AutumnWritefag - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. >It was chilly on the train. I seemed to be the only one on it. I had seen the light fade as the train pulled into the forest earlier. It's said to be a place of eternal darkness, where the sun never shines. I was excited to meet the residents, but I also carried a sense of foreboding and apprehensiveness.
  3. >I glanced blankly out the window. The trees were so tall here. Like thin skyscrapers. The area surrounding the trees seemed to be perforated with mist. Pale blue light made things visible, as well as the light from the train. They told me when it becomes night here that it's nearly impossible to see.
  5. >I had no connections here. No objective other than to start a new life. I've always felt like I didn't belong. No one cared what direction my life took. No one cared at all. I never did like the sunlight, and heat always put me on edge anyways. Still, I felt like I was punishing myself by coming to this place.
  7. >The train slowed down and screeched to a halt. I grabbed my suitcase and disembarked from the train. Four or 5 moth ponies occupied the train lobby. They looked fascinating. Much unlike other ponies I'd seen. Strange tufts of fur, fluffy wings, and antennae. I truly felt like an alien in a foreign world.
  8. >"Are you a tourist?" Said a moth pony coming up to me.
  9. "Yes, I've.. Come for a change of scenery."
  10. >"Well, I imagine you'll find it here. There aren't too many other places in Equestria like this."
  11. "I could tell already."
  12. >"Hehe, to be honest we don't get many visitors here. Potential tourists are often frightened to come to a dark and secluded area like this."
  13. "Is it dangerous here?" I asked.
  14. >"It can be, but anything in life can be dangerous if you're careless."
  15. "I suppose that's true." I said.
  16. >"Forgive me, it's a late introduction, but I'm Evening Mist. I run an Inn not far from here. Business has been slow, so I often try to encourage any tourists to stay for a bit."
  18. "I'm Anon. And that's incredibly convenient because I am looking for a place to stay."
  19. >"Follow me please and I'll check you in and show you to your room." She said.
  21. >I followed her. The path was dark but lit with many bio-luminescent plants that made the trail easy to follow. I marveled at the beauty of the forest as we made our way to the Inn. It seemed so pure, and fresh, almost untouched. Nothing like this grew in other area's of Equestria.
  23. >The wood door creaked open, she led me in to the Inn. She explained to me the rate. I was shocked at how cheap it was. I could stay here for a long while without having to worry about getting a job. She showed me to my bedroom. The entire place was made of wood, everything looked so old-timey and vintage. The blanket made of a soft quilt that looked like it was handmade.
  24. >It was small but cozy. I had a small circular window to gaze out of, I was on the third floor so I had quite a nice view of the forest around me.
  26. >I tucked myself into bed. The bed was so soft and cozy. Even though I felt more alone than ever, the cozy atmosphere put my mind at ease as I drifted off into peaceful sleep.
  29. >I woke up the next morning to a knocking.
  30. >"Sir, may I come in?" I sat up in my bed rubbing my eyes.
  31. "Uh, sure.."
  32. >"So sorry to disturb you, I just thought you might want some breakfast." She had a tray filled with food. It had mushrooms and a sweet nectar juice drink as well as several other fruits.
  33. "Oh, thank you! Thats pretty nice of you." I said smiling.
  34. >"Well, it's not often we get tourists, so, I figured I'd make a good first impression."
  35. "I appreciate it thank you." She took a tiny bow and left the room for you to enjoy.
  36. >I ate the meal and set the tray aside. I slipped on a coat and my shoes and made my way outdoors.
  38. >It was so dark, even though it was still daytime. It was a little disorienting. I looked around town. A few moth ponies quietly making their way about the village.
  39. >The cold damp air of the forest was refreshing. I wandered around through the town passing a few shops as I made my way through. The shops were lit with an attractive yellow light. There was something rather inviting about them.
  41. >I entered a shop. all sorts of various oddities and kick-knacks hung from the shelves. Wing wax, fur care products, old tattered clothing, sculptures, wind-chimes, clocks.
  43. >"Welcome, we don't get many outsiders here, but feel free to gander at our wares." Said an old dusty looking moth pony coming from behind the counter.
  44. "You have a pretty neat store here."
  45. >"Thanks, are you a traveler, or tourist? Is there something you're looking for?" The rent at the inn was cheap, but I'd never be able to stay here forever unless I had a job.
