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Anon and the Six Cheshires

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  1. >At Arnold's Butcher Shop in a rough part of town
  2. >The neighborhood is sketchy as fuck but he's got the best cuts in town and since you've been such a steadfast customer all these years he tends to err on your side with weights
  3. >While giving him your order you notice he's staring past you, out his shop's window
  4. >Turn around to follow his gaze, only to find a raggedy-looking young werecat of some kind staring in
  5. >Hair is a mess and clumped, ears look like she's been in a couple fights, and her clothing consists of a tattered, stained shirt that doesn't even properly cover her, revealing her bony body
  6. >Ask Arnold who she is, he shakes his head and tells you she showed up a little while ago and hasn't really left. He tries to chase her off but she always comes back. Even called social services to come pick her up but she always runs off and hides somewhere.
  7. >You think for a bit, then decide to add some jerky to your order and if you can have it first
  8. >Arnold sighs at you, but goes along with it
  9. >While he's wrapping up everything else you head outside, the werecat's eyes following your every step. She backs off some when you approach, though it's plain to see she's staring hard at the wrapped parcel in your hand
  10. >No doubt she can smell the contents
  11. >When you unwrap and offer it to her, she takes a step back, bringing her paws up. Her ears and tail are on full alert, bringing a smirk to your face
  12. >Carefully, as if expecting it to be a trap, she closes in and snatches it from your hand and retreats
  13. >Immediately shoves a piece of jerky into her mouth, still staring at her
  14. >Ask what her name is, only to receive more staring. Guess what's not one for words
  15. >You think you hear her mutter thanks in between chomps, then she quickly runs off behind the shop
  16. >Cagey thing
  17. >Back inside you grab your first box of meats and pop the trunk on your car to put it inside, then return to get the second box
  18. >Slamming the trunk, you look around one last time for the girl
  19. >Time to head home
  21. >Back at hour house you pop the trunk, then notice the car moves a bit. Odd.
  22. >When you hop out and walk to the back, the trunk lid is already open all the way. Strange.
  23. >Well whatever, time to bring everything inside.
  24. >As you walk in you feel something brush against you but there's nothing around you
  25. >Maybe you've been working too hard lately
  26. >Or not enough
  27. >While putting everything away in your deep freezer you discover an empty bit of butcher paper that had, at one point, contained salmon
  28. >And another bit of empty paper
  29. >That's four whole salmon fillets gone
  30. >Your mind turns back to the werecat. She must've worked fast, though it's odd she left the wrapping in the box
  31. >Thieving cat, those weren't cheap
  32. >But, getting angry isn't going to solve anything and in a way you pity her
  33. >Stealing and handouts are probably the only way she's still alive
  34. >You head back upstairs with a package of ground beef. Burgers sound pretty good for dinner.
  35. >Season the meat, mix it up in a bowl with some sauces, then make patties and leave them out on some wax paper while you go fire up the grill
  36. >Come back, patties are gone
  37. >It all makes fucking sense now
  38. >That fucking cat
  39. >The little harlot must've stowed away in your trunk, invisible, like the fucking Cheshire she is
  40. >Yell for her to show herself, turning around in circles trying to catch some kind of glimpse of here
  41. >But there's nothing, you're just yelling and waving your arms around in the middle of your house like a crazy person
  42. >You're not sure what to do about a Cheshire infestation. Your brother got one the other year and it was a pain to chase them out.
  44. >Though one thing you can press to your advantage is that your particular Cheshire is starving
  45. >She's already eaten a ton of meat, so there's good reason that she'll eat more if given the opportunity
  46. >You'll just need to be clever about it
  47. >It may be a bit cruel, but it ought to work - you hope. While you don't have any sleeping pills exactly, you've got plenty of antihistamines. A few of those mixed into the meat should be enough to knock her out.
  48. >Hopefully they become visible once they're asleep
  49. >Knowing that she could be watching you from anywhere you make your way to the bathroom for the drugs and slip them into your pocket, pick up some more beef, and head to the kitchen
  50. >As stealthily as possible you add your special ingredients
  51. >Do the same thing as before, leave out some patties and then head outside as if you're going to turn on the grill
  52. >Come back, meat is gone
  53. >Success
  54. >Though you realize that she's had to have consumed at least four or five pounds of meat by now
  55. >That's enough to last you a week
  56. >Now the waiting game begins, and you hunker down to pass the time with some vidya
  57. >After a while, just when you think about going on an exploration mission, you hear a thud coming from upstairs. Sounds like it came from the guest bedroom.
