In Which Globe Realizes He was Jitters

Dec 1st, 2013
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  1. «HTBK» *Write, as you wander, you spy another painting, secreted between two others in such a way as to be nearly unnoticed. It is rendered with impeccable, almost eerie accuracy: and it depicts a tall woman with flowing blond hair and snowy white eyes, decked out in a bright red dress.*
  2. «HTBK» *In other words: your stripper.*
  3. «Writefag4» Title?
  4. «HTBK» *It is entitled "The Seer". Hm.*
  5. «Globebutt» Can I roll fort to recognize?
  6. «Puck» *excitedly fidgeting in place*
  7. «HTBK» *Roll as you wish, Globe*
  8. «Globebutt» (3.)
  9. «HTBK» *For a moment, you can recall her. The woman in red, who had shown up without being invited. She'd given you something, she'd...scratched your ears? No, she'd...aaaaagh, where's Master?*
  10. «Egg_Discord» I notice Globe struggling, and it's pretty easy to guess what's going on. "Come one, Globe. Think really hard. That woman was at our party last night."
  11. «Globebutt» (Wasn't it the night /before/ last?)
  12. «Globebutt» (I thought we blew up the brewery last night.)
  13. «Globebutt» "I remember her! I just... don't remember... what she did."
  14. «Egg_Discord» (Whatever.)
  15. «Egg_Discord» "What do you remember about her, exactly?"
  16. «Globebutt» "She just showed up there! And... did something... to me... I think."
  17. «Egg_Discord» "What exactly did she do TO you?"
  18. «HTBK» *She'd touch your...marehood? No, no, you didn't have a...*
  19. «HTBK» *...*
  20. «HTBK» *And at this point, lucidity hits.*
  21. «Globebutt» "...She took my dick!"
  22. «Globebutt» "That bitch took my fucking dick!"
  23. «Puck» "Vat."
  24. «HTBK» *Vat.*
  25. «Egg_Discord» "Wat."
  26. «Writefag4» "Shhh. Library."
  27. «Puck» *stares all around*
  28. «HTBK» *The unicorns are shooting you death glares.*
  29. «HTBK» *...Wait a second.*
  30. «Globebutt» I start sobbing. (Softly, for Mas... for Write's sake.)
  31. «Egg_Discord» (Meanwhile, there's someone way in the back of the library with a look that screams "Me Gusta")
  32. «HTBK» *You're wearing a collar.*
  33. «HTBK» *You called him Master.*
  34. «HTBK» *You slipped.*
  35. «Puck» *in hushed tones* "You can't hush a man who's had his dick taken!"
  36. «HTBK» *Oh God, oh man. Oh God, oh man. Oh god, oh man!*
  37. «Globebutt» Practically a whisper: "What happened? What the fucking hell happened?"
  38. «Puck» "You feeling okay there Globe?"
  39. «Globebutt» "No."
  40. «Puck» "Oh."
  41. «Egg_Discord» "Take it easy, Globe," I say to him. "It's gonna be alright. You had a loss of judgement there."
  42. «Puck» I stand awkwardly.
  43. «Egg_Discord» "Globe, while you're clear headed, let me tell you something I think you need to hear."
  44. «Puck» Don't think I can help globe right now.
  45. «Egg_Discord» "Globe? Can you listen to me for a moment?"
  46. «Globebutt» I'm spread out on the floor, breathing heavily. "I'm, I'm-I'm listening."
  47. «Egg_Discord» "Look, about what happened last night. I'm sorry. You were right. Blowing up the vat and the pills did absolutely nothing. Maybe if I had listened to you, we wouldn't be here in as big of a mess as we are. Do you think you can forgive me for being such an idiot?"
  48. «Globebutt» (Is it hard to remember last night, now I remember everything else, HT?)
  49. «HTBK» (You can remember last night.)
  50. «Globebutt» I shake my head slowly, still breathing heavily. "I don't know, Egg. I know I'm gonna try. That's all I can say, though. That's really all I can say."
  51. «Globebutt» I sigh, and start breathing more normally. I get up on all fours.
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