Luke session 34 Deleted Scene

May 22nd, 2015
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  1. Shima: The two concerned parents look to each other as you explain, then Brain speaks up, "I-It's true. I'm sorry, I kinda of let Cuz's place get overrunned by kitties… he'll hafta come back."
  3. Hot Stuff sighs, "Alright, alright, but if you aren't back by tomorrow evening I'm coming after you myself, young stallion!" She puts the coffee down, then yawns. "It's late. You're right, son, we should all get some sleep."
  5. Sterling fluffs her wings, and looks to the couch, right about to hop on. You're moments away of making a smooth move and offering your bed when your dad starts on his embarrassing promise earlier. "Ah heck no, Miss Sterling, Luke I knew I taught better than to let a pretty young mare sleep on the couch!" He chuckles, taking her by her wing with his horn. "Come on, Luke's bedroom is right over here, he'd love for you to sleep in it." He chuckles at his crack as Hot Stuff shakes her head, Sterling nodding her head.
  7. "Oh! Well, if you insist Sir Luke's Dad. I do so appreciate it, veri… erg, I mean, cool."
  9. >The night passes uneventfully. Although at one point as you sleep you feel a sudden buzzing in your ears and a cold grip on your hind leg. When you wake up, you see it is only Brain Freeze: big guy must have gotten scared at some point in the night. After that, the buzzing goes away…
  12. The following morning starts up with some rather loud music and the smell of a homecooked meal. "No, no, not like that Sterling, you really have to move those legs…" It's your mom's voice, and old The King records from 40 years ago are playing on their record player.
  14. VErbadoo: Luke turns over in the couch, digging is face into a corner with a pillow over his head, but then he remembers that he has work today. "5 more minutes" He mumbles to himself
  16. Shima: Brain doesn't give you those precious five minutes as he stirs awake, his mouth smacking as he begins to crawl all over you with his hefty wait at the smell of fresh eggs and french toast. "Aunty! You made my favorite!"
  18. He jumps off of you full force, racing for the table as you hear your dad laughing over his loud record. "C'mon, sport, up and at 'em! Made some welcome home toast for you and your pretty friend, champ."
  20. VErbadoo: "Mmmmm..." luke very slowly, very croggily crawls off the couch, sliding onto the floor and then getting up. "Alright I'm up." He turns to mom, the music making his headache, but he likes The Kings too and wouldn't ever tell his mom to the music. Luke makes for the kitchen but goes for the pantry first to grab something from his mom's stash to help his headache.
  22. Shima: Going into the pantry, you readily find some ibuhoofen (a knock off brand of ibuprofen that sells for a dollar cheaper) in there, and Brain is already piling high more than his fair share of french toast to devour. Seems your parents prepared though, there's more than enough for you as well. Many of them have little smiley faces made with the egg yolks and sugar.
  24. Looking back at your Mom as the record plays, you see Sterling fumbling around on her legs as she tries to replicate Hot Stuff's movements, the lithe elder mare showing off her stuff from her days of stardome as the knight struggles to keep up. "This is simply impossible! Legs weren't meant by her Sun to move like this."
  26. "You're all too rigid, honey, you got to move it around." Your mother turns to you and smiles, "Morning Lukey! Take all you want, we made extra for our pumpkin coming home."
  28. "Sir Luke... I mean, ordinary Luke is not a vegetable, is he?"