  58. >Sprinting like a hunter to his trap you race upstairs and into the room and discover your plane has worked masterfully
  59. >To your reddening embarassement
  60. >Looking like she rolled off the bed and landed head first on the floor is a young werecat
  61. >Except she's completely nude and her catchsnatch is angled directly at you
  62. >She's snore-nyaaing, and somehow looks peaceful despite her awkward yet provocative position
  63. >You'll deal with her when she wakes up, but for now you decide to bundle her up with a blanket
  64. >Not just for her modesty, but to capture her
  65. >But as you get close, you realize she looks different than the werecat you saw earlier
  66. >Then you hear the door behind you creak
  68. >Whirling about you spot another naked werecat, and again, the one standing in the doorway looks different
  69. >Longer hair, green eyes instead of yellow, but she's still dangerously thin and dirty
  70. >Most troubling of all, however, is her grin
  71. >No one in that state should have that kind of face
  72. >"Pretty clever of you, mister!
  73. >At least this one talks
  74. >You ask her how many of them followed you home and why they couldn't have just all asked for something when you were at the butcher shop
  75. >The green-eyed Cheshire just sneers at you
  76. >"Are you saying you would have fed me and my sisters?"
  77. >Considering how much they've eaten already, and the way it sounds like if you didn't drug the meat more would've vanished, you can't really say yes
  78. >"See? I knew it," she says, her face bearing hints of sadness, as if she was hoping you'd say yes despite it all
  79. >Though she still hasn't said how many of them there are
  80. >A handful of emaciated cats wouldn't be much of a challenge for you should they get aggressive, five or six could be a problem
  81. >Besides, you don't really want to beat up a bunch of homeless cheshires that look like they're 13 or 14, tops
  82. >You ask the green-eyed one her name, but she just laughs dryly
  83. >"What does it matter?"
  84. >You feel something brush up against you
  85. >Is it the one that was wearing the shirt or another?
  86. >You ask what she wants, exactly, but you're pretty sure you already know
  87. >"Those boxes of meat would be do nicely," she says, "Along with you..."
  88. >Okay you weren't expecting the last one
  89. >She stalks in closer, in what you assume is her attempt at an intimidating stance but it falls completely flat considering the tips of her ears don't even reach your chin
  90. >"Me and my sisters are very hungry, you know~"
  91. >"Do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?"
  93. >There are few alternatives in this situation
  94. >It's a waste of money, but then again it might not be
  95. >Though you're being taken advantage of in the worst way possible, you can't think too poorly of the Cheshires
  96. >When she walks close enough you flick her head, instantly sending her recoiling with her paws on her forehead and her ears laid flat
  97. >"Hey, what do you think you're doing?!"
  98. >You mention tiny cats aren't very intimidating, and that she's trying your patience
  99. >You could just pick her up and powerbomb her to the ground if you really wanted
  100. >Sure the claws might hurt but they wouldn't take you down before you did some damage
  101. >Your words seem to make her second-guess her dine-rape-dash plan
  102. >You hear a few voices around you, confirming your suspicion the room is filled with Cheshires
  103. >The green-eyed Cheshire looks ready for a fight, baring her claws and she fades away to nothing
  104. >"You've messed with the wrong cat!"
  105. >The only thing you can do is sigh. What is she, a villain from a children's show about guys who dress up like bugs and act like idiots?
  106. >Fortunately, as you anticipated, she just lunges straight at you - like an idiot.
  107. >You sidestep her clumsy attack, feeling a rush of wind
  108. >Though you'll probably get a face-full of claws the second time around since you have no idea where she is now
  109. >Time for the plan
  110. >You announce, loudly, that you'd like to cook for them. Meat's better when it's not raw, and you'd like to see everyone - and even give them a bath. They must all be cute as buttons, you add. Cute, lovable buttons that you'd just love to scratch their ears and rub their tummies and then you can all fall asleep in a big cuddle pile
  111. >The air around you becomes rather still
  112. >A new voice behind you asks if you really mean it
  113. >Turning around, you discover a familiar face - the yellow-eyed girl
  114. >Yes, you say, you meant every word
  115. >The green-eyed one argues that you're just lying, but the yellow one is already hooked
  116. >She's even drooling
  118. >You make the offer that everyone who wants to be a good Cheshire can come eat the table after they've all had a hot bath and you can probably even find them some clothes to wear so they're not all naked
  119. >Another set of eyes appear, then another
  120. >It's like a rainbow is forming around you - one Cheshire has blue eyes, another violet. Then there's one with reddish-pink eyes. With the one knocked out on the floor that makes six of them.
