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  1. I wanted to work out in advance what Talon will say/think to/about Langdregosa to avoid taking the spotlight away from the others so they can have their moments too:
  3. First of all he's been raised by humans all his life, he's the only dragon born in the town.  More than likely
  4. I have worked out the noble in town bought his egg before birth and raised him with the intention of being his protector.
  5. So Lang is the first real dragon born he's seen, and not read about or heard of second hand.
  7. He's left Greenest, and his house to their homeless.  He has no intention of returning, as he has been
  8. humiliated twice now for the sake of the people, whom have only risen up under him each time now.
  10. He thinks he died.  He's admitted to incinerating the noble which raised him to be this sort of pet
  11. under his control, whom he endured beatings from that clearly he was strong enough to fight back against.  He was taught and trained basically to be the servant of a cruel man where he in turn learned to be cruel.  His conditioning saw the
  12. revolution as a means to assert his strength.
  14. I really think that one of the things that hurt him the most of being raised by the surrogate father figure is
  15. that while he did have some affection for the father figure it wasn't seen as that sort of relationship
  16. from the patron, so it went unrequited and forward into other men.  I feel like he endured it due to his
  17. desired relationship to the father figure, deserving it in some way he couldn't understand.
  19. He had feelings for Varis at one time, but backed off knowing he had to make a decision of priorities.
  20. He needed the militia more than he needed to pursue the bard.
  22. The moment he met Lang he felt stronger than he has in the past several decades.  In just a single
  23. day of knowing him he's reached a pinnacle of power and skill that's taken him beyond being a normal fighter
  24. into a battle master.  He's willing to prove it.  He's probably older than Lang, and being around
  25. humans he hasn't had a chance to really hone his abilities.
  27. He thinks of Lang as precious, amidst the people he's met in his life and compares him to a sapphire.
  28. Referring to him as "My Sapphire", if given the chance.
  30. It's a reverse of the common male power fantasy.  Talon is extremely vulnerable, instead of the being victorious
  31. and forcing Lang to change Talon is taking a chance by telling him that Lang is right.  Lang doesn't need
  32. redemption, it was Talon that needed to change and is doing so thanks to his influence.  
  33. So it's more of a going to Lang and bearing his soul to him to be judged by one of his own
  34. people.  Since Talon has the ideal of "Might" If I become strong I can take what I want, what I deserve;
  35. he wants Lang.  It's a matter of did he do that by overcoming death, even in failure he's grown
  36. stronger.  This is part of the validation he needs to be strong since it's mostly coming from others through
  37. his role as a protector.
  39. I'm sure that will cause a conflict especially if Varis is put into a bind between Lang and him, he'll be forced
  40. to choose Varis having a more complete history with his friend over this shinning ideal of what a knight is
  41. based on the stories and dreams he's had since he was a child.
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