  30. VErbadoo: Luke takes a swig of the ibuhoofen from the bottle and puts it back, he closes the pantry "Ack, eff " His tastebuds battle with the medicine taste "AHEM. Mm, thanks mom. I'm gonna dig in. Sterling you shouldn't bother, you'll never be able to keep up with mom. The tight pants and top hats of canterlot use to throw money for her to do that." Luke grabs some eggs and takes some french toast off Brainiac's plate "And if you know one thing about all them snobs in canterlot its that you couldn't get a bit outta them if you were a street performing bum with no legs"
  32. Shima: Brainiac doesn't mind as you swipe some off his plate, happily laying on some more. Sterling grunts as she tries to match Hot Stuff's moves again, the young mare flapping her wings in agitation as she watches her hoofs like a hawk, studying them up close. "Nay, Luke. I have not the faintest idea of how to perform any dance, and after that mysterious stallion showed up at the palace I will master this artform as well! The bitpurses of the fanciest and pantsiest of Canterlot will weep at my arraiaaaaah!" She spends so long looking at Hot's flying hoofs she forgets to keep track of her own, falling over head first as she rolls away much to Hot's laughter.
  33. "It's true what he said though, ya know! I sure had a way of shakin' back then."
  34. "Still do, honey muffin." Cold Dish gives her a slap on the flank and kisses her on the cheek, both of them chuckling as Sterling looks over confused as she rights herself. They help her back over where she continues the dance lesson. "Hey, Luke, how about after you finish your marefriend a hoof? I bet if you could both dance it'd make your 'larping' a lot more fun, right? That's part of the game, right?"
  36. [It would be in the next post or so that Ug's call would come through. I can't RP ug but we can pretty much guess the jist of the conversation]
  38. VErbadoo: Luke blushes and focuses on eating his breakfast when his dad puts the mack on his mom. "No dad. Dancing isn't a part of LARPing" Luke says sheepishly and a second later feeling like a faggot for having even uttered those words
  40. Shima: Your parents both poke fun at your expense, "Ah, why not?" Your mom asks, "It's like, the bonus round or something! No need for it to be all foam swords and alcohol."
  42. "Those are both actually intensely necessary parts of the 'larp', to do without them is heresy." Huff Sterling, reaching over to stare hard at you with a harsh glare of determination. "But the dance is a part of the larp henceforth!" Sterling grits her teeth, grabbing one of your french toasts and swallowing it whole as she gasps for breath as it passes her gums. "Again, Lady Hot Stuff! I will master this technique and then all of Canterlot shall fall prey to my shake of 'it'."
  43. "That's the spirit!" Hot Stuff laughs, helping her back up to start the lesson again. "See Luke? SHE thinks it can be."
  45. Cold chuckles to himself, moving to start cleaning up the kitchen as he turns and asks, "So, Luke, when do we get to meet the rest of your 'larp' group? Your mom was gonna bake cookies if they want to play your little game over here. It'll be so cute, we don't have many photos of you this year sport." He shows you the image you took at the fair with you barely getting your eyes shut in time for the photo.
  46. It is by some weird happenstance he brings up your friends the phone begins to ring as well.
  48. VErbadoo: Luke is not looking forward to this conversation. When the phone rings he uses it as a narrow escape from imminent embarassment.
  49. VErbadoo: Luke gets back from the phone with Ug, he finishes his breakfast at break neck speed and grabs another french toast in his mouth and slings his bag over his shoulder "That was Ug, Gotta go to work and all, you know how is! Dead end job! Love ya! Bye!" He says making for the door, of course he is forgeting the most important thing about business. Luke looks a mess with his bed head and crummy clothing.
  51. Shima: Hot Stuff stops her dancing and Sterling crashes to a halt as she turns at Luke. "What?! Luke Tepid Warm! You stop right there."
  53. Brain moves over to help up Sterling who looks at her legs as though they were her hated rival, and Cold Dish mosies over. "'Dead end job'? I thought you said that one of your larper friends, Oog was it, was setting you up with one, sport. Is this that same job? What is it, a-are you running to late to tell us what he has you doin'?"
  55. "Forget what he's doing!" Hot Stuff sighs, "Lukey, we've told you: bosses like to see their employees put EFFORT into their appearance, or how are they supposed to believe they'll put effort into their work?"
