.         Balmung "We should assume that the orks are aware of this also, we should get there as soon as possible."
  49.         Omniel  "Precisely."
  50.         Balmung "Any word on if the orks are tribal or have more advanced "tech"."
  51.         Sinbad  "They have invaded this place and set their filthy stronghold can not only be due to their number. They must have their crude titans and vehicles at least to hold it."
  52.         antoine The lithe frigate accelerates towards the planet as Oriel replies, "Unknown but if they were the ones who destroyed the Defence Monitor then we may assume a level of technical prowess."
  53.         Navarre "The best you can do with orks is get them to fight something that's not you." He looks at the hololith projector. "Hmmm. Quite the amount of greenskins."
  54.         Omniel  "A drop pod may be more difficult for them to bring down."
  55.         Balmung "Aye but our companions cannot handle drop pod reentry."
  56.         Bastianus       "Indeed," Bastianus says. "It is a shame we must have them with us, then."
  57.         Navarre "Should we risk bringing the mortals with us? Perhaps we can clear out a landing zone. Let us risk the orks, and then let them join us when some measurable manner of safety is achieved.."
  58.         Balmung "I doubt there is room in a drop pod for me either."
  59.         Sinbad  "My brother is blessed with the Light of the Holiest Throne of Mankind! He shall not be left behind while the enemy sits before him on the lands of humanity!"
  60.         Sinbad  nods at Patriclus
  61.         Bastianus       reclines his head back such that Sinbad cannot see him behind the psychic hood, and rolls his eyes.
  62.         Balmung "The thunderhawk will also give us fire support"
  63.         Sinbad  "...It also has a powerful cannon. That will be useful against mechanized greenskins."
  64.         Navarre "I am only offering my suggestions, brother-chaplain. The last time we faced a mechanical terror, it almost killed the lot of us."
  65.         Bastianus       "Yes." Bastianus rests a hand against the holo-display, holding his case steady in the other. "Any ork is likely to have a gun large and powerful enough to destroy a warship. But a spacecraft is too small a target for orks to really know how to handle..."
  66.         antoine Patriclus interrupts ,"The Thunderhawk will bring about the destruction of 'our' enemies the quickest. 'We' will take that void craft." He speaks in a somewhat withdrawn fashion as if referring to himself and someone else and being one and the same.
  67.         Sinbad  looks at Patriclus at his new choice of personal pronouns, but thinks nothing of it more, and nods in agreement
  68.         antoine Oriel raises an eyebrow as Patriclus marches towards the hangar.
  69.         Bastianus       narrows his eyes and looks to the Inquisitor.
  70.         Sinbad  follows along, bidding the assemblage goodbye before he goes
  71.         Balmung heads off to retrieve his wolf and find out where Kant went
  72.         Bastianus       nods to Oriel, before heading out after the others.
  73.         Navarre "It'd be so much easier to clear an LZ." Fine. Via the Thunderhawk.
  74.         Balmung grunts
  75.         Bastianus       "But getting out would not be so simple. Better to have a Thunderhawk make a two-way trip than complete the circuit of a three-way trip to get the drop pod."
  76.         Bastianus       stops when they reach the Thunderhawk's hangar, and puts the box down on the deck. The psyber rhoc screeches, flaps its wings lightly, then shifts over to his pauldron.
  77.         Bastianus       "These seals," Bastianus muses, "were placed by Chaplain Albert, not long before he left to die on Umbaros. It has not been thought any hand was worthy to open the container after the disgrace. Until now..."
  78.         Balmung returns to the hanger with his companions behind him
  79.         Sinbad  is waiting in the hangar, sharing tea with Patriclus and doop
  80.         Bastianus       carefully tears away the purity seals from the container. When the streams of prayer-paper rest at the sides of the box, he slowly, lovingly opens the lid to reveal a long, thin staff with a shining black leather handle and a golden Aquila figurehead.
  81.         Navarre "The Knights seem to have a tradition of failing. I suppose one could find grandeur even there." He looks to Bastianius. "No offense of course. The Imperial Fists have a history of failure as well."
  82.         Bastianus       takes the force staff from the box, revealing a sheathed sword beneath it. He grunts to Navarre. "One does not find glory in defeat. Hence this. These were some of the only relics that did not travel to Umbaros."
