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  1. admin@RT-AC66U# /tmp/cpubench
  2. This is CPU and memory benchmark for OpenWRT v0.6. This will then take some time... (typically 30-60 seconds on a 200MHz computer)
  3. Overhead for getting time: 22us
  4. Time to run memory bench: 1.81[secs]
  5. Time to run computation of pi (2400 digits, 10 times): 4.75[secs]
  6. Time to run computation of e (9009 digits): 3.84[secs]
  7. Time to run float bench: 1.92[secs]
  8. Total time: 12.3s
  10. You can copy/paste the following line in the wiki table at:
  11. || 2012-09-05 || ''Author'' || 1.8s || 4.8s || 3.8s || 1.9s || v0.6 || ''OS'' || ''DeviceModel'' || ''CPU model'' || ''CPU Frequency'' || ''LinkToHwPage'' ||
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