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  1. Welcome to Redacted Servers!
  3. Servers:
  4. 1. <color=#000000ff>[</color><color=#ff0000ff>US Central</color><color=#000000ff>]</color> <color=#0000ff>Redacted Servers 2</color> <color=#000000ff>[</color>FF OFF<color=#000000ff>]</color> (Server IP:
  6. RESTARTS EVERYDAY AT 3:00 a.m.  Central Standard Time (CST)
  8. <color=#FFA317>Our discord server: <link="">Click Here</link></color>
  10. 914 modifying server plugins are in use! (You can hold your key card in SCP-914)
  12. By joining our server you are bound to these rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in consequences.
  14. In game rules:
  15. 1. The use of cheats will result in a Permanent Ban
  16. 2. Team killing will result in a kick for a first time offense any further violation of this rule is punishable at the discretion of the mod/admin
  17. 3. Please refrain from racism
  18. 4. In game chat is excluded from the mic spam rule
  19. 5. Killing yourself to avoid playing as a certain class or SCP is a bannable offense
  20. 6. Mic Spamming the intercom is encouraged
  21. 7. Muting Staff members is not allowed and may result in a short-term ban
  22. 8. (Community made rule) Do not mic spam in spectator mode, this may result in a server mute if violated!
  23. 9. Do NOT impersonate staff in game to try to frame them for abuse. You will get an immediate perma ban from our servers and Discord, as well as the word WILL be spread about your childish antics.
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