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Mar 17th, 2022
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  2. Season 17 - Season of the Lord
  4. -6 weapons added: 4 brand new, and 2 re-issued
  5. -New Solar Breech Loader Grenade Launcher
  6. -New Stasis Rapid-Fire Fusion Rifle
  7. -New Solar Rapid Fire Drum Loaded Grenade Launcher
  8. -New Void Precision Auto Rifle
  9. -Returning: Frostmire’s Hex (Rapid-Fire Arc Scout Rifle)
  10. -Returning: Allied Demand (Adaptive Void Sidearm)
  11. -Crow will act as the new Iron Banner vendor
  12. -Iron Banner reputation will be earned at a slightly faster rate than crucible and gambit rep
  13. -The vendor changes will mirror the new changes the to the Drifter
  14. -Focusing engrams will be expensive but help guarantee players the loot they desire
  15. -Blue drops have been eliminated from post game rewards, similar to the treatment the playlists got with Witch Queen
  16. -Armor focusing will be available and will function similar to the drops from the final encounter in Pit of Heresy
  17. -New guildable seal called Iron Lord. The difficulty to acquire is similar to conqueror/flawless
  18. -There will be a rotating daily flame (arc/solar/void/stasis - visible in the courtyard). During each “flame”, players using the corresponding subclass will see an increase charge rate and damage output for their abilities
  19. -Without going into too much detail, fun modifiers will be added to make the game feel like a more fast-paced, but still challenging, version of the normal crucible
  20. -Eververse will celebrate the Iron Banner rework by selling old Iron Banner ornaments and other new Iron Banner cosmetics for silver
  21. STORY
  22. -The plaguelands return to the cosmodrome as originally planned (1 landing zone, 1 lost sector, 4 bubbles)
  23. - Season focuses on Lord Saladin (now Bracus Forge)
  24. - Saladin appoints Crow (he is the “Lord”) to run the Iron Banner and watch over the Iron Temple. With Saladin gone, a rogue band of SIVA splicers seeks to take back the plaguelands. After pushing back the waves of splicers and recovering the ancient warmind node, with the help of Ana Bray, the Warmind is reassembled.
  25. -Reprised Strike: The Wretched Eye
  26. -New 6 player activity–Iron Siege. Defend the Iron Temple from waves of splicers. Had legendary and master difficulty.
  27. -New Dungeon: The Golden Age–An ancient warmind signal is discovered deep in the plaguelands. A powerful vandal Braviks stumbles across an old Warmind cache and seeks to use its power–2 boss fights, 1 puzzle encounter, 1 major platforming section
  29. -Zavala and Shaxx to get the Drifter treatment in s18
  30. -Crucible weapon: Kinetic Aggressive Shotgun
  31. -Vanguard Ops: Veist Lightweight Arc Submachine Gun
  32. -Gambit: Void Waveframe Grenade Launcher
  34. SOLAR 3.0
  35. -Burn, Explode, Heal, Empower, Radiate
  36. –Radiate–heals the user and nearby allies very slowly over time, gives increased weapon reload speed for the duration of the effect, and your super charger more quickly
  37. Warlock
  38. Supers
  39. -Well of Radiance (T5)-No longer grants an overshield (overshields are reserved for void)
  40. -Daybreak (T1)-air move: changed while holding crouch you plummet straight down (similar to current bottom tree dawnblade)
  41. Melees
  42. -Celestial Fire-impact damage decreased but now causes enemies to burn
  43. -Guiding Flame-empower duration extended from 6 to 10 seconds
  44. Aspects
  45. -Heat Rises-activating heat rises allows the user to Radiate for the duration of the effect
  46. -Benevolent Dawn-I didn’t notice any changes
  47. -Divine Protection-no longer gives an overshield
  48. -Icarus Dash-I didn’t notice any changes
  49. Hunter
  50. Supers
  51. -Golden Gun(T3)-Hitting 3 consecutive headshots now gives a 4th shot
  52. -Blade Barrage(T4)-Defeated enemies now explode. PVE damage doubled.
  53. Melees
  54. -Weighted Knife-Precision kills now grant radiate
  55. -Knife Trick-Decreased Cooldown
  56. Aspects
  57. -Explosive Knives-Knives stick to walls and explode when enemies are in proximity
  58. -Practice Makes Perfect-Now grants Radiate
  59. -Knife Party (new)-Kills with Throwing Knives cause enemies to Explode
  60. -Combat Medic-Burn Damage heals you
  61. Titan
  62. Supers
  63. -Burning Maul(T3)-Consecutive hits on the same target now increase super damage
  64. Hammer of Sol(T2)-Hammers explode by default now
  65. Melee
  66. -Mortar Blast-Causes enemies to explode and burn
  67. -Throwing Hammer-unchanged
  68. Aspects
  69. -Sunspots. Defeating targets with any solar ability, burn, or explode creates a sunspot at their feet. Standing inside a sunspot empowers you and causes your abilities to recharge faster.
