Jade - Playing With Your Life

Nov 20th, 2016
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  1. >"Hey Anon. You wanna come over to my place and play dolls?"
  2. "Okay then?"
  3. >She claps out of joy.
  4. >"C'mon!"
  5. >Alright, looks like you're stuck to this.
  6. >You follow Fluttershy as she almost runs off.
  8. >"Come on in! I have it all set up next to the bed."
  9. >Her room is simple, yet cozy.
  10. >Animal posters cover the walls, a frilly bed in the corner, and a desk with a mirror on the opposite side.
  11. >In the middle of the room is a small doll house with four dolls: a little girl with a boy, and what you can assume are their parents, an adult male with a female.
  12. >"I'll be the mother, and you'll be the father, okay?"
  13. >You almost want to demand on being the little girl just to fuck with her, but the smile that she has makes your bitter heart melt.
  14. "Sure."
  15. >You take the doll and listen to her.
  16. >"So, I'm the mother that makes sure that her children are fine."
  17. "And what do I do?"
  18. >"That's easy; you are the father that leaves for hours on end doing who knows what."
  19. "It's because of my terrible, shitty boss that keeps me around so that he can make my life even more of a miserable hell?"
  20. >"No, you go out with your friends and come back late at night.
  21. >You stay silent.
  22. "I'm drunk off my ass, am I?"
  23. >"No, you only drink light alcohol."
  24. "Fluttershy."
  25. >"Hmm?"
  26. "Where have you seen this?"
  27. >"It's from my mom and dad."
  28. >You drop your shoulders, along with the doll.
  29. "How would you run a relationship? I want to see that."
  30. >Seeing her wide eyes with a smile shows how much this means to her.
  31. >"Okay, we had two beautiful children and married for twelve years, We manage to work around our schedules to keep a happy and active family, while we still work."
  32. "I'm following."
  33. >"I work at the local animal shelter, and you work at an office cubical."
  34. >Fucking damnit!
  35. >Screw it, just roll with her fantasy.
  36. >"During your time there, you work with this temptress that has been your co-worker for the last five years and tried to pass a move on you for the last few weeks."
  37. >...
  38. >”But you didn’t fall for it and continued working, no matter how short her skirt was or how many buttons were undone on her shirt.”
  39. >You watch as her beady eyes start to make their way on you.
  40. >”But I still knew and kept you locked away in the closet when I knocked you out in the car.”
  41. >She grabs your doll and hides it in the house.
  42. >”Oh, how you plead that it would never happen ever again. I wanted to believe it, but it was hard when she was there.”
  43. >Fluttershy puts it back in your hand.
  44. >”But it’s fine. There was a work related accident with her. Something about losing her fingers in a photocopier accident?”
  45. >You scoot away from Fluttershy, thinking that this isn’t a safe place to play anymore.
  46. >”Is something wrong Anon? You’re not leaving, aren’t you?”
  47. “N-no, I just needed to get comfortable.”
  48. >”Oh. Where was I?”
  49. “My co-worker and a photocopier?”
  50. >"Yeah, there we are. And if you looked at that poor excuse of a slut one more time, you will find her lifeless body at the bottom of a ravine.”
  51. “Can I use your restroom?”
  52. >”Am I making you that uncomfortable, Anon?”
  53. >You choose not to answer.
  54. >”That’s okay, we can get used to each other’s problems.”
  55. >She moves her doll over to make it stand by the one in your hand.
  56. >”And if we cannot do that, we can always fix them.”
  57. >She uses her other hand to grab the doll's left arm and yanks it right off.
  58. “Can I go? I have some stuff to do back home.”
  59. >She drops her doll and grabs your arm.
  60. >”We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.”
  62. (Skip to 106 for the bad ending, continue reading for the good ending.)
  64. >
  65. >You eye the doll and start to worry about how she would do that.
  66. >Those weren't just threats that she made, they were also promises.
  67. >She was going to have it one way or another.
  68. >You may as well commit before this gets any worse.
  69. >By that decision, you sit back down and grab your doll.
  70. >She drops her threatening look and smiles.
  71. >"Good, but I think we need to relax, don't you think?"
  72. >You aren't sure if that was aimed at you, or it was for herself.
  73. >It could be both, for all that you can distinguish.
  74. >She stands up to guide you over to the bed.
  75. >"Come on, I think you need to get even more comfortable."