  83.         Balmung "What's in the container?"
  84.         Bastianus       takes the sword from the box.
  85.         Bastianus       "This coffer was made to protect the Icons of the Unbowed, Brother Balmung. Might force weapons once wielded by a great Librarian of my Chapter."
  86.         Balmung grunts
  87.         Bastianus       fastens the sword's scabbard to his belt, and rests his weight against the staff. "And now, they are in my use. It took a great bit of effort to get the Council to part with them from the Reclusiam."
  88.         Navarre "Meaning you'd have to be a psyker to weild them to any effect."
  89.         Bastianus       nods.
  90.         antoine Gonmar and his combat squad as well as the Dark Son Sergeant and his combat squad embark on the Thunderhawk, Decimus following them into the void craft.
  91.         Sinbad  nods to the brotherly support teams
  92.         Sinbad  breaks the tea set, tidies the set up, and readies Patriclus and doop for the Thunderhawk
  93.         Omniel  revs his drill a few times experimentally, the deep grooves having proven exceptionally difficult to clear of gore.
  94.         Balmung nods to Gonmar "Not heading back to the great company?"
  95.         antoine "Not yet, if that beacon did call the Tyranids our brothers may be forced to hound the fiends and reunite with us anyway."
  96.         Balmung nods
  97.         Navarre "More wolves? Joy."
  98.         antoine Decimus takes up the pilots seat in the Raven guard coloured Thunderhawk, the Canoness' booted feet matching the heavy stomp of Patriclus' power armoured form as the pair seat themselves.
  99.         Sinbad  finds them seating farthest away from the librarian
  100.         Navarre sits where ever. His armor is looking... fancier then it was last time. Fresh coat of paint, maybe.
  101.         Bastianus       sits at the far-back of the Thunderhawk, greatly amused by Sinbad's phobia.
  102.         Balmung sits down next to the rest of the wolves and Kant
  103.         antoine Decimus propels the Thunderhawk out of the hangar, spearing down towards the lush green planet where the astropath is thought to be located.
  104.         Sinbad  begins an odd song from his seat
  105.         Sinbad  "ما هو الحب؟"
  106.         antoine Your visors link to the Thunderhawk's machine spirit sensors and external pict feeds shows a high canopy jungle below you, the occasional thick plume of smoke emerging from the tree tops.
  107.         Bastianus       unclasps his Maximus-pattern helm from his waist, and locks it over his face. ++I cannot abide the stench of orks.++
  108.         Navarre ++Quite the jungle...++ Navarre locks his diagnostor helmet on.
  109.         antoine Decimus slows the Thunderhawk to coast forwards as you approach the Astropath's location. his voice emitting through the Thunderhawk, ++I can land in a clearing made by the orks that looks occupied or you can rappel into the jungle here.++
  110.         Sinbad  removes his helmet and awaits the decision of either his brother or the Kill Team
  111.         Bastianus       ++The less time in the air, the better, I say. We should put down.++
  112.         Balmung ++Indeed, fire the main cannon on our approach.++
  113.         antoine Decimus accelerates to attack speed, the oversized engines roaring as you approach the clearing, the machine spirit has picked up several Ork technicals as well as several mobs wandering the area.
  114.         antoine A pair of walker sawing through the jungle to clear the area also appear on the vehicles auspex.
  115.         antoine The pair of lascannons reach out and detonate a kan, cooking off its ammo and sending rounds flying into a nearby mob while the fire ball distributes parts over the clearing.
  116.         Omniel  plugs in to the Thunderhawk's gunnery systems, taking aim with the Hellstrike and letting fly at the second kan.
  117.         Sinbad  opens fire with two of the twin-linked heavy bolters, savoring the slaughter of a dense Ork mob
  118.         antoine The missile shakes the kan but it remains standing while the heavy rounds being spewed by Sinbad's weapon scythes down half of one of the mobs.
  119.         antoine The main cannon turbo-laser obliterates the other mob, scoring the jungle floor black by the blast following the high pitch whine while the smell of ozone fills the passenger compartment.
  120.         Balmung guns down the remaining orks
  121.         antoine The last of the boys are ripped to shreds by Balmung's manned Heavy Bolters as the Thunderhawk swings around and lands. The front hatch opens as the three truks speed off into the jungle, the slower kan only making it into nearby undergrowth as the team disembarks.
  122.         Sinbad  "Excellent. They have no runners to warn their main body. Though, the fools their species is, they'll likely come running /for/ the explosions."