  121. >The green-eyed Cheshire pleads with them not to listen to you, but they all know what you did for the one back at the butcher shop
  122. >Though she's obviously the ringleader, her sway over them is tenuous at best
  123. >The others start to nyaa and paw at you, asking why you're so nice to them
  124. >No one has ever been that nice to them
  125. >Looking at how raggled and filthy they are, you can believe it
  126. >Makes you wonder how long they've been living on the streets
  127. >Though being surrounded by naked Cheshires that are pawing at you would probably give the wrong impression to anyone who saw you
  128. >Rubs and scritches all around for the assemblage, most of them start to purr happily and nuzzle their face against you
  129. >Well they were easy to win over
  130. >Though the green-eyed one just stands there in the corner, scowling with her arms-crossed
  131. >What happened to her that made her so distrusting and hostile? Perhaps she's got secrets her sisters don't know about or maybe she just reacted differently to something
  132. >You instruct everyone to head to the bathroom and you lead the way with a procession of Cheshires tagging along, though you do have to carry the one you drugged in your arms
  133. >Hopefully she wakes up soon, you wouldn't want her to miss the fun
  134. >While waiting for the tub to fill in the bathroom you head back to check on the leader of the group
  135. >Her back is facing you, but it's unmistakable in the time you've been gone she's started to cry
  137. >You give her a head pat which causes her to jump and she scurries away from you, not letting you see her face
  138. >"Don't touch me!"
  139. >Why, you ask? What's wrong? Sure she was a dick to you but you can forgive her
  140. >"I'm supposed to keep them safe, so they, so they don't have to!"
  141. >Her words are punctuated with hics and sobs, and you have an idea of what she's talking about
  142. >She's obviously been her guardian of sorts and has probably done all sorts of questionable things to scrape together enough food to eat
  143. >And now here you are, sweeping them away from her and she probably thinks you're going to ravage each of them
  144. >At least what's what you can gather, considering she was maybe talking about raping you earlier
  145. >Best not to question her right now
  146. >You reassure that you don't intend to do anything other than what you've said, and everyone has been so sweet
  147. >If she wants a cooked meal she'll need to clean up first, that's the rule
  148. >She can come whenever she feels ready
  149. >With that you head back to the bathroom only to discover the tub filled with Cheshires and some funky looking grey water
  150. >They're filthier than you thought
  151. >This is going to take a while
  152. >The first one is yellow eyes, who's name you discover is Mindy
  153. >You decide to drain the tub and use the handheld attachment first and begin lathering her up
  154. >She sits well in the tub, leaning into your hand as you scrub her and her ears flick under your fingers
  155. >You have some reservations about scrubbing them in certain, particular areas, instead letting her do the work there
  156. >finally she cleans up and now you've got a good look at her striped black and lavender coat; she's actually pretty cute under the grime
  157. >Now for the others
  158. >After much lathering and rinsing and scrubbing and refilling the tub several times over so they can play, you march them to your bedroom for clothes
  159. >Returning for something you forgot, there's green-eyes, looking into the tub pensively
  161. >You tell her to go ahead, and if she wants she can bathe alone
  162. >Kind of snappily she tells you she will
  163. >But then adds, very quietly, she wouldn't mind having someone wash her hair
  164. >Grinning, you help the young Cheshire out, making her just as clean and poofy as her sisters
  165. >She blushes the entire time and fidgets, making attempts at conversation a little tricky
  166. >Though you do learn her name is Ophelia
  167. >Interesting name, and you ask her if she knows where it came from
  168. >She shakes her head, and you tell her it's from an old play, but leave it at that
  169. >Finally you're done with the last Cheshire and herd her into your room, only to discover the others have taken great interest in your bed
  170. >Blankets, sheets, and pillows are everywhere
  171. >The passed out one somehow got laid out spread eagle, again facing you
  172. >Some are pillow fighting, others rolling around
  173. >You clap your hands sharply, startling and gaining their attention
  174. >Can't really be mad at them, but you tell them they need to behave when they're inside
  175. >Sad faces all around
  176. >Sigh
  177. >You pick out some of your larger t-shirts that you don't care about and give them to the clowder of Cheshires