  46. "Well, I am looking for work. do you have any openings?"
  47. >"Maybe I do, maybe I don't. I'll tell you what. You see, I've been looking to get my hands on a rare mushroom, but I haven't found the time to get away from my shop to go find it. If you can find it for me, I'll consider letting you work here part time."
  48. "Deal! Uh, what does it look like, and where can I find it exactly?"
  49. >"Its about a 30 minute hike on the trail north of here, past the magic bramble bushes you'll find small glowing purple mushrooms near some trees."
  50. "Uh, got it, I think."
  51. >"Thank you, I look forward to getting those mushrooms. Also, don't be caught outside after dark. Fell creatures lurk within the woods as the night falls. It would be wise to make haste back to town if you see the forest grow dark. Moth ponies and travelers caught in the woods after dark have been known to disappear without a trace, never to be seen again."
  52. "Yikes, I'll be sure to keep that in mind." I said nervously.
  53. >"Good luck, hehehe."
  55. >Following his instruction I made my way northward leaving town. I felt nervous traveling the woods alone, but I felt safer knowing I was on the path.
  56. >I'd never been good at following directions. And 30 minutes isn't really a good measure of how far I need to walk.
  57. >Bramble he says. I guess I'd look for some thorns or stickerbushes. Nothing like that so far, just a few ferns near trees. The forest was so vast, I felt tiny in comparison. Not to mention I was in the thick of it. No end in sight. I continued to travel down the path observing closely the scenery around me.
  58. >I came to a path with a fork in the road. He'd never mentioned anything about branching paths. Oh, this was not good. If I took the wrong path now, I could be walking for hours before I realize I'm headed in the wrong directions, which means it'll take hours to walk back and take the right path and avoid traveling the open road before dark.
  59. >I took the left path being as it seemed to lead in a more northward direction. I kept walking. I found a branch on the side of the road. I grabbed it and cleaned it up. It'd make a good walking stick for the hike.
  60. >Continuing along the path began to get less and less clear, the road becoming wet and not very traversable. Finally the trail led me to an extremely watery path. Huge puddles laden the trail. I figured I might be going the wrong way, but I might as well travel a bit further to see If I could find any bramble ahead.
  61. >Using the stick I hunted and poked around at the ground for stable ground that wasn't so watery. My shoes had begun to get wet. I continued till I reached a dryer portion of trail.
  62. >Nothing. And that's when I realized, I was pretty far out. It'd take me a while just to get back to where the original trail diverged, but whats more is the trail might split again. But there was no way I was going back empty handed. I trudged back through the watery trail all the way back to where the original path split.
  64. >Taking the other trail it lead me into a more heavily wooded area, I could see all sorts of moss and mushrooms growing on trees. I glanced them over but none looked purple. I ventured onward for a long while.
  65. >Finally I happened upon a large patch of thornbushes to the side of the path. I'd have to make my way through these. Using my stick I slashed through the stickerbushes and matted them down slowly carving a path through. I'd done this many times as a kid. I'd pretend the stickerbushes were monsters and the stick my sword. Who knew I'd come back to do something like this again?
  66. >It was tiresome work but I continued making my way through, I'd gathered some cuts and scrapes from the thorns but nothing I wasn't used to growing up.
  67. >These bushes seemed to go on and on and on. I'd wondered how the moth pony would have gotten here. But then I remembered, moth ponies have wings.. He'd have just flown over the bushes rather than cut directly through.
  68. >I continued chopping. I needed that job. And I knew I had to be close to those mushrooms. I kept going. My arms growing tired. >My feet ached from walking so long. Finally, after what seemed like forever I saw a glint of purple through the bramble. It was getting dark, I was so close. I kept going my body going tired. I could see them glowing just through the bushes, my body ached, just a little farther.. I slashed once more clearing that final bit of bramble. A small clearing with the purple mushrooms. >Before I knew what was happening I lost control of my body, my sight getting dizzy, I collapsed on the ground.
  70. >I awoke, some time later. I was in a dark and dusty looking room. I sat up, my vision a little blurry. The room felt cold. I realized I was underneath a blanket. Throwing the blanket over me like a cape I tried to stand stumbling and falling back down. I glanced at a nearby window, there was a small crack in it. Pitch black outside, the rain pittering on the wood. I couldn't leave. The shopkeeper had told me it was dangerous at night, but how did I get in this house? Someone must've dragged me and taken me here.
