[TF] Schooling - 3

Mar 3rd, 2013
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  1. >Your mind struggles to rationalize what is in front of your red eyes.
  2. >You scour your body discovering that much of the hair that covers your lower body has turned a snowy white.
  3. >Your burning muscles fly to the back of your mind as panic overtakes you.
  4. >The cramps in your fingers.
  5. >The pain in your muscles.
  6. >Your changing apperance.
  7. >Spits!
  8. >All of it circles around in your mind like a whirlwind.
  9. >What are they going to do to you?
  10. >Send you to a lab for experimentation?
  11. >Put you down as some sort of horrid mutant?
  12. >How will you survive? You won't even have hands!
  13. >Will your magic still work?
  14. >Those dreams!
  15. >they must have been conditioning you!
  16. >Oh god what if Shaun finds out.
  17. >You can imagine his fanboyish squeels of joy.
  18. >What if he tries to have sex with you.
  19. >You shudder furiously at the thought.
  20. >The doctor returns and hands you some painkillers and water, you down them both in quick sucession.
  21. >A soothing feeling floods over your internal injuries and you find yourself claming down.
  22. "Hey Doctor, is Jack okay?"
  23. >The doctor looks at you sympethetically.
  24. >"Doctor-patient confidentiallity I'm afraid."
  25. >Shit.
  26. >He seems to scrible something down on his notepad before turning to leave.
  27. >"Your mother will be here soon, try and relax for a while."
  28. >He gives you a smile before leaving through the double doors.
  29. >You can hear the commotion of the hospital behind him, at least you aren't in a research facility.
  30. >Several minutes later your mother bursts into the room.
  31. >Damn she looks tired.
  32. "Hi Mom."
  33. >"Vincent! I was so worried about you!"
  34. >She quickly wraps you in a vice like hug as the air forcefully rushes from your lungs.
  35. "Woah! I'm okay mom! How long was I out?"
  36. >"Three days! I was afraid you'd never wake up."
  37. >She's on the verge of tears now, losing Dad was hard enough.
  38. >You return her hug, her breathing has become heavy and short.
  39. >It seems to calm her down.
  40. >You exchange small talk with her for half an hour, but you know you have to discuss your condition eventually.
  41. "Mom, what are the Doctors saying about my... Illness?"
  42. >"T-they say you're changing... into something."
  43. >You unfortunately know what that something is.
  44. "O-oh."
  45. >Despite already confronting your shady future, the full weight of the problem has finally hit you.
  46. "Is Jack okay?"
  47. >"H-he is changing too, in fact a bunch of kids from your school are! It's all over the news."
  48. >What the fuck.
  49. >It isn't just you and Spits?
  50. >You guess that will make things easier.
  51. >Maybe you can band together to hold off hordes of my little pony fans.
  52. >Not much else is said after that.
  53. >Your mother mostly inquires about how the changes feel.
  54. >To be honest you can't feel much at all with these painkillers.
  55. >All too quickly she has to go to work.
  56. >She has trouble dragging herself away from you.
  57. >You tell her to not worry about you.
  58. >She nods sadly and leaves.
  59. >Not before giving you an embarassing kiss first.
  61. >Jeeze you are bored.
  62. >Apart from the ocassional visit from Doctor Tall nothing is happening.
  63. >You are completely alone in this room.
  64. >All you can do is stare at the white walls.
  65. >Think about the inevitable.
  66. >How much of a pretty little pony you'll be...
  67. >Your stunning new mane and tail...
  68. >Woah! Where did that come from.
  69. >You are NOT looking forward to this.
  70. >That niggling doubt in the back of your mind doesn't go away.
  71. >What if you do want this?
  72. >What if you enjoy it?
  73. >No! Why are you thinking like this?
  74. >Is it changing your personality too?
  75. >No, you're still...
  76. >Huh, what was your name again?
  77. >Oh shit.
  78. >You search your deepest memories for any indication of your name.
  79. >It's on the edge of your minds eye but you can't bring it forward.
  80. >It starts with a v...
  81. >Vinyl?
  82. >Yeah, that rings a few bells!
  83. >Your name must be Vinyl...