  76. >You follow her lead, frightened with this might lead to.
  77. >She slides in, pulling you under the bed cover.
  78. >”Now, wrap your arms around my waist.”
  79. >You do so, almost sweating in the process.
  80. >”Calm down, I won’t do anything drastic.” She calmly says when turning over to face you. “As long that you’re here, both of us will be happy.”
  81. >Your hands still rest on her hips, holding that position.
  82. >”You can squeeze it, if you want.”
  83. >You give it a small squeeze, giving extra caution to keep yourself on her good side.
  84. >”Mmm~” She closes her eyes and shifts around to snuggle into your chest. “You’ll do wonders for me.”
  85. >You warm up to her by sliding your arms completely around her.
  86. >Maybe this isn’t so bad.
  88. >You wake up.
  89. >To your surprise, you are in a completely different room with Fluttershy nowhere to be seen.
  90. >You get up, realizing that your hands are tied behind your back.
  91. >It’s poorly lit, but you can see well enough in this damp room.
  92. >It has… every part of what makes a house and tries to be one.
  93. >To your right is a drawer with an oval mirror that looks older when you remember Fluttershy’s mirror.
  94. >There’s a hose arched down, identifying it as some sort of makeshift sink.
  95. >On the left of it is an old refrigerator.
  96. >In the farthest corner is...
  97. >Is that a bucket that’s dressed up like a toilet?
  98. >You hear a door quickly opening up and closing.
  99. >You sit up, struggling to slip out of the rope.
  100. >”Darn, I knew I should’ve kept my eye on you.” Fluttershy steps into the light, showing her new attire. A long, light green dress with shoes to match.
  101. “What is this!?”
  102. >”What do you mean? We’re still playing as a happy family down here.” She crawls up on the bed, slowly making her way towards you.
  103. “B-but… why?!”
  104. >”A place all to ourselves, and no one would interrupt us down here." She stops when her hand rests on your knee. "Play nice and I just might let you out.”
  106. BAD END
  107. >She’s flat out insane. There is no way you’re going to put up with this, not even if you were going to pretend it.
  108. >You push her away and slip your arm out of her grasp.
  109. >In an instant, you are up and fumbling with the lock on her door.
  110. “Come on…”
  111. >Just as you got it, something hard yet malleable smashes over your head.
  112. >You fall down, looking around to see bits of colourful pieces from what appears to be from the dollhouse. You look up, confirming your suspicion as Fluttershy stands there in a menacing stance, holding what’s left of the dollhouse.
  113. >You start to get up, but immediately stop as she continues smashing you with the dollhouse, repeatedly until the base of it is left.
  114. >You close your eyes and try to cover your face from the beating, even though it’s futile as the plastic fragments slip through your fingers and scratch your face.
  115. >By the time that it’s over, you see drops of blood around the floor.
  116. >You look over to see Fluttershy, enraged and impatient. She brings her foot up and strikes you with the bottom of her shoe.
  117. >You fall back, aching in pain and slowly losing consciousness.
  118. >”I tried to give you a chance.”
  120. >A slight pain now grows into an immense nightmare that awakens you from your slumber.
  121. >You shoot your eyes open, quickly looking around to find yourself in a basement, tied to a chair with Fluttershy wielding something.
  122. >”Sit still, I’m almost done cutting through the bone marrow.” She politely asks.
  124. >She continues digging through your right shoulder with a hacksaw
  125. >You scream to the top of your lungs, finally stopping when the colossal pain dims down. Through your screaming, there was a loud thud right beside you.
  126. >You whimper, listening to your arm drip blood as Fluttershy covers it up with a roll of bandages, along with a towel to keep it pressured down.
  127. >”You… fucking MANIAC!” You shout out. “WHY!?”
  128. >Her cold, emotionless expression terrify you.
  129. >”You need me.”
  130. “W… what!?”
  131. >She drops the hacksaw and sits in your lap.
  132. >”You’ll need me now. It might be an entirely different direction we’re in now, but I can make this work.”
  133. “Make this work!? MY FUCKING ARM IS SAWED OFF!”
  134. >”And you’ll lose conscious from blood loss and I’ll take you to the hospital, still with you the entire time.”
  135. >You snivel from the striking pain that still irks you.
  136. >”Don’t worry, it won’t be long.” She slides her blood covered finger over your cheek. “You’ll be safe and by my side soon enough…”
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