  123.         Navarre ++At least they are perdictable.++
  124.         Balmung "Aye, Decimus can you take out what ever they send to investigate then return to the ship to rearm incase we need fire support?"
  125.         Bastianus       ++I would not advise 'taking out' whatever they send to investigate. It will only attract more.++
  126.         Balmung ++True, but it will buy us time to get away from the landing site++
  127.         antoine Decimus replies, "Very well Balmung.", the Thunderhawk takes off. Hovering a moment as its heavy bolters and front lascannons finish off the kan and truks before turning and heading higher into the atmosphere.
  128.         Bastianus       pets his bird's head. ++I shall send Kruger to survey the jungle.++
  129.         antoine As the heavy bolter spent shells rain on the half scorched earth below your feet the psyber roc stretches its wings.
  130.         Balmung ++Very well++
  131.         Navarre ++So we're going to wait for the bird to come back.++
  132.         Bastianus       sends the bird an impulse of command. ++Fly, my falcon, and see for me the world below you.++
  133.         Sinbad  lets Patriclus and the Canoness mount the doop's back and looks around at the clearing
  134.         Sinbad  ++Where to now?++
  135.         Balmung holds up his arm
  136.         Balmung ++We head east, the witch is there and it's stronger than Bastianus++
  137.         antoine The bird takes to the skies, circling overhead as its head scans the nearby environs.
  138.         Bastianus       ++Why, I take offense to that!++
  139.         Balmung ++Just telling you what I can smell++
  140.         Bastianus       ++I find it interesting that you can detect power by scent.++
  141.         Navarre ++I'm surprised he can find anything by scent on a world infested by greenskins.++
  142.         Balmung ++You'd be surprised what the wolves can do++
  143.         Bastianus       taps the tip of his helm's extension. ++I'll have to discuss this with the Librarium when I return to Prosson. Canines that can detect psychic presence are a very interesting subject indeed. But Kruger has found us a salvation pod nearby, and as you say... it is to the east.++
  144.         Bastianus       ++I wonder...++
  145.         Balmung stomps forward ++Just imagine what our psykers can do if I can track one by scent.++
  146.         Navarre ++Then they may be in need of medical attention!++
  147.         Bastianus       draws the Blade of the Unbowed. Electricity dances between his staff and his gauntlet. ++Yes... I see him now.++
  148.         Bastianus       steps forward, his eyes now shining as bright as the stab-lights of a Guard vehicle. ++Our Throne-bound man is not so great as I, dearest Balmung. I suppose my ego shall rest easy tonight on that, but it may be he has not yet sensed me...++
  149.         Balmung ++He must need a bath then, I get the two confused sometimes++
  150.         Bastianus       ++The question is, do I commune with him?++
  151.         Balmung ++He might run, don't contact him until we're closer.++
  152.         Bastianus       ++Very well.++ The light dies from his helm's eyepieces, and the Epistolary shakes his head. ++Kruger shall stay in the air. I will inform you if I see anything new.++
  153.         Balmung ++Good, now lets get moving.++
  154.         antoine The Kill Team heads east into the jungle as the psyber familiar flies overhead. As the jungle encloses you the ambient light dims, the high canopy letting through a scattering of light. The floor is moist but easy to move through, a recent rain feeding the undergrowth that you stomp through.
  155.         Bastianus       can be heard to mumble lightly about the mud splattering against his armor.
  156.         antoine The glint of metal is soon visible through the large fan-shaped leaves hanging down from a thick curved trunk plant that dominates the light of nearby vegetation and results with only moss growing in its shade. The skitter of jungle critters heralds your approach on the salvation pod.
  157.         Bastianus       steps forwards. ++Problematic. It appears he has moved on. Brother Balmung, might you use your sense of smell for us? Or should I scan the region once more?++
  158.         Balmung ++I'll smell them out++
  159.         antoine As you move in you spot the removal of the salvation pod's survival contents.
  160.         Balmung stomps over to a tree
  161.         Balmung "Come down now"
  162.         antoine silence greets the Space Wolf
  163.         Balmung "If you don't come down I will chop down this tree, Sinbad how many swings do you think it would take me?"
  164.         Bastianus       approaches with the Blade of the Unbowed in-hand. ++Perhaps they might be coaxed to come down?++ he suggests, as the blade's length is wreathed in glimmering blue.