  84. >You feel your eyes drag themselves shut as you drift off into another deep slumber.
  86. >You awake back into your home.
  87. >Time for another fun day in ponyville!
  88. >Maybe I can talk to Spits here.
  89. >If she is real...
  90. >You hop out of your bed and happily trot into your bathroom.
  91. >You complete your morning routine and waltz over to the mirror.
  92. >You give yourself a confident smile.
  93. >Yep, you still have it goin' on.
  94. >You can't help but feel like you're forgetting something.
  95. >It isn't very important if you forgot it silly!
  96. >You trot out into the town and start searching for Spitfire.
  97. >You see her zipping around the sky as usual.
  98. >You call her down and she lands gracefully, giving you a heroic pose.
  99. >You can't help but burst out laughing at her show of dramatics.
  100. >Spits once again gives you the death glare.
  101. >Of course you're too busy rolling around laughing to notice.
  102. >"Stop laughing Vinyl!"
  103. >You rise to your hooves and wipe a single tear from your left eye.
  104. "I'm sorry spits! What was that pose about?"
  105. >"Hey! As long as I'm showing off what's wrong with a cool pose?"
  106. "Cool isn't the word I'd use Spits."
  107. >She huffs part of her mane out of her eye and sighs.
  108. >You both share some stories while you trot to the centre of town.
  109. >AJ is back at the her stand again, you give her a quick wave.
  110. >There seems to be another unicorn talking to her.
  111. >AJ shakes her head and the unicorn moans in frustration before walking towards you.
  112. >The unicorn is a mint green and has a blue and white mane.
  113. >Her cutie mark is a lyre.
  114. >she approches you and Spits.
  115. >"Uh. Do you guys know where I can find some help?"
  116. "Help with what exactly?"
  117. >"I'm kinda' lost."
  118. "Well what are you looking for?"
  119. >"I don't know..."
  120. >She looks at one of her hooves as she paws the ground.
  121. >"Well I'm Spitefire and this is my best buddy Vinyl."
  122. >"Oh! Well my name is umm..."
  123. >Her eyes search around for a while before settling on her cutie mark.
  124. >"Lyra! My name is Lyra."
  125. >She gives you a small nervous smile.
  126. >Oh right! Transforming into ponies and stuff.
  127. >Idiot.
  128. "Hey Lyra wanna come hang out at my place! We can talk about your problem there."
  129. >"Yeah! I haven't seen your new house yet Vinyl."
  130. >"Yeah, uh sure!"
  131. >All three of you walk to your home and sit down in the living room.
  132. >You scan around your house for any sneaky ponies listening in.
  133. >You close the door and turn to your new friend.
  134. "So uh. human right?"
  135. >she looks shocked for a second before glancing between you and Spits.
  136. >"Yeah! I collapsed at home and I woke up here!"
  137. >You nod as she tells you her story.
  138. >Turns out she spent most of her time wandering about ponyville.
  139. >You and spits return the favour, she seems intrigued by your experiences.
  140. >Turns out Spits lives in a fucking cloud mansion.
  141. >Radical.
  142. >You are slightly jealous.
  143. >"So, what are your real names?"
  144. >You and Spits spend the next several moments deep in thought.
  145. "I'm pretty sure it's Vinyl."
  146. >"Yeah... mine is Spitfire."
  147. "I mean, what other names would we have?"
  149. >Doubt begins to fester in your mind.
  150. >What is Lyra talking about?
  151. >What else could your name be?
  152. >You're fairly certain this is a dream, you live on Earth and go to school with your best friend Spitfire!
  153. >Your name is Vinyl, and you love music! In fact you make some in your spare time.
  154. "I remember living on Earth... this place is strange and dreamlike."
  155. >You stroke your chin with a hoof.
  156. "But I'm fairly certain I've always been a pony."
  157. >Spits nods in agreement.
  158. >Lyra seems completely flabbergasted.
  159. >"B-but you recognised me as a human!"
  160. >"Of course we did! We do live on Earth after all."
  161. >"But ponies don't exist on Earth!"
  162. "Of course they do!"
  163. >You feel a mild headache coming on.
