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Oct 5th, 2014
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  1. #OpHongKong
  2. !!!!!!!---- Quick Press Release ----!!!!!!
  3. @OpHongKong << Twitter
  5. Dear Citizens of the world, this is anonymous.
  6. After watching the brave protesters in Hong Kong, who have decided to stand up against a tyrannical government, and pursue a free, democratic election system, we have launched Operation Hong Kong.
  8. In regards to the police in Hong Kong using unnecessary force on peaceful protesters, all of your internet bases will belong to us. We have already shut down multiple sites, leaked much information from your governments databases. This is just the beginning.
  10. A message to the Central Government of China: You have obviously caused this with your dictation of Hong Kong's elections. We are now targeting any and all Chinese government online websites, databases, and more.
  12. Sites we have taken offline, to name a few:
  13. Chinese Military ::
  14. Hong Kong Police ::
  15. Ministry of Justice ::
  16. China's Ministry Of Public Security ::
  17. Official Government of China ::
  21. We also have countless numbers of personal information dumped from your government databases; we'll release once we're done using your login credentials
  23. We Are Anonymous
  24. We Are a Legion
  25. We Do Not Forget
  26. We Do Not Forgive
  27. Governments of China and Hong Kong, you should have expected us.
  29. Sincerely,
  30. ~zert
  31. ~~~~~~~Come at Me Bro~~~~~~~~~~
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