  71. >The room wasn't large, but then, I noticed a staircase. Using the wall for support I made my way up the staircase, the steps creaked as I did.
  72. >A door at the top opened just a crack, a dim light shone from it. I slowly tiptoed my way toward it peering inside.
  73. >A female moth pony sat by candlelight reading a book and taking notes.
  74. >She wore a pink plaid shirt, she had auburn hair, pale orange skin, her wings, were all the hues and colors of an Autumn day. >So pretty I thought.
  75. >I creaked the door open it making a loud sound as I did.
  76. >She clearly noticed me, although she didn't turn to face me.
  77. "Who are you?" I asked.
  78. >"Who are you?" She responded.
  79. "I'm, Anon.." I felt a sharp twinge in my arm. I looked at it, small circular red marks were on my arm, but not just there, all over my body. "What? What are these? Are they.. Hickeys?!"
  80. >"You're very fortunate that I found you Anon. You could have died had I not come along."
  81. "Died!? Woah, so what happened to me?" I said with a confused look.
  82. >"The thorns of the plant that cut you have highly toxic venom. The moment I saw you I knew what had happened. I sucked the bitter venom out of each and every wound."
  83. "You.. You saved me.. Why would you do that?
  84. >"I don't know. Maybe for the same reason you tried to get the mushrooms for the shopkeeper."
  86. "How did you-?"
  87. >"Hes been trying to get someone to do it for him for weeks. His incessant obsession with that plant is toxic to the environment he occupies. But.. Enough of that, sit down, tell me about yourself."
  88. I walked over to a stool behind her, she turned to face me. She had pretty pink eyes.
  90. "I.. Well I'm a human as you can see. I came over from the human world a few years ago. I, was looking for a place to fit in, a job, a purpose. I can't stay in one place for too long without wearing out my welcome. So I've just been aimlessly drifting."
  91. >"I see, that must've been hard for you." She said looking concerned.
  92. "It is. I've got terrible tendencies, and I've never been good at holding down a job."
  93. >"Such as?" She looked at me curiously. I realized I was spouting a lot of personal information to her, why was I just telling her all of this? Why was she so interested?
  94. "Well, I.. I'm not really comfortable giving out all this information, uh.. That is, I'd rather not-"
  95. >"If it's too personal I understand." She said. It wasn't that I was shy about giving it, I was more ashamed at how pathetic my story to tell was.
  96. "Its not that, it's just.."
  97. >"Bringing it up makes you uncomfortable because you're forced to relive it?"
  98. "Well, yeah and.."
  99. >"Lets change the topic then. It seems that you're new here. Do you know anything about our species?"
  100. "Well, no."
  101. >"Ours is nocturnal. I suppose you find it strange that a species wakes during the night. Often it's associated with bad things, but to me, to us, it's always been the norm. To us waking during daylight hours is strange. The light harsh on our eyes and our skin."
  103. "Not at all, I've always been more of a night owl myself."
  104. >"Did you think you'd find creatures like yourself then?"
  105. "I'd hoped to yes. The light and heat has bothered me as well, even though as a human I should have no innate distaste for it."
  106. >"You must have felt very lonely." She said in a sad tone.
  107. "Yeah.. but, I've adjusted to it."
  108. >"Do you ever miss it, the home you were originally from?"
  109. "Sometimes, I'm sure my parents are probably still wondering If I'll ever come home."
  110. >"Were they the only people you miss?"
  111. "I'd never had my friends, or people to call friends, so when I left originally I didn't feel like I was leaving much behind."
  112. >"I see."
  113. >She was so beautiful sitting there, eyes intently focused listening to me. So sweet, she had saved me from certain death and cared for me.
  115. >I left that morning. The fog still thick I followed the road hoping it would lead me back to town. Leaves crunched under my feet as I walked. It was so cold.
  116. >So very cold..
  117. >I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay in her house at least a little longer, get to know her better. Maybe even cuddle up with her.
  118. >But who was I kidding, I'd never have a chance with her, and I'd wear out my welcome fast just sitting around her house like that, she'd already taken me in and cared for me. The least I could do for her in return was to not be a burden and leave without a fuss.
