Jul 12th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. >Dia dies in one timeline and it's all SS's fault.
  2. >SS decides to use the time scroll to venture into a timeline where she is alive.
  3. >SS drops into this timeline and confronts it's silver spoon.
  4. >"What? Another clone? I already told you guys to stay quarantined in the Everfree-"
  5. "I'm not a clone... I'm... from another timeline."
  6. >"....?! Are you crazy?! You're starting more timelines by doing this. Haven't you heard Twilight's warnings?!"
  7. "Dia is dead."
  8. >SS is noticeably shocked.
  9. >"O-Oh... I'm sorry. But still, why are you here? You don't plan on abandoning your friends and staying here right?"
  10. "No... I j-just... I just wanted to see Dia and tell her I'm sorry. T-That I'm sorry for... it's all my fault..."
  11. >".....Alright, you can see her."
  13. >The other SS leads this SS to her and Dia ends up consoling her.
  14. "I'm so- sorry Dia. I-It's all my fault. I let you die. You died and I couldn't, I couldn't stop it. Like how I couldn't stop mom from- hic. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
  15. >>"There there Sil... I forgive you."
  16. "N-No, you can't... you mustn't. It's my fault that you-"
  17. >>"There's nothing I could have done."
  18. "That's not true! The fact that this timeline exists means I could have done something, I could have saved you... I could have..."
  19. >Dia continues patting Sil on the head.
  20. >>"Even so, even if you did save me, there would always be a Sil out there who didn't. That's how these timelines work right?"
  21. "But-"
  22. >>"Stay strong Sil. You know what you have to do."
  23. "But... I don't wanna let go... I.... I love you Dia." Sil nuzzles Dia on her cheek, squeezing hard.
  24. >>"....I love you too Sil."
  25. >Other SS is averting her gaze as they share this moment together.
  26. "....I should go."
  27. >>"You should."
  28. "....Silver Spoon?"
  29. >"Yeah?"
  30. "Protect her. Protect her with everything you have."
  31. >"....Of course."
  32. "...Goodbye Dia... and... thank you."
  33. >SS leaves.
  35. >>"....So.... You love me huh?"
  36. >"Shuddup Dia. She probably meant it as a friend."
  37. >>"I don't think so~"
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