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  1.  - Fuck me that's a loud title screen
  2.  - Black text on black / dark grey. Sure, the selection goes red, but still. Have you thought about an outline?
  3.  - Plugging in my steamcontroller caused the game to freeze for a bit. It recovered, but when I pressed A to reassign the jumpkey, I was stuck. Accepted neither MKB nor controller input (although it probably treated the controller as MKB). Unplugged and was still stuck. Plugged in my cheap USB SNES controller. Game went full white, recovered, still stuck as before. Controller again not recognised. Tried again with steam controller before starting the game again. Set up a config which conflicted with itself somehow. Went back to MKB so I could finish this today
  4.  - Can't stand directly in front of people and talk with them
  5.  - Character portrait still weirds me out
  6.  - Jumping into the water did not produce a splash
  7.  - Fell down into the hole at raven junction, transitioned down only to directly transition back up again because I apparently caught onto the edge
  8.  - Zombie cadaver spazzing out near small stairs
  9.  - ACQUIRED [wat]? Can't read this fast
  10.  - Black type on almost black background. Solid choice. Except I can't read shit an not even select it to increase redness
  11.  - No interaction with water other than eventual swimming animation
  12.  - Stunlocked red knight with ice sword. Mushrooms were more of a fight
  13.  - Talked to merchant and opened chest at the same time. Couldn't read what I got from the chest
  14.  - Fuck ravens
  15.  - If I'm supposed to critterfreeze / walljump my way to the top right of the elevator, I can't do it. My jumping skills don't cut it and the critters fuck off when I enter the room
  16.  - Considering game fully explored. Guess this is it
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