The Mogami Class' Longest Day [Typeset]

Feb 20th, 2017
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  1. The Mogami Class' Longest Day Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Pleased to meet you everyone, I'm Kurogane Gin.]
  5. >[I couldn't quite make these stories only about the Mogami class wwwww. Though outside of the main story there isn't much to do with the Mogami class, wwwwww....]
  6. >[Well, in the end it's basically just some of the usual. (^^)]
  7. >[Since I made two KanColle doujins for Winter Comiket, I hope everyone can enjoy both of these doujins.]
  8. >[Well then, I'm out!]
  9. ----
  10. >TTK: Saying stuff like "I'm the type that does better when you praise me" | And I was stupid enough to believe it....
  11. >To think that I would let it happen to Suzuya...
  12. ----
  13. >TTK: It's all my fault......I did it....I screwed up....
  14. >Kumano: Please don't blame yourself so hard.... | no matter how much you regret it, Suzuya isn't coming back.
  15. ----
  16. >Suzuya: Hehh? Okinoshima Island patrols? Not doin' it, too boring.
  17. >Suzuya: Can't you just leave that crap to the little ones?
  18. ----
  19. >TTK: I can't believe praising her too much would make her nose grow that long....
  20. >[TTK: Doesn't looks like it's going to shrink.]
  21. >[Suzuya: Admiral, Teaaaa----!]
  22. >Kumano: It's just like how plants will wither if you water them too much.
  24. [Die News]
  25. >Aoba: Breaking news, breaking news!
  26. >Aoba: Big, breaking news!
  27. ---
  28. >Kumano: My my, what's with the huge fuss?
  29. ----
  30. >Kumano: What is it, Aoba?
  31. >Mogami: What big breaking news are you talking about?
  32. ---
  33. >Aoba: The rest of us heavy cruisers have nothing but curry and yet you guys are eating steak?!
  34. >Aoba: Fuck the news (Literally: Who cares about the news?).....
  35. >Mogami Class: So what's the breaking news?!
  37. [Mikuma]
  38. >Aoba: Well, the news is that after much difficulty,
  39. >Aoba: We have discovered Mikuma's whereabouts!
  40. ----
  41. >Aoba: Ehhh?!
  42. >Aoba: No reaction?
  43. ----
  44. >Suzuya: You're a little too late, Aoba....
  45. >Aoba: Eh?! You've already heard?
  46. ----
  47. >Suzuya: I already have three Kumas ready for the "too bad, it's just three kumas (mi kuma)" punchline!
  48. >Aoba: Why the hell would you prepare that?
  49. [The Secrets of the Basement]
  50. >Mogami: Admiral, I heard Mikuma was found, is that true?!
  51. >Mogami: Why didn't you tell me earlier?!
  52. ----
  53. >Mogami: You've even locked her in the basement! What are you planning?!
  54. >TTK: This a classified subject, just hold on.
  55. ----
  56. >Suzuya: So you were planning on doing some ecchi sketchi stuff to her while she's locked down there, huh?
  57. >TTK: Don't be silly!
  58. ----
  59. >TTK: I was just planning on breaking her in a little (literally: training her a little).
  60. >Suzuya: Isn't that the metaphorical ecchi sketchi?
  62. [Wild Beast]
  63. >TTK: Really...this is a big misunderstanding.
  64. >Kumano?: Don't just call other people "beasts...."
  65. ---
  66. >TTK: IT's been a year since I gave the order to search for Mikuma.
  67. >TTK: She must have fought tooth and claw to survive out there in 4-3.
  68. ----
  69. >Mikuma: Uga?!
  70. ----
  71. >TTK: It seems as if she has gone feral.
  72. >Mogami/Kumano: A beast!!!
  73. [The Unstoppable Wildfire (literally: the growing fire that can't be stopped)]
  74. >Mogami: The Ojou-sama-like Mikuma's become.....
  75. >Kumano: This is depressing.
  76. ----
  77. >Aoba: Scoop, scoop~
  78. >Mikuma: Uga?! x 2
  79. >Mogami: Oy, you there!!
  80. ---
  81. >Mogami: If you make Mikuma's current appearance public, I won't forgive you!
  82. >Aoba: Eh, but
  83. ----
  84. >Aoba: Your sister's already making it go viral.
  85. >Mikuma: Uga?! x2
  86. >Suzuya: Cheese~~~ | Make sure to follow~~~~
  88. [Right There (literally: Eyes wide open. In context it seems that it's referring to the fact that useless ships are right there.)]