  178. >It's not much but it's certainly better than a pack of naked girls running through your house
  179. >You are a guy, after all
  180. >Some nuzzle the fabric, others look on in amazement
  181. >How long were they out on the streets? They're damn near feral
  182. >Well that's in the past. Instructing the catterwauling mass downstairs you tell them that if they want to eat they'll need to help you prepare it
  183. >Might be a bad idea, but it might also make them feel a little important and helpful
  184. >Ophelia is the last one to leave, still on the bed as you turn your back to her and follow the others out
  185. >She pounces on your back, nearly toppling you over from the surprise
  186. >She rubs her face on you, purring happily
  187. >She certainly had a quick change of heart
  188. >You carry her down, piggyback style
  190. >Tsun to dere in an hour minutes deserves a speeding ticket, but it's better than her being so standoffish
  191. >Dinner prep is as big of a mess as you thought it'd be
  192. >So many paws everywhere, all eager to help
  193. >Wind up just making everything so much more difficult
  194. >Pots and dishes everywhere that you don't even need
  195. >Why is the fridge open
  196. >Oh no they found the flour no sweeties we don't need tha- fuuuuuuuuuck
  197. >You're pretty sure there's going to be cat hair in everything
  198. >They even manage to make a mess trying to clean the mess up
  199. >Yet, as much as you really, really hate to admit it you haven't had this much fun preparing a meal in a long time
  200. >Mindy proves to be the most useful overall, though Ophelia manages to keep her sisters from getting too crazy
  201. >They've been so starved for affection that they immediately treat you like you've known them their whole lives and you feel like they're placing all their trust in you, for better or worse
  202. >The one you knocked out manages to wake up; this one has orange eyes. It really is a rainbow. At least it makes them all easy to tell apart at a glance
  203. >Unfortunately the effects linger on her and she winds up being the most chill of the group
  204. >After the three hours it took to make a twenty minute meal, it's dinner time
  205. >Paws off the table
  206. >Don't eat with your hands oh no there's sauce everywhere; violet eyes is going to need another bath
  207. >Did blue eyes eat the napkin
  208. >She did
  209. >They're becoming increasingly chatty, and you learn they were abandoned almost five years ago and have been on their own since then
  210. >Poor things
  211. >You consider calling social services soon as the meal is over, but decide to give them a full day somewhere they feel safe
  212. >Besides, after eating all that all of them except for Ophelia have passed out in the living room in a giant pile
  213. >She helps with the dishes, and you can't help but notice she's constantly touching you with some part of her
  215. >You ignore her clumsy advances, wondering why she's so, well, crazy
  216. >Mixture of natural Cheshire craziness combined with being alone so long, you suppose
  217. >You plop down on the couch with a book in hand, sort of watching the cuddle pile on the floor
  218. >Even without blankets they look plenty warm, no doubt due to all their poofy fur and the way they manage to pack in and drape over each other in that limp way only cats can
  219. >Save for Ophelia who is intent on cuddling up next to you
  220. >Patting her head and rubbing her ears, she drifts off like her sisters, purring softly half-way on your lap
  221. >You feel a little bit like a guardian at the moment, the thought bringing a stupid smile to your face
  222. >As you read, somehow, the cuddle pile slowly advances in your direction as they roll and move about until they're at your feet
  223. >Deep night settles in as you finish your book and you decide to head to bed
  224. >it's a bit of a struggle to get Ophelia off you, but you manage to squirm free from her clutches and leave the Cheshires for the evening
  225. >As you get ready for bed you pause when you think you hear steps, but there's nothing
  226. >Must just be hearing things
  227. >Considering everything that's happened, that's not really surprising
  228. >You turn out the lights and snuggle under your sheets, thoughts turning to the inevitable
  229. >As much fun as you're having, there's no way you can keep them
  230. >Even if you had the time, the costs would bankrupt you instantly
  231. >Still, they are pretty damn cute
  232. >Just as you're about to drift off, something steps on your bed
  233. >Your eyes fly open and you look around in shock
  234. >Through the dark you can make out a rainbow of eyes all peering at you
  235. >And the white of teeth showing through grins
  236. >Those aren't happy smiles
  237. >W-what are you all doing here?
