actions - Local Heroes

Feb 12th, 2018
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  1. * Each hero in your group can perform 1 action in a turn from the list below.
  2. * If you have special Items, you can use, equip or unequip them to your heroes before taking an action. A single hero can't wear more than one item or equip more than one item at the same time. Items can't be used by more than one hero in a single turn. 1-time-use items(Potions, Tomes) will be removed after consumption.
  3. * Each time an hero performs an action they roll 1d10 and gain bonuses from skills and items.
  4. *You have to make an action with the 3 of your heroes in the same comment, you can't split actions to different comments.
  5. --
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  8. 1) Complete a mission-
  9. You can pick one mission from the mission list. You can send multiple heroes to complete a mission if you want to.
  10. Wizards gain a bonus when completing "Banish" missions, Warriors in "Fight" missions and Paladins on "Purge" missions.
  11. Your group will loot 1 treasure/item for every 2 points of challenge the mission had. Note that market taxes may claim those treasures and send them to the market instead.
  12. To successfully complete a mission, your group has to score their rolls higher than the challenge of the mission.
  13. Failing a mission will result in an injury, and your group will suffer [Wounded] trait which means they'll roll 1d8 next turn instead of 1d10.
  14. Explore missions have "keys" instead of challenge, to complete those you must have the matching combination of keys in your storage and 'use them' to gain entry in to the ruin.
  15. Inside an exploration mission you will face a threat of random type (Banish/Fight/Purge) with a challenge of 5 per key. You will receive 4 treasures per key if you successfully complete the mission, those treasures will not be taxed by the city.
  17. 2) Scout for treasures
  18. You can send an hero to go scouting for treasures. "Scout" ranks and items will increase your roll.
  19. for each 4 points of score - your hero will return with a treasure or a key.
  20. Scouting for treasures may also result in special events, even in failure.
  22. 3) Craft an item
  23. Your hero can spend their action to craft and improve an item
  24. Choose one item from your storage, your hero will then perform a "craftsman" skill roll, for each 5 points of score the item will be improved by +1(up to +4). You can attempt to improve the same item more than once, but the bonuses do not stack, only the highest apply.
  26. 4) Barter with the market
  27. This is the only action that does not have a roll.
  28. The amount of barters you can do with the market is 1+your hero's merchant ranks (a merchant with 3 ranks can barter 4 times)
  29. With each barter, you can either sell 1 treasure and receive 1 item of your choice from the market, or your can sell one of your storage items and receive 1 treasure from the market(if it has any treasures left).
  30. Notice that you can not exchange an item for an item directly with the market.
  31. The "Common Cloth" and "Cool Looking stick" you start with are items of no worth and they can not be used for barter.
  33. 5) Practice one of your skills
  34. You can choose any skill in the game and practice it for the turn, this will grant your hero 10 experience points.
  36. 6) Reform Taxation
  37. You can tell your hero to change the taxes which the city claims from missions (Banish, Fight, or Purge).
  38. If your hero scores a Bureaucrat roll that is higher than the current score specified under the tax law, then you can change that law to be None/Half/Full. Each success means the challenge to change that same law again increases according to your score.
  39. There are three different ranges of tax severity you can choose from -
  40. None means that the city will not claim any treasures from missions of that type
  41. Half means the city will claim every 2nd treasure
  42. Full means that the city will claim all the treasures.
  43. Claimed treasures go directly to the city market.
  45. 7) Build project
  46. You can task your hero to complete a building project from this list
  47. Your hero will roll Architect skill, if the hero passes the project's challenge and there are enough treasures to pay for the cost then that project will be completed by the start of the next round(full round, not just player's turn..
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