  89. >TTK: Although I've tried to revert her to normal,
  90. >TTK: her aggression hasn't let up, and I'm out of answers.
  91. >TTK: If we can't bring her back to normal, I'm afraid we'll have to just dismantle her....
  92. ----
  93. >Mogami: What?!
  94. >Mogami: We've only just finally met each other after so long!
  95. ----
  96. >TTK: We're at war right now.
  97. >TTK: We don't have room for useless ships.
  98. >Mogami: That's going too far, Admiral!
  99. ----
  100. >Mogami: We have tons of useless ships here, don't we?
  101. >Aoba: Ara ara,
  102. >Aoba: What the hell are you implying, miss Heavy Cruiser? (literally: What the fuck are you saying now, Miss Heavy Cruiser? "鬼" is usually used as a slightly profane word for emphasis, i.e. "fucking")
  103. [Because I'm the Admiral.]
  104. >Mogami: I'm really sorry, Admiral, that we took you for a pervert.
  105. >Kumano: You just did this to protect us from the shock, right?
  106. ---
  107. >Mogami: Even her rigging is clean.... | But how did you get her to take a bath?
  108. >TTK: Hahaha, wild beasts don't take baths.
  109. ----
  110. >TTK: I wash her. First I drug her food
  111. >TTK: And then when she can't move anymore I just clean her from head to toe!
  112. ----
  113. >Mogami: We'll take the rest from here, thanks.
  114. >TTK: Is it wrong for me to protect my health....?
  116. [Bite]
  117. >Mogami: Well then, what should we do?
  118. >Kumano: Ah, that's right,
  119. >Kumano: I have a suggestion regarding this situation.
  120. ----
  121. >Kumano: It's too cruel to keep her tied up like that. Could we take them off?
  122. >Mogami: Ehh....isn't that a little too dangerous?
  123. ----
  124. >Kumano: After all, she's not wearing her rigging...
  125. >Kumano: I imagine it can't be too dangerous.
  126. ----
  127. >Kumano: Iyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
  128. >Suzuya/Mogami: Kumanooooooooo!!!
  129. [Ghibli]
  130. >Mogami: T-this is bad! Hold on, we're coming.....
  131. >Kumano: No, don't come!
  132. ----
  133. >Kumano: She's just scared....
  134. >Kumano: All I need to do is to show her I'm not hostile, and she'll open her heart to me!
  135. ---
  136. >Kumano: That's right, just like how Nausicaa and Teto first met!
  137. >Kumano: I'm going to be the protagonist! (literally: the female lead)
  138. ----
  139. >[Mogami and Suzuya: Rather than Nausicaa, isn't this more like Princess Mononoke]
  140. >[Eboshi: Even though I've killed it, the head can still move....]
  141. >[Mogami and Suzuya: with Eboshi and Moro?]
  143. [Kumano's Elegy]
  144. >Kumano: Calm down a little, Mikuma-san.......
  145. >Minor Damage
  146. >Kumano: THere's nobody here that will hurt you...
  147. ----
  148. >Kumano: Hey, you don't have to be scared anymore
  149. >Medium Damage
  150. >Kumano: Don't be scared....
  151. ---- >Kumano: It's okay.... | don't be sc a r.....
  152. >Heavy Damage
  153. ----
  154. >[Kumano: I'm sorry, everyone....]
  155. >[Sunk]
  156. >Mogami and Suzuya: Kumanoooooooo!!
  157. [Just One (Person) is fine.]
  158. >Kumano: Really, it was almost over....
  159. >Kumano: Thank god I carry around a Damage control team.
  160. ----
  161. >Kumano: But thanks to all this, I have an idea.
  162. >Mogami: Oh, you have a new plan already?
  163. ----
  164. >Kumano: Let's just scrap her.
  165. >Mogami: Aren't you giving up a little too quickly?!
  166. ----
  167. >Kumano: Well, the lady/ojou-sama role is already played by'd be a little more convenient if she weren't around....
  168. >[Kumano: We even share the Kuma in our names....]
  169. >Mogami: Isn't your train of thought not ladylike at all?!
  171. [Before Recycling]
  172. >Mogami: Don't just talk about scrapping so easily!
  173. >Mogami: Mikuma is our important sister!
  174. ----
  175. >Kumano: It's just like throwing out a TV as recyclable trash!
  176. >Mogami: Could you not also refer to your sister as garbage with that proud expression?!
  177. ----
  178. >Suzuya: Kumano, that's a little off base.
  179. >Mogami: Suzuya!
