SAY SOMETHING (TwixAnon, comedy, autism, fluff) to do

Sep 9th, 2017
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  1. >>33098774
  2. >Say something you dumbfuck!
  3. >She's looking at you!
  4. "Aeuyehhah-HIIII!"
  6. >"Hi Anon~, how are you?"
  7. "YES!"
  8. >She blinks, obviously trying to process how an affirmative would work as an answer
  9. "N-no, I mean, I-i-I'm fine!"
  10. >You're not really convincing
  11. >"Are you sure? You look tense, are you sick?"
  12. >Your knees go weak when you realize she's worried about you
  13. >I'm lovesick you beautiful purple pony princess
  14. >You can't tell her that!
  15. >"What did you say?"
  16. >Fuck, stop thinking out loud you autistic sperg!
  17. "I'm good! I'm great, even! Everything's great! I'm great, you're great, especially your eyes--"
  18. >That's too far!
  19. "I-i--no, wait, I didn't mean that,"
  20. >Her giggle is like having dozens of tiny angels caressing your ears
  21. >"Thanks Anon, I know you like my eyes, that's the third time you've told me this week~,"
  22. >Is she teasing you?
  23. >Mocking you?
  24. >Reminding you of the hundreds of failures you've suffered through and rubbing it in?
  25. >No, Twilight would never do that
  26. >Not with the way she's looking at you right now
  27. >Is she looking at all her friends the same way?
  28. >Or could it be the gaze she only gives you?
  29. >Does it mean something to her?
  30. >Do you mean something to her?
  31. >Your heart skips a beat when you notice her smile widening ever so slightly as she keeps her huge beautiful eyes on yours
  32. >As she keeps yours trapped, as she robs you of your every thoughts that doesn't involve her or her body or the things you want to tell her or do to her and--
  33. >You're sperging again! Do something!
  34. >You open your mouth but can't find your voice, only letting out a shaky breath
  35. >Realizing you might need some encouragement, she slightly tilts her head
  36. >"Is there something you want to tell me Anon?"
  37. [spoiler]"Y-you too,"[/spoiler]
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