Windy outline

Sep 12th, 2018
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  1. Anon lives in the country; he's a small scale rancher and does other jobs on the side. He suffered a tragedy as a younger man, his wife died in childbirth, and his daughter died as a child in some farm accident. She might have been killed by someone else's horse while Anon was not paying attention. Anon has trouble forming relationships and is very cautious, especially about putting other people in danger. He's the sort of guy who installs a back-up beeper on his personal truck, just because. His cows are well fenced and safe enough, his equipment is well maintained, and he has good relationships with his neighbors, but he sometimes worries about his most mobile, least predictable possession. He got Windy because he needed help around the place and needed the company even more, and it's worked out great! He would trust Windy with his own life, but Windy has no reason to be loyal to humanity at large...
  3. Windy Winters was captured late in the war, long after it was effectively lost, but before Equestria was fully pacified. He was young, still a blank-flank, and taken in by a group of guerrilla fighters (or "human fighters") when he lost his parents. They raised him on stories of resistance and endurance, boldly pointed out that the war was not over while a single soldier still fought, and took great pride in their continued ability to keep raising the next generation. As long as their mascot needed them to stay free they were still a real army, none of them could bear to lay down their weapons. Eventually, of course, the colonists cornered them and that nonsense did not last long in the pony slave re-education camps. Windy has always suspected that somepony sold them out when his army's 'resistance taxes' on their fellow ponies devolved into simple banditry, but he will never be sure.
  5. This background made him a natural fit for Crysocolas group when he ended up in Slaveventure, but he was never actually a soldier. His army valued him too much to put him at risk, and he never did get his cutie mark. Sending an unmarked colt into battle would be beyond the pale, even for them! They're much harder to find on Earth, and his child-like status as a young adult made him very unsure of himself among them. A decade later this problem has only gotten worse: Windy can barely stand to talk to the few other ponies in 'Nons county out of embarrassment.
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