  180. >Mogami: That's right, you tell her!
  181. ----
  182. >Suzuya: The TV might work again if you hit it a few times, y'know?
  183. >Mogami: Why are you talking about the TV?!
  184. [Long Horn Train]
  185. >Suzuya: It might work again if you hit it a few times, y'know?
  186. >Mogami: Hold on....
  187. >Mogami: Thats it! | Concussive therapy!
  188. ----
  189. >Suzuya: ....I get what you're saying with concussive therapy, but what's with this strange pose?
  190. >Mogami: Well | it won't work if I don't hit her in the right place.
  191. ---
  192. >Suzuya: But we won't be able to hit hard enough like this?
  193. >Mogami: This should work.
  194. ----
  195. >Mogami: After all, this is the number one manga technique!
  196. >Suzuya: Could you not take Yudetamago logic seriously?! (note: In the old series Kinnikuman, the Long Horn Train is a tag team move performed by Buffaloman and Mongolman in which Mongolman carries Buffaloman on his back and charges the target. The series is written by a duo of authors whose names are combined to be Yudetamago.)
  198. [Preparing Yourself (note: as in strengthening your resolve before death)]
  199. >[Mogami: When it comes to the most important memory I share with Mikuma....]
  200. >[Mogami: it has to be "collision!"]
  201. ----
  202. >Mogami: Therefore, if I collide with her,
  203. >Mogami: that pain may help her to remember something!
  204. ----
  205. >Mogami: If this technique fails, then I can only give
  206. >Mogami: I shall go with Mikuma.......if that happens, Suzuya, please scuttle me as well!
  207. ----
  208. >[Suzuya: So you're going to make me carry the weight][of "being the one who personally kills two of her sisters?"]
  209. [Clash's Result]
  210. >Suzuya: Here we go, Mogami-chan!
  211. >Mogami: OK, Suzuya!!
  212. ----
  213. >Mogami + Suzuya: OooohhhHHHHhhH
  214. >Aoba: Aoba forsaw it.
  215. ----
  216. >Aoba: The tragedy that will unfold
  217. >Aoba: Aoba will be their silent witness.
  218. ----
  219. >Aoba: This isn't a technique that you should use on an opponent next to a wall.
  220. >Aoba: Kodak moment~ (literally: I'll take this chance to take pictures~)
  222. [Doubt]
  223. >Having fled the flames of war, clinging to life
  224. >At this time, Mikuma's honed survival instincts were ringing in alarm.
  225. ----
  226. >[That thing] [Is bad news.]
  227. ----
  228. >Mikuma: Run.
  229. >Mikuma: Run, quickly.
  230. >Mikuma: Save yourself.
  231. >Mikuma: I can't die
  232. >Mikuma: Not until [spoiler]I meet Mogami (note: this is the blacked out part) [/spoiler] again....
  233. ----
  234. >Mikuma: ?! | ....huh....
  235. >Mikuma: Again....what did I have to do again....?
  236. [Distant Memories]
  237. >Mikuma: Fuel and Ammunition exhausted.
  238. >Mikuma: How long do I have to wait until someone comes to save me....
  239. ----
  240. >Mikuma: If I'm caught, I'll die.
  241. >Mikuma: All I can do is think of how I can keep surviving.
  242. ----
  243. >Mikuma: Nobody came today to save me either....
  244. >Mikuma: Maybe tomorrow....
  245. >Mikuma: Everyone | Tomorrow, please come and save me....
  246. ----
  247. >Mikuma: I can't give up hope
  248. >Mikuma: Until the day I can see Mogamin again!
  250. [Mogamoga]
  251. >Mikuma: I remember now.
  252. >Mikuma: This impact, this pain | It can't be wrong.
  253. ----
  254. >Mikuma: It's Mogamin!!
  255. >[Mogami: You still alive?]
  256. >Mikuma: It's Mogamin alright!
  257. ----
  258. >Mikuma: Ahh....mmm....Moga-
  259. >Mikuma: ....Moga....mi....n....
  260. ----
  261. >Suzuya: Ahh, she's still yelling that Uga uga stuff!
  262. >Kumano: It looks like we're going to have to give her a bigger shock!
  263. >Mogami: DIdn't she just say Mogamin?!
  264. [Everything is fine now.]
  265. >Mikuma:'re way too late, Mogamin....
  266. >Mogami: I'm so glad, Mikuma | You're finally back.
  267. ----
  268. >Suzuya: Amazing! Concussive therapy sure is powerful!
