Upcoming Stream Plans

Mar 1st, 2017
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  1. Sup guys. In the next few days my stream will be taking a bigger turn than it ever has before, so I thought it would be appropriate to document my plans.
  3. The reason for the change is, of course, Breath of the Wild. I'll be streaming it immediately after launch (hopefully around 1AM EST on Friday 3-3) and I'm taking off work the entire following week to stream it as much as I possibly can. My main focus will be completing a casual playthrough, and attempting to 100% the game in order to learn about it as much as possible. I say casual, but I will also be keeping an eye out for interesting glitches or tech that can become useful to the developing speedrunning community around the game. I'll test anything that pops into my head, and document things that seem important. I will be uploading all of these streams to YouTube for archiving. Once I feel that I've learned enough, and if I think the game is conducive to it, I want to try to speedrun BotW. Obviously categories don't exist yet, but I'm hearing whispers of a short any%, so we'll see how that goes.
  5. For those of you who only want to watch me for OoT, my plan is to have at minimum one day per week where I continue to do glitchless runs and push for that 3:36. It will likely be Saturdays but we'll see as my schedule develops.
  7. I'm really excited to get into a new game and help to lay the groundwork for a developing speedrunning scene. I'm not leaving OoT behind though, so don't worry on that front. Eventually I will come back to OoT full time. Thanks for reading :)
  9. dannyb
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