  57. Sterling shakes her head, "For shame, Sir Luke... What would Sir Ug think?"
  59. Your parents thankfully miss the comment, your dad rustling your hair, "Think Oog will hold off long enough to let you get showered first? Heck, is this your first day? Make an impression for Celestia's sake, son. Hold on, I'll go get my old suit, it'll fit you like a charm."
  61. VErbadoo: Luke curses under his breath just as Hot Dish stops him. "Eeeeh, I -I.. okay." He digresses and goes to the bathroom to prepare for a room temp shower. When he is in the shower he figures he'd wank it once while in there, causing to take unusually long.
  63. Shima: Your parents you can hear waiting impatiently downstairs as you take the time to pleasure Mini-Luke. When you emerge, they are kissing and hugging Brain Freeze goodbye as the overgrown colt nuzzles their fur and promises to be good for you on the way back. Sterling is standing to the side looking a bit uncomfortable and strained as they turn back up to you.
  65. "There we go! Million dollar haircut, Lukey," your mother kisses you as Brain and Sterling stifle giggles, patting your clean mane in approval. "Isn't that just relieving?"
  67. Your father next comes up with his blue suit and tie, checking its size as he pushes it into your hoofs. "Now, I know you're friends with this Oog fella, but don't let that make things unprofessional. Don't slack off, no chattin' on the phone durin' work hours, and no lookin' at those silly websites of yours if you have to do work at a computer."
  69. VErbadoo: "Yes dad, I -I know dad, okay." Luke assures that everyone's ready to leave. "Alright, well Bye Mom, Dad, I don't know when the work day so don't wait up." He waves goodbye as he walks out the door.
  71. Shima: Your parents wave goodbye back as Brain and Sterling follow after towards the train station, the folks having given you train fare. "Now don't you be long! Brain told us your place is no good so you come back when you're done with work, we want to hear all about it! We love you Luke, have a good day! We love you!"
  73. A pair of pink and gray fillies giggle and snort at the very public affection for a grown-ass stallion when they pass by, making snide comments to themselves as your parents send you off with their love. Brain lowers his head and says, "Sorry about your house again Cuz. I promise I'll start fixin' it after I tell my daddy where I been all day."
  75. Sterling stops looking uncomfortable as she takes her swords out from under her wings, shaking them out. "AAH. Remind me Sir Luke to never hide them under these again. That was the most uncomfortable poking."
  77. VErbadoo: Luke blushes as he notices the kids poking fun at his depspair. He grits his teeth and sneers below a whisper.
  78. VErbadoo: "Don't worry about Brainiac, you just keep Doing what you do best" Before Luke boards the train, he Jumps at the fillies "AHH!" to scare them away {Rolling to scare fillies} and then boards "Note taken Sterly"
  80. Shima: >Rolled an 8 to scary mostly innocent foals
  81. Shima: You leap out from nowhere they can see and scream like a drunk crazed knife-wielding hobo (on fire) as the two fillies scream at the top of their lungs, "Assault! Aaaaaah!" off down the road scared for their lives as Brain chuckles very loud and Sterling shakes her head in disappointment.
  82. "Hahaha! You got them good, Cuz."
  83. "It's a shame though. Clearly Luke's efforts to test their resolve were most whole-hearted but they lacked the resolve to attack their scare-er. I would have charged you Sir Luke." She puts her swords around her back and smiles, "Oh well, they are only foals! There's time left. Now come on I want to ride the train!"
  85. She zips inside with you, bouncing on the seats of the train in giddiness as they make the call for tickets and last boarders. Brain nods at your words of encouragement, looking down at the ground. "But... whenever I do what I do best I seem to make things worse, Cuz..."
  87. VErbadoo: "Sterling I have a feeling as long as I stay with my parents I'm gonna be testing a lot of filly's resolve." Luke follows in, finding a seat somewhere
  88. VErbadoo: "Brainiac I'm gonna be honest, I don't really know what you do best at. I'm not even really sure what your cutiemark represents. But whatever it is it's probably not that great. I mean, look at mine. It's a glass of water. Like what the fuck am I suppose to do with that. Yeah I can make hella sick drinks but thats not gonna support a family of three. And I'm obviously not suited for water treatment. Manehatten knows I tried.. and failed... and poisoned a good number of the populace" Luke looks down at gloomy memories.