  238. >Their grins spread so far they force their eyes up into shining half-moons as they continue to stare down at you
  240. >They move in closer, some disappearing under the blankets
  241. >Their paws caress you all over and some drape themselves across your legs and arms
  242. >Mindy lays down with her head next to yours, smiling
  243. >She licks your cheek with her rough tongue and purrs at you
  244. >Ophelia straddles your chest, looking down at you
  245. >You ask her what exactly they're planning to do to you
  246. >"You've been so nice to us, we agreed we should repay you..."
  247. >The others add in their agreement, the ones that were under the blankets poke their heads out to leer at you
  248. >Sophia with her piercing blue eyes, the fiery orange-eyed Cynthia, Ashley who you thought with her red eyes would be a little more bold but who is actually pretty quiet, the runt of the litter Fiore and her violet eyes
  249. >And of course the two nearest you
  250. >Repay me how, you ask, though you already know what they're planning on
  251. >"We want to make you feel good~" Ophelia says, leaning down so far her face nearly touches yours
  252. >While you know it's common for young girls like these to be incredibly horny, you can't help but feel their life circumstances have twisted them somehow
  253. >Rather than doing it because it's something that feels good and helps cement bonds, it's as if they're using sex as a currency
  254. >Not to mention you're more than double their age
  255. >Despite your precarious position, it still makes you feel like you're taking advantage of them
  256. >While mulling things over, some of them begin to knead against you - fortunately no claws
  257. >"So, how about it?" Ophelia asks, running a lazy circle on your chest with a paw
  259. >Under other circumstances you'd gladly take them up on their offer. It's not everyday one has such an opportunity.
  260. >But you know that's not what these girls need now.
  261. >As difficult as it is to resist the advances of a naked Cheshire on your chest, the full view of her gaunt body helps solidify your resolve.
  262. >Acting quickly you fling your arms around her and pull her against your chest and tell her there's nothing to repay, telling her you acted out of kindness, not a hope to get some from her and her sisters
  263. >She fights and struggles a bit, but that she doesn't simply teleport out of your grasp lets you know all you need to
  264. >Finally she stops squirming about and just lays there on your chest before finally asking why you're so nice to them
  265. >That's a tough one to answer, and honestly if it wasn't for the unusual circumstances that all came together you'd have thought nothing of them had you never seen Mindy again
  266. >But they don't need to know that
  267. >So you tell them that they seem like a bunch of good kids. She chose to reveal herself in defense of her sister when she was passed out, after all. They could've just fleeced you and gotten her out later.
  268. >Some of the others still seem eager for sexy time and you have to let Ophelia go to keep them from removing your boxers
  269. >You tell them that if they're looking to be close with someone for the night, you can all just sleep together in one big pile
  270. >That seems to do the trick, and Mindy is the first one to curl up against you in a choice spot and fall asleep
  271. >The rest follow in, picking out spots around and on you
  272. >And Ophelia remains on your chest, though you really wish she'd put her shirt back on or something
  273. >Though before she falls asleep she gives you a gentle kiss on the lips and thanks you
  274. >Things are getting complicated
  276. >In the morning you call in to work, telling them you've had something of a family emergency
  277. >A house full of half-naked Cheshires kind of fits the bill
  278. >After another raucious meal that took far longer to make and eat than it had any right to, you sit the sisters down and ask them what they want to do
  279. >Can't very well take care of them, the food bills alone would ruin you. Then there's clothes and school and...
  280. >After a full belly and somewhere warm and cozy to sleep, they obviously don't like the idea of going back
  281. >They even promise they'll eat out of the garbage if they can just stay in your house
  282. >Well what about an orphanage or something
  283. >That doesn't fly either
  284. >"They'd split us up!" Ophelia says, and you know she's right.
  285. >Going through so much together, there's no way these sisters would let themselves get put into different homes, some of which might be rather far away
  286. >But who the hell would adopt six Cheshires that are entering their most dangerous years?
