Veed Laboratories

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  1. <align="center"><color=#ff8000><size=150%>Veed Laboratories</size></color></align>
  3. Welcome to <color=#ff8000>Veed Laboratories</color>!
  4. This is a pretty chill server, we aren't too strict and only have a few simple rules.
  6. <u>Server Rules</u>
  7. 1. No RDM (random deathmatch/killing) teammates/allies without a reason
  8. 2. No teaming to prolong the round or kill your own teammates as MTF or CI
  9. 3. No using exploits or areas where SCPs cannot reach you
  10. 4. Micspamming is allowed as long as it isn't too loud
  11. 5. No spawnkilling
  13. The Punishment Process for those who break rules goes:
  14. 1. Verbal warning
  15. 2. Jail warning
  16. 3. 1 day ban
  17. 4. 1 month ban
  18. 5. Permaban
  19. Punishments can be escalated with the permission of Aerzzy
  21. If someone is breaking the rules please report their username and what they are doing in reports channel of the Discord server. Extra evidence such as screenshots or videos is appreciated and helps to validate your report but is not required.
  23. You can join our Discord at <color=#e8cb49></color> (enter in your web browser and not your Discord client)
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