  90. Shima: Brain Freeze rubs his stomach, "I thought the faucet got really good water that week... Daddy kind of had to go to the hospital though." He smiles, "But you ain't like me, Cuz. You're really really cool! And smart, and my bestest friend, and..." you hear a small sniffle coming from the big lug.
  92. Sterling approaches, putting a feather on both of your shoulders, "Come now! Let not one's mark make you think less of your worth."
  94. "I don't, Sterling. My worth makes me think less of my worth."
  96. Sterling rolls her eyes, pointing at your cutie mark, "Your ice cubes may refer to how refreshing and calming you are. Obviously few things make a drink more enjoyable than that it is cooled, is this not true?" She then looks to you, "Sir Luke, your glass is almost full, yes? They say you either look at a glass half full or half empty, but you clearly look at it as always full! You are filled with a jovial, wondrous spirit Sir Luke, one that I would gladly follow into battle! That is what I take from your mark."
  97. She looks out the windows at the passing hills, wagging her tails as she stands on the seat. "Besides, in my time we rarely 'treated' our water and look how we turned out?"
  99. VErbadoo: Luke keeps a very meh expression through out the cutie mark talk "I thought your water had a familiar taste."
  101. Shima: Sterling smiles, seemingly convinced she's turned you around as she sits back down, putting a hoof on your tie. "Your father was very cordial to hand you this garb. I'm all the more confused how a time that goes so willingly without clothes puts such importance all of a sudden when 'work' is involved apparently...."
  103. She kicks her hooves occasionally, looking back after a half minute of silence. "So you're not going to tell them you're dying? They seem so very nice."
  104. Brain freaks, "Oh jeez! Thank goodness someone else knows, I dunno how much longer I was gonna keep it in!"
  106. VErbadoo: "Yeah, we ponies got an ass backwards culture thats for sure. And this suit, while makes me feel powerful and in control, just isn't my style, you know."
  107. VErbadoo: LukeWarm face hooves at the topic of death suddenly brought up. "Aaugh, Come on guys. I don't wanna talk about this."
  109. Shima: Brain Freeze frowns, "I still don't want you to go, Luke... there's gotta be somethin' you can do."
  110. Sterling points a hoof out the window, "And it's simply been too long already since I spoke of it! I'm all for a warrior meeting his death with courage, but to a disease is no way to go. I rode this train from Manehattan before. We have a eeeeh-ish amount of time before we arrive there. What if we promised to leave it alone for the rest of the day after the train, 'tis agreeable?"
  112. VErbadoo: Luke is disgruntled by their insistance. He crosses his arms and slouches into his seat. "Fine!" He says very abruptly.
  114. Shima: Sterling crosses her hooves (both sets) and bounces her heads. "Fine..."
  116. Brain hugs you tight, "Can we PLEASE see a doctor?"
  117. "I'm aware there's still not a cure for it, Sir Luke, but even if you accept that fact, what right do you think you have to deny at least those two wonderful ponies the fact their precious baby Lukey Wukey is perishing?" Brain chuckles at her using one of your various pet names so seriously.
  119. VErbadoo: "I'm not seeing a doctor, hes just gonna feel me up and tell me I need keemo. And I'm not into either of that."
  120. VErbadoo: Luke is not amused by her calling him lukey wukey "Well Sterling their my parents so I think I call shots on that one. Besides, you really wanna see my folks cry again. You saw how they acted back there last night. They were cryin there eyes out, they were so happy to see I was alive. Now you want me to go back there and tell 'em I'm gonna die"
  122. Shima: Sterling fluffs her wings, a pegasi equivalent of a shrug. "Key-mo sounds a very odd name for a medicine but I share your general dislike for doctors. Not ONCE did they ever let me take a treatment in my armor. Every time, they'd take it off and put their hooves on everything I did not feel like I needed hooves put on and..." She perks her ear up, "I rather enjoyed the snake oil tonics. Do they still provide those free to knightly visitors?"