  269. >Mikuma:'s thanks to you all that I've awoken again....
  270. ----
  271. >Mikuma: I remember it all now.
  272. >Mikuma: From my first moment out of the womb up until now.
  273. ----
  274. >[Suzuya: Eh, this doesn't have anything to do with concussive therapy!]
  275. >[Kumano: Her life just flashed before her eyes!]
  277. [I Can't Forget]
  278. >Mikuma: It's a little awkward, but I, Mikuma
  279. >Mikuma: Am reporting my return!
  280. ----
  281. >TTK: My apologies for dispatching reinforcements too late.
  282. >Mikuma: Now now, don't say that.
  283. >Mikuma: You did not forget me, and for that alone I am grateful.
  284. ----
  285. >Mikuma: Also, regarding the humiliations I suffered at the Admiral's hand
  286. >Mikuma: I remember it all, you know?
  287. ----
  288. >TTK: My deepest apologies, Mikuma!
  289. >Mikuma: Should you be apologizing to someone with such a haughty tone?
  290. >TTK: I'm so sorryyyyyyyy!!!
  291. [Smiles at the Dinner Table]
  292. >Mogami: To think that all four of us could be eating together again!
  293. >Mikuma: It's like a dream.
  294. ----
  295. >Mikuma: Eating with everyone makes it taste extra tasty!
  296. >Mikuma: Tastier than any delicacy.
  297. ----
  298. >Aoba: Ah, no, that ain't true.
  299. >[It's just the usual curry.]
  300. >Mogami: Aoba you shut up!
  301. >Mogami: This doesn't have anything to do with you.
  302. ----
  303. >Aoba: I can tell that all of you think yesterday's steak tasted better.
  304. >Mogami: Will you shut up!!
  306. [Until the day we meet again]
  307. >Mikuma: A....after all, it's to celebrate my safe return....
  308. >Mikuma: As long as everyone earnestly enjoys it, anything's okay, right?
  309. ----
  310. >Mikuma: I-I won't feel left out....
  311. >Mogami: I-it's not like that, Mikuma! We usually eat curry too!
  312. >Kumano: Y....yeah, yesterday was just a special occasion!
  313. ----
  314. >Suzuya: Right, right! We only happened to eat steak yesterday because
  315. >Suzuya: We just got promoted to Aviation Cruisers!
  316. ----
  317. >Mikuma: I'm going back home.
  318. >Mogami + Kumano: That's not home!
  320. [Things that changed, Things that stayed the same]
  321. >Mikuma: New Shipgirls....
  322. >Mikuma: Kai II Remodels....
  323. >Mikuma: Marriages....
  324. >Mikuma: A year on, the Naval District has changed a lot and I can't help but feel left behind.... | I kind of feel like Urashima Taro (
  325. ----
  326. >RJ: Oh, it's been a long time, Mikuma.
  327. >Mikuma: Ara, if it isn'y Ryuujou-san.
  328. >RJ: DId you get a Kai II too?
  329. ----
  330. >RJ: Yeah, that's right~
  331. ----
  332. >Mikuma: There are things that will never change after all...
  334. [Momoiro Toiki / Peach Bite / 桃色吐息]
  335. >TTK: You reek of alcohol! Junyou, you've been drinking again, haven't you?!
  336. >Junyou: Naaaah, I don't'd?
  337. >Junyou: Ah'm not drunk, not drunking not drunk~
  338. >TTK: Then blow into this bag for me, then.
  339. >Junyou: Go ahead, do your BAC test or whatever you want.
  340. >Junyou: Eh? DIdn't you want to test it?
  341. >Junyou: That's way too disgusting.
  342. >She immediately sobered up.
  344. [Lonely Feelings]
  345. >Akigumo: [sigh]
  346. >Shioi: WHat is it, Akigumo-san?
  347. >[Shioi: Drawing not going well?]
  348. >Akigumo: Hmm? Ah, it's 401-chan...
  349. >Akigumo: Nah, it's because this operation (2014 Summer MI) brought in new Yuugumo-class sisters, y'know?
  350. >Shioi: You mean Hayashimo and Kiyoshimo-san?
  351. >Akigumo: Yeahhh
  352. >Shioi: Isn't it a good thing to have more sisters?
  353. >Akigumo: Think about it...I may wear the Yuugumo uniform, but I'm a Kagerou-class.
  354. >Akigumo: Although I've never committed to one side, once the roster gets filled out....
  355. >Akigumo: Now that it comes to this, it'll be hard to figure out who I want to be with without losing all my free time....