  165.         Sinbad  "I don't know! Let's see! I want to see a famous Fenrisian frost blade in action."
  166.         Balmung readies his axe and prepares to swing "I'm sure I could do it in one swing"
  167.         antoine "Wait, wait!" comes a meek voice
  168.         antoine "I'm coming down."
  169.         Balmung "Good"
  170.         antoine the little man works his way down some branches to stand, if not merely stooping before you.
  171.         Sinbad  points at the small man
  172.         Sinbad  "A mutant! Burn him!"
  173.         antoine "argh!", the man falls back into nearby undergrowth, his hand held before his head in a desperate effort to protect himself.
  174.         Balmung picks up the tiny man
  175.         antoine the man's legs pump uselessly in the air at first before he gives up and goes slack in the Space Wolf's hands.
  176.         Bastianus       sheathes the Blade of the Unbowed and approaches. ++Very good, very good... hold him out to me, Balmung.++
  177.         Balmung ++We could always just ask him, he might be more useful with an intact mind++
  178.         antoine As Bastianus approaches the man begins to weekly flail, "No, No, No. Please, No!"
  179.         Bastianus       ++Oh, come! No harm shall be done to him. I will only see what he has hidden away within his mind.++
  180.         Balmung grunts
  181.         Balmung "Tell us what you know or I my friend will force it from you"
  182.         Balmung looks at the wolf "Or......."
  183.         Balmung starts talking in a strange voice and dangles the man in above the wolf "Who's a hungry wolf? Who's a hungry wolf?"
  184.         antoine "Ok, yes. Whatever you wish to know." he quickly replies.
  185.         Bastianus       ++It may be this Inquisitor is very resourceful. What he remembers may not be the reality of things...++
  186.         <--|    Sinbad has left #XenosHunters
  187.         Balmung "Where is Telion?"
  188.         antoine "Nearby, the greenskins found where her craft landed and took her."
  189.         Bastianus       "Why would the orks make use of an Inquisitor? They cannot possibly have known there was any worth to her."
  190.         Balmung "Do not underestimate the greenskins"
  191.         Bastianus       ++The Inquisitor must have travelled quite far. I did not detect her presence earlier.++
  192.         Balmung "Now tell us tiny man why should we let you live?"
  193.         antoine "I know more, I can lead you to her. Just promise to not leave me here."
  194.         Bastianus       looks to Balmung.
  195.         Balmung "If you try to deceive us I will let the wolf hunt you down."
  196.         antoine The little man with hollowed eyes nods quickly
  197.         Balmung tosses the man to Gonmar "Gonmar entertain our friend with tales of the hunting prowess of the Fersian Wolf"
  198.         Bastianus       "Anything you know, I can easily just take from your mind, little one. But if Brother Balmung wills your continued existence, so be it." Bastianus draws the Blade of the Unbowd again, and carries on, electricity arcing from his staff once more as he moves onwards.
  199.         Bastianus       ++I detect nothing nearby, Brother Balmung. Nothing at all within the next two kilometers besides petty wildlife. I suspect this astropath means to lure us somewhere.++
  200.         antoine The astropath starts heading north, points as his head swivels around nervously at every animal sound, "This way."
  201.         -->|    Balmung_ ( has joined #XenosHunters
  202.         Omniel  ++Should we follow, then?++
  203.         |<--    Balmung has left (Ping timeout)
  204.         =-=     Balmung_ is now known as Balmung
  205.         Balmung ++Ork tracks, but they're old++
  206.         Bastianus       ++How much so?++
  207.         Balmung ++Can't tell any where from 3 days to even two weeks.++
  208.         Balmung ++We should continue though, what does your avian friend see?++
  209.         Bastianus       grumbles to himself, sending an impulse to the psyber rhoc. ++We shall see...++
  210.         Bastianus       ++The area around us is fully devoid of orks, but it appears he is taking us towards an encampment of them... Kruger makes out no distinguishable sign of humans.++
  211.         Balmung nods "Let's keep moving then"
  212.         antoine You continue to tromp through the jungle, the astropath has difficulty moving through the terrain but maintains his direction quite well. It is the only chance he has of leaving the planet so he seems to be clinging to that cardinal direction quite religiously.
  213.         Balmung "Stop witch!"
  214.         antoine The man cringes as he halts
  215.         Bastianus       exaggeratedly stops.
  216.         Balmung "Slowly back up"
  217.         antoine the man looks down and places his feet in their own tracks as he retreats.