  164. >You rub your forehead with a hoof and try to explain.
  165. >Lyra isnt having any of it.
  166. >As you argue with her, the world slowly begins to deconstruct around you.
  167. >The walls crumble, the floor disipates.
  168. >All three of you are terrified.
  169. >The green fields, towering mountains and surrounding buildings all burn away leaving a pure white space.
  170. >Eventually there is nothing but white.
  171. >An endless void, with the three of you stood in the centre.
  172. >In the distance, you can see another few ponies looking around in confusion.
  173. >You attempt to speak but your voice flutters away and fades.
  174. >The other ponies seem to have noticed your congregation and are now approaching you.
  175. >A huge range of colour is on display.
  176. >The mares heavily outweigh the few stallions present.
  177. >It's clear all of them are attempting to speak but seem to be meeting the same resistance you did.
  178. >You suddenly feel very tired.
  179. >You eyes droop as you attempt to combat your sudden drowsiness.
  180. >But sleeping sounds so nice right now...
  181. >You'll worry about it later...
  182. >For now you sleep...
  183. >Vinyl...
  185. >That familiar beeping fills your sensitive ears.
  186. >They flick and twitch at the new sensation.
  187. >You wish you could sleep some more, you feel so tired.
  188. >Maybe you're just hungry.
  189. >You peel open your eyes.
  190. >Still in the hospital it seems.
  191. >The doctor and your mother are stood over you.
  192. >Why do you suddenly feel so small?
  193. >You wipe the sleep away from your large eyes with a hoof.
  194. >They seem to be talking with each other.
  195. >It's kind of hard to make out though.
  196. >Your mother looks very worried.
  197. >Maybe you should say something?
  198. >Control slowly returns to your equine body.
  199. >Wait... This doesn't feel right.
  200. >Like this is a new sensation.
  201. >You might even say it feels strange?
  202. >Why should it? You have always been a pony right?
  203. >Your hazy vision slowly realigns itself.
  204. >You can clearly see how panicked both of them are.
  205. >You look down.
  206. >Yep, you are clearly a pony.
  207. >You flick your tail a few times, stretch your limbs and lick your teeth.
  208. >Ugh. Tastes like you've been out for quite a while.
  209. >You cough furiously, your throat is like a desert right now.
  210. >They're both still staring at you, unmoving.
  211. "Hello?"
  212. >Your voice is just like in those dreams.
  213. >Of course it is silly! Why wouldn't it be?
  214. >They both gasp in tandem and begin whispering to each other.
  215. "Mom?"
  216. >She breaks away quickly and looks at you, slack jawed?
  217. >"V-vincent?"
  218. >What? Your name wasn't vincent.
  219. "Did you forget my name Mom? It's Vinyl."
  220. >She raises an eyebrow.
  221. >"Y-you don't remember?"
  222. "Remember what?"
  223. >She looks to be on the verge of tears.
  224. >"E-everything!"
  225. >You want to hug her really bad.
  226. >But the bed sheets are holding you down.
  227. >You simply give her a smile instead.
  228. >Through her bloodshot eyes you see a glimmer of hope.
  229. "Are... the others okay?"
  230. >The doctor sighs.
  231. >"Most of them changed too... we still don't know why."
  232. >"But, you aren't infectious! So, as long as you feel fine you can talk about getting you home."
  233. >Home! You feel much better at the simple mention of it.
  234. >"I have to go check on the other patients. Call me if you need anything."
  235. >He leaves the room, mom sits on the chair next to your bed.
  236. >"S-so. How do you feel?"
  237. "Uh. Normal I guess."
  238. >"So you don't remember..."
  239. "Remember what?"
  240. >"Being human."
  241. "No. I-I was always a pony right?"
  242. >You look over to her and she averts your gaze.
  243. >You must have been human at some point...
  244. >But you remember your entire life! You were always a pony.
  245. "I remember everything else though Mom..."
  246. >"Okay..."
  247. >You sit there in an uncomfortable silence for several minutes.
  248. "I'm still your daughter right?"
  249. >She wipes her eyes before nodding.
  250. >"It'll... be a strange adjustment that's for sure."
  251. "So when are we going home?"
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