  287. >You would, if you had the money
  288. >Because you're an idiot
  289. >There's also little chance that they'd let a single guy like you take care of six young ones
  290. >Though they are fairly self-sufficient and with some early discipline might not be so rowdy
  291. >Time for a call to social services when they aren't looking
  292. >The woman on the phone doesn't quite seem to believe your story, but says they'll send someone soon over to verify things
  293. >Good thing for you the marvel of day time television keeps the girls under control until the social worker's arrival
  294. >The girls all crowd around you, curious as, well, cats, to see who's coming over
  295. >Except they're all invisible.
  296. >When the social worker asks to see the girls you carefully reach an arm out and grab at air, then tell the space between your arm and body that she's being rude
  297. >Looks like you bagged Mindy
  298. >She reveals herself and mewls a greeting
  299. >The others begrudgingly follow suit
  300. >The social worker is suddenly overcome with a look like she's got work to do
  302. >There's a whole laundry list of things to be done
  303. >Medical exams, aptitude tests to see where they're at as far as education, as well as some things for you
  304. >With you around the girls talk with the social worker, but they're all wary of her
  305. >No way they're going to an orphanage
  306. >And they make it very clear to her - they'd rather go back out on the streets
  307. >Privately, or as private as you can manage given that the girls can teleport around and go invisible, you talk with the social worker
  308. >You'd like to adopt them, but money and such
  309. >Apparently there are plans in place for that, you'd get a sizable stipend that'd cover food, clothes, education, toys, etc
  310. >And you'd have the services of a maid that would take care of them while you're at work and they're not at school
  311. >Once they've all had their exams and the paperwork is done a decision will be reached
  312. >For now she'll let them stay, but you have to cover their expenses and please buy them some clothes at the very least
  313. >When you see her out the door the Cheshires are glad to see her go
  314. >Probably've had more than one run-in with people like her, you think
  315. >Time to take the girls shopping
  316. >Fortunately there's plenty to choose from at the thrift store
  317. >Though they have to stay hidden because they're not exactly dressed for public, but you get their opinions on what they'd like to wear, even if it makes you seem crazy that you're talking to no one
  318. >And that behind you, there's quite a few active poltergeists that love to touch and move everything
  319. >There was one old guy that ran out, babbling about how the ghosts have come back for him
  320. >When pressed on the matter if they've been scaring people, they all look guilty as fuck, peeking at you from inside the clothes racks
  321. >Can't take these girls anywhere
  322. >Back home everyone tries on their new outfits
  323. >You never knew someone could be so happy to put on clothes
  324. >Sure beats wearing tattered, dirty rags
  326. >They all huddle together and look your way
  327. >Oh no
  328. >A wave of Cheshires crashes down upon you, sending you to the floor covered in paws, fluff, and happy nyaaing
  329. >Headpats and rubs for everyone
  330. >An hour later you finally manage to get them off of you, and you realize that you've got an entire day with them
  331. >And they stick to you like glue the entire time
  332. >Even when you try to read or watch a movie or play games, there they are
  333. >Struggling with one another to be at the forefront and figure out what you're doing
  334. >This is going to get old fast, but they'll probably calm down soon, you think
  335. >Four weeks later, they have not calmed at all
  336. >Guess you're still a messiah figure to them
  337. >At least they learn fast and each sister is just finally starting to branch off to do their own thing or with each other
  338. >They still make passes at you, but you've always turned them down
  339. >But with full bellies every day, they're rapidly putting on weight and are filling out as you might expect
  340. >Which makes it all the harder to turn them down
  341. >And unfortunately, one night, you make a terrible mistake
  343. >>13163467
  344. >They still cuddle up with you every night, and they have a habit of liking to sleep in the nude
  345. >Surrounded by them and their increasingly attractive figures, it's been... hard
  346. >Fortunately you've been good at hiding it
  347. >Until you managed to hit Sophia in the face with it while trying to turn over
  348. >In a flash she's got your underwear down and though she's under the covers with you, it doesn't take sight to know what she's doing
  349. >A thrilled gasp, the words "He really does love us!" and paws on your dick in rapid succession
  350. >Very quickly the others wake up
