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  1. hey, i dunno what your status is on reading messages and stuff (thuhs this being sent to an obnoxious number of receptacles for correspondence) or on "the sitch" but i just want to express really deep remorse for the way i handled last night - not only in the moment (something i could irresponsibly push off on alcohol usage) but afterward: though i was conscious of it, i disregarded the clear clash of interest in discussing the situation with you at length, both due to your status as rachel's sister and as virtually a third party in the conflict. in all of this, paramount of my concerns is your and rachel's friendship, and extending from that, perception of the way i handled myself last night and handle myself in general with regards to problem addressing and alcohol specifically. i just want to express deep deep gratitude for your strained objectivity (since i know it would be very easy to point all the blame to me since about 99% of it rests with me) and for your friendship, as always. though a black spot exists on last night, and a series of retroactive cringes has occurred considering the information gathered from rachel on your perception of how the events of the evening might be going, i had a wonderful time. thank you so much for everything. now i'll stop soliloquizing and return to my cheese pretzels.
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