  218.         Balmung "Not you Bastianus, the mortal. He is about to walk into a man eating plant, Kant light it up."
  219.         antoine The Kreiger stomps forwards, raising his heavy flamer up before triggering the nozzle and covering the plant in promethium, the tentacles-like appendages hanging from the tree tops whipping around in a frenzy as it slowly burns.
  220.         Balmung ++Be on the look out for those plants."
  221.         antoine Kant murmers something behind his mask before sending one last burst of flame at the now shriveled up plant. Afterwards he stomps forwards, pushing the witch ahead as he follows close behind with the flamer pilot light ignited and ready to burn.
  222.         Omniel  ++Such a disagreeable planet.++
  223.         Bastianus       ++Deathworlds are like this. I once visited Girobia, Terminator-Lord Petarek's dominion, and also Brother Anselm's homeworld, on a custodial round... it is an unpleasant place. Creatures such as that are not uncommon.++
  224.         antoine The Ork camp is heard long before it is seen, the heavy hooting, guttural calls, fighting and shooting that seems so prevalent with this race leading you to them.
  225.         Balmung ++Not enough vicious beasts for me++
  226.         Bastianus       ++I can easily dispatch with a large number of them in a single strike of power. I bid you let me do so, Brother Balmung, it has been too long since I had such an opportunity.++
  227.         antoine Up ahead you spot several trees.... that are not actual trees, they are poorly painted metal sheets in the shape of trees that you spy the glint of green skin and metal behind. The tree's are not even painted green, splashes of yellow and red are used liberally and in such a fashion that high nobility would likely think they would not be out of place as opera props for a particularly damning...
  228.         antoine critique on environmental issues.
  229.         Balmung ++Take out those poorly hidden ones first++
  230.         Bastianus       casts a pleading look to the Deathwatch Veteran.
  231.         antoine The astropath finds a nice large tree trunk to hide behind.
  232.         Bastianus       ++Witness the might of a true psychic mind...++
  233.         Bastianus       's psychic hood begins to glow as he stands still. ++That... was terribly sloppy of me, but this creature is so pitifully weak as to make no matter....++
  234.         antoine A couple poke their beady eyes out from their metal 'trees' before they narrow as they see you and snarl.
  235.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Omniel, Serfs, Kommandos, Bastianus ”
  236.         Balmung charges into the orks and starts hackin and whackin and smackin
  237.         Omniel  follows suit, tunneling through the horde in a spray of green gore.
  238.         antoine Wolfy charges in, ripping the throat out of a ork before dragging another one clumsily hanging onto his 'tree' for protect from the beast nuzzling in his exposed internal organs. Kant slams a trench knife through a Ork skull before punching another one to death.
  239.         antoine The Orks break and run from the devestating assault.
  240.         Bastianus       ++At this juncture I would advise the lot of you to move back towards me. Quickly.++
  241.         Bastianus       waits for the orks to move some distance, before pointing the Staff of the Unbowed towards the orks. ++I shall cleanse your filthy forms from this world!++
  242.         Bastianus       From the Librarian's staff leap dozens of bolts of blinding lightning. Within an instant they cross the field, connecting with the fore of the orks and lighting up the ground with the intensity of a star. The psychic strike explodes with the boom of a thunderclap, and when the light recedes there is nothing where the orks once were; only vitrified earth and smoldering husks of trees at
  243.         Bastianus       the edges of the blast.
  244.         Bastianus       relaxes his stance. ++As tastelessly violent as it is, I take pride in my capacity to wreak destruction.++
  245.         Bastianus       looks to where the last ork remains, hiding. ++Observe.++
  246.         Bastianus       twitches. ++I have been repulsed. This is most distressing.++
  247.         Omniel  ++Shall I stop observing?++
  248.         antoine The ork shakes his head before he throws a primed stick bomb at Kant before pretending to be a shrub.
  249.         antoine Kant dives out of the way as the stick bomb lets out a dull boom, sending jungle critters running away, with a bird begin plucked out of the air as it runs from its roost by the psyber roc circling above.
  250.         Bastianus       ++My apologies. I must have been more exhausted by the bolt than I first thought...++
  251.         antoine There are a couple shouts of possible alarm from the encampment just beyond your current position. The rev of trucks are heard but only one appears to be headed your way.
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