  70. -Tempered Metal (reworked slightly)-Solar ability kills cause nearby allies to Radiate
  71. -Roaring Flames-Unchanged
  72. -Rage of Vulcan-when targets explode, they cause nearby enemies to burn
  73. Fragments
  74. Cast of Destruction-Grenade kills cause enemies to explode
  75. Cast of Everflame-Increased duration of heal, empower, and radiate effects
  76. Cast of Radiance-Casting your super grants Radiate
  77. Cast of Play-Your melee causes enemies to burn
  78. Cast of -Fire-Your burn and lingering grenade effects last longer
  79. -many more that I have yet to see
  81. -hesitant to touch void 3.0 until it’s been out for a season
  82. -the team is looking to address fusion rifles and hand cannons in the crucible
  83. -heavy grenade launchers are not in a good spot. They are a hybrid damage and ad clear weapon but they don’t fit that role
  84. -also considering a nerf to gjallarhorn as it is very hot but wanted to wait a few months
  85. -looking into ways to bring up underused archetypes in pve such as sidearms and auto rifles
  87. -looks like it will be in the EAZ again, no significant changes. Armor appears to be more vibrant this year.
  88. OTHER
  89. -New pvp map is called “Symposium” and is set in the throne world (the light part)
  90. -Season pass exotic appears to be a SIVA infused solar scout rifle.
  93. Season 18–Season of The Lies
  94. -Originally planned to bring back Wrath of the Machine with the plaguelands but there were problems, instead King’s Fall returns in s18
  95. -Saint-14 and Mithrax reveal their massive project. Using the corpse of Quria, they reconstruct the events leading to Savathun’s rise to power. The season revolves around trying to understand the lies Savathun spoke. Major characters include Mithrax, Saint -14, Crow, Rasputin. The season concludes with Immaru attempting to revive Savathun but he is killed by Crow.
  96. ARC 3.0
  97. Verbs–Disorient, Electrify, Chain, Reflect, Quickness
  98. -Hunter’s Middle tree Arc deflect will be rolled into the normal Arc Staff and hunters will get a -new super “Rod of the Tempest”
  99. -Warlocks will lean heavily into Chaining, Hunters Disorienting, and Titans Electrifying
  100. -power fantasy goal for arc is for it to feel delicate, but when used properly it can have devastating effects
  102. Season 19 - Season of the Prophecy
  103. Development for this season has just begun, so not many specific details are known
  104. -The Leviathan as well as Mercury, Io, and Titan re-appear in the system after defeating Immaru (the planets still remain vaulted). The Guardian boards the Leviathan in the first mission of the season in order to strike a deal with Calus. The rest of the season revolves around preparing for the Witness with the help of Calus.
  105. -At the conclusion of the season, a cutscene will show the Witness entering the system and killing Calus for betraying him, before turning his attention to Earth and the rest of Sol.
  106. -A live event will show the black fleet bombarding the traveler as the servers go offline.
  107. -New Dungeon: Chiaroscuro–new Throne World dungeon. With the Death of Immaru, the Throne World begins to collapse. In Chiaroscuro, the guardian is able to sever the link to Savathun and stabilize the Throne World.
  109. Lightfall:
  110. Tentative Release Date - 21st February 2023
  111. -Planning to develop a legendary campaign even bigger and even better than Witch Queen. The aim is for at least 2 more missions than Witch Queen.
  112. -The goal of the campaign is to pay tribute to the original Destiny 2 campaign. We go from planet to planet, gathering our losses before eventually assaulting the Earth where the Witness has captured the Traveler.
  113. -New weapon archetype
  114. -Lightfall raid appears to take place inside of a traveler (maybe not THE traveler?)
  115. -Guided Games will finally be out of beta (gone) and replaced with an LFG system. Joe is a huge proponent of this and as the new director he has made big strides to getting an LFG system into the game
  116. -EDZ and Nessus will be vaulted this year after the team found issues late in development last year. It is undecided if the dreaming city will enter the vault, discussion is still happening. The team has plans to vault Luna with the Final Shape.
  117. The Final Shape
  118. -From what I can gather, The Final shape is the goal of the sword logic, the Witness, and his Black Fleet.
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