Inma's Guide

Dec 15th, 2018
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  1. Inma's Guide
  2. Rarity ◊◊♦
  4. A hard rod-shaped staff that imitates the shape of an inma's tail.
  5. Usually it is an ordinary cane with a rigid and straight shape, but when a woman takes it into her hand and concentrates it goes limp and bends, and it points to the direction of where a specific man desired strongly in her heart exists, in other words her beloved.
  6. It is a magic tool used willingly by human women, rather than by mamono that possess a certain degree of power to sense the presence of men.
  7. Only the direction can be known, you can't know the distance to the man or the detailed location, but the effect is not limited by distance, it will accurately point to the direction of a man even if separated by sea or if he exists in a spirit realm.
  8. In other words, by continuously using this magic tool, no matter where in the world he is, eventually you can track down a man without fail.
  10. However, this magic tool is a "Cursed Tool" to humans, by continuing to use it the desire towards the beloved grows stronger, and it becomes lewd like that of an inma.
  11. They will come to constantly think about their beloved, the love and desire growing still stronger, and begin to indulge in masturbation night after night while their beloved comes to mind.
  12. Then, the women that have come to hunt men like starved inma, without considering the changes in themselves, will continue to use the "Inma's Guide" with only the desire to reach their beloved.
  13. At that time, the "Inma's Guide" that was stiff and straight while not in use, will continue to always point in the direction of a man while twisting and turning, even without trying to use it.
  14. Before long, it begins to move willfully like a living thing, and when it wraps around the body of a woman, it adheres itself to above the ass and doesn't come off, becoming a genuine "Inma's Tail".
  16. The creator, method of production, and the origin of this magic tool isn't clear, also no new ones are made, only the previously produced ones currently exist.
  17. According to one theory, it is said it contains the regrets of inma that lost their lives in battle with humans without obtaining a man in the age of the former mamono lord, for that reason, they are an existence constantly seeking a beloved man, and by turning women into inma and becoming a part of that body, it is speculated that it is trying to obtain a man and taste ecstasy for itself.
  18. It is based on speculation, but given that it becomes the tail of an inma, and looks like it lovingly winds around a man's body, it seems to be somehow happy.
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