  356. >Shioi: Mm, that does sound troubling...
  358. >Shioi: I'm sorry, I dno't have any sister I probably don't know how it feels....
  359. >[Akigumo: THat's true....I heard that the other I-400's haven't been outfitted yet...]
  360. >[Akigumo: Plus Shioi-chan starts out as a Submarine Carrier, so she's a little different from the other submarines...]
  361. >Akigumo: That's it!
  362. >Akigumo: Let's go, Shioi-chan!
  363. >Shioi: Huh? Eh? Where are we going?
  364. >Akigumo: To the Admiral, of course!
  365. >Akigumo: To make the request to him directly!
  367. >Office
  368. >Akigumo: In conclusion, Admiral!
  369. >Akigumo: We'd like to request I-400's implementation!
  370. >TTK: No, I want to, but I can't help you with this....
  371. >TTK: This is a decision made by headquarters.
  372. >Akigumo: But isn't finding a way the Admiral's job?!
  373. >Akigumo: Try to empathize with Shioi-chan's feelings!
  374. >Akigumo: A ship caught between classes like me can sympathize....
  375. >Akigumo: Acting all cheery to everyone | but actually doing your best to ignore that loneliness...
  376. >Akigumo: So, no matter what, please let them meet!
  377. >Shioi: AKigumo-san....
  378. >Akigumo: If her sister I-400 comes, then Shioi-chan will be able to smile inside as well as outside!
  380. >Akigumo: Because, because, I-400 + I-401
  381. >Akigumo is Yaoi! (note: 801 through japanese wordplay is read as Yaoi, and the I- part becomes "Ii-yaoi" as in Iiyaaaah + yaoi)
  382. >Akigumo: The Admiral just doesn't understand our feelings....
  383. >Shioi: No, I don't understand your feelings or what the hell you just said either!
  385. [A new wife's work.]
  386. >TTK: The walk home always makes me go extra fast.
  387. >TTK: For going home to become such a fun thing
  388. >TTK: Marriage is truly the best!
  389. >TTK: Knowing Houshou, she'll
  390. >TTK: courteously greet me on my return
  391. >Houshou: Admiral (small text: Darling),
  392. >Houshou: Welcome back.
  393. >TTK: And then comes the familiar phrase....
  394. >Houshou: Do you want dinner?
  395. >Houshou: Or a bath? | Or....mhmhm <3
  396. >TTK: This and that, mhmhmhm~<3
  397. >TTK: I'm back~ <3
  399. >Houshou:
  400. >Houshou: W-welcome....b-back....
  401. >[Heavy Damage/Taiha]
  402. >Houshou: you want di....dinner....?
  403. >Houshou: Or do you....want to....take a b-bath....? O....or do you want....
  404. >TTK: Please take a bath! (small text: Head to the docks!)
  406. [The First Night of Opposites (literally: The First Night of Facing opposite directions)]
  407. >[angry--]
  408. >TTK: How long are you going to stay angry like that?
  409. >Akagi: Because....this is....
  410. >Akagi: This is....too much....
  411. >TTK: DIdn't I explain this to you early on?
  412. >TTK: I thought you agreed to this marriage because you understood.
  413. >Akagi: I was looking forwards to the Cracker Futon! (Note: Senbei, 煎餅, is the Japanese word for cracker, and the thin futon/hard bedding is read as せんべい布団, Senbeibuton.)
  414. >Akagi: Look, isn't htis just a normal futon?!
  415. >TTK: That's why I told you so many it's not the edible kind of Senbei!
  417. >TTK: So these two words are read as Nowake, right?
  418. >Nowaki: No,
  419. >Nowaki: It's Nowaki, commander.
  420. ----
  421. >TTK: Ah, sorry, Nowaki it is.
  422. >TTK: Nowaki....nowaki, hm.
  423. ----
  424. >TTK: Nowakinowaki....geh
  425. >[Nowaki's Nowaki / Nowaki's armpits]
  426. ----
  427. >Nowaki: want me to switch to a sleeveless uniform? | I refuse, why do I have to do that?
  428. >[Thank you everyone for reading up to here. I'll be happy if I made everyone a little happier. I haven't figured out what i want to draw next time yet ^^; I want to say I want to draw some non-KanColle material that I've left behind for a while.]
  429. >[If there's anything you want to see, please feel free to contact me (^^)]
  430. >[Thank you for everyone's support this year, I'll be counting on everyone next year as well. Well then, I hope everyone has a happy new year!]
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