  123. "Uh... I get a lollipop if I don't wiggle during my shots."
  124. "This sounds much more pleasant, whatever that is."
  126. She shakes her head, getting back on point, "But, yes, I understand it's your decision alone to make, but I believe you are making the incorrect one! I mean... yes, they cried, and I do hate seeing ponies cry... and crying myself." She gives a small, shaky inhale. "But... I just feel it in my heart, Sir Luke, you SHOULD tell them. It's never steered me wrong. Does your heart truly say you should keep it hidden?" She grabs your hoof, and moves it to your chest. "Listen very carefully."
  128. VErbadoo: Luke furrows his brow and looks at Sterling as she helps him listen to his heart "My heart tells me to drink more."
  130. Shima: She looks very serious about the whole thing, turning up at you and adding, "I'm not saying to ignore that part at all, that part is very important."
  131. Brain looks away, "Uh... actually, the kind of sick he has is kind of..."
  132. "But keep listening deeper. Can you hear it now?"
  134. VErbadoo: Luke scrunches his face "I'm not telling them Sterling"
  136. Shima: Sterling frowns, taking her hoof off of yours and putting back in the seat. "You're not even TRYING to listen are you?"
  137. Brain smiles as he sees his apartments begin to come up, then comments, "Well, if making them cry is bad, w-wont' it just make them cry more if you died all sudden like without them knowin' before?"
  138. Out the window, you can begin to see the cityscape of Manehatten, Sterling huffs, "Or.. Sir Luke..." she taps a hoof, "You know, Sir Luke, in our time there was a number of illnesses as well. And, well, when a Knight contracted one they could not cure, they... well, often times they chose a path of honor and sacrifice than the hardships that laid on the other path."
  140. Brain raises a brow, ears flatten, "Whuh...?"
  142. "Sir Luke, is part of the reason you intend not to tell them is you are not certain it is what will be your end? When you spoke to your true love before, I got this feeling."
  144. VErbadoo: Luke tilts his head slightly "What are you trying to say Sterling?"
  146. Shima: Sterling sighs, looking to Brain Freeze, but then turning back to you. "You said 'it would have been better if you hadn't come back from your trip'. Your words, Sir Luke. You are still going to travel with your companions to save our doomed future of sun-drenched wastes... but, you're partially doing it because it could be the more noble way of meeting your destiny?" She closes her eyes, shutting her wings.
  148. VErbadoo: "Hrm, yeah you got me Sterling. I kind of just want to tell everybody goodbye, I'm gonna be taking a long ass business trip. and then.. well.. never come back. But also, I'm kind of hoping maybe I can find a cure for this somewhere in the future. If I last long enough to make sure a future even exists."
  150. Shima: Sterling opens her eyes, slightly teary as she wraps her wings around you in a hug, Brain on the verge of bawling as he grapples you both. She says, "I... even so, I still feel it right to tell them as such, but your path is your own to choose. And the one walk now is not a dishonorable one. You've so much courage to face this alone."
  152. She slightly releases from the hug, "But that you hold on to hope is all the greater importance! I promise, Sir Luke, I will see that you find a cure for your cancer. Why, even if I have to give you my own liver! 'Tis a very strong one, I have tested its drinkability for years with no ill effects. You'd do well with it!"
  154. "I just want everyone to have their own livers..." Brain whines, wiping his eyes as he releases from the embrace, "Oh... uh, o-our stop is coming up."
  155. VErbadoo: Luke breaks a smile "I don't think thats how it works Sterling. but thanks."
  156. VErbadoo: Luke rips himself from the hug "Great! Now we can stop being all sentimental and feeling crappy for myself."
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