Virtual Anonpony 2.0

May 18th, 2015
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  1. >Be Anonymous in not so near future.
  2. >You have not had a good day. It was bad enough that one of the thrusters of your constructor shipbody jammed, making it spin out of control.
  3. >But then Cherry Berry rammed it away from the superstructure of the station you were building so hard it broke with you still logged in.
  4. >One moment you see a starfield spinning ever faster. The next, everything twists while error reports flood your senses. And then you're back at the barracks hub. The cheap bastards didn't even install a free virtual space here, so you were stuck as pure thought right after a sensory overload.
  5. >Sure, Cherry later contacted you and promised to make up for it, nudge nudge wink wink, but she would be busy the following week or so, and couldn't afford (waste) money for a parallel instance.
  6. >At least you got a few days vacation out of it. Or sick leave, but whatever. Paid time off is paid time off.
  7. >Speaking of pay, with this you've actually managed to save enough for a little treat. Now let's see, you'll need:
  8. >* An Indistinguishable-level simulated space. Expensive, but it's just a single room for two hours, and sometimes you have to live up a little.
  9. >* A second instance of yourself. And that's _really_ expensive. This is a nice node to live on, but until they'll get those new CPUs online, we're pressed for execution time.
  10. >* An avatar option for said instance. At least that's cheap.
  11. >And with that, you pay for your items. An input into your disembodied consciousness lets you know your simulation is ready. You confirm, and wake up in a comfortable if small bedroom in the body of a human male of average build. >Next to you is a small green female unicorn. She lifts hear head, turns her golden eyes to you, and says:
  12. >"I love this side."
  13. >You nod, a bit jealous. You two share memory until a few seconds ago. And you remember the merged memories of both sides of past encounters.
  14. "Hi, Lyra. I remember you. You were ticklish around _HERE_!"
  15. >She was. The most ticklish of them all, in fact. Maria was the least so, despite not having a fur coat. Maybe the artist who'd created the avatar had tried to cater to that weird "pony tickling" fetish.
  16. >Oh well, now you have to tickle this pony nice and wet!
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