  351. >You desperately try to pull away and claim you really don't want them that way
  352. >But a passionate kiss from Ophelia quiets you
  353. >"Aren't you the one telling us to be honest?" She says teasingly
  354. >Hearing that from someone who's 13 doesn't really make you feel good about yourself
  355. >Plus with all them around you haven't even gotten so much as a look from another MG, even that cute werewolf down the street that was into you
  356. >Now you're just the crazy cat guy
  357. >A raspy tongue flicks across your erection
  358. >Mindy sits up on your hand and guides your fingers to her snatch
  359. >They really do want it, and probably not just out of wanting to repay a kindness anymore
  360. >Though that could just be an excuse you're telling yourself
  361. >Fuck it
  362. >Covers fly off, revealing three heads all around your dick
  363. >You tell them that if you're all going to be doing this, best do it properly
  364. >And so the night descends into an orgy like you've never had before
  365. >Each of your hands are occupied with fingerfucking two Chehires
  366. >Ophelia rides your face, grinding herself into you
  367. >The others take turns bouncing up and down on you, rotating in and out and sharing your pole amongst their holes
  368. >The two on your hands finally climax from your endless stirring and fall away, briefly satisified
  369. >But you get no rest as your fingers find new holes to pleasure
  370. >And Ophelia and Fione swap
  372. >Now you're eating Fione out and Ophelia bears down on you, but unlike her sisters she has no intent of stopping
  373. >And unlike the others she's going fast and hard
  374. >Her intent is clear, and you plan on giving it to her - the first load
  375. >Her two satisified sisters start licking her all over, rubbing her clit, and doing the best they can to get their elder sister to climax
  376. >Oh boy does it work, the sensitive feline howls with delight, then again as her intense contractions bring you to a climatic finish
  377. >She falls off, savoring her creampie
  378. >Her sisters too, as they take turns licking it out of her
  379. >God damn that's lewd
  380. >Taking some initiative you pin one down and start hammering her
  381. >Some paws fondle your balls and someone licks your taint and butthole, sending a shiver through you
  382. >So the night goes, a wild, blissful and lewd orgy that leaves you spent and unfortunately three of the sisters without a cream filling
  383. >They'll just have to get theirs tomorrow, you say
  384. >Your words seem to mollify them - for now
  385. >They're going to have to learn to share
  386. >And you're going to have to figure out what to do about having six new, young lovers
  388. >Weeks later, you get good news that everything has checked out
  389. >They're officially yours now, and now you can stop buying cans of tuna and rice for meals
  390. >In celebration, they take you on the living room floor
  391. >The sisters are looking healthy as can be, maybe a little too healthy
  392. >Sophia has the biggest tits, just begging to be squeezed - drawing a happy purr from her as you tweak her sensitive nipples
  393. >Mindy's shapely ass deserves some spankings and of course she's the biggest buttslut in the group
  394. >And Ophelia's hips could kill a man, giving you something great to hold onto while fucking up her against the wall
  395. >Fiore is still tiny, and sometimes you worry about breaking her
  396. >Cynthia and Ashely have a bit of femdom streak where they get off the most when you're tied up and they're in control
  398. >While you're able to keep up for the first few months, soon they take their toll on you, body and mind
  399. >Some days you just want to sleep or relax, not spend hours fucking them
  400. >It's like the cork on actual intimate, loving sex was released and now they're rushing to catch up
  401. >One is bad enough, but six?
  402. >Trying to hide from them doesn't really work as they discover you no matter where you hide - closets, laundry room, the web-filled storage room in the basement - and drag you out for sex
  403. >If you're lucky you can pacify them from rubs, but that only works once or twice a week
  404. >They even go after the poor holstaurus maid/caregiver that'd been assigned to you
  405. >More than once you came home to them pinning her down, fucking both her holes with dildos while drinking milk fresh from the tap
  406. >She didn't seem to mind too much, but you tried to scold the horny cats anyways
  407. >And they'd just migrate over to you and get you hard, then jerk you off with their paws until you'd cum over all the holstaurus' tits and they'd lick that off too
  408. >Yet despite their horny exteriors they were still the same cuddlebugs as before
  409. >Once they got their fill they'd pile around and on you, keeping you warm (too warm, most of time) in an purring heap.
  410. >Thus the days went, filled with love that you sometimes couldn't escape.
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