  119. >I didn't have the mushrooms for the shop owner, I had nothing. I gritted my teeth, hands in my pockets I kicked the leaves below me.
  120. >Why.. Why was I so goddamn pathetic?
  123. >I sat there alone in the cafe brooding sipping a honeyblended smoothie. Why was I so upset? It's not like she didn't want me to be there. She obviously seemed interested when I told her about myself.. Maybe.. Maybe.. Fuck.. I didn't even get her name.
  124. >I wonder if any of the other moth ponies around here knew her.
  125. >As the waitress came by to check on me I asked.
  126. "Excuse me, have you seen a mothpony with auburn hair and wings like the fall seasons?"
  127. >"Oh.. Um.. Well. I can't say that I have, sorry."
  128. "Thats.. Alright." I said going back to brooding.
  129. >I needed to find out her name. I needed to get a job.. I needed to have something in place so she wouldn't judge me.
  130. >Another mothpony nervously walked up to me.
  131. >"Um, excuse me, But.. I think I know who you're talking about." I looked up at her
  132. "Really? Who is it?"
  133. >"Well, see I don't really remember her name now that I think about it, but she used to hang out in the library in town a few years ago. Now lately it seems like she rarely visits town."
  134. "Oh, I see."
  135. >"I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help!" She said.
  136. "That's alright, you've helped me quite a bit as a matter of fact, thanks."
  138. >After that I went back to the shopkeeper from the other day.
  139. >"Did you find the mushrooms I asked for boy?"
  140. "No, I couldn't get them."
  141. >"Thats too bad. Come again if you need something or you find the mushrooms I was looking for."
  142. "Do you."
  143. >"Pardon?
  144. "Do you know, a Mothmare, with Auburn hair, and wings like Fall?"
  145. >"Hmm, Oh, you must be referring to Autumn Raine, her house is just east of here. I don't think she cares for me much though."
  146. "Thanks. Is there any chance you'd still let me have a part-time job here anyway? I mean, I did TRY to get the mushrooms for you."
  147. >"Hmmmm. You really do want to work here don't you?"
  148. "Yes sir."
  149. >"Very well, Get to organizing the items on all the shelves then, tell me when you're done and I'll give you more instructions."
  150. He said sternly. Diligently I got to work.
  152. >It rained hard as I left bone tired from work that day. Doggedly I slogged back to the hotel. Making my way up the stairs to the third floor.
  153. >I'd never been so happy to come back to an empty room. I plopped on my bed.
  154. >I rolled over looking up at the ceiling. I imagined myself, next to Autumn, being able to touch her, and hold me warm during the cold nights.
  155. >I wanted her, she had taken me in, saved me from certain death. She listened when I spoke to her. Would it have been different had I stayed with her longer? Would we have gotten to know each other better? How long would it have been before she tired of me, before she made me leave? I wonder, what would she say, if I showed up at her house now? I mean, she was awake before, and mothponys are nocturnal, maybe she.. Wouldn't mind
  157. >The rain pelted me as I made my way up the hill. I must've been out of my mind. I hadn't even slept, the wind swept by freezing my soaked body. Leaves blowing by as I made my way up. I reached the top of the hill I stood in shock, Autumn stood there in the rain.
  159. >"Out for a stroll?" She said.
  160. "Autumn!"
  161. >"That's funny, I don't remember giving out my name."
  162. "Hehe, yeah.. Um, I'm sorry... About leaving yesterday without warning."
  163. >"I'm not bothered by it. I would have let you rest here longer had you desired it."
  164. "I did! I mean, I wanted to!"
  165. >"Were you afraid I would kick you out? That you'd wear out your welcome? If I was that worried about the burden of having a guest, I wouldn't have saved you."
  166. "Y-you aren't mad, are you?"
  167. >"Come inside, this isn't the place for a conversation." She said. I followed her inside closing the door behind us, she gently flicked her wings letting the rain fly off of them. I sat on the couch as she trailed off into the kitchen.
  168. >Minutes later she came back with hot cocoa. There were even little marshmallows in it.
  169. "Thanks!" I said smiling.
  170. >She smiled slightly sitting silently next to me.
  171. "I.. I got the job today, at the store."
  172. >"Congratulations." She said.
  173. "I want to stay here. I was hoping, I could make some new friends."
  174. >"Have you many any so far?" She asked curiously.
  175. "No, but that won't stop me from trying."
  176. >"In that case, will you be my friend?" She asked politely.
  177. "Of course! You seem nice, and, I mean, you did save my life after all, that's definitely a friend to me."
  178. >"Alright, then as my friend, I would like.. To tell you something." She said peering deeply into my eyes.
  179. "Uh.. Hehe, what is it?"
  180. >"Its something, I would prefer you keep, between us."
  181. "Got it." I said feeling excited.
  183. >"I've, never been good at maintaining friendships either. You might have heard about it when you asked for my name in town, but I seldom visit town anymore."
  184. "Why? You seem like such a nice and intelligent pony. I can't imagine it's hard for someone like you to make friends."
  185. >"Not make friends, maintain them. After a while, they get tired of me, they say I'm too out there for anyponies good. Too caught up in books. And I feel like I just can't relate to any of them. Anon, when you told me you felt like you didn't feel like you fit in, like you were just drifting, I felt like I really understood you.."
  186. "So.. What are you're saying is-"
  187. >"I'm saying, I.. want to help you, to.. Be there for you so you can do the same for me. Its hard for me, to open myself up like this. But, I want to think you and I can become good friends." I hugged her tightly in this moment. She was surprised for a moment but returned the embrace.
  188. >I started to tear up. I felt for the first time in a long time that someone really cared. The fact she could open herself up, and put her trust in someone like me, it moved me.
  189. "Can.. Can.. I stay here tonight?"
  190. >"Of course, you can sleep with me in my bed."
  191. "You'll.. Let me.." I could barely utter the words. She frowned at me.
  192. >"Anon.. You can sleep with someone without having sex with them."
  193. "I.. I didn't mean, you know I was just.. Happy.. I mean I'm happy you're letting me cuddle with you." I said hoping I hadn't blown it.
  194. >"Good, because if you try it I'll make you sleep out in the cold." She smiled. "But I know you won't, you're too nice for that."
  195. >She was right, and it didn't bother me anyhow. I was just glad she was letting me do it.
  197. >We walked upstairs, I was tired, we made our way to her bed.
  198. >I snuggled in with her spooning with her in my arms. Her body so warm and plush. She held her hooves against my hands. I was so happy. She seemed so comfortable with me. I ran my hand through the tuft of fur on her neck. She smiled looking back at me giving me a small peck on the cheek before turning back around and nestling into me.
  199. >"I like this. I like having... A friend." She said.
  200. "So do I." I had much more on my mind, but this was the best I could think to say.
  201. >"I've been.. So lonely, for the longest time. This house, began to feel like my prison. I go out sometimes, just to stand in the rain, or to walk in the woods. To feel something, to get a change of scenery, to know I'm alive. I started to feel like maybe I was the only one. The odd one out."
  202. "But you're not, you have me now." I said gently stroking her mane.
  203. >"I saw you, collapsed there, helpless on the ground. I reacted, almost instinctively. I knew I had to help you. I sucked out the poison then and there. And after that, I could've brought you into town, but.. I wanted to care for you myself. It would keep my mind occupied for a little bit, and I thought it would be nice to meet someone new."
  204. "I'm, glad you did, I would've never gotten the chance to thank you for saving my life."
  205. >"And, I'm glad that I saved such a wonderful person. I.. I don't want you to feel like you don't belong anywhere. So, if it makes any difference.. My doors, will always be open to you." I lost it. I sobbed into her. She flipped around for a frontal hug. I cried into her soft chest trying to hide my face. She gently stoked my head as she held me in her warm embrace.
  207. >From that point on, me and Autumn spent our days together. I would do my work at the shop part time and come home to her tired and ragged. She would massage my shoulders and cuddle with me. And that's all i could really ask for.
  208. >When I wasn't working Autumn would take me on walks through the woods and take in the bountiful scenery. She'd point out certain plants and tell me about them. She seemed very happy to share her knowledge with someone who appreciated it.
  209. >And I appreciated her, and having someone like her to spend my time with. There were times when I missed the human world, but being with Autumn made me happier than I'd ever been there.
  210. >I've been happily living here ever since...
  212. The end
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